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Inuyasha: Search for the Sword[M-LVS]

lil kitsune boy

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:: Three thousand years ago... ::

The air was oppressive in the demon's workshop. The forge had been blazing for the last month as the promising young smith worked.

'Are you done yet, demon?' the man demanded.

'Patience, Amatsu Mikaboshi.' the demon replied, swinging his hammer, 'A sword of this quality takes time and skill. This is why you came to me, because to use less of either would cost more in the end.'

'I tell you, Totosai,' Amatsu threatened, 'If this sword is not perfect, there will be no escape from my wrath.'

'So you said when I began,' Totosai reminded him for what had to be the hundredth time this week, 'But your 'God of Evil' act only prevents me from concentrating on your sword, my lord.'

Amatsu turned to leave, but left one more statement before he did.

'Just remember, Totosai. I [I]am[/I] the god of evil, and if that sword is not done before I return, you will find out how I earned my title.'

Totosai sighed as he pulled the sword from the fire and thrust it into a pool of cool water.

'To see this sword used for such evil,' he said to the empty cave, gazing at the perfect blade through the steam, 'It breaks my heart. But, maybe someday, it can be used for good...'

:: A month later... ::

'Now, Izanagi,' Amatsu declared, 'Instead of killing you, I think I will seal you away, so you can watch as I rule your world. The very world I took, in only one battle, with this sword.'

Amatsu held up a small, ornate box, uttered a few words and Izanagi was sucked in, sealed away for all time.

:: Present day... ::

'And that's how the legend goes.' The man said, looking around the classroom. He was in his early thirties, very handsome with close cropped brown hair and a 'lady killer' smile. This was 'Motosawa-sensei'. The teacher all the girls had crushes on, the one everyone went to for advice.

'But, Motosawa-sensei,' A girl in the third row said, 'If Izanagi was sealed away and Amatsu ruled the world, how come he doesn't now?'

'Very good question, Ms. Ieyasua.' Motosawa replied as the girl blushed, 'In the story, some of the other gods rose up to defeat Amatsu Bikamoshi. Thus, freeing the world from his reign.'

'But what about Izanagi?' another student asked, 'Would he still be locked away, or did they let him out?'

Motosawa chuckled, 'I believe they would have let him out,' he said, 'Otherwise, how would we be hear? He is the 'creator god', after all.' Then Mr. Motosawa realized that one student wasn't paying the strictest attention.

'Mr. Haruno,' he said, 'Is this not interesting enough for you?'

'Sasuke,' one girl scolded him, 'Why aren't you paying attention?'

Sasuke looked away from the window he'd been looking out of, back to the girl's angry face, and Motosawa's disappointed one. Brushing his raven black hair, which was in desparate need of a cut, out of his yellow eyes.

'Thank you, Ms. Umuino.' Mr. Motosawa said, 'But, she's right, Mr. Haruno. You should be listening.'

Sasuke shrugged, 'I would, but I've heard all this before.'

'Really?' Motosawa asked, 'Then, please, how does it end?'

Sasuke sighed, 'Amatsu was defeated by Bishamon and Ho-Masubi, sealed away and his sword was lost during the battle. Afterwards, they freed Izanagi and lived happily ever after, right?' Sasuke finished as the bell rang.

'Alright, everyone,' Motosawa said, 'I want you to write what you think about this story, no less than three pages. Class dismissed.'

Everyone rose to leave, but Mr. Motosawa called Sasuke aside.

'Sasuke, is everything alright?' he asked, once most of the students were gone.

'No, why?'

'You've never zoned out in class like that before.' Mr. Motosawa said, 'Are they teasing you again?'

Sasuke closed his eyes, a source of constant aggravation and ridicule since his childhood.

'No,' Sasuke said, 'It's not that. It just seems like I'm... like I'm not where I should be right now, you know?'

Motosawa sighed, 'Sasuke, nobody wants to be in school...'

'It's not that,' Sasuke interrupted, 'I'm not sure what it is.'

Motosawa smiled, 'Well, it seems that this is interferring with your school work, so I'm recommending that you take the rest of the day off.'

:: The fuedal era... ::

This battle was a long time coming. Inuyasha, one of the sons of the Great Dog Demon. Kagome, the girl with holy powers from the future. Miroku, the monk who's line was cursed by Naraku. And Sango, the demonslayer who seeks to free her brother from Naraku's control. Against Naraku himself, the demon incarnation of Onigumo. This would be the final battle.

'Now you die Naraku.' Inuyasha declared, 'Windscar!' A powerful burst of energy flew from the sword. Accompanied by a sacred arrow fired by Kagome and the Horaikotsu, thrown by Sango. While, on the other side, Miroku opened his Wind Tunnel.

Naraku tried to hide behind a barrier, but the combined power of the three projectiles pushed him back into range, where Miroku's Wind Tunnel could pull him in.

'This isn't over, you insects!' Naraku cried, 'I'll be back!'

Miroku closed the Wind Tunnel over Naraku's cries, sealing him inside. When he opened his hand, he saw the hole fading, until it was gone completely.

'It's gone.' he said, almost collapsing in relief.

'Really?' Kagome asked, 'The Wind Tunnel is sealed?'

Miroku nodded as Kagome and Sango leaned in to look. They looked for a few moments before Inuyasha heard two sharp [I]'smack!'[/I]s.

'Some monk.' Inuyasha said, spotting something on the ground. He squatted down to look closer.

'I found the Sacred Jewel.' he said.

Everyone turned to look at him. They all knew what this meant, there was a choice to be made.

'Inuyasha...' Kagome started.

'Inuyasha,' Sango interrupted, 'You don't still intend to become a full demon, do you?'

Inuyasha turned, then after a few moments, tossed the Jewel to Kagome.

'You hang on to it,' he said, 'At least until we find someone to guard it properly.'

:: Five Hundred and two years later... ::

'The Bone-Eater's Well?' Sasuke asked.

'Yes, that's it.' his mother replied, 'Legend has it, they used to throw demons that they'd killed into it, and they'd disappear.'

'That's kinda gross.' Sasuke said, 'Is that it?'

'Oh no,' she replied, 'Supposedly, you can use it to travel to the past, but only if you have a connection with it. But, that's just an old story.' She laughed, 'Now come inside and help me with dinner. Maybe after we're done, I can tell you about your grandfather's sword and the dog demons.'

