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Project: True Destiny Unwinds (M - LVS)

Heero Darkangel

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[COLOR=Navy][CENTER][B]In the middle of Syon Desert...[/B][/CENTER][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen][I]A Military base was formed about fifty years ago, the base stretched out one mile radius, but beneath the red sands it drove 100 feet into the ground creating an underground operations system. The leader of Syon Military Base was Darcon De'Larne. In this base they created Hi-Tech Mechanical Machinery for the wars that occurred over the time......

Here they were able to intercept terrorist calls, emergency calls...etc.....but this time there were no warnings given, no sign of what was to come.......who ever thought that the Galaxy which seemed so beautiful and peaceful would hold such a terrifying destructive secret.....[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]? Doctor Kane, the MechAnimas won?t respond to any of the pilots we have tested. The wave patterns of the mechs and the pilots have different wavelengths. The amplitude of the mechs are less than that of the pilots.?

A man in a white laboratory coat paced around in circles, digesting this news.

? Doctor Kane??
? Yes I heard you,? he snapped back.
[I]So, the Animas refuse to let anyone over a certain age pilot them. How curious?how indeed will we fix this problem? Could this have something to do with their personalities? Their AI? Let us hope that we find pilots soon otherwise this Project will be terminated.[/I][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][CENTER][B]In the heart of Sandon the Capital........a city of beauty and love.........[/B][/CENTER][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkGreen]Sunlight beamed through the rectangle windows of a classroom in Lockyer High. Familiar voices echoed through the corridors outside and familiar faces crowded the classroom. Outside, the sky, as blue as the ocean itself, was not hidden behind clouds this perfect day.

[CENTER][B]Valentine?s Day[/B].[/CENTER]

The whole school was decked in the colour red. Steamers, heart-shaped banners, small cut-out cupids, plastic roses and balloons all decorated the many corridors of the school, most of them slowly turning in the gentle breeze that eased through the school.

Throughout the school, boys and girls were giving their Valentines heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, sweet smelling red roses, cute fluffy teddy bears and on the rare occasion, sparkling garments of jewellery.

It was a day based on happiness, friendship ???but most of all, love.


Probably the strongest word in the English language and all its translations.
Overused, but when it is really meant, it is the strongest bond any human being, including teenagers, could ever dream of.

But for a group of teenagers, the meaning to this word, and so many others they know but don?t realise the true meaning of, will become apparent to them after this day. Encountering dangers of unknown kinds, they will strive to keep themselves and each other alive until the approaching war is over.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Purple][B]This is a recreation of Chaotic Rivals: A Future uninvited which Amgoddess and I put together, hopefully this will go well.[/B][/COLOR]

Well thats the story done!

The MechAnimas are near life like. Each has their own personality and abilities
(These you create yourselves). They may beable to move around by themselves but they can't go anywhere without their pilots, there pilots are like their keys to fighting without them they are nothing, they can follow their pilots but in order to fight...[B]they must have a pilot[/B].....but in saying that they go nowhere without their pilots...they are very loyal

Types of MechAnimas you can choose from:
[B]Dragon[/B]: Mine
[B]Phoenix[/B]: Amgoddess
[B]Hawk[/B]: Altron
[B]Cobra[/B]: Rei_Man
[B]V.C[/B]: [Veloceraptor ? the little meat-eating dinosaurs off Jurassic Park but a bigger version]
[B]Lion[/B]: Galvatron
[B]Tiger[/B]: ...
[B]Panther[/B]: Shugo54
[B]Griffin[/B]: KairiKICE2
[B]Wolf[/B]: Ohkami
[B]Scorpion[/B]: Sephy07
[B]Cheetah[/B]: Skillgannon
[B]The MechAnimas wont be revealed until everyone is sent to the Syon millatary base please remember that and pm me to tell me which MechAnima you have put in for just so other's who decide to join will know which anima is taken. Thanks[/B].

Ok now thats done. This is what amgoddess and I need from you.

: Pilot Sign-up :
Age: [between 16-18]
Appearance:[pic or 1 paragraph]
Personality:[1 paragraph max.]
Bio:[2 paragraphs max. optional but preferred]
Crush/Love: [can be another RPer or a NPC]
Weakness: [must have]

: MechAnima Sign-up :
Name: [single name]
Appearance:[pic or 1 paragraph]
Abilities: [max 3]
Special Abilities: [max 2]
Weakness: [must have]

This is mine:

[COLOR=Blue][B]Name[/B]: Sayne De'Larne ( Sayne is pronounced Sane)
[B]Age[/B]: 18
[B]Genda[/B]: Male
[B]Appearance[/B]: See attachments, icy blue eyes, very wiry built, broad shouldered, soft tanned, Black hair
[B]Personaility[/B]: Sayne does have a heart although it appears as though he doesn't. He's a one track minded person when It comes to war and that is to kill and he is very strong willed. His Heartless and Cruel ways make him a powerful being in the eyes of the attackers although it is only the way he was raised and treated by his father. He won't take anything he doesn't deserve and he isn't afraid to die

[B]Weakness[/B]: Claustrophobic, he hates small spaces and he becomes enraged when placed in small spaces and he'll kill to get out

[B]Crush/Love[/B]: He has a deep crush on Sora Avian

[B]Bio[/B]: Sayne was brought up from a young age in Syon Military Base. His mother died when he was born. Sayne is the son of Darcon De'Larne, Leader and creator of Syon millatary force.

