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Digimon: Destiny Reborn/ PG13-L


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Long ago the digital world was kept together by eight very unique stones. They were known simply as, The Destiny Stones. These Destiny Stones were created to montier the destiny of all digimon and humans who came to the digital world. Unforuturlly the stones were destroied by a digimon who was born of evil. Yet he had a heart. His name was BlackWarGreymon. He caused pain as a form to rid of his own pain. He wondered why he felt the pain of his victims. Questioning himself he looked for an answer when he found his answer he was amazed. He knew his purpose but, wasn't sure why. He found comfert in being the strongest. His goal was to find an openent strong enough for to face him. In is quest he destroyed the Destiny Stones to find his rival but, found a weakling instead.

Realizing his errors he worked to fix his mistakes by helping the greater good. He still was not trusted but, worked against his creaters. He tried hard to redime his self. When he found that there was only one way he toke that road. He sacfirced himself to help comptle the gate to the digital world. People pined over his death and wished that they would of trusted him and helped him in return. The children and the digmon thought that the destiny stones were lost forever. But they were wrong.

Twenty years from the destrution of the Destiny Stones they were reborn. But, not in the way you would think. The eight stones were reborn in eight children who were all unique and very different from everbody else. They always felt that they didn't fit in almost as if they were from another world. Now they are about to find out what sets them apart from everyone else and meet others like them. but something is out there ready to destroy the Stones for good.
Courage- Untied States- Aura_Star
Friendship- Austrailia- Blanko
Sincerity- China-
Reliabilty- Brazil- Duskmon
Love- England- Ozy Jones
Hope- Japan- Ohkami
Light- New Zealand- Darksbane
Knowledge- Eygpt- Phayt[/COLOR]
Tala layed on the clinic cot with her eyes shut breathing in the stail oder of the room. THe nurse sat at her desk peaking away at the computer and gluing her eyes to the bright screen. Turning her head, Tala looked out the window and saw the other children hanging around the school yard. This was her norrmal rutine during afternoon break. They all seemed so happy and care-free, talking with eachother, oh how she hated it.
"No!" Tala shouted as she sat up causing the withered nurse to jump.
"Bless you child, ahts wrong?" She walked over and placed her smooth wtinled hand on Tala's forehead. Tala's dark green eyes examined the kind elderly women who never cared when Tala came into her office to lay down.
"OH, you poor thing, you got yoursself a fever and I just ran out of toweles. You lay down I'll be back in a flash." She smiled and turned to leave when another student entered out of breath.
"Nurse Maple! A kid just fell down the stairs and he's not moving. I think he broke something." The girl said in a rushed tone and gave Tala a nasty look filled with hatered and fury. She was used to this though everyone at the school gave her looks of disgust.
"Oh dear, Tala, sweetie you stay here I have to go help that child." Maple said and left with the girl running down the hall. Tala sighedd and stood up. She walked over to the computer and sat infront of the screen to see what the Nurse had been working on. On the lighted screen a chat room website laided open. Shaking her head at the dirty converstaion the nurse was having with someone by the name of,SexyCaliGuy00, Tala sat down and began to play around with the site. A link caught her attention though and looking around she click on it. A chat room appeared with the title, Lonely Life, under the tatle another caption sat that surprised Tala.
"Ever fell like you don't belong in this World?" Tala said to herself. When she spoke the screen light up and she closed her eyes and something fell into her lap. Looking down she saw a dark blue and marine blue device laying in her lap. PIcking it up she examined it in the light of the computer and looked down at her feet and saw them dissappearing. Eyes widening she was sucked into the computer and knocked out. She laid on unfailiar ground, knocked out and not knowing were she was. The chat room had a name typed in the box with the words I don't belong here after the name of, Courage_of_Destiney.
Okay there it is. Make your first post include finding the chat room and descide your digvice. in the next post.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]"Sally, did you get the clothes done?" Sally Jones grimaced as she walked out of the basement, clutching the washbasket.

"Yes, Mum. I just have to fold them." Her mother smiled at her over the top of the couch.

"Good gel. Don't forget you have to wash the lunch dishes too..."

"I know." Her mother went back to watching the show. Sally sighed, lugging the basket of clean clothes up the narrow stairs to her bedroom. [i]This is getting to be a bit much...I'm not 'er personal slave...[/i] She tossed the basket on her bed, and sat down at her desk, sighing. It was only 4, and already she'd done three loads of clothes, vacumed the entire bloody house, washed the windows and mopped the kitchen.

[i]What more does she [/i] want[i], me lifeblood?[/i]

Sally turned to her computer, typing in her favorite site and opening Yahoo! just for the heck of it. [i]'s not like anyone'll be on now, anyroad...[/i]. She scrolled through the list of chatrooms.

"[i]Lonely Life[/i], ey? You're a new one... Well, we'll give you a shot." She clicked the link. Nothing seemed to be going on, the only member in the chat being someone named "[FONT=Courier New]Courage_of_Destiny[/FONT]"...they didn't seem to be doing anything. The caption under the screen room's title caught her eye.

