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Pantheon: A Home for All Gods [M-LV and maybe S]


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[FONT=Times New Roman][ALIGN=Center][SIZE=3][U][B]PANTHEON[/B][/U][/SIZE]
[I][SIZE=2]A Home For All Gods[/SIZE]

At the beginning of time, the Great Six came into being: Ra, Zeus, Odin, Osiris, Hades, and Hel; Life and Death each presented in aspects of three. All held great power and had many multitudes of believers.

Yet none were content to be one of three. And so the War of the Six began. The great war raged from the fertile valleys of the Nile to the lofty halls of Asgard. The Great Six fought for the belief of humanity which they so craved. Mankind fought because their gods bade them so.

But, as man and god alike battled furiously on the surface, Auroboros, Devourer of Worlds, Harbinger of Obliteration, Serpent of The End Times, plotted below. In their weakened and conflicted state, neither deity nor human held the power to stop Auroboros from rising up and annihilating the world.

All watched in horror as the terrible serpent emerged from the fiery core of the world. Havoc was wrought across the globe, and all hope seemed lost. In desperation, the Great Six joined the astral kingdoms of Asgard and Mount Olympus and bade all to unite against this all-consuming menace.

After many years of struggle, Auroboros was once more cast into the fiery core of the world, where he has waited ever since, constantly probing for weaknesses. It is because of this that the Great Six formed the organization of Pantheon.

Pantheon is led by the Great Six, with all gods working underneath them. This secret society of deities has toiled eternally to thwart the ceaseless efforts of Auroboros.

The year is 2063 A.D. Auroboros is planning something of a far greater scale than ever attempted before.[/I]


Gods from any polytheistic society will be accepted, with these exceptions:

[u][b]NO "BIG GUYS"[/b][/u] - Any leaders of pantheons (e.g. Zeus, Odin, Ra) or main gods of underworlds (e.g. Hades, Hel, Osiris) will not be accepted. However, if there are subordinate underworld gods (e.g. Anubis) those will be accepted.

[u][b]NO GOD-MODDING[/b][/u] - We're only playing as the mortal incarnations of gods, not as gods themselves, so you can still screw up.

[u][b]MUST BE A REAL GOD[/b][/u] - Try not to make up gods. There are a lot of gods out there, and I'm not even thinking about African or Oriental gods, which you can also choose.


[b]Name:[/b] Pretty straightforward. What your character's name is.
[b]Avatar:[/b] Which god your character is the avatar of (avatar is mortal incarnation).
[b]Culture:[/b] Whichever culture originally worshipped this god. This is your god's culture, not your character's.
Casual Form- This is what your character looks like.
Avatar Form- In times of true peril, your character can truly become their god. This is a description of them when in avatar form.
[b]Personality:[/b] Here you can take a bit of creative license. Describe what the god's personality is. For example, should you choose Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, you could say that he's a huge party animal.
[b]Powers:[/b] What powers your character has been granted. All characters receive short-term memory erasure as a basic skill, since Pantheon is a secret society and wants to stay that way. Other than that, come up with some powers that your character's god might grant them.
[b]Armament:[/b] If your god needs weapons, give it some. If not, just say that your god uses powers.
[b]Past Containments of Auroboros:[/b] This is the tricky bit. Do some research and find a noteworthy event in history. Then, tweak it to be an attempt of Auroboros' to invade our world. This'll give me some idea of your RPing skills.


