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Yep....its been a while but I thought i'd start making graphics again. So here they are, after like a year from making graphics, this is what I came out with.

The Image of the band was a black and white photo just so you get a basic idea of what I actually did. Its a little more subtle but im quite pleased with how it turned out.

[URL=http://www.avengedsevenfold.com/images/photos/depends/a7xpromo5.jpg](Original Image)[/URL]


"I miss you"

Blegh, ok....i'll admit....this ones quite bad. I dont mind it too much, took me like 2 hours...the only thing im overly bothered about is the text, looks terrible, but im lazy so i'll just like...I dunno....make up for it next time or somethin'.


So yeah, rate/comment away.

-5Graves (Syn)
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[color=#9933ff]I appreciate your random exclamation points and plus signs. Actually, I thought those were really cool. I like how you left the black in the picture black, and accentuated the details. I'm really glad their eyes didn't turn out red, either. lol.

You don't like the second one? I do. I don't know what it is, but it's pretty. I like the diagonal lines that give it texture. It reminds me of these agenda covers I used to had that were textured and holographic. lol.

I don't like the "I miss you" in the second one because the letters are too riged/grainy the way they are. The Edges are too rough. When I put words on something, I usually blur them a tiny bit which smooths out the edges. If you printed the images out, it wouldn't matter because the quality of the printer wouldn't pick that up, but I don't think you are so... yeah. But other than that, the second one is really great, too. ^_^

I'm glad you started making images again. You always made, and I know will continue to make great works of art, Marc. Keep making these things; I enjoy them very much. ^__^[/color]
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Hmm, I assume the grainyness of the text, which is what puts me off this piece as well, is down to the rotation of it. With photoshop you get the Strong, Crisp, Sharp and...smooth? setting, it anti-alias' the text by itself so it shouldmt be grainy. I dont know, not bad for my first, particularly proud of the Band though. (great band, if you havent heard them, check them out)

EDIT: Ok, heres my final edit of "I Miss You". I think im totally happy with it now, the border reminds me of a frame from some art in a gallery or somethin'...what I was goin for anyway.

The point of this piece is to show a spirit, got inspiration from the infamous "orbs" that are apparently ghost apparitions. Thats what the top right is about anyway.

Mourning for a dead lover.

anyway, here it is.

[center][b][i]FINAL EDIT[/b][/i][/center]

[b]To elaborate:[/b]

[b]Aequitas Gloria:[/b] but that image is liiiiike I dunno.... the reality to love?
[b]Aequitas Gloria:[/b] like...when your "in love"
[b]Aequitas Gloria:[/b] you get the whole not wanting it to end and thinking it wont
[b]Aequitas Gloria:[/b] that image is meant to like...represent the loss of that feeling
[b]Aequitas Gloria:[/b] but at the same time the beauty of the afterlife
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[color=#9933ff]*nod* Better. Much Better. It looks more like a painting not that you took that bit out and put the title on the top. I noticed you included the date too, which adds to the "painting" feel of the image.

Know that I know what it is, and you've elaborated on it a bit for me *looks at AIM convo* it looks even more beautiful. It's so pretty and sad at the same time. *sigh*[/color]
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My latest and. in my opinion, greatest;

[center][b]Midnight Romance[/b][/center]


I decided to try out some airbrushing, so I thought clouds would be a nice easy way to start out. Some abstract design at the bottom, using pretty much the same method I used for "I Miss You". Im not overly happy with the stars, they dont look random enough....ah well.

Comment/rate if you would >_>

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[color=crimson]oh, I like that. Very nicely done. Simple and touching. Because all romance should eb at midnight. O_o
What's it meant to be used as though? Background? Does it have a purpose? 'Cause it's my desktop now.
I am a huge fan of black and white. So that may be why this piece appeals to me so much. I have to say though, the font is a little hard to read. It took about a minute to figure out that you hadn't misspelt "midnight" by including an "L".

~Lumi ^_^[/color]
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[color=#9933ff]That's because people are intimidated by your work, so they say nothing.

Well, to tell you the truth, I don't know/have never used airbrushing. Ever. In my life. So I thought the clouds were really good and they look like normal clouds. I think the stars are fine where they are. After I looked at them more closely, I see what you mean about not being "random enough" but it took me five minutes to figure it out, so I think those are fine, too.

I want to know, what the heck is that magenta thing near the bottom? I guess love, right? Since it's called "Midnight Romance." I dunno. It's cool. lol.

However, there's too much distance between it (the magenta stuff) and the actual clouds, stars, and moon. It just looks disconnected from the top of the image.

Oh, and do something about the moon. It's too yellow. In some circumstances, a yellow-ish moon is good, but it doesn't go with the magenta. If it was more white/blue tinted (like.... VERY light blue), that would be better.

The "Midnight Romance" is fine where it is. I like it better than the first version of "I miss you" where the words were very arbitrary in the picture. Good job. ^_^

P.S.: For the love of God, [i]what the hell is that in your avatar?![/i] It looks like Sagitarius to me. lol.[/color]
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