[COLOR=Green][FONT=Courier New]"Ever feel like you don't belong in this World?" [/FONT][/COLOR]

"Sally! Get those clothes folded. My bridge club comes this afternoon, an' you still need t'do the dishes!" Sally winced.

[COLOR=Green][FONT=Courier New]"Ever feel like you don't belong in this World?" [/FONT] [/COLOR]

[FONT=Courier New]Dear_Prudence: Well, I sure don't seem t'belong 'ere, if tha's what ye mean...[/FONT] She sat and stared at the words she'd just typed out. They were the truth. Something buzzed in her computer.

"Oh, this is just ducky," she groused, sliding out of her chair to kneel next to her tower. "Picked up a virus or sommat, 'ave ye?" The buzzing stopped. There, sitting on the floor, was a strange, device, white and reddish pink, smaller than even an Ipod. "Great...now I'm goin' t' be accused of liftin' someone's mp3 player..." she picked the device up. It was strangly heavy for something so small..."Funny...I don't remember any of 'em bein' this color...picked 'em up enough times t' know..." Something changed. In the blink of an eye, she seemed to be fading. She could [i]feel[/i] herself fading. She looked up at her computer screen, words still blinking.

"Why do I get the feelin' I'm gonna regret this?" Everything went white.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Elanor was quite pleased. She had actually gotten up when she wanted to. Now was the perfect time to practice her bass. Some might argue that 5 am was not the perfect time to practice such a loud instrument by itself, but Elanor didn't care. The perfectionoids were both asleep so it was a very good time.

One might further argue that this was petty on Elanors part, but Elanor didn't care about that either. Five weeks of studying, three weeks of constant worrying, one week of tests, she comes in third in the school district and it's still not good enough.

[I]Oh darling, third is nice but Edward came in first when he was in that class.[/I]

"But Edward's a genius and he was two years older than me when he was in that class. Remember? You started me two years early?"

[I]Go to your room! [/I]

So she'd gone, and stayed, and was still there the next morning. Now. With her bass, and her mind on vengeance. She flipped her CD player on. Helter Skelter blared out exactly the same as always, except no bass, till now. Twice as loud as it ever should have been. Elanor grinned. This ought to get a reaction...

[I][B]"MOTHER!!!" [/B][/I] Elanor winced. Emily could yell really loudly. You had to, to be able to be heard in the other wing of the house. [I][B]"MOTHER, MAKE HER TURN THAT THING OFF!!!!"[/B][/I]
"It's not a THING, it's a BASS!"

"Elanor Rita Starr, what is the meaning of this? It's five in the morning!" Godiva Starr appeared, a vision of glamour in a frilly pink bathrobe. Elanor almost gagged. Pink in the morning?

"Yes! It is...and 5 in the morning is the perfect time to play."

"Hand it over."

"Hand what over?" Godiva extended a slender, perfectly manicured hand.

"You know precisely what I mean, young lady. Now." The bass, the perfect blue bass that had taken three months of paychecks to buy, was handed over. One did not defy Godiva when she used that tone. Elanor frowned.

"When do I get it back?"

"When your father and I decide. Now go back to sleep like a civilized person." Godiva stode out. Elanor glared at Emily.

"Wasn't like I was asleep in the first place...I hope you're happy..."

Emily stuck her tongue out, and flounced back into her bedroom. Elanor sat down at her computer.

"Stupid, no good...lousy...grr." She opened a chat room at random. Someone named "Courage_of_Destiny" and "Dear_Prudence" were in there...but no conversation was happening. At all. She'd have to fix that. She was about to start typing when the question appeared.

[FONT=Courier New]"Ever feel like you don't belong in this World?"

[COLOR=Green]Courage_of_Destiny: I don't belong here [/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrange]Dear_Prudence: Well, I sure don't seem t'belong 'ere, if tha's what ye mean.. [/COLOR]

H3lt3rSk3l3tr: Pft. All the time...that's normal, though, ain't it? [/FONT]

The computer didn't do anything. Nobody responded.

"Stupid chatroom..." There was an electronic chirp - and a strange thing appeared on her desktop. "Er...ok...what is that?" It was white and shiney silver. She picked it up. "What is this? Never had the computer do this before..."

And like that, she was gone.[/COLOR]