[b]Name:[/b] Amari Rei
[b]Avatar:[/b] Anubis
[b]Culture:[/b] Egyptian
Casual- Amari has a very pale complexion. His eyes are gray and his hair is black, spiky and of medium length. He also sports two jackal ears due to the canine nature of his deity. He wears leather sheaths with many buckles on his arms and legs, with heavy-duty, steel-toe boots. To cover his torso, he wears a leather jumpsuit. The arm and leg sheaths are connected to the jumpsuit.
Avatar Form- [URL=http://digitaljungle.com/genki/winters/images/sketches/anubis.jpg]Click[/URL]
[b]Personality:[/b] Amari is very introverted, with a strong sense of justice. He wears a set of scales on his back and weights in pouches at his side. Should he ever he kill someone, he weighs their soul on the scales. Should the weights prove heavier than the soul, the victim is brought back to life, with a short-term memory erasure. But, should the soul outweigh the weights, the soul is captured in a special container and brought back to Pantheon for Ammit, the soul-eating demon.
[b]Powers:[/b] Amari has been granted the power to return life as well as the basic power of memory erasure. In addition, he can slip into the spirit world, a parallel world where things like the souls of dead people are. When he slips, he appears ghostly to those in the physical world, and can't receive harm from physical sources.
[b]Armament:[/b] Since Amari has no offensive powers, he relies on two pistols for long range and two sickles for close range.
[b]Past Containments of Auroboros:[/b] In 1668 A.D., Auroboros attempted to break through in a place so remote that it was almost certain he would succeed unnoticed. The location was the Solovestskii monastery, on an island in the White Sea, within the Arctic Circle. The only reason it was noticed was that Peter the Great's progressive reforms of the Russian Orthodox church had created deep unrest amongst conservative subjects, such as the monks in the monastery. Like many other trouble spots, troops were dispatched to the Solovestskii monastery to quell the unrest. The monastery was well fortified, however, and had 90 cannons (This much is actually true. Man, those crazy Russians). It was Amari who noticed Auroboros' signature coming from underneath the monastery. He was immediately dispatched to the scene, where he helped the monks resist Peter the Great's forces for more than seven years (the seven years part is also true), replenishing gunpowder and shot when it ran low and providing the monks with artillery training. As the monks kept the troops at bay, Amari and several Pantheon sorcerers completed a seal of containment. However, Auroboros' progress was so much that it took seven years to complete. In the end, the monastery fell to Peter the Great's forces and was made to accept the reforms, but Auroboros' escape had been prevented in yet another instance.

So, let's get those sign-ups coming in![/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Arial Narrow]This sounds excellent!
[B]Name[/B]: Colbey Calistinsson

[B]Avatar[/B]: Kyndig

[B]Culture[/B]: Norse

[B]Casual[/B]: Colbey sports a healthy tan due to his very competitve and active nature. He has a very well defined musculature which he hides under business suits while out in the mortal world. His eyes are a hard icy-blue and this coupled with his blonde locks (worn slightly long, but not allowing it to hamper his vision) make him quite the hearthrob to most women.
[B]Avatar Form[/B]:[URL=http://www.mickeyzuckerreichert.com/cvr_rc_03.html]Here[/URL]

[B]Personality[/B]: Colbey is very energetic, and makes his judgements in mere milliseconds. Though many of his mortal traits still survive, his immortalilty has made him a bit more reflective and less judging of others. His charge is that of balance and equality, making him more wary of those he kills and those whom he lets survive. He is very confident in his abilities, which may make him seem cocky to others.

[B]Powers[/B]: Once having been a member of the Cardinal Four, Colbey gained telepathic abilities, which he has learned to use for both communication and offensively. Though he respects the thoughts of all those whom he considers friends and allies, his fighters ethic allows him to use his mental weapons against the enemy, be it by reading their minds, or crippling their minds outright. Also, having been one of the Cardinal Four, Colbey gained the aid of the avian world, all of whom share a special empathic sense of communcation with him.

[B]Armament[/B]: Kyndig is the master of swordcraft. His name translates to "Skill" which he has more than enough in when it comes to swordplay. Always with him is the sword Harval, which can measure the balance of the world at any time he chooses, and which can cut through any being or material in existence. He carries another exquisitely crafted longsword, both of which he can weild precisely and skillfully, either in concert or alone.