Because of that his father put Sayne through hard trainning to make him a soldier, His father achieved in turning Sayne into a soldier but it also made Sayne heartless and cold and turned Sayne against him and it cause's alot of problems between them. Darcon has never shown any emotion towards Sayne...nor as he smiled at his son

All Sayne ever wanted was for his father to acknowledge him in his trainning and his achievements....but Darcon never did, everytime Sayne achieved something his father would scold him as if he had done it wrong....but his father would always praise others and give them merits and because of that Sayne gave up on trying to impress his father, most of the time Sayne will egnore or disobey his father....and the only thing he strives for is to just fight in the wars and kill those who threaten his life and others around him...but now...his father has opened his eyes and realised what he had turned his son into..and now he fears for his only sons life....In hopes of snapping Sayne out of his war like mind and cold ways he sent Sayne to the Captial Sandon to a high school called Lockyer High where he meets Sora and after being there for two months he realises that he has a deep crush on her although....being there hasn't changed the way he thinks about war[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy][B]MechAnima[/B]: Dragon
[B]Name[/B]: Deviryn
[B]Personality[/B]: Ever since the day he was created he has shown nothing but raw violence towards anyone who has tried to walk towards him. So his creators ended out leaving him alone and not even attempting to get anyone to pilot him...until Sayne came along.
Deviryn trusts noone except Sayne, and he won't let anyone else into the cockpit. Very Aggressive, Vecious and Strong. you can never be too careful around him. He can tell when something is wrong with Sayne or when he's in trouble. Deviryn personality is very dangerous proberly the most dangerous out of the lot.

[B]Appearance[/B]: Look at attachments

[B]Abilities[/B]: Cyrus is loaded to the hilt with heavy arms and sharp blades which retract and extract from him. the edge of his wings, teeth and tail are like razors, they can cut through just about anything

[B]Special Abilities[/B]:
[I]Rage War[/I]: Deviryn curls up into a ball and begins to spin violently, while spinning fifty sharp blades retracted from his body which are attached to thick metal chains. These blades are sharper than the others and it is a very dangerous move, it is uncontrollable

[I]Dragon Cry[/I]: His wings turn into two huge lazer guns which lock to the sides, this is the most dangerous of Deviryn weapons and drains all power. it uses the lazer guns and all other guns aswell as a lazer bolt that comes out of Deviryn's mouth....it desintergrates anything that stands in the way but it can also destroy Deviryn at the same time

[B]Weakness[/B]: Sayne[/COLOR]

Ok noone sign up for Sora Avian. Sora Avian is Amgoddess. OK.

Well I think thats about it...if you have any problems pm me or amgoddess.
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OCC: sounds like lots of fun, oh b.t.w im back again!

Name: Fei Wong

Apperance: [url]http://www.perryandtsua.com/Xenogears/Fei_Fong_Wong.JPG[/url]

Age: 22

Personality: Relaxed and drawn away from the world. He has the "loners" look. Dosent speak unless spoken too or unless something NEEDS to be said. Only friend is Welta. Bassicly your steriotypical "punk"

Loves: His only love died a long time ago. Therfore, he has shut off all emotions for love, and his feelings died.

Gender: obviously male *chuckle*

Weakness: Having no compasion, thus making him a very emotionless man, he sometimes cannot tell what is corrrect and who is in the wrong.

Bio: At a young age, Fei was taken from his rightfull father. Thus begun his training to be a fighter. He has had to fight for anything and everything he has ever known or loved. His love of his life, Jenny, was taken away from him far too soon. As soon as he had won her love and efection she was gunned down in street.

So, he turned off all emotions and killed himself from the inside, now he had nothing but time. He was a shell of a man, Living in the citys and killing anyone who got in his way. In essence he is the perfect killing machine. His only friend is his only ally as well. Welta, his "gear". ( sorry thats just what I prefer to call them )

MEchANima: Welta / scorpion

Apperance: [url]http://ppoupon.free.fr/Dessins/original/Scorpion.jpg[/url]

Abilitys: Laser Milky Cannon: Draws Tail directly above its head and fireas a shot into the air. The shot comes back down like a tracking device. Will hone into your position.

