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Destiny [PG L Poss. S]


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]The sound of feet quickly moving across the pavement, coupled with the murmur of voices was the music of New York City. A young woman in her twenties with shoulder length red hair, an arm full of shopping and a seven year old daughter seemingly attached to her hand tried her best to weave her way through the crowd of business men and school children heading to their Monday morning destinations.

She shifted the bag and squeezed her daughter?s hand, looking down to smile at her. The gesture was returned and the seven year old skipped ahead, tugging on her tired mother?s hand to hurry up. The woman laughed and just managed to dodge a man in a black suit, unfortunately, she didn?t see the man that followed. Her daughter?s squeak and the sound of cans clattering onto the pavement caused the people around to stop and turn, only to see the relatively boring site of a woman knocked over on the floor, rubbing her side.

The man who she had walked into quickly pulled the headphones from his ears and knelt down to pick up her shopping, [B]?I?m so sorry, I wasn?t watching.? [/B] He said, shaking his head slightly as he picked cucumber off the pavement. The woman shook her head and brushed herself off, [B]?It wasn?t your fault, I should have taken notice of where I was going.?[/B] She stood and took the man?s hand, looking at his face for the first time. He smiled at her and bowed his head slightly, and she blushed, her daughter now tugging at her belt.

[B]?Chris.?[/B] She shook the man?s hand as she introduced herself, he nodded again.[B] ?Nice to meet you Chris, my na-?
?Mummy! We have to go, I?ll be late for school!?[/B]
Chris? daughter piped up and tugged more urgently at her mother?s belt, Chris looked at her watch and groaned, patting the man on the shoulder.

[B]?Sorry about earlier, thank you for helping me.? [/B] She grasped what little shopping she had managed to salvage and took off, jogging along with her daughter.
[B]?You?re welcome??[/B]
They say that if you see a stranger three times it?s destiny. Christine Tory felt that was her last hope. A failed relationship resulting in a daughter and limited finances had messed her up for the last year. She was only just getting her life back together with a stable job, a nice apartment, and a good school for her daughter. All she needed now was someone to spend that good life with.

When she saw him today she felt something spark, that spark hadn?t happened in a long time and Chris knew that she had to see him again, even if it resulted in nothing more than a friendship.

As her daughter kissed her goodnight, Chris tucked her into bed and left to switch on the TV. News stories of murder, terrorism and horror were all over the channels, it made her wonder, what has happened to love?

[B]I started it, oh my God. Everyone has been accepted, but as always, I expect the best posting quality. Please spell check and proof read, if I see someone is clearly making unnecessary errors, I will boot you from the RP with my divine creators shoe. Beware.

Sign ups are still open if anyone else wants to join. Yup.[/B][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Pruedence yawned from her position behind the cash register. 10 o'clock was [i]far[/i] too early to be at work...but it paid the bills, so she was here. Coming in late day after day wasn't a good idea - if you did it too often, Paolo made you work weekends. But it wasn't [i]technically[/i] her fault...

She watched two children fighting over a box of crayons detachedly. Normally, abuse of non-purchased art supplies was something she'd have thrown fits about...but she just couldn't seem to attach any purpose to yelling at this unfriendly hour. [i]This is what you get for staying up until four, [/i] she chided herself. [i]Those movies weren't [b]that[/b] interesting...[/i]

The bell over the door jingled, and Pru turned slightly, stifiling another yawn. She almost choked. It was [i]him[/i] again...that really, [i]really[/i] cute one, that had almost every girl in New York madly in love with him...just her luck he was an artist...or seemed to be. He didn't ever say much...walked around, bought things, but never said anything more than "goodbye" or "what's the total?" She watched as he disappeared down the row where the comic paper was kept. It wasn't completly a waste getting out of bed, then...[/COLOR]

OOC: Er. Sorry if I dragged you in a bit early ULX, but I couldn't think of anyone else who'd be in an art store. Hope that's ok...
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]OOC: After a flattering intro like that, Ozy, how could I be angry? Heh.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Xander stepped into the art supplies shop, thoroughly distracted. He had collided with a woman yesterday, young but a mother. He remained captivated by her. Something about her held his interest. He played the memory in his head again as he fingered the comic paper, looking for some quality stuff.

"Give 'em!"


"I want 'em!"

