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Enhancement (M-VLS)


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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1](Contains a lot of information so be careful)

The year is 2065. The whole of New York has been overrun by mobsters, part of a new gang known only as the Black Scorpion. They control all exports and imports, all trade, all industry for the entire city, and they are working their way towards controlling more of the major US states. They have literally hundreds of operatives, both foreign and home-grown, and all are trained intensively in martial-arts and armed combat, both close-quarters and long-range. They are loathed a lot throughout the city, but no-one can stop them.

No-one, that is, except for a small group of freedom fighters. Brought together by a British man named Alec Steele, these soldiers-of-fortune have vast amounts of weaponry and skill. They are as skilled, if not more skilled, than the Black Scorpion operatives, and they will bring them down.

And in this time of technological, biological and genetic enhancements, their chances may be better than ever, and their battles will certainly be wilder than ever.

This is my new RP, where I will need members of a group of freedom fighters to battle the Black Scorpion gang. The enhancements I mentioned are what makes this RP really interesting. They give the user new capabilities, such as hyper-enhanced senses, speed, and others. The idea I wanted to get across was that with these enhancements, it is possible for the freedom fighters, as well as the gang members to do almost anything. They can move faster, jump higher, and think quicker than any non-enhanced person. This will give the RP elements of the Matrix series, with fights involving people running up walls and dodging bullets.

This is what I will need from everyone:

[B]Side:[/B] Freedom Fighter or gang member
[B]Nationality:[/B] any you can think of
[B]Appearance:[/B] picture or detailed description
[B]Personality:[/B] one good paragraph please
[B]Bio:[/B] Why are you a freedom fighter or a gang member? What did you do before you joined whichever side you joined? How did you get your enhancements? At least two good paragraphs please
[B]Weapons:[/B] I don?t want any swords here yet. We can start with pistols, shotguns, knives or you can go unarmed and kick everyone around with your bare hands
[B]Enhancements:[/B] 8 at the very most

Here is a list of enhancements:

[B]Gravity defying[/B]: this includes running up walls, jumping stupidly high
Speed[/B]: this increases your running speed, and your reaction time, allowing you to dodge bullets

[B]Implanted weapon[/B]: you could have a chain gun in your arm, or a knife-blade which pops out of your fist, or anything else you can think of

[B]Strength[/B]: enhances your physical strength
Stamina[/B]: enhances your stamina, allowing you to run for longer or fight for longer

[B]Senses[/B]: enhances your vision, hearing, and smell

[B]Night-vision[/B]: allows you to see in the dark

[B]Analyse[/B]: allows you to analyse things six times faster than normal
Precognition[/B]: allows you to see forward in time a few minutes, to tell what is going to happen next, or to see into the very close future to allow you to dodge bullets and punches

[B]X-Ray[/B]: allows you to see people?s insides, meaning you can deliver fatal blows much easier, or to see through walls

[B]Telepathy[/B]: allows you to read minds and send private thoughts to other people with telepathy

[B]Telekinesis[/B]: allows you to move small objects with your mind

[B]Quick fingers[/B]: makes your fingers move much quicker, allowing you to pull a trigger much faster than normal or to pick locks much easier
Stealth[/B]: allows you to turn invisible for a few minutes at a time

[B]Sticky[/B]: allows you to secrete a highly adhesive substance at will, allowing you to stick objects together

[B]Bedlam[/B]: allows you to psionically disrupt electrical systems with a localized EMP field

[B]Blood Rage[/B]: allows the user, for a few minutes at a time, with a three-hour recharge time, to fly into a berserker rage, where his speed, strength and stamina are massively increased. Side-effects of overuse are paranoia, schizophrenia and insanity
Accuracy[/B]: enhances your accuracy, making you far more accurate both in shooting and in throwing knives and shuriken

PM me if you want me to create any more enhancements.

Here is my character:

[B]Name:[/B] Alec Steele

[B]Codename:[/B] Steele (original)

[B]Age:[/B] 29

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Side:[/B] Freedom Fighter

[B]Nationality:[/B] British

[B]Appearance:[/B] Attached but with shorter hair

[B]Personality:[/B] Alec is an outgoing, funny man with a tendency to be rather sarcastic at times. He doesn?t take his line of work too seriously, and makes lots of wise-cracks when fighting the gang members. However, he does take one thing seriously-revenge.