Just in case anyone's interested, using Ozy Jones' post as a starting point, the approximate time of arrival in the digiworld (? Is that where we're going?) if we all arrived at about the same time, would be:
Tala: 11 am
Rae: 3 am
Sakura: 1 am
Sally: 4 pm
Elanor: 5 am
Suzuka: 2 pm
Phayt: 6 pm
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[color=darkorange]She was asleep... Her room was dark and no one else made a sound... It was Three in the morning after all. In Rae's dream... things werent all that normal...[/color]
[color=darkorange]Rae was in a strange place... The trees were discolored and there were strange things all around. She walked along not afraid or even surprised by this strange looking place. But suddenly a dark shadow came over her and her body crumpled up and fell to the ground. She whined in pain and[/color]
[color=darkorange]Suddenly Rae shot upwards and looked around her dark room. A spider the size of a softball crawled across her bed. She frowned and picked it up.[/color]
[color=darkorange]"Slider, Mate you woke me up again didntcha. Silly spider." She shook her head making her long silvery hair go in all directions.[/color]
[color=darkorange]She stood up and walked across the room and placed the spider in its cage which sat next to a scorpion cage. Above them was a large lizard just chillin in his terrarium.[/color]
[color=darkorange]"King hasnt been eating..." She took note of the scorpions food supply.[/color]
[color=darkorange]"At least your acting normal Slayer." She smiled at the lizard.[/color]
[color=darkorange]She wandered over to her computer and sat down. She waited for it to turn on and then logged onto a chat source. She went through the cat rooms and found one...[/color]
[color=darkorange]She saw that some others had posted messages already. She read[/color]

[font=Courier New][color=#008000][b]Courage_of_Destiny: I don't belong here

[/b][/color][color=darkorange][b]Dear_Prudence: Well, I sure don't seem t'belong 'ere, if tha's what ye mean..[/b] [/color]

[color=#4169e1][b]H3lt3rSk3l3tr: Pft. All the time...that's normal, though, ain't it? [/b][/color][/font]
[color=darkorange]Rae nodded and typed in her own message.[/color]
[font=Courier New][color=#ff0000][/color][/font]
[font=Courier New][color=black][b]Shadow_Dancer: G'day, Yeah... Sometimes I feel like a roo on the 'roo bars. Where do I belong?[/b][/color][/font]
[font=Courier New][/font]
[color=darkorange]She entred this message and thought it a bit... odd to say something like that but she then hoped they woundnt undersand her.[/color]
[color=darkorange]Suddenly the screen flashed with a bright light. Rae felt something land in her lap. She picked it up and looked at it. It was black with orange. She wondered what it was but before she could really check it she noticed her body started vanishing.[/color]
[color=darkorange]"My pop always said chat rooms were nuttin but trouble." And with that she vanished... leaving her room dark and empty... We except for the few creepy creatures.[/color]
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[color=Navy]Sakura was pulling an all-nighter, she had an essay that was due the next day and she had left most of it to the last minute, but it wasn't exactly by choice. Her parents were divorced and she lived with her mother, and she had remarried and thus Sakura had a stepdad. He was friendly for several months, until they settled down. Now he was always getting drunk at bars and coming home angry, taking his anger out on her mother, and she always protected her, getting the force of the bruises, marks and cuts. She still had many of the scars.

She yawned and rubbed at her eyes, staring at the gleaming computer monitor which was the only thing that gave light in the dark room. It was 1am and she was only half way done. Sakura brought up an internet window and typed in a URL to a set of chatrooms, scrolling through them she found one she liked and entered. There were already several messages there. She played with her ring as she read them.

[/color][font=Courier New][color=#008000][b]Courage_of_Destiny: I don't belong here

[/b][/color][color=darkorange][b]Dear_Prudence: Well, I sure don't seem t'belong 'ere, if tha's what ye mean..[/b] [/color]

[color=#4169e1][b]H3lt3rSk3l3tr: Pft. All the time...that's normal, though, ain't it? [/b][/color][/font]

[font=Courier New][color=black][b]Shadow_Dancer: G'day, Yeah... Sometimes I feel like a roo on the 'roo bars. Where do I belong?

[/b][color=Navy][b]Bloom: Feel like your life took a turn for the worst, ne?

[/b][font=Verdana]Sakura typed, putting in the little accent she always used when asking for a response, being Japanese she used many little accents and expressions.