Xander's attention was pulled away, and his eyes flicked over to two kids fighting over a box of crayons. With a midly amused grin, he stepped over and plucked the box from their stuggling hands. They let go in shock, and he held it up, examining it closely. It was a slightly dented box of crayons.

"Just what I needed..." he murmured.

"Hey, mister, tha's mine!"

"No, it's mine!"



"Isn't," Xander cut in. "It's mine."

He picked up a packet of comic paper and walked towards the cash register. The blonde woman at the counter was looking dreamily at him, but quickly looked away as he caught her stare. Another grin flickered across his face. Wasn't the first time he'd caught her staring. He was a lot more observant than most people thought.

He set the items on the table, and she kept staring down. Even then, Xander could see the blush that splashed on her cheeks. She ran the infra-red scanner over the comic paper, then paused as she lifted up the box of crayons.

"Working on a new medium," he said, smiling bashfully.

She raised an eyebrow, but said nothing, typing out the amount. He asked how much, she told him, he payed, and he left with a casual wave and a soft, "good bye." Business as usual. Until he ran into a woman for the second time in two days.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Any ladies want to meet Xander? Now's your chance.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OOC: Or so you think... sorry had to do it.

[I]Another Monday morning, another nice little walk.[/I] Stan Sighed to himself as he walked the sidewalk of a busy city block. He hated New York City, everywhere you went you felt like a damn fish in a school, completely unnoticable and homogenous, just like all the other fish.

With his waiter's uniform in a bag slung over his shoulders, he made his way to CAMELLA'S, a ritzy and stuck up restaraunt where the only way someone like Stan could catch a glimpse of the interior was to get a job waiting tables.

About halfway to his destination, someone across the street caught his attention. A cabbie was yelling at his passenger, who looked utterly perplexed. Stan chuckled softly to himself.


His attention diverted, Stan had walked right into a man existing a shop. The stranger stumbled, but Stan fell right down on his butt.

"Ma'am, are you alright? I'm sorry i should have-" He broke off as Stan looked up at him. "Oh..." trailed the pale young man rather awkwardly. "Sorry [I]sir[/I]." He held out a hand to help Stan up.

"Perfectly understandable." Replied Stan, taking the man's hand and once standing, flipping his curls out of his eyes for emphasis. "Have a good one, pal."

The pale young man wished him the same, and both men walked off in seperate directions.

[I]Hi ho, hi ho, off to work i go.[/I] Stan smirked.
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Sharoll walked up to a table with a tray and handed out the plates of food as she smiled. "Enjoy yor wonderful meals and save some room for dessert!" she said cheerfully and walked off over to the small pandemonium where she changed over to sitting people rather than serveing.

"I love this job...NOT!" she joked around with herself. Then a man waled through the door already in uniform.

"Welcome to Camella's, how many?" she joked around with the young man.

"Ah c'mon Sharoll!" he laughed and set his jacket on the hook for employee's only.
Sharoll watched him.

Of course it was Stan.

"Hey Stan better start waitin' those tables before one of these stuck-ups go beserk!" Sharoll commened as she saw a customer look around for a waiter.

"Yea what ever.." he rolled his and went over to the table actng all happy and cheerfull.

Sharoll didn't know if she liked Stan... maybe it was just an mutual relationshp. Well anyways Sharoll went to the back and took her break. Soon entered Stan sighing.

"You seem down today whats wrong?" she asked.

Stan looked at her and snwered "Im gonna cut my hair.."

Sharoll's eyes got real big. "No you can't!"

Stan laughed "Fine, fine"

OOC: Sorry it took me so long to post!
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=DarkRed]A crumpled piece of paper flew through the air and landed with a slight bounce right beside full-to-the-brim wastebasket. The wastebasket was full of other crumpled pieces of paper as well as a few uncrumpled pieces. Each paper contained the failed attempts at the beginning to a story Claire had been hired to write. She'd been given a week to complete the story and she'd already wasted four days.

She was stressed. This was one of her toughest stories yet but she had to finish it by the deadline. If she didn't, he reputation could take a serious blow.

Taking a wary glance down at the blank sheet of notebook paper in front of her, an idea took shape in her head. It began to form and a few minutes later she was sure she had the perfect story. She used her tongue to adjust the pen cap in her mouth that she happened to be chewing on; a bad habit she couldn't seem to shake. Placing the pen on the paper, her hands began to flow over it, back and forth across it, filling up every line, margin to margin, with words.

