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The Elemental Children [M-VLS]


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A long time ago there were the Sailor Scouts, and before them were the Crystal Princesses. Now, the Elemental Girls are up to bat at the evil that is trying to take away the Earth, and make it their evil Haven. The Elemental girls consist of, Tsunami Water, Hot Fire, Beautiful Earth, Powerful Wind, and their leader Mother Nature. Together they fight the evil villains that dare rear their ugly faces of hate and try and take over the World. But, the Elemental Girls cannot defeat the evil villains alone. They have help from their male counterparts, the Princes of Earth who consist of, Waves of Water, Fiery Flames, Tough Mud, Breezy Wind, and they also have a leader called Prince Sky.

The night was starting to become day as the sun was rising, hence the country?s name Land of the Rising Sun. But, there was a disturbing figure coming toward the Earth with the speed faster than light. It hit the Earth, strangely no sound came from it. Ten colors sprung from the mysterious rock. Every color hit either a boy or a girl, but they did not feel a thing. No one saw, no one heard?.the birth of the Children of the Elements. They would soon awake and go to school, they would go to their club meetings, go home and have dinner. Though there is something different about these boys and girls now?they are no longer ordinary, they are the only ones?the only ones who could save the very world are feet touch everyday and every night. It is up to these teenagers to save the world, could this be the end of these villains returning, or would they come back and a new batch of heroes would be picked. But for now its up to them.

Um yea we could just talk about our characters and stuff that could happen here.

Oh yea so what do you think of the rp so far?
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I think it's off to a good start, with several posts made within the first hour of it being opened.

However, I think it imperative that a strong plot line emerge early on, to keep people hooked. I've seen it happen too many times, when the creator tries to keep the RPers in th dark for too long. They just ditch it, tired of waiting for the creator to guide them along.

I like this RPG. [B]W00t.[/B]
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[color=navy]I hope you guys don't get too far with this RP without me. I'm at school at the moment so I don't have time to post, but I really don't want to get left behind. I'll post ASAP but yeah.

So from the posts of the others, I'm guessing that the normal Children are allowed to have 4 attacks?

It's so unfair that I've got the stupid time difference in the way. *pouts*[/color]
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