She leaned back on her chair, stretching the muscles in her back, there was a light and she felt something land in her lap, she picked it up and held it to the monitor, using the light to study the device. It was navy blue and silver and had several buttons on it. She felt a tingling feeling in her feet and looked down to see her body disappearing. Sakura's eyes widened and she made sure her favourite goggles were on her head, her necklace and pendant around her neck, her ring on her finger, and grabbed her mini computer off the table and shoved it into the pocket of her trenchcoat that she was wearing. She put the device into one of the thigh pockets in her navy blue cargos and then she fully disappeared, being sucked into the computer. All that was left that she had been there moments earlier was the heat from the chair she'd been sitting in.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]A small purple head sat on Tala's chest string at her still body. A moan escaped from her mouth and she sat up . The little head jumped off her and hide behind a nerby bush. Looking around Tala saw four other unconisous kids laying on the ground just a few meters away from her.
"Ugh, were am I am?" Tala rubed her head and saw an odd argrament of trees and weird looking flowers. Strange beasts were flying in the air and looked as if they were searching for something.
"Your in the digtal world." A voice answered from a bush that was near her.
"What", Tala asked she looked around,"Who's there?"
A purple tear-dropped shaped head with a yellow diamond on it's forehead. It had fin like arms and two spikes running up its back. Yellow marking were under the fin like arms and on on top and bottom of little creature.
"Uh? And you are? Wait, don't answer that your a digimon right?"
"Yup and I've been waiting for you."
"How did you know I was coming?" Tala asked still confused about why she knew what the creature was.
"Because it was told but, we better get out here those digmon up there will be down any minute now. And I don't want you to get hurt okay Tala?" The little didgmon nudged Tala to move towards the protection of the forest.
"Wait how do you know my name? I don't even know yours."
"I told you I've been waiting for you. My name is Hopmon though."
Tala flowed Hopmon into the woods and sat on a stump. Hopmon jumped on her lap and looked up at her with beaming eyes.
"Why are I am here and why awere you waiting for me? Hopmon."
"Your here because this is were you belong and I was waiting for you because I was told to. You have a digvice don't you?"
"You mean the little thing that fell into my lap?" When she metained the divice she pulled it out of her pocket and on the screen, that was fuzzy when she first got it, was an orange sun like shape.
"That's the only proof I have if you didn't have it you wouldn't be here. You understand?" Tala nodded and looked up at the trees and saw a ball of fire hurtling at her. Hopmon pushed her out of the way and toke the blow.
"Hopmon!" Tala ran over to the crumlped up digmon who just smiled at her. An orange dinosaur with a black skull covering his head charged at Hopmon and Tala. Spreading her arms infront of Hopmon she watched her jump towards the raging digimon. Her eyes widened and as the bigger digimon ran towrds Hopmon.
"Nova Blast!"
Hopmon stopped and faced fear in the eyes and Tala ran to cover him.
"Leave Hopmon alone!"
The digvice at her side began to glow and so did Hopmon.Tala backed away watched Hopmon grow to a larger size. She transforned into a purple dinosaur with a fin like tail.
"Beat Nuckle!" The purple dino began to punch the orange one over and over again untill in fell to the ground causing the earth to shake. The new digmon turned towrads Tala," Thanks, Tala! I knew you could do it."
"Do I know you?"
"Yes and no. I'm Monogramon the digvolved form of Hopmon. You better get used to me because I'll be like this for a while now."
"I think I understand. Why did you digivole though."
"Because you had the courage to save me and that's all it takes."[/COLOR]
OOC: Now we meet our digimon( in their in-training form). Just make sure you incounter a digimon and your digimon digivoles. Also make sure your character meets up with mine.
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[size=2][color=darkorange] Rae tossed and turned a few times until she pulled herself up. She looked around and saw the most strangest place she had ever seen yet... It seemed like she knew this place. She shook her head to get the dust and dirt from her long silvery hair. She stood up and dusted off her black clothes.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]The trees were bent and in all odd colors... Green blue red pink orange you name it. Rae shook her head now out of disbeleife that she wasnt dreaming. She heard something in then earby bushes and was soon in a fighting stance.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Who ever you are... Beware... I know different forms of martial arts! I may be australian but that doesnt mean we have roos for protection... Ill kick your rear from here to the moon and back!" Rae did know some moves but mainly she was saying this in hope that she might scare off what frightned her.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Miss... Rae... Im not going to hurt you... And frankly Im to cute to kick." A voice that seemed young spoke from the bush. Hearing this Rae stood stight up and looked around.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Show yourself." She then smiled when a small white ball of fuzz hops out of the bush. It had a small spike or horn sticking out of the top of it head.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Who are you?" Rae then asks.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Ploymon... Im A"[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Digimon... Dont ask me how I knew that because I dont even know how I know."[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]The little digimon smiled, "I do! You belong here in this digital world... You know what it is and what I am deep inside. You will soon figure it out. You have a digivice meaning you belong here and I belong with you." The little fuzzy Ploymon spoke quickly as if extreamly exited.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Ok ... Eh... Ploymon. You mean this device is a digivice... Cool. Your a digimon... and you know my name How?"[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Just do! By the way... What's a Roo?"[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Oh brother... A Roo is what we .. erh... Some of us austrailians call Kangaroos... I have a feeling Im going to have to keep language to simple english around here. Heh... fifteen years in Austrailia... I sometimes forget if i just rambled on like usual no one would understand me at first. Im actually greatful now for taking trips to america all those times."[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"That is an... America?" Ploymon asked blankly.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Never mind..."[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]Just then something flew down and almost hit Rae in the head with its wing. It was strange looking. A red spikey head and strange wings. It had no legs or arms either... Just a snake like body. It turned around and stared at Rae. When It opend its mouth it shot sharp needles or spikes from its mouth... Rae leapt backwards just in time to avoid becoming pin coushion.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"What is THAT?" Rae shouts.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Airdramon... Hot Headed flying digimon..." Ploymon managed to say before the big digimon attacked again this time it aimed for Ploymon.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"No!" Rae watched as the needle flew at ploymon. Rae thought quickly and shook her head again. "Sorry Ploymon..." With that Rae kicked ploymon out of the way of the attack.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]Suddenly Ploymon was glowing and so was the device. The ball of fuzz began to grow and soon she was the size of a horse. A large white dog with blue stripes and a collar. It growled at the flying creature and leapt into the air. From the collar down its body turned into an almost invisible mist... She could fly like this Rae noticed.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Freezing Mist!" Her body wrapped around the flying creature and with her large sharp tooth filled mouth she bit into the armor of the creature and held on. Her body squeezed the creature and got extreamly cold. The Airdramon was forming ice crystals all over its wings. It fell to the ground unable to fly.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"MultiBeam!" The dog shouted... As she re appeared from the collar down. Her mouth opend wide and a stream of flame came from her mouth... Then the flame turned to an extreamly cold beam of energy or something similar. [/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]The flame hit the Airdramon and it squacked in pain as the heat fringed its hair and burnt away at its armor. When the cold beam hit it it froze in a block of Ice. It was solidly cased in ice.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]The dog growled and ran at the ice. It leapt into the air and swung aroung... Its large tail smalled into the ice breaking the ice... The shattering effect caused the digimon inside great pain. It shook its hurt body and flew off as if it were drunk.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Wow... So uh... What are you now?"[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Oh My name now is Rraikmon... Ill stay like this though mostly. Oh hey I smell another human... Wanna investigate?"[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]Rae nodded, "Sure"[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"Hop on..."[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]Rae got on the large dogs back and the dog began to run in the direction of the smell. Soon they both found a purple dinosaur looking thing and another girl.[/color][/size]
[size=2][color=darkorange]"G'Day!..." Rae gritted her teeth, "I uh... Mean... Hi."[/color][/size]
[size=2]ooc: By the way... its not Monogramon its MonoDRAmon (because he is a LITTLE DRAGon... thats why the DRA is there)
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[COLOR=Indigo]Sally awoke with a start to find [b]something[/b] looking at her. Something that looked like a furry ball with ears, eyes and a mouth. She almost shrieked, sitting up so fast the little thing went flying.