She was still at it almost four hours later, still in the same hunched over position, she was still writing. She'd filled up almost twenty pages of notebook paper, front and back. Dropping the pen onto the desk, she stretched out her fingers and took a break; she'd been getting bad cramps in her hands for the past hour, but hadn't wanted to stop, afraid that if she lost her momentum now she'd never get it back and the end of the story wouldn't be as adequate as the beginning.

Almost done with the story now, as it was only intended to be a short story, not a novel, she felt that her thinking had slowed thus slowing how much she happened to be writing on the paper. It was the perfect time for a nice break, maybe a nap to refresh her mind as she'd been up for almost eighteen hours straight now. She pushed back her chair and made for the bedroom, but decided the couch was closer and slumped her tired body down onto it.

She laid back and stared at the ceiling, her eyelids slowly drooping until sleep finally overcame her.

[center]* * *[/center]

Who knew what time it was when she awoke, but all Claire knew was that it was light outside and she had slept for longer than she'd wished. Sitting up, she carefully stretched her sore joints and muscles and noticed an irritating pain in her back from sleeping for so long on the couch. She stood up and leaned forward, letting out a sigh of relief as she heard and felt her back crack.

A low grumble came from her stomach as she was about to make her way back to her desk. She glanced at the clock: it was morning, going on late morning actually.

Her stomach growled again.[/COLOR] [B]"Maybe some food, eh stomach?"[/B] [COLOR=DarkRed]She frowned, remembering she didn't have much money left from the last article she'd written. But then again, if she wanted to continue working at her best, giving one hundred twenty percent, she needed food. The food would keep in brain in prime, top condition, as well as her body, and it would ensure that hunger pains would not interfere with her work.

Quickly, she slipped on her shoes, pulled on her jacket, grabbed her keys and left her apartment as her stomach gave a few more angry threats and stabs of pain.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[size=1]Ryan rolled out of bed and landed on the floor with a solid clunk.

The girl picked herself up, muttering imprecations under her breath. She shook her hair out of her face, and headed for the kitchen. She started some coffee, and then made for the shower. She emerged an hour later; she wore a pleated mini-skirt(brown), a turtle-neck(crème), thigh-high socks(white), and ankle boots(black). Brushing her hair back (which just fell into her eyes again), she glared at the malfunctional coffee pot, and grabbed her purse.

Locking her front door, she headed for Camella?s for lunch. At the door she was met by Stan. Ryan flashed him a smile, which he returned, and showed her to her normal seat.

?[b]What happened?[/b]?

Ryan looked up from her menu. ?[b]What?[/b]?

Stan grinned. ?[b]You?re here early. Did you actually pay attention to your alarm clock this time?[/b]?

Ryan stuck her tongue out at him, and then laughed. ?[b]Nah, I fell out of bed. And you?re not a waiter ? you?re the singer! Now get back to work![/b]? She poked him.Then she added, ?[b]Oh, and the Theatre is doing Cats tonight! Be there, okay?[/b]? She knew he probably wouldn?t but it would be good to try. She poked him again and he laughed, leaving for the stage. Ryan nearly jumped as the chair next to her was pulled out.

?[b]Geez Louise, J.T.! Warn me next time, why don?t yah?[/b]?

The dark haired man smiled softly. ?[b]Sorry, Ryan.[/b]?

OOC: Well, that is certainly a way to get involved. XD[/size]
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[size=1][color=#C82356][B]OOC:[/B] Involvement is good, especially in New York, XP.

Chuckling, J.T. took a seat next to the smiling Ryan. He couldn't help the fact that he had this way about him that just makes people jump and realize that he's there without a notice. He smirked and watched as Stan brought by some coffee. Ryan knew that he had hired her brother to work at his club, only to create a design for his club. She watched him drink the coffee and have this distant look in his eyes that made him look as if he was thinking endlessly. It intrigued her this much to sit there and watch.

That day, J.T. wore a pinstripe suit with a tie that had three different shades of blue. It was always a mystery as to why J.T. wore only suits and never anything else. He looked at his watch and turned to Ryan, always knowing that she was watching him. He chuckled and she snapped to reality, popping all of her questions from her mind at that moment.