'Again?' Sasuke asked, heavily, 'You tell me that story every other day.'

'Well, it was always one of your favorites. Now, hurry up and get inside.'

As Mrs. Haruno turned to go inside, Sasuke leaned over to look inside the well.

'Bone-Eater's Well, huh?' he said to no one.

Sasuke looked down, hoping, maybe, to see something. But, after a few moments, gave up to go inside. As he turned his shoe found a wet spot on the floor, but he caught himself.

'That was close.' he said, turning back to the well, 'I almost fell down there.'

As he turned to leave, he heard a voice from the well.

'It breaks my heart. But, maybe someday, it can be used for good...' Suddenly, Sasuke felt dizzy. He tried to make it to the stairs, but the vertigo overcame him and he fell. He fell farther and farther, shouldn't he stop soon? Did he fall from the Earth? No, that was ridiculous. So, where did the ground go? So many things went through his mind that he almost didn't notice when he hit the ground.

Sasuke coughed. He tried to stand, expecting to feel dizzy again, but was surprised to find that he felt fine. He looked up, hoping to see the wellhouse, his mother and her 'You-know-you're-not-supposed-to-do-that' look. Imagine his surprise when he saw a clear blew sky and a bird fly overhead.

'What the hell is going on here?' he said as he began to climb.

Sasuke almost fell again when he reached the mouth of the well. His family's shrine was gone, replaced by forest.

'Um, where'd Tokyo go?' he asked the trees as he pulled himself the rest of the way out of the well.

Sasuke walked around, trying to gain a bearing on where he was and what happened. He saw a town in the distance, so he headed there.

He was almost to the town when he finally noticed something. The houses, they looked... [I]old?[/I] Like huts, but like they were newly made.

[I]This has got to be a dream. That's it, I was knocked out.[/I] he thought, trying to rationalize what he was seeing. But, something about that didn't make sense. It didn't [I]feel[/I] like he was dreaming.

Sasuke walked a bit, trying to find someone who could tell him where he was. As he passed, he heard people talking in their houses. They seemed to be talking about some powerful threat, and Sasuke heard mention of a sword. After half an hour, he came across an old woman.

'Hello?' he called, trying to get her attention.

The old woman turned. Sasuke noticed she was dressed like a priestess, and her right eye was covered, possibly gone, by a tsuba.

'Oh, a visitor.' the old woman said, 'What can I do for thee?'

[I]Thee?[/I] Sasuke thought, 'I was just wondering where I was. If you could tell me...?'

The old priestess smiled, 'My name is Kaede and ye are in Edo.' she replied.

'Edo?' Sasuke asked, 'How's that possible? Edo was renamed...' Sasuke stopped.

[I]'Supposedly, you can use it to travel to the past, but only if you have a connection with it. But, that's just an old story.' [/I]

'No way.' Sasuke murmured.

'What is it?' Kaede asked, ''Is something wrong?'

'Um, yeah, maybe.' Sasuke said, 'What year is it?'

Kaede stopped to look at Sasuke. Noticing the jeans, the sneakers, the t-shirt and black jacket.

'Let me guess,' she said, smiling, 'There was a well involved?'

Sasuke's jaw dropped, 'How did you..?'

'Come with me.' Kaede interrupted, 'There is someone you should meet.'

:: Two hours later... ::

'So,' Miroku said, 'You can travel through the well, just like Kagome.'

Sasuke nodded, 'I guess,' he said, 'But, you're sure I can go back whenever I want?'

'That's right,' Kagome said, 'Don't worry about a thing.'

Sasuke let out a breath, looking around at them all. His eyes stuck on Inuyasha.

'You got a problem with me?' Inuyasha demanded.

'No, not at all.' Sasuke said, quickly, 'It's just... Your ears, they're...'

'Not human,' Inuyasha finished for him, 'You got a problem with that?' he asked, cracking his knuckles.

'Well, no.' Sasuke said, smiling uncomfortably, 'I think they're pretty cool. They remind me of a story.'

Inuyasha turned up his nose, walking away.

'You shouldn't act so surprised,' he said, 'You think a demon would be used to that sort of thing.'

'A what?' Sasuke asked.

'Come to think of it, I have been sensing a demonic aura since you arrived.' Miroku stated.

'Wait,' Sasuke said, 'You're trying to say [I]I'm[/I] a demon?'

'Yeah.' Inuyasha said, 'Like you didn't know. Now cut the act and fess up!'

'Inuyasha.' Kagome said, 'Sit!'

Sasuke flinched as Inuyasha fell to the ground with a thud.

'How the he...?' he said.

'I'm not sure how to tell you this, Sasuke,' Kagome said, reaching over to pat his hand, 'But, Inuyasha was right. You're a demon.'

Sasuke pulled his hand away, standing.

'You know,' he said, 'I thought I was nuts, waking up in the fuedal era. But, you guys got me beat.'

'I know this seems hard to accept...' Miroku started.

'Don't.' Sasuke interrupted, 'Just don't, the last thing I need right now is...'

Sasuke was interrupted by a loud explosion outside.

'What the hell?' Sasuke yelled, running to see what had happened. Outside he found Kaede and a few men he'd seen in the village running towards them.

'Boy!' the old priestess yelled to him, 'Get the others outside, there are demons on it's way!'

Sasuke began to turn as the others ran by him, Inuyasha in the lead with his sword drawn and a red mark on his face.

'You picked a bad time to show up, demon.' Inuyasha said as Sasuke looked back, right at three fifty foot long centipedes.

'What the hell are they? Sasuke asked.

'It's a centipede demon.' Sasuke heard as something crawled up his back and sat on his shoulder.

'Who are you?' Sasuke asked, looking at the little boy on his shoulder.

'I'm Shippo,' he said, 'I'm a fox demon, and a great warrior.'

Sasuke looked at him, disbelievingly.

'Ok, so I'm still a little kid.' Shippo conceded, 'But, I help out.'

'Ok, so why aren't you helping now?' Sasuke asked.

'Why aren't you?' Shippo shot back.

'What am I supposed to do?' Sasuke asked, 'I've never even been in a fight, not to mention the fact that I don't have any powers or weapons.' He finished as Inuyasha cut a demon in half with the Tetsusaiga.

Shippo was about to answer when he noticed something that made him go white. One of the demons was headed straight for them.