[B]Bio:[/B] Alec was born in Oxford, and was raised and taught there, graduating from Balliol College with a degree in psychology. He was looking like he would be a huge hit in the world of psychologists, and he was married to a beautiful woman named Sophie. Everything seemed perfect until they moved to New York just before the Black Scorpion took over the city. While they were there, Black Scorpion took complete control, and began systematic gangland-style shootings of all the political leaders in New York. Alec and Sophie were taking a walk through Central Park when they stumbled across one of these gangland killings, and Sophie was killed. Alec escaped, however.

Over the next few years, Alec amassed a vast fortune on the stock market, but his life was still not as filled as he would have liked, so he joined the army. He was a natural at fighting, and soon rose to the rank of Major. He then left the army and tried his hand at martial arts. He found that this calmed him, and took him another step towards inner peace.

He then discovered from a late autopsy, that Sophie had been pregnant when she was killed. This made him swear revenge on the Black Scorpion, and he started a group of Freedom Fighters, training them himself, using skills he had learnt during his time in the army and his time as a martial-arts student. He has since had many enhancements in his body, allowing him to fight even more proficiently.

[B]Weapons:[/B] A number of pistols hidden around his body, but his favourites are his H&K USP and his Magnum revolver. He also carries a large combat knife in his boot.

[B]Enhancements:[/B] Gravity defying; Speed; Strength; Analyse; Precognition; Quick Fingers.

Hope this works out-it should be quite fun. PM me if you have any questions or requests. I want to make this RP yours, with no single main character.

Sorry, there is rather a lot of information there, but you'll be glad of it if this starts.

Happy creating![/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Saka Konochi

Callsign/Codename: Dice

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Side: Freedom Fighter

Nationality: Japanese

Appearance: In attachment though she has black hair, green eyes, her outfit has short-sleeves instead of long-sleeves, and the attair is black-boots, socks, and outfit all black.

Personality: Saka is an enthusiastic person who wants things done right the first time. She's quick to anger and doesn't forget-or forgive-things easily. She's sarcastic most of the time though when she kicks a Black Scorpion's --- she acts like 'It was an accident!' because she wants to dicieve the Black Scorpions in thinking she's an airhead who can't do anything. She can get very hyper during fighting so don't get too close to her, or else. She takes mostly everything seriously and is very vindictive. She's really a good person to have on the side of freedom.

Bio: Saka lived in Tokyo, Japan since she was three, after moving from Osaka. Her parnets gave her an education in her mom's expertise-medical-and her father's-fighting. She was told to never give up on her dreams no matter what. She graduated for college with her medical degree at twenty-two. She wanted to move from Japan to the U.S.A thinking that everything was alright there. She didn't know how wrong she was.
Upon arriving in New York she saw what seemed to be the city 'up in smoke' for the city looked destroyed. She was given warnings not ot come here but she didn't care, she wanted to see it for herself. She looked around and saw all of the people running around like chickens with their heads cut off and felt sorry for the woe-begon town. Fortunetely-Unfortunetely-she met someone who would have given her the world-and could have-for he was apart of the Black Scorpion group. However, one day on their seventh month going out with each other, his friends savagely took him-literally-from her arms and shot him several times in front of her. She ran away, leaving behind her doctor's degree and taking up her father's profession.
She excelled greatly and was found as the Demonic Illosionist, a title given to her from many of her victims'-Black Scorpion and everyone who supported them-last breaths. Though most of her victims were scientists learning how to make enhancements for the Black Scorpion gang, she mainly had been exposed to many chemicals of the enhancements.

Weapons: Uzis are her favorite and she loves to mess around with her daggers (she has about ten daggers). She also has gun power and matches to make bombs when she runs out of bullets-this happens a lot so don't get too close to her when she's fighting-and after she runs out of bombs, she just uses her fists and legs to kill them.

Enhancements: Gravity Defying; Speed; Stamina; Senses; Telepathy; Stealth; Quick Fingers; Accuracy
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[b]Name:[/b] Gina Renaldos
[b]Callsign/Codename:[/b] Miss Binx
[b]Age:[/b] 27
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Side:[/b] Black Scorpion Gang
[b]Nationality:[/b] Hungarian
[b]Appearance:[/b] [[ [URL=http://www.fanimenation.com/Detailed/2889.html] Here [/URL] ]]

[b]Personality:[/b] Gina is very hard-headed and usually acts pretty serious. She has a leader personality and has a very sharp mind. She's untrustful of others even though she is greately admired for her stealth-like abilities. She's always believed
that women can do anything they want too, and despite being good looking, has
the brains to prove it as well. She loves to work out, and hang out with the guys, she loves automobiles and has always had a passion for fixing them. Being friendly has always come easy to her, and shes the first one to crack a joke. Despite the happy atmosphere around her, she's a very confused person.

