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Sexified Adventures: Shib and Chab [Rated S for extremely sexy]


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[size=1][center][i][color=red]This is a duo RP by DW and Boo[/color]
The 1337 Pimps Theatres is proud to present to you the first episode of the [b]Sexified Adventures[/b]. An RP with high sexiness value:[/i]
[b][u]Sexified adventures: Shib and Chab[/u][/b]

Our story begins in an age where people still believed in a massive ammount of gods. And which gods are more important than the gods of Greece? Who doesnt know them? Gods like Zeus, the head god and at the same time, god of thunder. Ares, god of war, Neptune, god of water .... And eh... err... A lot of other gods who probably are really cool and all. But the most important gods ofcourse, the gods of sexiness and the god of 1337. They are not official gods, but their immense power as human beings, gave them entrance to olympus.
Olympus... There, high on the holy mountain, covered by clouds and where humans can not reach. There lies the home base of all the gods of good. The gods who reign over the whole world, except germany. They have Thor, and he smells. The gods who have even locked away the Titans with their powers. The gods who all have beards except for the sissy mercury. They are all here, on this mountain.
Follow the sweet aroma of applejuice and the smell of goddish toilets. Here, on the great mountain of Olympus, where there is always a fest, right now, is the greatest fuss anyone has ever seen. You can just taste the fuss in the air. Even the 'gods' of sexiness and 1337 aren't chilly anymore. Just a small while ago, the sissy delivery guy Mercury, received message that the great prison of the titans had a small leak. Not big enough for any of the titans except for the worst of all:... Mr. Tickles!
This unsexy monkey is said to be planning to change whole the world in a banana Hades. At first, this didn't sound so terrible, untill they heared that Mr. Tickles was planning to make the mountain Olympus unchilly. This made the gods sooo mad that in all of their ragement, they went to the bathroom. And after that, they sent their mightiest warriors to stop this unsexy monkey. Shib and Chab, the 'gods' of sexiness and 1337, were sent on the most dangerous mission of their lives. If they will survive? No one knows.

The greatest and most sexy adventure ever is about to enfold. What ever is waiting for them down the mountain, it cant be worse than Mercury's cooking. Go Shib and Chab, make the world proud![/size][/center][/color]
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What a sexy first post, my sexy friend :]
[size=1]Upon starting their mission, the two Gods of sexiness and 1337 flew down to Earth using their sexiness and landed with a [i]squeak![/i] as they hit the ground. They immediately lost their sexy wings to fit into the primitive-looking setting. "Hello there," said a town junky. "I'm the town junky. Name's Merv. Haven't seen you 'round these parts."

"Well, I-" Chab began, then noticed conspiracy. "Hey! You're not talking like you're in the age of Ancient Greece."

"Ha! Guess not!" giggled the primitive freak. "Oh wells. What's yer names?"

"I'm Shib," said Shib (obviously), "and he's Chab. We're sexy and 1337."

"So I see," said the town junky named Merv. "Welcome to the town of Hallos. For newcomers like yerselves, we'll pay for one night at our local inn as well as two complimentary sheep bladders. Yuuuummmm yum!"

"That's unsexy!" Shib said with anger, but Chab held him back.

"It's okay. We'll take the room. But no sheep bladders."

"Suit yourself. I'll enjoy them myself. Ha-huh!" Then they set off into the ancient city of Hallos. There, they saw unsexiness beyond all reason.

"My sexy-meter is dropping rediculously," complained Shib.

"Likewise," said Chab while clenching his fists to keep his sexy aura up around him. The streets were lined with small marketplaces and unsexy people hobbling about. Compared to them all, even the town junky Merv seemed alright. That is, until Shib and Chab got a look at his extra... well... we'll leave that part out. It's a bit nasty to have an extra one of them. "Don't stare at it!" Chab scolded Shib.

Shib quickly covered his eyes and screamed. "I can still see it when I close my eyes!"

"It's too late! You looked directly into it too long!" Lucky, they had just made it to the inn where Shib was able to wash out his eyes with acid. Once that was finished, they were led to their rooms that were definately not fit for sexy Gods like themselves.

Chab sat down on one of the beds and thought. "Now what?"

Shib was busy wiping at his eyes. "We plan."

"Right. Our next move is our start so it must be a good, sexy one. Mr. Tickles is a crafty titan, the craftiest of them all! We must watch ourselves. That unsexy monkey must have a whole stash of un1337 things up his sleeves."

