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Holy War [M-VLS]


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[SIZE=3][COLOR=DimGray][FONT=Arial Narrow][U]London[/U]

It was a quiet, still night in London. The day-birds had gone back to their nests, and the night-birds had come out. The bats were flying around, and there were no clouds in the sky. Just a clear, bright full moon and a sky full of stars, twinkling like fireflies. Everyone in the city was at home by now, with their families and friends, or on their own if they preferred it that way. There were just a special few remaining on the streets.

One of these was an elderly man, probably drunk, who was staggering back and forth like he was taking part in some sort of clumsy dance routine, and holding a bottle in his hand like it was the most precious thing in the world. He wore a brown overcoat, falling down below his knees, and a pair of moth-eaten trousers. His shoes were battered and broken, and the toes were worn through. On his hands was a pair of worn, fingerless gloves, which had been badly repaired many times before. His hair was shoulder-length, dirty brown with grey patches, and greasy. He had a scratchy beard of stubble, and his teeth were crooked and yellowing. His eyes were both of different colours, one being clear, crystal blue and the other being a very dark green.
He stumbled along, and somehow found his way into a dark alley. He stumbled into the metal rubbish bins, knocking them over. Rubbish fell out onto the cold street, blowing away on the breeze. He lay on the ground where he had fallen for a moment, and then apparently decided to sleep there.

Three young men ran up to him, and they saw that the old man was drunk, and possibly quite ill as well. They were well-dressed, wearing long dark coats and leather gloves over suits, and their hair was styled professionally. One of them was kneeling by the old man, checking his pulse rate and his pupils.

?Guys!? he shouted to the other two, ?We?ve found him! Finally we got him! This is the one we?ve been looking for!?

?Seriously?? asked the second. He took one of his gloves off and held the old man?s head up by his chin. He looked into both of his pupils for a moment, then nodded and agreed with the first man. The third, who obviously had some sort of authority over the other two, shoved them aside and grabbed the man?s head. He put on a pair of glasses, and looked carefully into his eyes. He saw something behind the eyes, a power that wasn?t there for most humans. It was him!

They hauled the old man to his feet, and propped him up against the wall. He stood, quietly mumbling into his chest. His mumbling grew louder and louder, until it was like a steam train going along the tracks.

He stopped as suddenly as he had started, and opened his mouth wide. A purple-coloured mist floated gracefully out, and then spread out into the air, disappearing after a few seconds. He stood facing the three men, and spread his arms out wide. He opened his eyes, and saw the three men looking at him fiercely. He merely smiled and spread his arms further apart.

?You may do to me what you wish now,? he said in a surprisingly clear, well-spoken loud voice, ?My work here is done.?

The three men looked at each other, and nodded. The leader lifted his hand up, and fire wreathed around the fingers, flicking up into the air in tiny showers of sparks. Soon his entire arm was aflame. He walked slowly up to the old man, and ripped open his shirt. The old man?s ribs were sticking out, and his skin was like paper. Liver spots covered his pale body, and there was very little hair to protect him. The man grabbed his throat with one hand, beginning to squeeze with a grip that would crush the engine block of a car, but seemingly having little effect on the elderly man. He pulled his hand back, and pulled his sleeve up. He took his glove off and threw it on the ground, where it smouldered quietly and gently.

Then, with a final effort, he rammed his fist straight into the old man?s gut, where it singed flesh for a second. Then it began to burn through, melting the flesh and burning the nerve endings away. The fist went through to the old man?s intestine, then stopped. It began to burn away the old man?s body. The young man withdrew his fist, and extinguished the flames on his arm, then rolled his sleeve back down and put his glove back on.

The flames were still burning inside the old man, though. A ball of fire just sat in his intestine, spiralling and burning away all the flesh and organs. The old man didn?t seem to notice, though. He just looked into the sky and siphoned the pain away. The fire twisted and spiralled, burning away the old man?s organs, then his muscle, then his skeleton, before he was just a loose, human-shaped bag of skin, and before long that burned away too, leaving nothing of the old man but a few buttons from his shirt. The three men turned and walked away, fuming that their work still wasn?t done.

