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Otakuheist (M- V,L,S)


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The figure stood in front of the monitor examining the payout from the last job which was just a small payout from a small-time n00b thread in the Anime lounge but he wasn?t satisfied. Sure he would always get the biggest cut from each job because of him being the boss but for some reason he didn?t get enough respect from everyone else. But he had a plan to fix this, oh yes he did. He?d pull off the biggest heist the Boards had ever seen and then some.

?Alright boys? Said the boss? We have multiple targets, One of the Big-*** Threads in Play It or one of the Grand Daddies of them all, Kill Adam in the Square?
?But Boss? Said his partner ?These targets are almost as well protected as the entire friggin boards? His Boss just cocked an eyebrow and muttered ? You don?t get given respect, you take it and if we rip off places like these then we will be as respected as any bloody Mod can get?
His partner nodded in acknowledgment but then added? We need a decent group though cause just two people aren?t enough to knock off these targets?

People who sign up will have to have their sign ups checked because I need half decent sign ups for this.

Username: (Simple, Just use your username from this site)
Nickname: (What you are called or your codename)
Age: (No little kids or old men)
Role in Gang: (Simple also, Demolitions, Surveilance, Muscle, infiltration, Go wild with this)
Appearance: (Either Picture or description)
Biography: (Just Paragraph long or so on how you came to Otakuboards and what you do)
Main Equipment: (Just main stuff you carry about like weapons or equipment)
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