[B]"What the 'eck are you?!" [/B] The thing shrugged, somehow...odd, considering that it had no arms [i]to[/i] shrug, but it shrugged nonetheless, bouncing back to Sally.

[B]"I'm a Digimon, silly. I am Pagumon, at your service. And you must be Sally."


"How did I know?"[/B] Sally nodded. [B]"That's for me to know, and you find out." [/B]

[B]"Riight. You look like a fugitive from me little brother's cartoons..." [/B] The little creature bounced angrily.

[B]"I'm not a fugitive from a cartoon! I'm [i]your[/i] digimon!" [/B] Sally blinked.

[B]"MY Digimon?"[/B] Pagumon nodded.

[B]"That pink thing you have in your hand? It's a digivice. You're in the Digiworld...and I belong with you."[/B] Sally smiled, looking around her.

[B]"Digiworld, ey? Pretty colorful, innit?" [/B] Pagumon shrugged again.

[B]"Some places. This area's actually pretty dar - run!" [/B] Sally looked up. Running at her was something that looked like a large bug...a very, VERY large bug. She did the only thing she could think of - she jumped behind the tree. The bug thing was going to fast, and rammed it's horn into the tree, sticking there for a few seconds. Sally ran...

[B]"What is THAT?"[/B] Pagumon answered from Sally's arms.

[B]"That's Kabuterimon. Normally, they aren't bad...this one seems rather unfriendl -"[/B] The ground shook - and the giant bug thing landed right in front of her, growling. Pagumon jumped out of her arms, bouncing towards Kabuterimon.

[B]"Pagumon, what are you doing?"[/B] Suddenly, it seemed very important that the little creature NOT get hurt.

Pagumon turned.

[B]"Saving you, silly..."[/B] Kabuterimon's claw shot out, hitting the small Digimon and throwing it into the air.

[B]"Pagumon!" [/B] Her digivice glowed a faint, reddish pink, a heart-like squiggle appearing in the screen. Pagumon began to glow as well...morphing into a grey, red-eyed rabbit-like creature. He spun in midair to land on two clawed feet.

[B]"Pagumon, digivolve to...Gazimon! Pitfall!"[/B] A huge, gaping hole appeared under the Kabuterimon, who fell, losing his balance, before launching itself into the air. Gazimon jumped into the air, his claws flashing.

[B]"Electric Stun Blast!"[/B] Glowing claws hit the Kabuterimon's snout. The kabuterimon yelped, and decided to find less feisty prey.Gazimon rejoined Sally, panting. Sally raised her eyebrows.

[B]"Wow...I'm quite impressed. Y'change?"[/B] Gazimon nodded.

[B]"Yep...I'll be like this for a while now...I like having legs..."[/B] He extended a claw. [B]"Gazimon, at your service." [/B] Sally shook his paw.

[B]"Nice to meet ya..."[/B]Rustling could be heard in the nearby bushes. Sally walked carefully to the side of the clearing - but sighed in relief. It was two girls, both younger than her...she walked out of the bushes.

[B]"'ey, 'ello..."[/B][/COLOR]
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Rae looked at the girl who appeared and her neat digimon. Rae nodded and Rraikmon lowered her body so Rae could easily step down.