Special abilities Pincer MBlast : ( i will finsh this but i have to go right bnow ) (ill PM uou )
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(bah...gotta do most of this over:)...im glad its up and running again quickly, how come the changes?)

Name: Ajack Masters
Age: 18
Agenda: male

With long blonde hair put into a pony-tail, hair falling over his brown eyes. He usually wears a black muscle shirt with light brown pants. He's a well toned boy for his age who has a scar running down his entire right arm beginning at the back of his skull. He also has a small silver earing in his left ear. *image below*

Ajack has a very carefree spirit...energetic and emotional, he's usually joyful, laughing, trying to lift others up around him up. In school he's a very intellegent, bright young man, however he choses to do the bare minimum that is required of him desipte his obvious potential. He choses to be a rebel, never backing down, nor bowing down to anyone...valuing his individuality; not needing to rely on others.

Weakness: Memories of his past...as well as his fear of loss for those he holds most dear.

Crush/Love- None right now...always looking for the right one for him.

As a young child, Ajacks parents left him with his grandmother JoAnn for they both were in service with the military. Ajack never knew what they were involved in...but he rarely saw them. JoAnn (who he calls Jo) was a kind soul, who loved her grandson with all her heart; teaching him to have a the same kind of loving heart. As Ajack grew up...he got involved with a lot of streetfights, getting quite skilled with electronics, weapons and espionage...but Jo never was hard on him. Despite him never getting caught, she always knew what he was getting into.

It had been 5 years since the last time he had seen his parents...his Junior year at high was hard for him. A street fight had gone south...resulting in him being tortured by the opposing group, a knife scar up and down his right side. As he lay in the hospital, Jo told him the news that his parents had ''dissapear.'' The agency for which they worked for had lost his parents...hadn't heard from then in years, so they now assume that they must be dead. Ajack was heartbroken...once he recovered he vowed to be better; to change for the best. So here he is at high, doing what he can...trying not to think about his parents. Hiding his feelings...even now on Valentine's Day for her...

MB (Mechanical Beast): Griffin
Name: Apollo
Personality: The MB is very stubborn and prideful...he doesn't like to be touched by anyone who approaches him which sometimes makes him violent, commanding a certain respect...he prefers to make first moves when he comes to trust people...letting others into the cockpit or touching him, but still doesnt' obey; especially since Apollo can sense the emotions of the people surrounding him. .

Appearance:*thumbnail* Apollo's body is completely golden with red ruby eyes. His body and 4 massive wings looks real...but its feathers have a metallic shine to them.

Apollo attacks with its razor sharp wings, also its talons which could slash through anything, including titanium steal...and crushing objects with its beak.

Apollo also has a pair of jet packs that can come out of his shoulder blades inbetween his wings giving him godlike speed in the air and on the ground.

Special Abilities:
Oblivion- From its wings...Apollo's feathers become like missles causing a massive barrage against the enemy. However because of this Apollo losses its ability to fly.

Energy Blast- Apollo digs his talons from his arms and limbs into the ground...flapping its wings with great intensity...he powers up, shooting out a bright red beam of energy from its mouth. Apollo can do this multiple times...however it takes time to power up before it attacks...must have a firm foundation on the ground.

Weakness: If angered beyond its limits...Apollo will become completely out of control with or without a pilot; not being able to determine between right and wrong.
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Hey, I hope this is okay ;)

[I][B]: Pilot Sign-up :[/B][/I]

[b]Name:[/b] Elizabeth Walker

[b]Age:[/b] 18

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://students.uat.edu/ryagruve/ep21_4.jpg]Pic 1[/url] & [url=http://www.manga.sk/Informacie/Recenzie/FullMetalPanic/fmp_13.jpg]Pic 2[/url]

[b]Personality:[/b] Very Quiet, and always underestimated by others. Because she is quiet, many people don?t realize her full potential. Not even her father. But she?s very sure of herself? and doesn?t like being talked down to.

[b]Bio:[/b] Elizabeth lived with her father ever since her mother died. At age 4, she moved to Sandon, where she lived with her father. Her father was a Fleet Admiral, and because of that, they would be on frequent trips around the world. She had very little time for friends and her closest friend was her father. She admired her father, and his work, to the point of wanting to join into the military at age 14. Her father forbade this of her. In secret, she worked on different military techniques since her father has asked her to be more of a lady than a soldier. She is unsure of how her mother died, since he keeps that to himself, and she hoped one day her father would let her know.

[b]Crush/Love:[/b] None at this time

[b]Weakness:[/b] Emotionally Unstable

[I][B]: MechAnima Sign-up :[/B][/I]

[b]Name:[/b] Tiegre

[b]Personality:[/b] Tiegre can sense the people around her. She too, only trusts Elizabeth, and those Elizabeth trusts as well. Since she can sense these things, it comes naturally for her to want to protect Elizabeth. When she sense that Elizabeth doesn?t like someone, she attacks without warning. But she is very gentle to those Elizabeth can trust, and has a soft and angelic nature to her when kind. A motherly trait Elizabeth finds to be most appealing.