Ok, this is my new RPG. It is about the war between Heaven and Hell, which is taking place on Earth, in London to be precise. The old man was, in fact, the Archangel Gabriel, sent to Earth by God to protect the humans. The three younger men were Satan?s three generals, Leviathan, Asmodeus and Belial. For this I will need the three generals to be played by someone, as well as any other demons you would like to include (these must have authentic demonic names-for this purpose I find THIS site quite useful), and I will also need four or five angels to fight for the side of Heaven. These will also need authentic angelic names, and for this I use THIS site, unless you want to use the other Archangels, whose names are: Michael, Chamuel, Jophiel, Zadkiel and Uriel.

The demons, as you know, are posing as respectable businessmen, but do in fact have demonic powers and fighting skills. The angels are posing as students, but also have angelic powers and fighting skills.

There is also a key weapon in the war, a person, half-demon, half-angel, with powers greater than both halves. Anyone who wants to be this person just PM me. This is what the whole story is about. Both sides are trying to find this person, as they could tip the balance in favour of either side.

This is what I need in the way of sign-ups:

Human Name:
Real Name: (angel/demon name)
Age: (human age and angel/demon age)
Gender: (I want a good mix of male and female)
Race: (Demon, Angel or Human)
Human appearance: (picture or description)
Angel/demon appearance: (picture or description)
Bio: (at least three good paragraphs, and this is how I will be testing for your writing style)
Powers: No supreme godlike powers, please, three or four at the most
Weapons: Medieval-style weapons, no guns

Not everyone who signs up will get in, I will warn you now. I will be going on the quality of sign-ups, not first come first served, so make sure you make your sign-up as good as possible.

I will be posting my profile later, to see if people want in, so I don?t waste loads of time on my profile.

There will also be some humans thrown into the mix, these will be super-powered religious demon hunters or zealots of some kind, fighting against the demons and the angels. For these, just use the sign-up given but forget all the angel/demon stuff like the age, appearance and Angel/Demon name. You can decide how they got their powers, but please do include this in your bio.

Happy creating![/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Human Name: Sara
Real Name: Kyo
Age: 16, 1005
Gender: female
Race: Dark Angel
Human appearance: long brown hair in a ponytail, wears a dark blue dress, has dark gray eyes, tanned skinned. She has a dagger hidden somewhere in her dress
Angel/demon appearance: Long black hair, dark stormy gray eyes, tanned skin, a long black skirt, a no sleeved black top, long black wings, and a mark of a wolf on the back of her neck.
Bio: She was born a pure angel golden hair, white robes, white wings. Then the demons attacked her home killing her mother and father. She killed them and accidently some other angels that came to the scene. So the concil banished her making her wings go black. Her demanor change. She was no longer an angel nor was she demon or human. So she wandered.

She wanders throughout Earth. No one notices her. She likes it that ways. Three hundred years back she was an assain. A very good one at that. She would kill all evil people and saved others but then she one day dissappered. No one knows where she went.

She now works in the shadows. Assisting both demons and humans but never her own kind. The kind that banished her. The kind that hates her. The kinds which she will one day wipe out. She is a Dark Angel. She is the only one of her kind. She is dangerous so watch out.

Powers: Shadows: Controling darkness
Summoning: She can summon anything her spacilty is weponary summoning
Psyhic: She can read emotions, auras, and is telekentic
Weapons: Sword, daggers, bow and arrows, and hand to hand combat
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Name: Rayin Vallis
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Appearence: She has asian blood in her (her mother was asian) and stands 5'6 with a slender, but muscular build. Her eyes were once a vibrant green but have now become an ashin grey due to blindness. Her silky black hair is normally worn down. She wears mostly form fitting cloths, like long sleeve shirts that cut low in the neck and higher on the stomach, just above the navel to be precise, and normally pants that allow her flexability (not jeans), this atire is acompanied by tight lather jacket w/ knit sleeves for movement, and really nice skater shoes. Her wardrobe is very proffesional, becasue her part time job is working for the local newspaper. She has two dagger sheaths on the back of her belt, and strap of 5 throwing knives on her right thigh.