"Hi... My name is Rae. This large dog is Rraikmon. I see your partner is a Gazimon..."

"Why... How did you know?"

Rae shook her head and looked around curiously, "Not sure... I just knew... This who thing is a bit freaky Im afraid."

"You callin me freaky?" Rraikmon said lowering her ears as if to be extreamly hurt or sad.

"No no no... Just the situation."

The girl with the gazimon smiled slightly, "Well Im Sally"
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Elanor sat up quickly. She found herself in a wood. [I][B]Oh this is just GREAT! If I ever get back from... here... wherever here is...I'll be either grounded for life or sent to military school. Joy.[/B][/I] Elanor started walking.

Elanor kicked at a nearby bush only to have her leg grabbed by... something... it looked like a puppy... blob... thing.

[B]"Ok. What are you and why are you attached to my leg?"[/B] She looked down at the creature.

[B]"I am Shaomon, Milady. I'm a Digimon. And the reason I am attached to your leg due to the fact that I belong with you and because you were trying to kick me which is not nice. You mean mean person!"[/B] With that he let go of Elanor's leg and jumped into her arms instead.

[B]"I wasn't kicking at you! I was kicking at the general bushness... see I have no clue why I'm here, and I'll probably never get my bass back, and my parents weren't pleased with my scores, and... why am I telling you this?"[/B] Shaomon looked up at her.

[B]"Because, it's like I said. Me and you, and you and me, no matter how they tossed the dice, it had to be, the only one for me is you, and you for me, so happy together" [/B] Shaomon was singing.

[B]"Uh, I think that was the Turtles." [/B] Elanor couldn't help but laugh

[B]"And just who are the Turtles compared to me? Nobody! I'm all you need! I sing... I dance... what more could you ask for?"[/B] At this he jumped to the ground and began hopping around. Elanor laughed, scooping the little Digimon up and dancing around with him. She, being her, danced into a tree. The tree rustled...and a giant... teddybear? jumped down. Shaomon squeaked.

[B]"Ack! You're not friendly, I don't like you, go away! RUN!!!" [/B] Elanor took off.

[B]"No argument here! What is that psycho thing?" [/B]

[B]"It's a Monzaimon...really big and nasty, but has stuffing for brains."[/B] trees seemed to find her attractive today...she ran into yet another when she turned to look over her shoulder.

[B]"Ow..."[/B] Shaomon jumped between the teddy Digimon and Elanor.

[B]"Stay away you!"[/B] The other Digimon didn't. Shaomon glared.

[B]"Fine, then..."[/B] Elanor looked down at the strange thing that had come out of her computer. A starlike shape had appeared on it's screen.

[B]"Shaomon digivolve to... Labramon!"[/B] Elanor almost squealed at the puppy-like digimon. [B]"Toy Fire!"[/B] Fire blazed from the digimon's mouth, hitting the Monzaimon. The digimon fled into the bushes.

[B]"Coward!"[/B] Labramon called after the fleeing bear. Elanor grinned.

[B]"Cool." [/B] She walked out of the trees, followed by Labramon. [B]"Oh, look...more people...Hey! I'm Elanor..."[/B][/COLOR]
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OOC: There are two parts to this post, but I'm going to have to separate them, so please consider this one post instead of a double post.


[i]*Tick Tock Tick Tock*[/i]

It seemed that the school bell would never ring. It seemed as though class would never end. Susuka sat near the back of the room, in front of the person at the back of the room in the middle row. There were five rows, each full of boys and girls his age. With a Math book on his desk, Susuka took a deep sigh, and rested his head on the book. At the front of the room, Mrs. Tawanaga continued with her lecture.

Ms. Tawanaga: "So in conclusion, class....."


Suzuka quickly lifts his head up, and shoves his Math book into his bookbag. The class, as though ready for this moment, hop out of their seat and pick up their bookbag.

Ms. Tawanaga: "Have a great day class! And don't forget our Math lesson tomorrow!"

Suzuka lifts his bookbag onto his right shoulder, and begins to leave the classroom behind his fellow classmates.

Suzuka: "I thought that class would never end..."

Suzuka walks out into the hallway, and begins to walk over to the nearby exit. On the way, he meets his friend Teddy.

Teddy: "Hey Suzuka."

Suzuka: "Hey Teddy.....what's up?"

Teddy: "Same old, same old. How was Math?"

Suzuka: "Boring.....as usual. Science?"

Teddy: "It was alright. Mr. Jacobs is pretty nice."

Suzuka: "Yeah, he is."

The two opens the doors to the outside, allowing them to see all the buses lines up, being filled by the second with students. It was a beautiful day out, sunny and bright. It was just the right temperature, nice and warm.

Teddy: "Hey, that's my bus! Better get on it before it leaves! See ya later Suzuka!"

Suzuka: "Okay, see ya."