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url= http://www.tulsawalk.com/parks-places/tulsa/tulsazoo/white-bengel-1.jpg]Tiegre[/url]

[b]Abilities:[/b] Claws are it?s most powerful weapon, each claw is a sharpened blade and can cut with precision if need be. It?s cry is piercing and her speed is faster than any other machine.

[b]Special Abilities:[/b] Tiegre can speak directly to Elizabeth through telepathy, and uses telekinisis. This makes their bond even stronger. She also can heal and heal others as well.

[b]Weakness:[/b] Acting on Elizabeth?s impulses too quickly. She can feel her anger, and she lets Elizabeth?s anger, fuel her. Even if Elizabeth is just simply annoyed with another, Tiegre will attack.
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Whoa. Nice little RPG you set up here. I hope it lives. Okay... I'm back. It's sort of sad. I couldn't find any good guy-pics, so I'm recycling. *hangs head in shame*

I sort of got into this bio alot. I love mecha. :love:

[B]Name:[/B] Keiji Miyamoto
[B]Age:[/B] 17
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Appearance:[/B] [url]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/mechinfinity/keiji.jpg[/url]
[B]Personality:[/B] Always a pleasure to be around, Keiji loves to socialize with people. He isn't always the life of the party, but he's usually popular, and falls right into place when introduced into a new environment. Even though he's social, he also loves to talk to people one on one, and can definetly keep his mouth shut if a time requires it.
[B]Bio:[/B] Keiji was always fascinated with flight. So he read about it. Eventually, he became rather obcessed with it, digesting any and every book related to the history of flight, physics of flight, combat in flight, or how flight may advance in the future, as well as a good base of ancient strategy and tactics.

From a young age, Keiji had a hawk, which he taught how to hunt. From studying the mechanics of flight, he always observed how the phenominon occured. After a while, he could tell you everything there was to know about nearly any type of flight.

All his studies paid off in high school. He became an intern at an Aeronautical company, where he was even offered a low-paying job there. The job he got was small-aircraft repair and maintainence. Against company rules, a test-pilot took him out for a spin, and a few times let him take the yoke of it. After a few run,s the test-pilot saw how he had a natural knack for flying, and they eventually switched places, but the company never knew.

His father is CEO of a huge software company, equivalent to Microsoft. This, of course, makes Keiji a very rich teenager.

[B]Crush/Love:[/B] He's completely smitten with Sora Avian.
[B]Weakness:[/B] A hard blow to the temple. And hot girls. He'll do anything for a hot girl who likes him.

: MechAnima Sign-up :
[B]Name:[/B] Amatu
[B]Personality:[/B] Amatu's personality mirror's that of Keiji. It's very calm, and thinks actions through before doing them. But if Keiji commands it, Amatu's personality will change to a combatant and fiery one. This usually only happens if he's about to be beaten into the ground. Amatu's also very protective of Keiji.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [url]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v294/mechinfinity/wu-felix-hawk.png[/url]
Green and Silver Chrome color scheme.
- Amatu, being a hawk, can fly many times above the speed of sound. Even the Griffin, Tiger and Cheetah are envious of such the finely tuned machine's speed. The only way Keiji can survive this is the Gee-Nullifier inside the suit, which reduces the acceleration Gees to nearly nil.
- Aside from Amatu's breakneck speed, it has beam talons and a beam beak, allowing for it to swoop down and gut an machine in literally, a blink of an eye.
- The Amatu also has thousands of micro-missles stored within its wings, in a modular fashion, so as to utilize all possible space, and making it as light as possible. All the micro-missles are heat-seeking, but can be switched to a ballistic mode. Also, these missles aren't really 'micro,' just about a third of the size of a regular missle.
[B]Special Abilities:[/B]
- [i][B]Limit Break:[/B][/i] This is when Amatu is commanded to change its personality into a combatant one. By no means does this hawk become a reckless fighter, only a fierce one. When Amatu's personality is changed, Limit Break takes place. Limit Break allows for Amatu's processors to double their efforts, meaning lock-aquisation(sp?) takes a half as long, and Amatu's reasoning matrix is doubled, making it an all-the-most fierce fighter.
- [i][B]Evasive Maneuvers:[/B][/i] The Amatu's speed makes it extremely difficult to lock onto, but if perhaps, one manages to attain a lock, Evasive Maneuvers are engauged. Once this happens, the Amatu, upon confirmation of Keiji, will begin to twist and turn, in an attempt to break a lock. The Amatu's thruster output is increased, so as to make it harder to keep the lock. If the lock remains on Amatu, it will either decrease its speed and then hit maximum throttle in another direction, or launch heat-seeking micro-missles to collide with the incoming missles.
[B]Weakness:[/B] The hawk is particularly vulnerable on the ground, as it cannot utilize its speed. If one does manage to lay a blow on the Amatu, it will do considerable damage, since it has little armor, for the sake of more speed.
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=Red][B][U]Pilot[/U][/B]

