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Hello, I have a manga idea and I was wondering if you guys could help me. Well, here ya go.

?We will meet again girl. Maybe next time you?ll be able to beat me.? The yokai with eyes the color of blood said to a young miko of the age of six. The girl gritted her teeth. I have been training my miko skills with my master for as long as I was alive, but I still couldn?t defeat him. She hated herself at this moment. She had let her village down. The man left the girl stranded with no weapons. When she was sure he had left she ran through the village, searching for survivors. She found one man who had lived only because he was protected by her master.
?If I am not mistaken, you are the blacksmith. Do you have any remaining weapons?? The girl helped the man up and lead him into the blacksmith?s workshop.
?Komia - sama! I didn?t think he would spare your life! He took all weapons, but I can make you a blade.? Komia looked at the aging man. He had only a few hours left, but she could... no it would be to risky.
?That would be great sir. I will go look for more survivors. I expect that my blade will be done by sun down.? Without another word Komia was off searching for more survivors. She was the only elf in this village so she was very respected. Elves age just like yokai do. Yokai can still look sixteen at the age of six hundred. Komia was a very mature child, but she was always training so she never really had a childhood. She had never liked her master. He had actually whipped her once. She now had a long scar on her back. It was almost sun down and the only other survivors she had found were animals.
?Sir! I have returned for the promised blade. Blacksmith?? She wondered around the blacksmith?s workshop until she found a note. It read: Komia - san, I have very little time left and I wish to see my daughter before I pass. The blade that I promised is by my bed and I have even made it by sealing the soul of a beast in it?s very core. It is known as the blade of the wolf. If you have enough reason to, you can use an attack called Wolf?s Bite. Use this blade well. He did it. I didn?t think he?d live long enough to do anything but make the blade. He is a very strong. Komia thought as she grabbed the blade the old man had made her.
?I will get my revenge. I swear it. My village?s death will not be in vain.? The young miko said she walked off.

Please tell me what you think
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Guest frozeninside
It sounds good. Is the girl 6 is elf or human years? Was this going to be on openning scene? Have you been thinking about writing your own manga for a while- or have you already? I though I saw your name on other threads about making mangas. I'm trying to make my own maga too, i just have a story outline written...sort of, and I'm also looking for someone who might want to work on it with me. If your interested in exchanging ideas email me.
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[QUOTE=Xx_Chaos_xX]First of all "Dielover" Fanfiction go's [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/forumdisplay.php?f=87] here[/url]
anyway i like the story alot. well story making is hard so take your time


[color=darkblue]You may want to let a Moderator take care of something like this in the future. ^_~

However, Chaos is right. This merely seems like a bit of a story, rather than a mange that you're working on. If you're wanting help, try asking for art help or something along those lines. Stories and other such things like that should be posted in OB Anthology.[/color]
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