Teddy runs down the steps and to his bus, while his pal looks on behind him. Teddy turns around and waves at Suzuka, who then waves ack with a smile. Teddy boards his bus, as Susuka walks down the steps of the school entrance, and begins to walk home. His home was right around the corner, which was very convenient. After walking for ten minutes, Suzuka finally made it home to his apartment. When he made it to his room, he dug in his bookbag, and pulled out the keys to the house. With an insert and a turn, Suzuka opens the door, and walks into the home. He closes the door behind him, and tosses the house keys onto the table.

Then, he walks into the kitchen for a snack. He grabs a cookie from it's jar, and begins to head to his room. He takes a big bite out of the cookie, and, once he reaches his room, opens the door, and tosses his bookbag onto the ground. Suzuka heads over to his computer, and sits down into the chair. Suzuka finishes the cookie, and enters AIM to talk to his friends, like he always does after school. Just seconds after he connects, a chatroom pops up on his computer. In the middle of it, a question is seen.

[COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Ever feel like you don't belong in this world?[/COLOR]

Suzuka: "Yeah...often really....."

Suddenly, the screen fuzzes out for a second, then shines brightly. The lights nearly blinds Suzuka.

Suzuka: "Ah....hey! What's going on?"

Out of nowhere, a silver and dark blue digivice falls down onto his lap.

Suzuka: "Hm? What's this?"

Suzuka picks up the digivice and stares at it, before being sucked into the computer.

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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Minutes after being sucked through his computer, Suzuka slowly came to, and saw a small, blue Digimon looking down at him. Suzuka's head felt as if it was going through an earthquake, so he looked at the Digimon with an almost out-of-it look on his face. He took a brief look of his surroundings, and saw that he was in a forest.

DemiVeemon: "Hey, are you okay?"

Suzuka: "Uhg....who...are you...and where...where am I?"

DemiVeemon: "I'm your partner, DemiVeemon, and you're in The Digital World! We call this part of the World the 'Ether Forest'!'"

Suzuka: "Partner?...Digital World?..."

DemiVeemon: "Yeah! I'm your partner! You're the person I was destined to be partners with!"

Suzuka: "...what?"

Suzuka began to rise up onto his feet, looking at the small Digimon who claimed to be his partner.

DemiVeemon: "You're name must be Suzuka! Am I right?"

Suzuka: "Yeah, my name is Suzuka. But how did you-"

DemiVeemon: "I told you already! I'm your partner! You were destined to be my tamer!"

Suzuka: "Your tamer? Man, this is weird! So I'm here because...I'm your tamer, right?"

DemiVeemon: "Right! that's why you have that digivice!"

Suzuka looks at the digivice, then turns to DemiVeemon.

Suzuka: "Oh, so that's what this is for! I have a toy one like it, but I never thought I'd ever hold a real one....or have a Digimon! I always wanted a Digimon, and now I actually have one!"

DemiVeemon: "I'm glad your happy Suzuka! But this place isn't exact the safest place to be! Let's go-"

Suddenly, a sound is heard from a bush in a tree. DemiVeemon and Suzuka turn and looked at the bush, both feeling cautious.

Suzuka: "What was that?"

DemiVeemon: "I don't know, but now's the time to get out of here! Let's go!"

DemiVeemon then turns and begins to walk away with Suzuka close behind, before another sound in the bushes is heard.

Suzuka: "Okay, I'm starting to get really worried now..."

DemiVeemon: "I told you! This place wasn't the best place for you to land!"

??: "Hahahahahah!!!!"

DemiVeemon: "Uh-oh...."

Suzuka: "Whoever's there, show yourself!"

??: "If that's what you wish! HA!"

Just then, a big green Digimon with a club in his right hand leaped out of the bushes, and landed safely on his feet. DemiVeemon and Suzuka looked on in fear, as the green Digimon grinned at them.

Suzuka: "What is that?"

Suzuka then points the digivice at the monster, and a screen showing his image shows up.

[i]Ogremon, the Orge Digimon. This Digimon is the digivolved form of Goblimon, and is at the Champion level. Orgemon are know for being bullies, and picking fights with other Digimon. Special Attack: Pummel Whack."[/i]

Suzuka: "Champion level? Uh-oh, we're in trouble...."

Ogremon: "Well, well, look what we've got here! A human and a pint-sized loser!"

DemiVeemon: "Hey!"

Suzuka: "Leave him alone!"

Ogremon: "I'd like to see you make me!"

Angry, DemiVeemon steps in front of Suzuka, ready for battle.

DemiVeemon: "If you think you're so tough, how about you fight me!"

Suzuka: "WHAT?! Are you crazy, he'll destroy you!"

DemiVeemon: "We'll see about that!"

Ogremon: "Hm...you're a fool if you think you can defeat me! I'll crush you!"

DemiVeemon: "Oh yeah? Don't count on it! Bubble Blaster!"

DemiVeemon then opens his mouth, and fires tons of bubbles at the powerful monster Digimon. The attack hit dead-on, but did no damage at all to him. DemiVeemon looks on with a look of frustration on his face, as Ogremon simply smiles at him.