[B]Name: [/B]Sora Avian
[B]Age: [/B]17
[B]Gender: [/B]Female
[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=21849]Sora[/URL] - the one on the left. Change the hair to fire red and her eyes to gold.
[B]Personality: [/B] Sora is a very friendly person. She loves to sit and talk to her friends. However, she also loves to fight. She has a wild, fiery personality that suits her fiery red hair.
[B]Weakness: [/B] The loss of her freedom
[B]Bio: [/B] Sora was born on the Syon Military base as an only child and lived there most of her life. Her father and mother were in the top ranks of the operations there, so, they found no need to move.

However, when she was small, about 5 or 6, her family moved to the Capital for a few months. It was a strange experience for her at such a young age, although she preferred the operations of the base to that of the Capital. They moved back after the few months were up.

When she was 9, Sora was allowed to walk around the base and ran messages as a small job. When she was allowed to walk around the hanger, Sora feel in love with flying and jets. One of the pilots gave her a joy-flight around the Syron base as a birthday present. It was one of the best experiences of her life. From then on, Sora strived to become a jet pilot.

[B]Crush/Love: [/B] Unknown as of this moment

[B][U]MB (Mechanical Beast):[/U] Phoenix[/B]
[B]Name: [/B]Blaze
[B]Personality: [/B]Blaze loves the freedom of flying and enjoys the piloting of Sora because she feels the same way. Fearsome and a daredevil in battle, Blaze uses the best of his supersonic speed to despose of his opponents. He is loyal to Sora but likes to provoke her for his entertainment.
[B]Appearance: [/B][URL=http://otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=21850]Blaze (Dranzer-look-a-like)[/URL] - a cross between Dranzer (Beyblades) and Fire Phoenix (Zoids: Fuzors)
[B]Abilities: [/B]
Razor Wing - Two blades lengthen from his wings. Uses these to slice airborne or ground mechs in half.

Sonic Blast - Uses the supersonic boom to blast away any enemies nearby. Can deflect missiles or rockets.

[B]Special Abilities: [/B]
Fire of the Phoenix - Heat from the internal structure of the mech heats the outer armour. Heats it so much that the entire mech is covered in fire. Blaze is powered beyond the norm and can do extraordinary feats.

Reincarnation - When Blaze has no energy left or is about to be destroyed, a burst of energy comes from its centre and empowers the mech enough to escape or destroy the enemy.

[B]Weakness:[/B] The ground and confinement
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]: Pilot Sign-up :
Name: Darrius king
Age: 18
Gender: male
Appearance: [URL=http://www.mangasland.com/animes/WHR02.jpg]click [/URL]
Personality: Darrius is sarcastic and moody as a result of the war only really connects with his MB
Bio: son of lieutenant Arthur King, Darrius grew up on the base. Training with the solders and his father. Darius learnt a lot about tactics and combat however he had little interest in following his father?s career path. He always loved tinkering with things and is now a great mechanic. His father?s recent death has devastated him and made him withdrawn and bitter.
Crush/Love: no one that he has told any one off any ways
Weakness: arachnophobia and beautiful women (what man isn?t)

: Mech Beast :Cheetah
Name: Bailey
Personality: young and impatient, and very gun ho, bailey loves the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of slipping past defences. His enthusiasm for battle is a little disturbing but his curiosity makes most laugh. Bailey feels a deep connection with Darrius and is tremendously loyal to him.
Appearance: [URL=http://www.geocities.com/gundamguardangel/Zoids/Drake/LighteningSaixDash.jpg]click[/URL] and [URL=http://www.bwtf.com/bw/tvshow/cc/cheetor/tm2/beast.jpg]click[/URL] a cross between cheetor and the lightning saix, (black, red and silver colour patern) and the cool black tear smudge on its face.
Abilities: turbo thrusters allow it to reach speeds of mach 3, effective combat speed is up to mach 2, fast and extremely agile this beast has a state of the art stealth mode rendering it nearly invisible to all scanners audio, visual and thermal. Twin LP/EM PULSE cannons are mounted on its shoulders providing long-range firepower and its powerfull jaws and razor sharp claws are capable of shredding any metal.

Special Abilities: SONIC BOOM, rapid acceleration which causes a shockwave strong enough to shatter metal and knock down buildings.
DEMON BLADE: pulse cannons slide lower on the body and fire a beam of purple energy capable of cutting through anything,(think blade liger) the cannons can also fold down and fire a thick flat wall of energy that spans a kilometre in each direction ,capable of decimating ranks or shielding allies.
SPARK: Bailey uses almost all power to deliver a surge of pure energy to its core sending out a combined electrical storm and huge EM shockwave with devastating results.