'Run!' Shippo screamed as he jumped from Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke turned, but too late. The next thing he knew, he was encased by a coiled centipede body.

'That's it!' Inuyasha said, 'I'm getting sick of playing with these things, I'll get that last one with my Windscar.'

'Inuyasha, no!' Sango said, 'If you use your Windscar, you'll hit Sasuke, he's trapped in there!'

'Damn it.' Inuyasha spat, 'Why'd he have to go and get himself trapped? He should just bust out of there.'

Inside the centipede shell, Sasuke was freaking out.

'What the hell is going on here!?' he asked frantically. This had to be a dream, it just [I]had[/I] to.

'Am I gonna die here?'

At this thought, something inside Sasuke snapped... broke, awoke, was born, he wasn't sure. All he knew was that he was not going to die here.

'Do you feel that?' Miroku asked.

'Yeah,' Sango said, 'A powerful demon aura.'

'It's about time he wised up.' was all Inuyasha said before the centipede demon blew apart.

'Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!' Sasuke cried.

'What!?' everyone asked in unison.

'Hey!' Inuyasha said, walking over to Sasuke, 'Where'd you learn how to do that?'

Sasuke, out of breath, looked up at Inuyasha.

'My mom told me stories...' he said, between breaths, 'About someone who could do that... that's just what it looked like in my head, so I did it.'

Sasuke stood as Inuyasha opened his mouth to say something. Inuyasha stopped as Sasuke slapped his neck. He pulled his hand away and looked down to see what it was. He saw, what appeared to be, a human...ish, flea.

'Mioga?' Inuyasha asked, 'What are you doing here?'

'Master Inuyasha,' Mioga said, popping back into a much less... flat, shape, 'I bring terrible news.'

'Yeah,' Inuyasha said, 'So, spit it out, already.'

'Rumors among the demons of late have had a startling correspondence,' he said, 'In other words, they're all about the same thing.'

'Yeah?' Inuyasha prompted, getting impatient.

'They're all about a sword.' Mioga stated, 'A sword that's powerful enough to kill a divine being in one blow!'

'So?' Inuyasha said, 'Rumors are rumors. There's no need to get so worked up about it.'

'Master Inuyasha!' Mioga said, 'Do you realize what would happen if a demon got their hands on a weapon of that power?'

'Yeah,' Inyasha replied, 'If it even exists. But, for now...'

Inuyasha was cut off by a scream from Miroku. Everyone turned to see what was wrong to see the monk clutching his right hand.

'Miroku!' Kagome said, rushing over.

Miroku turned away quickly as dust and rock began to tumble their way toward him, driven by the wind.

'What the hell?' Sasuke and Inuyasha asked at once.

'No.' Inuyasha said, I can't be, Naraku's dead.'

'Tell that to Miroku!' Sango said.

Miroku fumbled through his robes, pulling out his prayer beads. As he wrapped them around his hand, the wind began to die.

'Ok,' Sasuke said, 'Someone wanna explain?'
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A lone figure walked through the shadowy forest in search of something. Clues or perhaps more than that. She sensed something and turned to glance out from the trees. She saw a village that looked at bit trashed. She saw parts of some demons flung all over the place.

Her eyes scanned the sighed and her eyes came to a stop on a figure with white silvery hair.

"Inuyasha... Hmm. I have heard so much about you. This is the first time I have ever set my eyes on you... A mere dog demon with such great power. Perhaps one day we shall... Play?" She was simply talking to herself but she did not mind.

Her orange eyes shifted a bit to see something much different. A boy in strange clothing. Perhaps costume clothes? She sniffed the air and shook her head.

"Ugh another one. It seems mere Half Dog Demons are sprouting up all over the place. Like rabbits I tell you."

Moments later she was walking into the village. She looked around and noticed the most damage done was to the demons themselves and not the buildings around. She stepped up towards the group and noticed a human doing something with his hand. She notice then that there were two girls there. One dressed as a demon slayer she had come in contact many years before and the other dressed in clothes that seemed to be from the same place as the boy.

She then saw shippo. She grinned and thought suddenly of how hungry she was but ignored it after a bit. He had to much hair to make a good snack. She then eyed Inuyasha and the boy. She grinned.

Her grin showed extreamly long sharp fangs. Her orange eyes stared at everyone and her large somewhat round ears had black fur on them and a few orange stripes. She had very long black hair with a few orange streaks that went with the orange on her ears. She had extreamly sharp nails on her hands that were more like claws. She was wearing a black and orange outfit that fit tighter than a regular kimono. Tied to her side was an old looking Katana. She had a small chain around her neck and attached to this chain was a small blood red stone. This girl looked no older than 19.

"Well... Looks like I missed out on all the fun." She said with a grin, "Just like a dog to hog all the fun."

"Say what!? You wanna say that to my face!" Inuyasha growled.

"I did."

"Arrrgh." Inuyasha reached to his sword again but kagome stopped him.

"Inuyasha dont." Kagome commanded.

"Oh please let him... Id like to see him try." She smiled.

With that Inuyasha stepped forward to punch this girl before kagome could even say sit. Right before Inuyasha could hit her though she vanished and appeared behind him. She barely touched the now startled and unbalenced Inuyasha and he toppled to the ground. In a flash though he was up and angry.

"Now now Inuyasha lets not get angry... Im not here for you or your little friends. I was merely passing through and thought I would stop by to see what all the action was all about." She laughed with a slight grin.

Inuyasha began to move again but kagome smacked him, "Dont Inuyasha."

"Hmph! Who the hell are you anyways?" Inuyasha crossed his arms and turned his back on this girl in black.

She began to walk away. Off into the forest area on the other side of the village she had come from. She turned around and looked at the angered Inuyasha and the confused boy sasuke and grinned showing her sharp fangs.

"If we ever meet again... You can refer to me as... Tao."
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Hana had been in the feudal era all week and still no sign of suspicious activity. She walked along a lonely path that came to a crossroads, she paused a moment and sniffed in all directions, but her hearing caught somthing more interesting. She could hear the voices of a small group of people. One of the voices she deffinately recognized. She ran quickly in the direction of the voices and quickly found herself standing at the edge of a village. She could see the owner the recognized voice, it was InuYasha and his gang of demon slayers, with them was a Demon she recognized as Tao, and an unfamiliar human boy. She squinted her eyes and sniffed, then realized the human was only half human, his other half was dog-demoin, just like InuYasha. She watched as the demon named Tao walked away, then she slowly made her own appraoch making it obvious so that no one would suspect her as an enemy.

