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Wow, I was just reading this book called, "The New American Ghetto." And it mentions these projects, called the Colombus Homes. This place was torn down but before it was, Camilo Jose Vergara toured it. He says that the rooms were a "gold mine of scribblings." Anyway, on the wall of a bedroom, that looked out into the remains of the demolished buildings, someone had drawn the outline of a small house with a smoking chimney; within that frame was a poem, entitled "All Alone":

I am sitting Here All Alone,
Waiting, Waiting
To Find a Home,
At night I lie in bed and dream
And sometimes I wake up ans start to
What is this fear I feel inside,
Is it of being alone
Or is it my mind?
I am Sitting Here All Alone,
Still Waiting To Find A Home.

I just think that this poem is really powerful and that it should be shared. Just think about who could have possibly wrote it, an impoverished person with nothing ahead of them to look forward to. It could have even been a child. Now that's moving.
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My college is actually surrounded by people who have been defeated by life. Industry fled in the white flight, and now people beg out in the streets. The government actuall holds houses to sell to companies, rather than fixing them up for the people. I see roaming dogs, abandoned. Maybe someday, everyone really will be equal. Until then, I guess there will always be those that are "All Alone."
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