Weakness: his attachment to Darrius and hunger to prove himself to the more mature MB?s[/COLOR]
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[U]: Pilot Sign-up :[/U][/I][/B]
[B]Name:[/B] Sakura Kaze
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://img6.exs.cx/img6/1443/asuka073ak.jpg]Here[/url].
[B]Personality:[/B] Sakura is calm and doesn't get angry very quickly, she usually speaks quietly and softly. She is strong minded and never admits defeat, even when she's lost. She's a quick thinker and solves problems quickly. She can easily keep a cool head in a heated argument. Sakura is very stealthy, flexible and acrobatic and gymnastic and has been since she was a child. She doesn't get annoyed very often, except when someone bugs her a lot. One of her best skills/hobbies is her skill with computers and anything electronic, which she likes to mess around with.
She's a very electronically talented person and always carries her palm computer which is always in her pocket whenever she goes anywhere. She keeps a lot of notes in there and coded details about Aria.
[B]Bio:[/B] When Sakura was young, her father worked at the Syon Military Base, and he used to take Sakura there sometimes, showing her the jet pilots and taking her for rides. As she grew older, she wanted to become a pilot of some sort like her father.

Their family lived happily, until Sakura reached her High School years. Her parents were killed one day by a fire, and the authorities suggested that someone had done it on purpose. Sakura had nothing accept her clothes that she always wore, her palm computer and her memories. She had no where to go, and slept on the streets that night. The next day she went to school, practically everyone had heard about the fire and all asked her about it, which dug into her heart as she didn't wish to remember. She took her usual seat next to her best friend, David. They'd known each other since they were very young and he comforted her, asking her where she was staying. Sakura told him the truth, thatshe lived on the streets, because he had a way of knowing if she was lying. He shook his head and said that his parents would let her stay with them, after being close family friends. She accepted but will still keep the dream of being a pilot, and she hates talking about her deceased parents for obvious reasons. As she lived with David, she started to develop a crush on him, that she felt wasn't normal, and it became deeper into a love, but she could never let him know, because they're best friends.
[B]Crush/Love:[/B] Her best friend (the one she's staying with), David.
[B]Weakness:[/B] A question/comment/statement about her parents. Even if it's just a joke.

[B][I][U]: MechAnima Sign-up :[/U][/I][/B]
[B]Name:[/B] Aria
[B]Personality:[/B] Aria is her loyal companion and reflects Sakura's personality. He will do anything Sakura asks of him if possible, unless it's something he can't do. He's very protective of Sakura and can act rationally if Sakura's in danger.
[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.essentialart.com/ta/D_Cox_Gey_Wolf_print.jpg]Here[/URL].
[B]Abilities:[/B] Aria's fur can be sprayed and used as dangerous sharp needles. He has an attack called Running Slash that involves sharp blades coming out and Aria uses them to attack by running past/around them. Aria can have wings come out of his back, but he never lifts off the ground using them because he's too heavy. Instead he usually picks up speed by running, then pushes off the ground while curling into a ball, and when he opens his ball in the height of his jump, he releases his wings. For a ground animal, he can fly very well.
[B]Special Abilities:[/B] Aria's able to utilise whatever type of place by swiftly adapting to it, which helps him by knowing the type of terrain. His special attack is to release a mixed blast of Lightning and Ice elements called Wolf Blaster.
[B]Weakness:[/B] Afraid to fail Sakura in any way.[/COLOR]
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: Pilot Sign-up :
[B]Name:[/B] Dale Meireson
[B]Age:[/B] 17
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Appearance:[/B] About 5'9", long black hair and green eyes. Medium tan with a relatively fair complexion. Average build, not particularly muscular. Wears; black, long-sleeved top, with the right sleeve falling down to his wrist whereas the left sleeve is cut off at the elbow; Loose fitting jeans, darkish blue, full length; Plain grey trainers. Also wears a pendant around his neck, on a faded silver chain, with a small emerald set in the centre.
[B]Personality[/B]: Comes off as being quite arrogant at times, with a tendency to act recklessly in situations when he should know better. In reality, has little confidence to speak of, a total sum of 4 'friends', and nothing resembling what one would call a 'fighter's spirit'.
[B]Bio[/B]: Born to a modest home in the suburbs of Sandon, he would say, looking back on his life, that it had been nothing special. He lost his mother when he was born, and was lucky to survive himself, but he never saw it as the miracle that his father made it out to be. He was alive, just like everyone else. And his mother, he had never even known her. All he had to know her by were the stories his father would tell and the pendant that she left to him.
Of course, he did eventually have a mother, when his father remarried six years ago, but he never really got along to well with her. Not by any fault of her's, he simply wasn't used to having anyone apart from his father there to look after him, to tell him what to do. After two years, the marriage fell apart, and they divorced. His dad was never quite the same, he never showed Dale the same sort of attention that he used, and their relationship too began to sour. Shunned by his own father, Dale tried to get the attention he desired from his friends, and in doing so turned them away. Since then Dale's life has just stayed the same stagnant pit that it was four years ago, with his approach to it being the only thing that has changed, his search for attention becoming more and more desperate.
[B]Crush[/B]: Elizabeth Walker, though he'd never admit it to her face.
[B]Weakness[/B]: His attempts to draw attention to himself tend to bring more negative results than positive ones, so practically everyone in school either hates him or ignores him. So he tries again..... and again.....