"Now what?!" InuYasha shouted looking over at Hana as she closed in. "Hey wait a minute I know you."

"I'm Hana, you met me a few years ago, I'm flatterd you remember." Hana replied smiling, she too had fangs only a whole lot smaller than Tao's.

" You've got some demon blood as well." Miroku replied stepping forward. "And buy looking at your eyes I would say 'cat demon', am I right?"

"Precisely, and you're Miroku the monk, I've heard of you. I have also heard of Sango the demon slayer, Shippo the fox demon, and Kagome the human girl that helped InuYasha defeat the great Naraku. I must say I'm very pleased to meet you all, I've heard so much about you all." She replied giving a slight bow to the small group. "I donot however... know you." This was directed at the 1/2 human standing in the middle looking quite confused.
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Sasuke looked at the girl addressing him, she looked a bit older than him, but not by much. Something about her seemed a bit off, like she was more than she looked. Suddenly, it seemed all he could smell was... [I]cat?[/I]

[I]Oh well, it's not much weirder than anything else going on here...[/I]

'Sasuke,' he said, offering his hand, 'Haruno Sasuke.'
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Hana stood at a fairly average hieght, with long blue black hair that was pulled back in a braid, strands of loose bangs hung in front of her amber coloered eyes. She smiled a warmly and a set of small fangs could be seen, nothing compared to Tao's long fangs. She wore a very short kimono the color of crimson, a pair of lace up sandals and a set of black fingerless gloves. She could see thought crossing the young mans face.

"Well its a pleasure to meet you Haruno Sasuke." She replied smoothly, as she began to approach the boy. She stopped only inches infront of his face, then brushed her bangs away from her eyes. Sasuke could see that her eyes were not normal human eyes, but cat like eyes.

"Cat, is that what you smell? As Miroku stated I do have cat-demon blood running through my veins. But you young Sasuke, you have dog-demon blood... don't you?" She took a step back and surveyed the group of people. "So what brings you all here, on this oh so lovely day?"
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Sesshoumaru wandered the countryside with Rin and Jaken over the next two years. Rin, a little older now, was becoming more and more self-sufficient. Sometimes, the Dog Demon Lord would not see his human companion for a few days while she would be off gathering supplies for herself for the next stretch of their journey.

Sesshoumaru hardly encountered anything while traveling in the Naraku-less days. But now as rumors were flying around, he kept his sword Tokijin close.
"My Lord!" Rin yelled as she ran up behind him and Jaken. "My lord, I have heard news from the villages!"
Sesshoumaru stopped in his tracks and turned to the girl. "Well?"
"Lord Sesshoumaru, I have heard that Naraku may have returned!"

Sesshoumaru's eyes narrowed and Jaken gasped.

"Say that again." He replied calmly.
"The villagers, they said that Naraku may have returned." She sighed.

'So this strange aura I have been feeling has indeed been confirmed.'

"Not only that my lord, but there is word of a legendary sword that can slay a god with one blow! It's here in these lands." Rin figeted excitedly and caught Sesshoumaru's attention.
"Interesting. And you say that this is only a rumor?"
"Yes, sir."
"I do not wish to be fed stories of these childish fairytales." He replied, turning around to walk once more.
"I apologize my lord." Rin bowed shyly.
"But sir!" Jaken interrupted as Sesshoumaru continued forth. "I have also heard it from the whispers of the forest."
"Enough!" Sesshoumaru said. "We will continue to travel onward. If we can confirm that this sword exists, then I will persue it. Until that time reaches us, we shall not be swayed so easily by rumors."
"Yes, my lord." The two bowed.

'Inuyasha, could you have heard of this sword, too? And what of your friend, the monk? Has his cursed hand reappeared?'

Suddenly, the dog demon had an urge to see his younger half-breed brother. Perhaps this would be the only way to prove Sesshoumaru's theories.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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"Your from Tokyo, aren't you?" Hana asked going through her bag. Sasuke looked startled for pnly a moment before he answered.

"Yes, how do you know now that."

"Becasue I'm from there as well, I just spend a lot of time down here." She repled happily.

"Why, if you can pass off as human, why do you come here?" Miroku stepped forward.

"A dying man's wish brought me here." She answered looking down at her feet. "My grandfather was a half-cat demon, and lived here many years ago. One day he accidently fell into the well, he then found himself tokyo, when he came from the well there was a girl. This girl being very openminded found his cat like features adorable instead of frightening. So he stayed, and so on snd so on, until I was born. I grew hearing stories of this place and when I was old enough he brought me, I fell in love with it imediately. But anyway back to the point of why I'm here now, my grand fathers dying wish was to help maintain the peace, and to help the one who fought to save all... you guys." She stopped a moment, tilting her head in the direction of the forest behind her.

"What is it?" Kagome asked noticing InuYasha had noticed it as well.

"A Demon, in the forest coming this way." Hana replied quietly.

"Now we'll see..." InuYasha stated smuggly.

"See what?" Kagome spoke.

"We'll see if this girl is worth anything."

Suddenly out of the forest came yet another centipede demon, only this one was much larger than the first. Hana smiled and clentched her fists, longs steel blades appeared when she closed her hands.

"I haven't played yet today!" She shouted turning the demons direction. She leapt high into the air and met with the deoms head. "Silent Stirke!" She cried out as she brought the pair of steel claws down upon the demon, and before anyone, except for InuYasha, could tell what happen the demon lay dead. Hana sat atop the demons now dead body, wiping the blades clean. "Well then InuYasha, may I stay?"
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'Huh, You can come if you want,' Inuyasha said, 'I don't care. Just remember to stay out of my way.'

Sasuke just stood there, staring. He couldn't believe what was going on. Demons, and centipedes and... who knew what was next? Then, Miroku stepped towards the cat girl and, looking down to his hand, took hers.

'I was wondering,' he said, looking somewhat sad, yet eager, 'If you would bear my children?'

'That didn't take long,' Kagome said, 'She's only been here for two minutes.'

'This happens a lot?' Sasuke asked.

'Everytime.' Inuyasha answered, then he called to Miroku, 'If you're done, monk, we can get going.'

