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Anime Survior: (out play, outlast out wit-drive everyone else insane) [PG-LV]


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[color=darkviolet]I'm not too sure how to start this since I've never started an RPG by myself and have only participated in one RPG.

The basics of this would be simple, you chose your anime character and one luxory item. Then you all group to one island and see how long you can survive without killing one another.

Even though it would be called anime survivor, I don't think it would work out too well to vote people off the island. Of course, if anyone thinks it would, let me know.

Anyways here's what I have worked out so far:

There would be two tribes which would eventually go into one,

A limit of ten people (five on each tribe)

Character sheets would go like this:

[b]Character[/b] Kino Makoto of SailorMoon

[b]item of choice[/b] stove

[b]Intelligence level[/b] 4

[b]Cunning[/b] 5

[b]Strength[/b] 8

ect ect

Keep in mind I'm trying to work out the kinks and I've never actually run an RPG. So if anyone wants to help me do this I'm open to suggestions and help.[/color]
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[color=#DC4A1B]I think this is a cool idea. You could do some fun things with the idea of the tribes challenging each other. Perhaps each challenge could be a seperate chapter or something.

I actually do like the idea of people voting one another off. That way you simultaneously have an RPG, but you've also created a little competition. It could be pretty interesting to watch. Voting would be tough to do though -- perhaps you could use the Underground thread to announce results of who was voted off. Or since votes should be private, you could have people PM you and you could announce the result at the end of each chapter or something.[/color]
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I'd think that to vote people off, you'd do it by writing ability. I'm not just talking about quality either. I mean stuff like how intriguing their posts are and their amount of description is just right. I think that's how past survivor RPGs went, but I'm not sure. I was never in any of them.

The thing about the cunning, intelligence, and strength, how would a person use it? Perhaps when they're roleplaying, it limits them to Godmodding if their strength is low. You can always give them a certain amount of stat points and they add them to their stats until they're out. And maybe if they advance to the next round, supply them with more stat points.

Just some thoughts.
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[color=darkviolet]Those both sound like very good ideas and I also would have someone help me run the game. So PMs and votes would be sent to us.

I do think that voting people off could be a good thing because then the ones voted off would make recomendations at the end of the game to say who'd win and who'd lose. At the end. Hey, I'm going on the seat of my pants here.

Stregth intelligence and cunning would probably work to their advantage in getting to last longer in the game and their luxury (hey look I spelled it right :catgirl:) item would also work to help them win or lose.

For example a character who has some skill with catching and cooking fish and a cunning level of 3 may not get people to believe her lies, but since she can help to get food people may be more reluctant to vote her off, but she will still be voted off because of her lying.

However, maybe another tribe member with no skill in catching and cooking food, but a good liar may be able to stay on longer because he has the ability to make people belive that he has an alliance with them. And an added intelligence level which could be in the art of making shelter would also work in his favor.

I'm also thinking that the other game mod and I would take turns doing the narration and tallying the votes. And if the one has an idea he or she could Pm me and let me know since that person has more experiance.

So any more suggestions? I'm thinking of posting the RPG up later today.[/color]
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This could be cool. Will characters who have unusual powers in their respective anime retain those powers in the RPG? To use the example you provided, would Mako-chan be able to transform? What about characters who have special (non-supernatural) talents? The main character of Rurouni Kenshin is very good at cooking and even better at using a sword. Would he get to keep both of those skills?

Also, would it be permissible to select a manga character? :catgirl:

And lastly, do I assume correctly in thinking that an established voting system would preclude the possibility of a spontaneous battle royale...? :animeshy:

You might want to create a more detailed/in-depth sign-up sheet, by the way, since some people may end up selecting obscure characters.

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ACTUALLY, before you start this thing, you should take a few things in consideration.

The person who is writing this is responsible for making two previous OtakuBoards Survivors (The Freakshow and the Final Fantastic Survivors), and he (that is I) can tell you that it is NO PIECE OF CAKE, if you indeed wish to take this through all the way.

My two games both lasted nearly half an year each, and they demanded constant brainwork from me: I had to invent challenges, keep the players interested in the game and lure people to cast votes (it is amazing that IMO the most fun part of the game was so unbearable to some people).

You should also consider the setting of the game. Anime/Manga is an excellent idea, and very suitable for this forum, but to send the players just to a simple island... I think you should think something better... Like a city/world/theme park inspired by various anime/mange series. It would really inspire the players to do better as well.

Returning back to my Survivor RPGS, for example in Final Fantastic Survivor the players lodged at airships while travelling to the worlds of the different games in the series.

MY POINT IS that you should NOT rush into a major project like this with "I had this idea so let's see if it works". They NEVER do, that way!

But these are all suggestions and my opinions, so if you really think you're ready to give your effort to the game, then I wish luck to you, and cross fingers that the game succeeds.
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[color=darkviolet]I'm still looking for suggestions and some help with this RPG.. I just don't know when this is going to be up since I'm in the middle of trying to find a job and I'll be moving again soon.

On the bright side though I may have some help from LCrisler as well as the wonderful Dagger with this RPG. Also I think I may borrow from the actuall Survivor. ie: People who were voted off will be put on the jury. Back stabbing is encouraged, but unlike Survivor if you lie about things like a dead grandmother to gain sympathy and move ahead.

So yeah, this is still alive, I'm still looking for help.... have a nice day[/color]
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