[b]Bio:[/b] Gina grew up very poor as an only child and without a father. She learned how to pick-pocket and work for food at the young age of 6 and had to practically raise herself because of her mother's illnesses. Her mother died when she was 13 and she was left to fend for herself since then. Ever since she has struggled to remain alive until she met a man by the name of Mario. He took her in under his wing and offered her a position in the Black Scorpion Gang. She believes in Mario and will continue to believe in him unless proven otherwise, she has always wanted to have a family and to be accepted into society.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Carries around two pistols and uses unarmed combat
[b]Enhancements:[/b] Night vision, senses, stamina, Analyse , Quick Fingers, Stealth, Accuracy and Speed.

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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]Name: Anya Hoffamn
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Side: Freedom Fighter
Nationality: Germany
Appearance: She has short brown hair and bright blue eyes. She wears a pair of dark blue tight jeans with a pale red shirt. She wears long leather boots. She has a butterfly tattoo behind her left ear.
Personality: She is calm and relaxed most of the time but when there is a fight she is always hyped up and ready to get things done. She doesn?t anger easily but if an innocent is killed she feels that revenge is a big importance.
Bio: She has lived with her older sister since she was fifteen when their parents were killed by one of the gang raids. Her sister has been teaching combat training since their family moved to New York when Anya was fourteen.
Anya joined the Freedom Fighters so she could become a better fighter and so she could seek revenge for her parents murder. She also needed something to do while her sister was at work. She gained her enhancements while training with great master at the school where her sister taught. In her spare time she helped the people of N.Y. when the fighting got really bad. She spent two years in the army but didn't have all that much fun so she dropped out. When she was 28 she meet Aleec and he offered her a place to fight with the Freedom Fighters.
Weapons: She uses hand-to-hand combat and she has two knives in her boot.
Enhancements: Gravity defying, Senses, Stamina, Night-vision, X-Ray, Speed
Telepathy, Accuracy.

Tell me if I need to change anything[/COLOR]
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Ok, those are good so far, but mimiru945 can you add a little more detail into your bio, and if you could finish your sign-up, Pumpkin, then that would be good.

I don't know how we're going to get more people involved in this, but if you could tell people who you think might enjoy this about it then that would be much appreciated.

Thanks to all of you.
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OOC: Yay! Anarchy okay'ed my idea to run two characters. :D

Name: Alexander Cross

Call sign/Codename: Spectre

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Side: Freedom Fighter

Nationality: American

Appearance: Alexander is 5? 11? tall, has dark-brown hair, green eyes, and a body that people joke is ?thin as a fence post.? His years of military training have left him with well-developed muscles, however. His face is generally gentle, but can be quite frightening when he is angry. During his off periods, or when not in the field, he can be found wearing a white T-shirt, his military dress slacks and tennis shoes. He rarely dons a full dress uniform. While out on a mission he wears a black jumpsuit, black boots, black gloves, and a black ski mask. While he is out scouting his appearance varies depending on the area.

Personality: Alexander is generally an easy going person, who often disregards minor military protocols (like wearing a proper dress uniform). He will, at times, try to irritate Amanda (see next sign-up) in order to drive her mad, but he gets away with it, usually, since it is all in good fun. Among others he has a gregarious nature that lets him make friends easier, but he will still be strict with them if they do something to push his limits. During a battle situation he becomes very serious, and surprises others by actually following protocol.

Bio: Growing up in a military family didn?t leave Alexander much leeway with what he would do after high school. He was pretty much expected to join up and defend his country after graduation. During basic training he showed an amazing aptitude for the lessons that were drilled into his unit, and was scouted for the Special Forces. Thanks to having taken after-school theater classes he found himself being trained as a scout, with extra lessons in breaking and entering, and computer hacking.

Alexander?s climbed the ranks over the years before being offered to train his own unit. It was at that time that a chance encounter dropped Amanda into the light, and later into his unit. Their skill as a unit finally brought them to the attention of the Freedom Fighters, who offered Alexander a spot in their New York offensive. Alexander agreed, but on one condition, that Amanda would accompany him.

Weapons: 9mm silenced pistol at the base of his back, combat knife in his boot, and a pouch containing a dart gun and several poisoned darts.