'Where?' Kagome asked, confused.

'Isn't it obvious?' Inuyasha replied, 'To find Naraku and this sword everyone keeps talking about.' Then, he turned to Sasuke.

'You coming, kid?' he asked.

Sasuke looked at him blankly for a moment.

'Uh, yeah, sure.'
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Tao wandered slowly through the forest and was paying attention to the group. She noticed the monk with the cat demon. Tao laughed to herself and figured either she wasnt there long enough or the monk was smart enough to know he wasnt gonna get just a slap in the face but more like scratches if he had asked her that or even touched her for that matter. Tao saw something in the corner of her eye andstopped moving.

She put her claw on the jewel hanging from her neck. She sniffed the air and the foul stench told her all she needed to know. She clenched her fist around the jewel and suddenly flames erupted from her hands but it dint hurt her. The jewel turned into a flaming red katana.

"You are not to mess with me." She said simply.

She turned around and swung the jewel sword so fast if you were to blink you would miss it. The creature lay dead. It was a very large human with an extreamly horrible scent... It was already dead... It was dead before Tao had even sense it approching. She then looked for the spot where the heart was. She lifted her sword slowly and then jabed down into the heart. It was hallow but she heard a crunch... She pulled her sword out and stuck o nthe end was a dead strange looking bird demon.

"You cannot fool me you stupid bird. Your stupidity was the cause of your death..." She growled and walked away. Her katan returned to the shap of the jewel and she re put it on the chain around her neck. "Now where is the real demon sneaking around out here out to get me?"

She sniffed the air again and nodded, "A demon who things if he devours me he will gain my powers... So foolish..."

"argh guuuhrr blaurrrg..." The moaning came from directly above her.

She looked up and saw huge feet come at her... She rolled out of the way. She was on all fours now. She grined showing her fangs. She the sneered at the creature and began to change. She sprouted a tail and fur. She was suddenly a large tiger. This tiger form was about the size of a horse and instead of mostly orange and some black stripes it was mostly black with some orange stripes.

She rolled her large tiger head back and roared so loud that ground around her shook. Her loud roar echoed through the forest. It could be heard for miles in every direction...

ooc: I leave it open for someone to come on in
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Sasuke stopped a moment, the ground shook below him. "What was that?" He asked to any of the people around him. He watched as InuYasha and Hana the cat girl both listened and sniffed the air.

"It sounds like out little tiger like friend Tao." Hana replied pointing toward the woods. InuYasha looked the same direction.

"Yes, thats her scent over there." He replied.

"Right then here we go, shes having all the fun without us!" She stated taking off in the direction of the scent and sound.
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Her large tiger body was mostly muscle and she was ready to leap. The large demon was almost completely black so detaisl were hard to see because it was a shadow demon of some sort. Those details did not matter because she wanted to have some fun and it found her.

She leapt into the air and slammed into the demon hard enough to knock it over. It falling into the ground shook the ground harder than her roar earlier. She lifted a huge claw and swiped a few times. In the blackness of the demon large red gashes appeared and they began to bleed. Tao then saw the group behind the demon...

When the demon stood up Tao leaped up into the air and launched herself off the demons head and stretched out her body as she soared towards the group claws extended.

"Maybe coming was a bad Idea..." Sasuke said as the huge tiger was coming at them.

Suddenly the large horse size tiger began to change in mid air. The fur vanished and the claws and size got smaller untill she was looking human again. She flipped in the air and landed on her feet in front of Inuyasha and the gang.

"I see you guys wanted to see what the comotion was all about... No need to worry though just soul sucking bastard thats all. " Tao looked down at the boy younger than her, "Sasuke was it? Well dont let that demon eat you or he will absorb all your power... Or at least so the demon thinks..."

Sasuke then noticed the jewel hanging from her neck. It looked like a cat eye... And it was staring at him. "Uhhh...."

Tao pulled the stone from the chain and gripped it. A sword and flames bursted from it. Tao glanced around at the group, "Do not interfere unless I say so or i might jsut put a hole or two in you..."

Tao turned around and swung her blade. Three long huge blasts came from the blade and ripped at the demon. Its tail swung around and knocked the sword from Tao's hand... It return to just a jewel and it rolled into sasuke's foot. Before Tao could grab for it the demon lunched at her. She lifted her long claws. "CLAW OF THE TIGER!" and that being said her claw began to glow bright orange and she slashed down at the demon. More bloddy gashes appeared.

Kagome leaned over to sango and miroku, "That blast from her sword... Looked exactly like Inuyashas wind scar."

Sango nodded, "I noticed..."

Miroku stood there staring at Tao .

Tao growled and walked over for her stone. The half cat demon was swaying back and forth wanting some action.

Tao glanced at her, "What?"

"Oh can I can I can I? O please!?" She begged.

Tao straightend up and dusted herself off. She put the gem back on its chain, "Go ahead."
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A mischevious look filled Hana's eyes as she charged forward toward the shadowy demon, her steel claws expose, and her short fangs bared. She made circles around the demon slashing at every moment, never stopping for a moments breath. Then as quickly as she had begun she ended with the a shout.

"Silent Strike!" This was the same attack she used on the centipede demon from the battle before. Her enemy still not slain she stopped and walked forward yawning. "Your turn InuYasha." She had gone from pure excitment, to what seemed to be absolute boardom.

[I]Just like a cat.[/I] Sasuke thought, watching Hana walk away from the battle casually.

"I can't believe she just walked away from a live enemy." Sango stated as Hana walked past her and Miroku.

"She may not have the physical traits of a cat, but she does seem to have the unique personality." he replied, his eyes follwing her. Sango glared at Miroku, a slap to the face following closely behind. "What, I didn't touch her." He replied in his defense.

"No but you were definately thinkg about it." Sango stated loking away.
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Inuyasha stepped forward, but Sasuke stopped him.

'If you don't mind,' he said, 'I'd like to try.'

'What are you talking about?' Kagome argued, 'You don't stand a chance against that thing!'

'So what?' Inuyasha said, 'Let him try if he wants,' he turned to Sasuke, 'Just don't come crying to me if it kills you.'

'No problem,' Sasuke replied, 'But, I've gotta try.'

Sasuke stepped forward, looking straight at the demon.

'What is he thinking?' Kagome asked.

