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Help out your old friend Ganon!


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People of the Boards of Otaku! I have gathered you all here in search of assistance, you see when I was but a young lad laying in bed I came across a rather wonderful anime on the television. To my young eyes it was rather a treat to behold(and it had boobs!) and I beg you all to help me identify with this long lost relic of my childhood.

Ok so, you can't help me ID it without some basic knowledge of what actually happens in it, so here are some of the things I remember:

It was about a group of people(whoa, detective Ganon on the case), I think they were police or something. There was like the big tough guy and the small woman(they fell in love) and the depressed loony of a hero, and the hot girl who ends up falling for him. That's basically every anime ever made so here's some more for you!

They were fighting some crazy psychic woman who could control things, she eventually caught up with the group and showed off one of the girls boobs to the big tough guy, and I think that girl got killed, too. They can't kill the crazy lady by conventional methods so they make a huge solar gun or something, which they need special glasses for so as not to go blind while firing.

Well the last resort wepaon fails and rips the hero to shreds so he's turned into a cyborg. I think he falls into some kind of manic depression and his lover is forced to kill him to kill the creepy psychic lady. This is about where the memories end...

Well I hope my extremely sketchy details are enough to uncover the mystery of my long lost movie. Now go, Otakuboardians, go out and find me my movie.

EDIT: yeah, I know my details suck, but you don't know how bad I want to find this movie and I've searched for years with absolutely no results.
If it helps the movie was around the mid 90's, but I'm guessing a lot of anime came out in those few years... And it was a standalone movie, not a series or anything like that.
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uuuuuuuh.... not really much to go on there pal.

but here are a few that distantly match the description (i think they do)

appleseed (odds of being the anime ur after 1 in 999999)
one of the titles in the darkness series??

didn't find much. but there ya go.
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Hmmm from your description are you sure that this anime is indeed....real? and not some drug induced histeria? :animeswea actually im just kidding. but from your description i really can't think of anything, only things that remotely come to mind are Appleseed (like Kabapu mentioned) or Spriggan, but now that i think about it Spriggan didn't have "some crazy psychic woman who could control things, she eventually caught up with the group and showed off one of the girls boobs to the big tough guy" so i think you just may be out of luck.
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Spriggain also didn't have a solar gun, the hero didn't get ripped to shreds OR become a cyborg AND there wasn't a single girl in it.

Do you know anything about the title? Did it have numbers in it? How does it begin? Was it a comedy? Try searching on animenewsnetwork.com or a review site.

I doubt it was appleseed, because that is quite new.
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