MechAnima[/B]: Cobra
[B]Name[/B]: Qestrii
[B]Personality[/B]: Reclusive and calm, Qestrii is an obvious contradiction to Dale's personality. Though very understanding of others, she is still coming to terms with her own existence and the fact that she is truly unique. She choose Dale in the hope that they could both help eachother to better understand and be at peace with themselves. She uses this special bond to support Dale where he would usually fail, especially in the heat of battle.
[B]Appearance[/B]: Qestrii is matte black on top, and silver on her underside, along the entire length of her body. 10 green energy rings run down her body, at equal intervals, which are usually concealed by protective plates until she has coiled around her opponent. Her body has a very slight scale pattern on it's surface, only noticeable when light is shone on it from the correct angle. Her eyes are bright glowing green.
[B]Abilities[/B]: Like the creature on which she was based, Qestrii's main offensive and defensive strategies comes from her ability to trap an opponent using her body. Once coiled around an opponent she can either crush it, tear it apart with her powerful fangs, or disable it with an EMP field generated by the energy rings running down her body. Her only long-range attack comes from a pair of light energy cannons mounted on the crest on each side of her head.
[B]Special Abilities[/B]:
[B][I]Constriction[/I][/B]: In the event that her opponent can not be disabled by the EMP field, an energy blade can be formed at each energy ring, slicing directly into the body of her enemy. With an accurate twist of her body, she can then slice her enemy into pieces.
[I][B]Venom[/B][/I]: Like the cobra of the beast world, Qestrii can use her fangs to inject poison, or in this case a nanomachine virus, into her trapped opponent. If it can not be stopped this virus will attack and destroy many of the motor and control connections inside the enemy machine, leaving it completely, and often permanently, disabled.
[B]Weakness[/B]: If it can not capture an opponent in its grip, with its limited weaponry it stands little chance of defeating it. Not the fastest of the anima either.
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Pilot Sign-up :
Name: Vick Creed
Age: 18
Appearance:[URL=http://thewallzone.free.fr/Thewallzone/Avatars/GuiltyGearIsukeChipp.jpg]Click for pic[/URL]
Personality: Very chraismatic and always craving to be number one above all else. Vick takes so much pride into himself it leads into conflict with other people and higher authority. Most of the time Vick will become a loose cannon if he feels he is being held down by other. He will start speaking his mind till he get a chance to show case himself on the battle field. In a rare occasion Vick will put aside his pride and help out his friends.

Bio: Vick Creed born as the only child was so used to getting attention focused on him it affected his personality. As Vick went to school he often found himself competing for attention in the class room or on the playground. Usually when Vick found him self not in the spot light he began to push himself to gain it back.

Now in his last year of High school at Lockyer High Vick as established him self as the best damn wide receiver in Lockyer football. Vick has claimed Valentine?s Day is his day because he his going to steal the attention of all the girls. Vick is one of those you like him or hate him people. Vick has a motto " I'm the main event and no one is going outshine me !"

Crush/Love: none
Weakness: His pride and the craving to be number one can lead him to be selfish or not wanting to give all his effort.

MechAnima Lion
Name: Leo Blaze
Personality: As the real Lion is pridefull, Leo Blaze is no diffrent. Leo Blaze just like Vick has a lot of pride. Picking Vick seemed like a perfect match for Leo Blaze, as one Vick and Leo Blaze make the ultimate team.

Appearance [URL=http://cps.zoids.org.uk/ZeroSchneider02.jpg]click[/URL]

Abilities: The Leo blaze is able to use gatling guns that are placed right above his left and right shoulders. Each paw on Leo Blaze is equiped with blades for mnimal damage.

Special Abilities: The Pounce: Leo Blaze goes into a lowered position and waits for the right moment to attack. When the time is right the Leo Blaze will use it's strength and speed to lunge at the enemy with it's claws.

Pride Breaker: The Leo Blaze attempts to break the pride of other MechAnimas by going one on one.