'I think you're underestimating him,' Miroku said, 'He does have demon blood. And earlier, when he was trapped by the centipede demon, he escaped using one of Inuyasha's attacks. There is probably more to him than we know.'

'So, we're just supposed let him fight a demon on his own?' Sango asked him.

'I don't see the problem,' Inuyasha interrupted, 'He wanted to fight the damn thing, and it's not like we can't save him if it gets to be too much.'

Sasuke stood there, staring at the demon. It seemed thatneither would move until the demon shot out and plowed into Sasuke, sending him flying through the air and into a tree. Sasuke let out a yelp as he felt his spine pop in several places. As he fell to the ground, Inuyasha stepped forward.

'No, it's still mine.' Sasuke said, rising from the ground.

'But, you're not hurt.' Sango said, shocked, 'How?'

'Hello!' Inuyasha said, 'Demon. An impact like that doesn't even hurt.'

Sasuke turned to the demon and smiled. He stepped forward, right in front of the demon again. He looked the creature right in it's black eyes. Turning his head, spitting blood onto the ground and closing his hands into fists until his knuckles popped.

'What's going on?' Kagome said, 'He's completely different from before.'

'It's his demon blood,' Miroku replied, 'it's awakening. He should return to normal once the battle is over.'

Sasuke dodged as the creature attacked, over and over. It seemed that he was getting faster by the second. Narrowly avoiding the demon's punch as it slammed into the ground beside him, Sasuke wasted no time. Jumping up onto the shadow's arm, he ran up the creature's arm. As he reached the upper arm, Sasuke jumped, kicking the demon in the side of it's darkened head, sending it crashing to the ground.

Sasuke looked down at the demon, 'Do me a favor,' he said, 'And wake me up when you're ready to fight for real.'

Inuyasha leaned against a tree, evidently bored.

'Just kill it already.' he said.

Sasuke shot him back a feral grin.

Kagome turned to Miroku, 'He's going to return to normal, right?'

'I honestly don't know,' he replied, 'He should return, as long as his core personality remains the same.'

'And if it doesn't?'

Miroku looked at Sasuke fighting the demon, a concerned look on his face.

'Then, we are all in quite a bit of trouble.'

'Speak for yourself, monk.' Inuyasha said, 'I could take him, any time, anywhere.'

'Inuyasha...' Kagome began.

'Kagome wait,' Sango said, then, she turned to Miroku, 'What do we do if he doesn't change back?'

He looked over at Sasuke, who looked right back.

'I'm not sure,' he said, 'Maybe, if we had a way to restrain him...'

At this, Keade, who'd been there watching silently, held something up in her hand. It was a necklace.

'Is that..?' Inuyasha began.

'Aye,' she said, 'The very necklace ye where around your neck, Inuyasha. The Beads of Subjugation.'

'I feel sorry for him, already.' Shippo said.

'Hey,' Kagome replied, her feeling hurt, 'I'm not that bad, am I?'

Inuyasha just glared at her.

'Hey, you guys,' Sasuke interrupted, 'It's not moving anymore.'

They all turned to see Sasuke facing them, not noticing the creature as it began to rise.

'Sasuke, look out!' Miroku yelled to him.

Sasuke turned as the demon's hand wrapped around his waist.

'Damn,' he said as the creature began to squeeze. He yelled out in pain as he felt the demon's grip start to crush his ribs.

'I've had enough of this!' he said, bringing his hand up like a sword. He let out a quick breath as energy began to coil around his arm.

'Die!' he screamed as the energy shot out from his arm, wrapping itself aroun the creature's shadowy arm and head. He gave a tug and the energy cut it's way through demonic flesh and bone.

'That was Sesshomaru's energy whip!' Kagome said as Sasuke made his way over to them.

'What's going on here?' Inuyasha asked, gripping the Tetsusaiga.

'Indeed,' Miroku said, 'It's strange that you know all these attacks.'

Sasuke looked at them, the same feral smile on his face.

'What, no 'Good job on that demon, Sasuke.'?' he asked.

'Aye,' Kaede said, 'Well done, slaying the demon.' She held up the necklace.

'Please accept this as thanks.' she continued, 'It is a great treasure from our village.'

Sasuke looked at her, incredulously, 'Great treasure, huh?' he asked, 'Funny, they look like Beads of Subjugation. I know this story.'

Keade sighed, 'Kagome.'

Kagome smiled, 'Inuyasha. Miroku. If you would be so kind.'

Inuyasha and Miroku both jumped to flank Sasuke, grabbing an arm each.

'Hey,' he said, struggling to free his arms, 'What're you..?'

He pulled with all his might, pulling Miroku forward, but unable to move Inuyasha. After a moment, Kaede walked over, slipping the necklace over his head.

'Kagome.' she said, again.

Inuyasha and Miroku stepped away as Kagome said.

'Sasuke... Sit!'

Then, Sasuke came crashing to the ground.

It was a while before Sasuke came to, but when he did he saw he was back in the house they were in before the demon centipedes had come. Some of the others were there as well. Apparently, waiting for him to wake. He held his head in his hands for a moment, trying to banish some of the pain.

'Sorry, guys.' he said, 'I don't know what came over me.'

He looked down at the necklace, remembering the pain that it had caused him.

'Don't ye be thinking about taking it off.' Kaede said, 'It work work.'

Sasuke looked at her, than at Inuyasha.

'It's true,' he said, 'Otherwise, I'd've taken this one off a long time ago.' He held up the necklace around his neck.

'Damn.' Sasuke said.

'Don't worry about what happened before,' Sango said, 'No one got hurt, we only put the necklace on you because we weren't sure if you'd turn back to normal or not.'

Sasuke nodded, 'I guess I understand. I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt, either.'

'Anyway,' Inuyasha said, 'Now that you're awake, let's get going.'
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Tao felt no real ties to this group aside from she was a more ferocious feline than hana... She felt similar to her but only because of the feline demon blood. She stood around out in the dusty street of the village. What was the point of sticking around no one needed her here.

"Heh... Like every other place... Im not wanted nor needed." Tao said as her ears twitched to every sound. "And what was all that babble about my Tiger Slash being just like that dogs wind scar?"