[B]"What? What's so funny?"

"Nothin'."[/B] J.T. sipped on his coffee and chuckled as he set it down. [B]"Only the fact that your daydreaming, chameleon eyes are bulging out of their sockets again."[/B] J.T. murmured and smirked as he looked at Ryan. She lightly punched him in the arm and playfully scoffed.

J.T. checked his watch again and sighed. He knew he had to be back at the club again, but he despised the thought of sitting through another meeting. He cleared his throat and stood, thanking Ryan for the coffee. As he went to leave, Ryan stopped him, wanting to ask him a question.

[B]"Hey, J!"[/B] Turning, his attention was on Ryan once again. [B]"Keep your schedule empty tomorrow night, k?"[/B]

Nodding, J.T. left and knew Ryan had some crazy concoction in her mind, trying to get him away from all the work once again. He enjoyed it once in a while, being away from the meetings and such, it wasn't bad, but it was the idea of her getting him to do crazy things. He smiled subtly to himself and walked on towards the car that was parked outside of Camella's.

Come one, come all to J.T.'s club known as ONYX.[/size][/color]
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[I]Cats, tonight. Cats, tonight...[/I] Stan repeated this to himself as he walked on top of the stage to help Kenny set up for their quick performance. Kenny, it turned out, had everything wired and ready to go, but just hadnt set out the stools yet.

"So.." Stan's roomate purred in a sly tone. "What were you two talking about?"

Stan grabbed two stools from side stage and sat them both at their propper places behind the microphones. "Nothing much. She mentioned a play she's doing tonight...Should i go? Wait, does she even want me to go, you think?" Stan had never had much understanding for women, or people in general.

"Well of course she wants you to go, why else would she have told you about it, dip?" Retorted Kenny amusedly.

Stan sighed. Sometimes he felt like throwing all friendly pretense away, knocking right on Ryan's door, and sweeping her off her feet. Other times- well since the former never happened, all the time- Stan would lose all hope; sulk around town or his apartment and lament over the fact that he could never have such a desirable woman.

"Come on, Stan!" Kenny said, pretending to fiddle with an amp to better hide what he was saying from any curious patrons. "All these boundaries you place around her are in your mind. What is there REALLY that keeps you from asking Ryan out on a date?"

Stan turned and pointed inconspicuously to the door of the restaraunt. "Things like that." Ryan was giving an eager goodbye to JT Morelli, owner of club ONYX. "How does a waiter compete with a club owner!?"

Kenny shrugged. He picked up his guitar from sidestage and sat at his stool behind his alloted microphone. "You ready, lover boy?"

OOC: Sorry it wasnt that long, but it's late and i have both morning practice and a meet tomorrow. I was gonna work in Xander coming to see Ryan and Stan meeting him...but i didn't have time.
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[SIZE=1][B]OOC Eek, sorry for letting this slip.[/B]

[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Chris had dropped off Amelia at school just before the bell sounded for the start of lessons. She sat at a table in a cafe, head in her hands as she stared at some forms in front of her. Her shift didn't start for another half an hour and from this place it was only a 10-minute taxi drive to her work.

Chris blew some hair out of her face and shook her head, flexing her fingers before rolling up the papers and putting them away. That man, his face still seemed to be in front of her, an image of him saved in her brain. Chris didn't realise what was going on, but it was certainly odd. She nodded to herself and decided that getting to work early wouldn?t hurt; she paid the bill and ran out to catch a cab.

Apron attached, uniform in place and Chris was ready for the days work. She walked out with her notepad and pen, greeting some of the regulars that passed through Stamps, the restaurant she worked in.

Then a familiar face walked in, not that Chris knew his name. She stared in shock and he turned, making eye contact with her. Everything seemed to freeze and Chris?s eyes went wide before she was turned by a sharp tap on the shoulder, a customer wanting assistance.

Checking over her shoulder, Chris saw that the man took a seat by the window, his eyes drifting around the room. She blinked and cleared her head, taking the customers order before hurriedly moving over to the man from before. She hoped he remembered her, if not, she certainly would make an idiot of herself.[/COLOR]

[B]OOC Yes, ULX that is Xander I'm talking about. As if you couldn't guess *rolls eyes*[/B][/SIZE]
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