Enhancements: Implanted weapon (tazer in his right hand), Night-vision, Analyze, Telepathy, Quick fingers, Bedlam, Stamina


Name: Amanda ?Amy? Fitch

Call sign/Codename: Cold-eye

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Side: Freedom Fighter

Nationality: American

Appearance: Amanda is 6? 2? tall, has short black hair, ice-blue eyes, and a slightly larger muscle mass then Alexander. If not for the almost constant scowl, and disturbing attitude, she would qualify a beautiful to many people. Her right ear is pierced at the top with three silver rings, another sign of the unit?s lack of protocol. While not in the field she wears jungle-camo pants, a T-shirt, combat boots, and a denim jacket with the arms torn off. In the field she wears the same black jumpsuit/boots/gloves/mask combo as Alexander. She will also change appearance for scouting missions, but stays a distance from Alexander and watches over him.

Personality: Amanda has an abrasive personality that shuns most people away. Those willing to look past this exterior mask quickly realize that she is just the same deep down. She absolutely hates anyone that shies away from her when she stands up to them, and respect, and even likes, those who are willing to stand up to her. She is easy to agitate, as Alexander proves often, and will shout back and sometimes strike those who really push her. Regardless of these personality quirks, most people say they would rather have her as a friend then a enemy.

Bio: Ever since the beginning of high school Amanda has been a rebellious person. She was caught started, and more often ending, fights, ditching classes, and causing a greater workload for the police. After being expelled from classes for her junior year, Amanda?s parents had finally had it, and send her to nearest military boarding school. Even the military school found her to be a handful, and was forced to throw her into a jail cell many times for attacking her instructors.

It was one such occasion that brought her to the eyes of Alexander. While watching her fight off several drill instructors, when visiting the school grounds to scout talent for his unit, he noticed potential, and despite requests for him to reconsider, he chose her to join his unit. From there his spent a great deal of time trying to break her rebellious spirit, but only succeeded in tempering it, and making her fight harder. It is still questionable if she will always follow Alexander?s orders, or one day go rouge, but one thing is for sure, her skills are nothing to be trifled with and the pair fights together as though they were a perfect match since birth.

Weapons: 9mm silenced pistol at the base of her back, combat knife in her boot, a high-tech sniper rifle, and a massive sniper rifle, referred to as ?The Cannon,? that can shoot through walls and armored vehicles (like a Humvee).

Enhancements: Night-vision, Telepathy, Stamina, X-Ray, Strength, Analyze, Accuracy
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=3][FONT=Book Antiqua]Name: Denise Yamazuki

Codename: Dive

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Side: Freedom Fighter

Nationality: American


Personality: Always follow periodical/orders to there fullest extent. Never breaks a rule. He prefers to be alone and is very confident in his own abilities.

Bio: The child of a Japanese women and an American male he has always been friendly towards every one. Join the FBI when he was 19 he had a spotless record and every one loved working with him. This put him as one of the first for enhancements. Testing out a new ability on him he under went many painful experiments, the end result was the ability to be able to at will walk or pass through any solid object. However the experemention left him cold and heartless. Through therapy he has become a little more of his old self. When he was in his most gullible set of mind he joined the black scorpions gang and quickly went up in the rank and falling in love with one of the leaders Sara Dalleion.
Slowly he began to see the errors of his ways and he began to tell the few resistance groups their plans and weak points in their bases. When he was found out they secretly cloned him. The clone can do every thing he can. When they tried to apprehend him his enhancements proved most use full and he walked right out of that part of his life. He joined the freedom fighters to redeem him self.

Weapons: Various 9mm worn on his person
Enhancements; Gravity defying, Speed, and his very unique ability to phase.( He can pass through any solid material. This is not all powerful, it has weaknesses; i.e. if he pouches you then his hand can be hit because it has to be able to hit something to deal some damage. Also if he is sniped and he dose not know about it will hit him ^^)
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[COLOR=Purple]Name: Jak link
Codename: sticky fingers
Age: 20
Gender: female
Side: black scorpions
Nationality: Ireland
appearance: [url]http://www.theanimenetwork.com/showInfo.php?show_num=14&alpha_num=1[/url]
personality: she is a very bossy girl and she likes to joke around and you never know what she is about to do next.
bio: She never went to a military camp but she did live in a concentration camp from when she was 5 to 15. She stowed away on a black scorpion ship and woke up in new York. She was a thief for the longest time and she learned how to build many different things like cars and she learned to build robots to do things for anyone thus she got the name sticky fingers.
She loved to steel her food from the wealthy and she never put it through her mind one day that she was in the black scorpions layer. She was caught and just before they were about to throw her into the street she stopped them and said that she could help them steel things for many projects they had been working on. So they brought her in to build robots and steel things.
Weapons: She has many knives stuffed in her belt and shoes and stuff like that plus she has two swords slung over her shoulders.[/COLOR]
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