She turned away from the hut the group was in and she heard that the boy was finally away. She shook her head and shrugged. "Might as well be on my way..." She then turned and slowly started towards the forest where she was before.
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A whistle came from the top of the hut Tao had been standing next to. She turned and glanced up to find Hana sitting by herself watching Tao. Then Hana spoke seeing that she had caught Tao's attention.

"Hey... where you going? To prowl around the world by yourself I suppose?" She lept gracfully from the roof and landed only a few feet from Tao. "I know this is coming from some one even less than a halfbreed, but... how about you stick around?" Tao's ears twitched from the sound of Hana's nervousness. "I mean I know I'm nothing compared to you, but hey similar company might be nice. Afterall if you didn't stay it would be me and two dogs." '[I]Not that I really have a problem with that.'[/I] She thought pausing to see if Tao would reply. She smiled warmlt hoping to it would make her feel welcome.
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Something inside of Tao seemed to really like this girl. Tao thought for a few moments and then turned to look at the forest. She then turned back and smiled one of her rare smiles at Hana.

"Alright... I will stay. I mean I just cant let another feline get out numbered by dogs."

"Right on! Cool... But uh I was wondering..."

"Yes?" Tao asked staring at the girl. Even though she was two years older than herself Hana seemed to act more a year or so younger than Tao.

"Why were you in this region anyways? I thought you stuck to the mountains with the last of the tiger demons like yourself." Hana was curious because even she knew Tao was one of the few tiger demons left and that they normally stuck to the mountains away from others.

Tao gritted her teeth but made sure Hana didnt know. Tao looked up, "You are looking at the last tiger demon."


Tao paused, "You see... Well first ill tell you that everyone in my family and that means my little brother too... They were all full demon. I am half because my father was human but almost exactly after my birth he mysteriously died and so mother later fell in love with another full demon of the clan which led to my full demon little brothers birth. Out of all those full demons I turned out to be the strongest."

Hana then noticed Tao's ears seemed to droop a little.

Taosniffed the air and continued, "Anyways. The reason I said that was because a while back a demon came to our cave and slautered everyone. Every last one of them. This demon however did not kill my little brother. It took my brother and vanished. I feel that this demon was not driven by its own wants and needs. I am sure it was being controled. I also feel that my brother is already dead but I am still searching. Even if he is dead... I will at least be able to give him the proper funeral any Tiger Clan Full Demon deserves."

"Oh... Thats so sad..."

Tao nodded, "Hey... Just something to keep in mind... No matter how human you might be the feline blood still runs proudly through your veins. Though you do need to work on that cat laziness of yours... Expecially in a battle. That kind of wrecklessneess could get someone hurt."


Tao thought to herself about he conversing skills. She could slay every demon shes come across but she wasnt sure if she couldeven say something to where hana could understand. Tao knew she should understand but Tao was unsure of her ways of saying but but decided to try anyways.

Tao continues, "And please dont refere to yourself as mostly human. You miss are a half demon in blood and a full demon at heart. Blood does not matter in this case. It is your soul that does."
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Hana's eyes brightened as she took Tao's advice to heart and smiled. '[I]A full demon at heart.[/I] ' She thought to herself.

"The laziness I'll definately work on, the feline blood... I've always been proud of that, just a little embarassed around around those strtonger than me." She replied heaving a deep sigh. "I'm glad your staying though, this is going to be so much fun... ahem sorry sometimes I get a little escited about things." There was a pause between them.

"I don't believe you're from here, am I correct?" Tao asked curiously.

"Nope, I'm from Tokyo 500 years from now, just like Sasuke." She announced happily as she sifted through her pack. "My greandfather was a half-demon that found himself in Tokyo thanks to the well. He met some one who accepted him for who he was and got married. They had kids, and those kids had me! Ah ha!" She opened her hand and presented a small wrapped item. "Here, this is for you."

"What is it?" Tao replied sniffing at it, then taking it.

"Its a chocolate bar, I bet you'll like it." Hana stated with a smile as she opened her own chocolate bar.
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Tao sniffed in a bit and then unwrapped it like Hana had done. Tao bit into it and it somewhat crumbled because of her fangs. She managed to get it into her mouth and she began to suck on it. It was extreamly rich and sweet and yet bitter on certin parts of her tongue. She nodded and smiled, "Not bad this future food."

"Future food... Heh" Hana laughed at the title the chocolate got. Hana then looked at the clothing she was wearing... It was pretty much skin tight and unlike most of the kimonos the people around this place wore.

"So uh... Why do you wear such different clothing?" Hana asked.

"Uh... well... I got them from someone who said they were from the future that you are from. You see I can transform into a tiger... a skill that only full breed tiger demons are able to do but I can do it and no one knows why. Anyways when you transform the clothes that are hanging loosely either rip from your size or fall off if your small... So I have to wear skin tight stuff so it will still be there when I change back."

"Oh I get it. I also think your form is beautiful. Mostly black with orange stripes is so mysterious and beautiful..."

Tao smiled, "Thanks... Im the only one with that coloration. Everyone else was...heh orange with black."

Hana nodded, "Well I think its fantastic!"

Tao laughed... It was funny. She was younger than Hana but Hana was treating her as an adult that was much older that 19. Perhaps it was because she acted older and more mature. Tao smiled.

"Interesting thing this chocolate... Nothing like meat but its good." Tao was finishing up the last few bits as she said this, "Its so rich!"
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"Absolutely sweet, and the best part is there are tons of differents types. I'll bring you some more back next time I go home home." She smiled sweetly and leapt back onto the roof, just as a cat she prefers it high. Tao floowed up after her and sat beside her.

"Life here is great but Tokyo has such wonderful things that you don't have here. But of course its the other way around as well, your time as lots of things we don't have... like demons." She laughed as the concept, her being part demon in Tokyo was weird enogh.

"So do you have family at home?" Tao asked looking up at the sky, the clouds were covering the sun.

"Yes, my parents live in Kyoto, I only live in Tokyo because I'm going to college. I'm not dating anyone either... in fact now that I think of it I don't really have time to date. I'm always so busy with school and then coming here whenever I have time off. Oh yeah and I live with my cat Luva, his name used to be Shieshio but I kept calling him Luva so we changed it, he's my best friend. Thanks to my unique blood line he and I have a very tight understanding of eachother." She said all of this and never stoped smiling. "I wonder whats taking them all so long, you'd think as soon as Sasuke wakes up we'll be outa here."

"Why didn't you go in with them?" Tao asked quietly, her gaze still set on the sky.

