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7 Saiyuki banners opinion needed


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[color=crimson]I spent a little time making banners for no reason and I wanted to know what others thought of them. I have two for Hakkai, Sanzo, and Gojyo. I couldn't think of a quote for the last Goku one, so that has yet to be made. I have uploaded the first 5 and after the first post by someone else, I will add the other 2.
So tell me what you think, could things be improved? Does anyone know a quote I can use for the last Goku one?

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I think that all of them are somewhat bland because of the grayscale on them, the text isn't very legible, and there is a lack of blending.

I think you should try to at least add in a background for all of them to make them more interesting, instead of the gray, lined background. The colors of the text are somewhat abrupt and don't mix well with the black-white thing going on.

But if it counts for anything, I like the quote "Let red be for repentance."
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[color=crimson]Here are the last two. Thank you Altron for your constructive criticism. I understand what you mean by bland, but the pictures used in the banners were already greyscale. How would you propose I make it a little less bland if the pictures were to stay greyscale? Should I make the background color? And I am changing the fonts now. Centaur should work better. The colors of the fonts correspond to the eyecolor of each character. I'm glad you liked one of the quotes, by the way.

~Lumi ^_^[/color]
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[color=#9933ff]Wow. I haven't seen anything from you in a while, but this is a lot better than things from long ago. I can sense that you're starting to develop your own artistic style. Hopefully graphic design will give you what you need to continue making great things like this.

Yes, they're great. They need a lot of work, but I think they have the potential to be really great. I really like the images you chose. Genjo's really cute! ^_^

I also like the banners where the words didn't go over the pictures (the ones that had just their names). Those were my favorites.

I'm not a big fan of some of the images like the first, third, and last one in the second post. It's alright to put words on an image, but not over their faces please. I know you want to put in those words, so perhaps the font is too big? Maybe you should choose a different one [hint hint: pick a different one]? (Actually, you did a good job in the first one, leaving space for the words. It's the other two I have issues with)

Moof. As soon as Altron gets back to you on the backgrounds, they need to be replaced.

I would say either have the images black and white and the background in color, or if the images were colored first and you still have those lying around, make the images color, and the backgrounds in grayscale. I uploaded two of my subaru avatars (I have like.... 19 I think) to illustrate what I mean (yeah, they're crappy but they get my point across).

I really really love the whole "feel" of these images though. Please work on them. I'd love to see the final final result! ^_^[/color]
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Mmm, hokay...thanks for replying to my thread again, means a lot. :)

Now...to busines, the first banner I cant say im too fond of, purely because its too..full. The text seems, to me, badly placed and too big. Now the other version with less text is much better. I dont think its bland as such, just simple, which isnt a bad thing. (The picture to the left of the banner reminds me of axl rose though o_O)

The next couple of banners are the same I feel. Though the 3rd banner has text over the character, which really makes the banner look messy and amateuristic. Again, the 4th is so much better. Simple, to the point, no messyness.

The 5th banner, i must say, I really like. Its easy on the eyes and I like how you overlapped the images of the two characters to the right. Normally i'd put it down for going for the collage type effect but I think you pulled it off quite nicely.

The only complaint I have about the 6th banner is that im not a fan of the text colour. Looks like..blegh..for lack of a better word.the rest of the banner looks fine though.

And egh...the last banner, it looked so much better the first time round. If you have to have the extra text in there, I think it'd look better in the gap under the original text. This is just me but yeah...text over the characters...*shrug* :)

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[COLOR=DarkGreen]THe banners are alsome. I do have to agree that thte text is a little hard to read. I just love the goyjo quote and the way that you made the word red, well red. I toke me awhile to figure out what the Hakkai on said. I think the quotes you picked give people who have never seen the show a feel of what the characters are like.(Hakkai's my fav!)
Goku Quotes-
"Since the day I was born till the day I die, the only side I'm on is mine!"
"He took me out from the darkness and brought me to a world brighter than the sun..."
"If this was deep underground, then I wouldn?t have wished for the sun. If this was deep underground, then I wouldn?t have known what freedom and loneliness were."
"Your hair... I thought it was hot 'cause it looks like fire..."
"Don't take out you're eyes! I was just thinking how beautiful they were!"
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