"Do monkeys have sleeves?"

"I dunno, but let's not wait to find out."

"We can ask around town to find out where Mr. Tickles' hideout is."

"Oh yeah! Like we can just walk over to someone," Chab begins while walking out of the room and up to the innkeeper, "and ask 'Do you know where the titan Mr. Tickles' hideout is?'"

"Sure," said the nasty innkeeper that no one was sure what gender they were, "He lives in that dark scary floating castle over Lake Naners just ten miles south of this village."

"Oh," said Chab sexily.

"Ha ha," mocked Shib. It seems that the unsexy monkey was closer than anyone had thought. It was time to take evasive action.[/size]
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[color=gray][size=1]The window was open and the wind coming through it, blew up Chab's long hair. Suddenly the wind started blowing harder and blew off Chab's long haired, blonde wig, revealing his short ash blonde hair.

"Crap ;_; " After a small moment of crying sexy in a corner, he put back on his wig and walked upto the southern window of the Inn. "Let us take alook at that castle of Mr. Tickles"

The huge small castle was floating above the biggest frog pond you have ever seen. Its dark stones, and the banana split dripping all over it. When they looked better they could see a monkey stripping infront of a window of the castle.

"Unsexy ;_;" The two sexy heroes of this sexy story said to eachother and had to wash their eyes with acid once more. After that, they went to Lake Naners.

The sun was shining brightly and the rainclouds were happily dancing infront when the two sexy heroes of this sexy story were walking through the forest that seperated the town with the biggest frog pool you have ever seen. The department from the small town of Hallos was heartbreaking. All of the five inhabitants have given them a raw match, together with a tinderbox filled with chickens for tonights dinner. And now, when the sexy heroes of this sexy story were just a hundred meters away, they were still waving at them with their paper cows.

"What a sexy day for the start our Rated S for extremely sexy adventure!" Said Shib while walking sexy along the path.

"And how 1337 are all of those apes crossed with horses, carrying bows, who have been following us since we have left town."

"Indeed indeed Chab my 1337 mate."

"You said it sexy Shib."

And while talking they eventually ended up in a small swamp. How they knew it was a swamp? Because of the quick sand they were standing in ofcourse! >:^o
So here they were, standing in a puddle of sand, moving as much as they can to get out of this unsexy situation.
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[size=1]"How unsexy!" whined Chab as they sank faster to their unsexy doom.

"We must figure a sexy and 1337 way out of this situation." The two began to think sexily, but it didn't seem to matter because we all know that somehow they'd get out of trouble. That's when Shib thought of something that may help them think of something that'd help them get out of this something of a trouble! "What would Bill Cosby do? >:^o"

Indeed. What would Bill Cosby do?

[b]Meanwhile, being unsexy in his naner pajamas...[/b]

"How sexy of those two heroes to get stuck in my quicksand," said a dark, unsexy voice. It was MR. TICKLES! He started to shout angrily on his tire swing until he finally leapt to the floor and pushed buttons on a keyboard that wasn't connected to anything. "I can't wait to take over this primitive world and cause bananas to reign supreme!" With that said, he went to his bar built into the castle. He sat himself down and turned to his bartender, Bill Cosby.

"What will you be havin'?" asked the crazy comedian.

"Banana split!" said Mr. Tickles fiendishly. But you know Bill Cosby...

"Now ya see, ya gotta take the pudding and mix it with the jello to get the WOO-WOO! GAZOOOBa!" The audience behind them cheered wildly and roared with laughter. Mr. Tickles was furious.

"I don't have to take this!" shouted the unsexy monkey and he stormed off. He had a commercial to do anyways in ten seconds. So he hopped into his chair in the built-in movie studio and did a commercial for his bubble bath product [u]Soaking with Tickles[/u]. The name shall then on disturb anyone who hears it. Not even Harry Potter dares to speak it... why I used him to explain this, I dunno. But never mention that product name again!

;_; ;_; ;_; ;_;

[b]More meanwhileness...[/b]

"I've got it!" shouted Chab with a kick of sexiness. "We shall combine pudding and quicksand to make it delicious enough to eat our way out."

"Sounds yummy and sexy," said Shib and so they did. Taking out 1,200 packs of Jello pudding products, they mixed, ate, and were released from the dangerous hazard. "How erotic," commented Shib and they set off through the swamp to get Mr. Tickles.

"There goes the two best damn doctors around," said a talking bear. And it was true.[/size]
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