"Oh because I wanted to make sure that you didn't runaway, and besides I only just met tham as well and I didn't really feel comfortable with the idea of just hanging out with them." Hana stated as a matter-of-factly.
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]Shana burst into the hut, gasping for breath. "I am so here." She said, as if it was her excuse for not being there the entire time. Everyone's face fell at the excuse.

"You were, were you? Well then, I suppose you were just watching when the centipede demons were attacking?" Kaede asked. Shana gave a weak grin.
"Or when Sasuke came?"
"Or Hana?"
"Or Tao?"
"Or when the centipedes attacked [I]again[/I]?"

Shana could only sigh and shake her head. "Why does everyone always gang up on me? I getting ready. I heard the deal on Miroku's Wind Tunnel, and I knew that we were going on a trip. So, I got supplies." She explained, showing the group the contents of the basket she was carrying. There were herbs, medicine, fruit, fish, and tons of different foods. "See? I'm a good mother! Isn't that right, Shippo?" She asked.

Shippo smiled at her and jumped into her arms, hugging you. "The best." He told her. Shana smiled and sat down next to Inuyasha; Kagome on the other side. Her gaze was drawn to Sasuke, who was just staring at her.

Or, more than likely, her outfit. The top half was a see-through t-shirt with a small tint of brown and a jet black tanktop underneath. The bottom part was a jet black miniskirt underneath a much longer red dress that was slit on both sides, so it showed almost all the way up to her waist; hence, her wearing the skirt.

Shana just smiled at him. "Sasuke, right? Well, welcome aboard our merry little team of weirdos, Sasuke." She said, laughing. Sasuke nodded in return.

Inuyasha glared at her. "What do you mean 'weirdos'?" He asked, cracking his knuckles threateningly.

Shana grinned. "Respect your elders, Inuyasha." She ordered. Shippo laughed at this, as did Kagome, Sango, and Miroku. Sasuke just stared at them in a "way the hell is going on" type of way.
Huzza ^_^
Note: I dunno how old Inuyasha is >.> I just figure he's around 16-ish...[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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ooc: In the show inuyasha is over 50 (hes a demon remember they age a bit differently heck sesshoumaru is ancient lol) The reason i know this is because he was sealed to the tree for 50 years so hes much older than that. A bio read "500 years ago blah blah then stuck to tree for fifty years" I figure the 500 year part was the different between the feudal era and kagome's time but mayby not. Lets just say hes more of an elder than any elder will be lol.


Tao watched as another person wandered into the hut. This place was sure filling up with people. She wasnt sure if she was a people person or not from being with her clan for so long and then ending up all alone for rest of the time. She shrugged off that idea and soon she heard movements. Everyone was getting up and ready to head out.

She watched as everyone filed outside where she was. The group was getting really big. As she looked at everyone she kept silent. She was known for her silence if she didnt feel like talking she just wouldnt talk and there was nothing you could do to get her to speak.

"So which way we headed?" Kagome asked

"Dont care..." Inuyasha grunted with annoyence already.
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'The rumors came from the north, correct?' Miroku asked, 'Perhaps we should head that way.'

'Whatever,' Inuyasha said, 'Let's just get going.'

'Are you coming with us, Sasuke?' Sango asked, shouldering her Horaikotsu.

Sasuke nodded, 'I need to know what's going on. It'll probably be easier if I go with you.'

'North it is, then.' Kagome stated, 'Who is going with us?'

'Of course, I'm going.' Inuyasha said.

'Us, too.' Miroku and Sango added.

Shippo looked up at Shana, 'Can we go, mother?'
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Before Shana could answer, Sesshoumaru appeared in a flash. "Inuyasha."
"What the hell do you want?" Inuyasha pushed to the front of the company.
"I was curious to find out something. The way you're acting gives an obvious hint that you may have my answer."
"Like hell I'm going to tell you anything, you idiot." He smirked.
"Would you like to hear my question before rambling like a fool?" Sesshoumaru asked, putting his hand to the grip of Tokijin.
"No, I just want you dead." Inuyasha unsheathed Tetsusaiga and everyone stepped back.

Sasuke asked Tao. "Do you know who he is?"
"No, I don't. Inuyasha obviously does though."
"Whoever he is, he is rather handsome." Hana replied.
"That is Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha's older half-brother." Kagome replied. "This could get ugly, we should step back a little more."

The rest of the company gained some distance while Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru were at a standoff. "Little brother, do you really think that you can kill me?"
"Sure, why not? I'm the one who has the Tetsusaiga after all." His smirk never disappearing.
"That sword has no worth to me anymore. I want to know about these rumors. The ones of the sword that can kill a devine being with one blow. Surely you know." Sesshoumaru replied. "And judging by the prayer beads on the monk's hand, Naraku has returned."
"Maybe, maybe not." Inuyasha spat. "I have no more knowledge than you about Naraku or the Sword."
"Really?" Sesshoumaru asked. "Then this was a waste of my time."

He disappeared in another flash. "I'm watching you Inuyasha."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Tao nodded silently, "Count me in. And dont start thinking its because I like you guys. I have my own reasons for following these 'rumors' of which you speak."

Hana remembered Tao saying her brother was kidnapped and figured Tao put those two things together and figured where the power seeking demons are that might be where he younger brother was.

Tao looked to the north... She seemed to have ignored the intire sesshoumaru thing as she was making sure her jewel was tightly secure and that her clothes were just right for later if she needed to transform.

"Well can we go now?" Tao seemed to have the same attitude towards leaving that inuyasha did. She then started walking towards the north, "And dog boy... Put that thing away before you hurt yourself."
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"I'm coming too, I mean we're all going the same direction, so why not." Hana replied leaping from the hut and lnding gracefuly onf the ground.

"Oh thats wonderful, we have all these new friends to travel with us!" Kagome stated happily. A look of annoyance crossed InuYasha's face, as it usually did.

"Alrighty here we go, off into the wilderness and on a brave new quest to defend good and triumph over evil!" Hana declared as she began walking north. Everyone watched as she walked away, she turned around after about 40 ft and stopped. "Hey, come on we don't have forever you know."

"I wonder if she had gone on without us if we'd had stayed here and not said anything?" Sango asked leaning over to Miroku.

"I would have liked that." InuYasha muttered under his breath.
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