Ogremon: "Is that the best you can do? Heh, that was pathetic! Now it's my turn! Bone Cudgel!"

Ogremon charges at DemiVeemon, then leaps up into the air with his bone held above his head, and slams it down at the small Digimon. DemiVeemon manages to dodge the actual attack, but the impact was so great, that the rocks that burst into the air knocked DemiVeemon down to the ground.

Suzuka: "DemiVeemon!!!"

Ogremon looks on with a sick grin on his face, while Suzuka runs over to Veemon, and begins to aid to him.

Suzuka: "Are you okay?"

DemiVeemon: "I'm....fine......ugh...."

DemiVeemon passes out in Suzuka's arms, causing a huge light to shine from the digivice. Suzuka and Ogremon look on in amazement, as the beam flies up into the air, then comes flying down into DemiVeemon. Suzuka gets up and backs away from DemiVeemon, during the time that Ogremon begins to slowly take steps backwards.

DemiVeemon: "DemiVeemon digivolve to....Veemon!"

Moments later, in DemiVeemon's place stood a larger, stronger looking Digimon. He looked much like his pre-evolved form, except he had claws as toes, small claws at the tip of his fingers, and a small horn on his nose.

Suzuka: "You...you evolved?"

Veemon: "I guess so....I feel great now! Now I can take him I bet!"

Ogremon: "You? Beat me? Ha! Just because you digivolved, doesn't mean I still won't beat you! Pummel Whack!"

Ogremon then thrusts his fist forward, releasing a purple energy blast from his fist, Before it managed to hit Veemon, though, the quick Digimon swiftly dodged the attack, causing it to instead hit another tree and destroy it.

Veemon: "Vee Knockout!"

Veemon quickly charges at Ogremon, before jumping up, and throwing a full power punch at his face. The attack connected, making Ogremon stumble back a few steps.

Suzuka: "Yeah! Go Veemon!"

Ogremon: "Lucky shot! Now, prepare to die! Bone Cudgel!"

The monster then thrusts his club down at Veemon, who again dodges the attack, but this time, leaps back far enough before the effects of the attack could hit him. Immediately after landing on his feet, Veemon attacked again:

Veemon: "Vee Headbutt!"

Veemon then nailed Ogremon in the chest with a powerful headbutt, knocking the Champion Digimon down onto the ground.

Veemon: "Haha! How'd ya like that?"

Suzuka: "Yeah! Good shot!"

Veemon: "Thanks!"

Ogremon gets up onto his feet, grunting in anger.

Ogremon: "You guys are no fun! I'm outta here!"

The green Digimon then flees from the battle, bringing a smile across eemon and Suzuka's face.

Suzuka: "Haha! We won!"

Veemon: "Yeah, thanks to you! If you didn't care about me so much, the digivice wouldn't have allowed me to digivolve!"

Suzuka: "Heh, thanks Veemon!"

Veemon: "No problemo! Now let's get out of here."

The two then prepare to leave Ether Forest, when they spot two figures int eh shadows.

Suzuka: "Hey, who are you guys?"

The two figures walk from behind the tree, revealing themselves as a girl and a Digimon......[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]Tala sat quitly on the stump question wether to get up and walk away or just to stay here. Never before had this many people came this close to her before. Mondramon looked up at her worried face.
"What's wrong Tala?" When she asked this question the three other girls who were having a conversation turned towards Tala and Monodramon. Tala blushed and looked down.
"I'm not really a people person."
"But, why? They all seem nice. So why are you scared?"
"I'm not scared!",Tala stood up with a flame in her eye,"I just don't want other to get hurt!"
Rae, Sally, and Elanor just stared at her like she was crazy.
"Your not hurting us, right roo." Rae said with a smile and walked over to Tala.
"Not yet but, sooner or later. That's how it always was at scholl and home and everywhere else."
"Well were not there. Where here and I'm not sure if were even cpnnected to the real world."
Tala stared at the kind face of Rae and gave her a faint smile. Monodramon hugged her leg and look up at her.
"I won't let you hurt anyone. Or the other way around. That's what I'm here for after all.[/COLOR]
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Rae smiled, "And Rraikmon here is just a little puppy dog!"

Everyone stared at the horse sized dog...

"Well eh... You know what I mean. I am not the type to cause harm to anything. Oh my god my pets! Whatll happen to them!!!" Rae thought for a moment, "I have a feeling that they will be alright. Anyways rraikmon and I wont cause harm to anyone."

Monodramon smiled, "See... No need to be scared or worried."
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Gazimon rolled his eyes.

[B]"And we're sure not gonna hurt anyone...I mean, look at me!"[/B] He pulled a face, rolling his eyes back in his head. [B]"I'm a bunny with claws, for digi's sake...who'm I gonna hurt?"[/B] He stomped around the clearing like a miniature Godzilla. [B]"Look at me, I'm a scary Digimon! ARR! ARR!"[/B] He laughed...until Sally kicked him gently.

[B]"Cut it out, Gazimon...she's being serious."[/B][/COLOR]
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