Weakness: If the Leo Blaze losses the Pride Breaker it will suffer by loosing it's will to fight for the day. Another weakness is leting Vick push the Leo Blaze a little longer than needed.
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Is it too late to sign up?

[FONT=Impact]Name: Cliff Armstrong

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Cliff is a macho type of guy with a very muscular type of body. all he does is weigh train and eat protein shakes. he wears casual jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. he never dresses fancy. he just wears what he wants to.

Personality:Cliff is a very stubborn person. he never listens to anyone except maria. he would never show his sensitive side.he prefers to be macho and tough. he keeps to himself a lot and doesn't speak of the past that often.

Bio:Cliff was born into a poor family and so he rare ate. he then decided to get into weight training at around 13 years of age. he grew up on protein food which his trainer gave him. He met Maria at around age 17. they then started dating and since then he was been with her. not much else is known about him.

Crush/Love: Maria Leingod (NPC)

Weakness: Cliff is too brash for his own good. he does things without thinking and that is his true weakness[/FONT]

MechAnima Sign-Up

[FONT=Book Antiqua]Mechanime:Panther

Name: Silver

Personality: Ever since Silver was created he has always been the quiet one. never picking fights. it would seem he was planning something. he was planning to destroy all of his creators. he is very destructive when he is pushed to the limit. Silver only obeys cliff and will unleash its full power when cliff commands. Silver does not see Cliff as his master he sees him more as his friend.

Appearance:Silver lookd like a regular panther. his fur looks almost real.the only thing that will make him not seem like a regular panther is the spike on his tail.
Silver can camaflouge easily in the darkness.

Metaclaw Strike and Silver Grenades

Special Abilities:
Photon Flare: Silver throws 3 powerful energy beams at foes destroying anything in its way.

Destruction Roar: Silver sends high pitched sonic booms at enemies disrupting their senses.

Weakness: Just like his pilot. Silver is too brash as well. they seem to make the perfect match[/FONT]

is this good enough?
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Thanks Heero DA. I owe you one.

Name: Lyu Condair
Gender: Female
Apperance: Lu has black hair that reaches her hips, she has bright blue eyes. Her clothes are form fitting but loose at the same time. Jeans that fit her thiesghs but loose at the ankle and a whit tank top that laces together in the middle and shows her mid-drift. Her gloves are cut off at the finger and go to her wrist where a singal silver bracelet stays, as well as the silver cross around her neck. Her boots are black and thick but make no noise as she walks.
Personality: Lyu is friendly, nothing for it. She makes friends easily and enimies just as easily. She loves to talk and seems lost when it is quiet. She does anything for a friend and she hates to fight. But when it comes down to it she is always there. Fights hard and pretty well for hating to fight.
Bio: Lyu was raised at a boarding school in the town, after growing up enough they sent her to a boot camp fot the military. She ran away from the house the night of her leaving and lived on the streets till age 15 at 16 she was taken in by a family and began going to school, she proved to be very intelligant and made exallent grades. She eventually went to the base at the end of the year and began to train now at 17 she knows more about war and killing than she wanted to. After a particulary large fight that occured at on her birthday of 17 the town was attacked and it killed the people who brought her up, she now lives in the dorms on the military base, but isn't happy about it.
Crush/Love: Ajack Masters
Weakness: war. She hates to fight and she hates seeing people suffer.

MB(Machanical Beast) -Fox-
Name: Desh
Personality: Like Lyu he is friendly and somewhat playful with the other beasts. He is very loyal to Lyu and will allow none of the other pioltes to touch him. Enjoys beign polished and cleaned. Also loves to have long conversations with Lyu in the hanger.
Apperance: Desh is one of the smallest if not THE smallest of the Beasts. His coloring is balc and white, where the normal fox would be red and white. His eyes are green, his fangs sharp and deadly. He seems weak but what he lacks in strength he makes up for in speed and cunning.
Smoke Screen: Launches a special smoke that blinds the enemy but allows the beasts to see them perfectly.
Fox hunt: Lets out a shrill howl and hypnotizes the enemy making it follow Desh, most of the time leading the eenmy into a trap but also effective for helping a friend get away from a persuit.
Detenator: Droping a bomb Desh tricks the enemy to come after him and as the enemy runs over the bomb Desh detenates it blowing the enemy sky high.
Special Abilities:
Howlitzer: Desh charges the enemy and as he passes howls into the hearing link of the enemy disabling it, he than circles around and does the same to the tracking link, after disabling almost all the links he moves in and begins the ri- apart the armor till he reaches the piolit, throwing the piolit out he jumps back and blasts the enemy apart with a high powered laser.
Lightning Strike: Desh uses boosters and runs at an enemy repeatedly till the enemy is taken down.
Weakness: Desh has only one true weakness and thats his love to run. He hates being contained to the hanger and docking bay, all he really wants is to run.
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