Bio: She was born in London 29 years ago, and has only ever left on vacations. Her father worked for the local newspaper as an editor and met his wife in Japan on one of his buisness trips. Rayin grew up in the nicer area of the city, and always had kids wanting to be her friend, but she was always a little to serious for her age. This habit caused her to be alone most of the time, but she didn't mind she always enjoyed the company of silence. She does have a scar that runs down from the edge of her right eyebrow to her jaw line.
When Rayin was 4 years old her mother began to teach her martial arts, from Japanese karate to Chinese Kung Fu. rayin was diligent in her studies and became a most impressive combatant. She did the same when it came to her school studies as well, her teachers were constantly complimenting her on her skills as a student and that she would grow up to be brilliant in whatever line of work she chose. When Rayin was 17 she was Head Editor for the school paper and decided to do on as a writer and editor for her career.
That same year her father died in a tragic accident, his car had been demolished by a Semi that had lost control on a rainy day. At his funeral is when Rayin was told her father's secret, that all along her father had been assisting the church as a holy liberator, and that the Semi had not lost control... it was aiming for him, some one had found out his secret and wanted him out of the picture. This is when Rayin decided that she too would hunt down and destroy the evil which plauged their city. After she graduated highschool she began to train long and hard for her new proffession as a Holy Liberator, and becoming a writer for the local paper.
Years went by and Rayin quickly became one of the top Liberators in the world, along with expert fighting she learned a few clerical skills that would help her in her duty. When she was 23 she found herself fighting one of the most dangerous foes she had encountered yet. In this battle he had cursed herwith a spell called "searing blindness", this is extremely painful for the target, and then it leaves them blind for eternity, this curse is as far as Rayin knows incurable. She almost lost her life in this battle when her enemy had left her to bleed to death on a roof top in the dead of winter. She only lived because her closest friend, Aiden (he is a battle cleric), had been following her trail that night and found her in a pool of her own blood.
She trained extra hard to learn how to cope with her new disabilty, and she refused to give up her job as a Liberator just because she was blind, even though everyone disagreed with her, especially her friend Aiden. Through her time and effort she gained new skills that made her an even more articulate fighter than before. She learned to use sound, smell, touch and taste to her advantage, where most people relyed on sight and missed, Rayin relied upon sound and hit. Her greatest fears are losing those closest to her and lustful men ( she had been raped by a group of them when she was first getting used to her blindness, and couldn't defend herslef quite well yet.) And now she is where she is today.

Special abilities: Hers are mostly clerical or helpful to her blindness.
1. The ability to heal herself a small amount.
2. the ability to banish weakling demons, we're talking really puny ones with very little power.
3. Extra sense so that she may travel by foot without being hindered by her blindness.
4. The last is to be able to cast a protective cirlce around one in danger, whether it be her or a civilian, but not both.
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I have decided, with great regret, to cancel the sign-up and close down this RPG. While your sign-ups were great, ShadowsRebel and natchan, it is just not what I wanted it to be when I started it. Its nothing to do with either of you, its just that I have decided I have much more important things to be doing, and I needed to get my priorities straight.

Who knows, maybe this will start up again later on, but for now I think I will just leave it where it is and finish it before I get too into it.

Thank you for signing up, and sorry again,

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[QUOTE=Blayze]I have decided, with great regret, to cancel the sign-up and close down this RPG. While your sign-ups were great, ShadowsRebel and natchan, it is just not what I wanted it to be when I started it. Its nothing to do with either of you, its just that I have decided I have much more important things to be doing, and I needed to get my priorities straight.

Who knows, maybe this will start up again later on, but for now I think I will just leave it where it is and finish it before I get too into it.

Thank you for signing up, and sorry again,


Hey thats understandable, if you have more important things by all means, go ahead do them. Thanks for letting me know, good luck, and I do hope you pick up the story someday, it really does sound interesting. :) natchan
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