[B]Past Containment of Auroboros[/B]: In the year 1862 A.D. Auroboros felt a sense of hatred, battlelust, and greed that he could not help but try to break free, using the powerful emotions running high in Puebla, Mexico, to aid him. The French, under the orders of the Emperor Napoleon III attacked with a force of 6,000 strong the small bad of Native Americans and Mexicans in the small town. Colbey, who had been searching the world for any of Auroboros movements, was alerted by one of his pet hawks, and quickly made his way to the soon to be battlefield. He alerted the Mexican calvary and persuaded the Native Americans to help, making his troops greater, but not by much. He had the Native Indians attack first, and just as the French Army grew cocky, he rode in with Colonel Diaz cavalry, pushing back the French attack. Leaving the mop up to the Colonel, he rode back to Auroboros spot and with the aid of Pantheon sorcerers, began to place a seal of containment over the spot. Auroboros was furious, and sent many of his lesser demons up to try and stop the sorcerors from finishing their incantations. Colbey engaged the demons the moment they began to show their heads, and was winning, but only by a small margin, when Auroboros claw suddenly pierced through the earth. The sorcerors became frightened, and all seemed lost when suddenly, a great cheer of pure, unbridled happiness was heard coming from the Mexican army. This lent heart to the sorcerors, and diminished Auroboros power, allowing Colbey and the Patheon members enough time to finish the incantation, and seal the spot.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Awesome, I love mythology (I'm a Norse nerd, heh.) I love it so much, I actually converted to Odinisim... Belive it or not, it's still a religion in parts of the world.

[COLOR=SeaGreen]Name: Baillie King

Avatar: Thor (Tor)

Culture: Odinisim (Norse) mainly Scandenavian and Saxon.

Appearance: [URL=http://home.earthlink.net/~norsemyths/pictures/Thorrackham.jpg]Avatar Form[/URL] [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/albums/userpics/10001/oxide24.jpg]Casual Form[/URL]

Personallity: Baillie has a no-nonsense attitude befitting the avatar of Thunder, and is often explosivly angry. Nevertheless, he values comeraderie, especially on the battlefield, above all.

Powers: Baillie was granted the power of reincarnation, the temproary memory loss, aswell as several others powers of the Thunder god, includnig a minor mastry of Lightning, the abillity to travel on a lightning streak, and the all-important Charge abillity. This abillity works by taking any electrical energy and transfering it into power for Baillie, thus charging him. It also makes him imvulnerable to electro-shock.

Arms: Baillie uses the infamouse Mijollnir, the hammer of Thor. Mijollnir is a living entity, and it has its own will. When thrown, Mijollnir will seek out enamies to strike, thus making it a potent weapon from a range and from close up. It deliveres a powerful electric discharge on contact, usually killing or stunning the opponont on contact.

Past Containment of Auroboros: In the year 1798 AD, the British and the French were engaged in a raging war for North America. The battle that essentially delivered North America into british hands was Le Battai De Le Plains D'Abraham, in Quebec City. French general MontCalm was, more or less, a minion or Aurboros. An Indian spirit-guardian was the only diety that had, for far too long, been guarding the area. MontClam knew this, and figured that the diety would be too weak to notice, and, in the bowls of Quebec City, was formulating a spell that would release Aurboros. However, he judged the diety incorectly. He was a diligent as ever, and he noticed instantly. It notified the Pantheon, who dispatched Thor and Tyr to deal with MontCalm. Thor contacted the British general, Wolfe, through a dream, and told him how too take the City. He told him how he could scale the cliffs and take the French by surprise, how to win North America. So, Wolfe did. He scaled the cliffs, and he fought the French on the Plains of Abraham. They crushed the French. Thor took the chance to strike down MontCalm, thus ending his plot to summon Auroboros.[/COLOR]

Ok, hope that's allright.
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]I'm a big fan of mythology, so this looks like a good one!

Name: Jonathan Kingsley

Avatar: Heimdall

Culture: Norse

Appearance: Casual form-Jonathan is average height, with short black hair spiked downwards over his eyes, and bright blue eyes. He is reasonably muscular, but in a wiry sort of way, and he wears a black shirt and trousers, covered by a knee-length black jacket, and a pair of black leather shoes.

Avatar Form-attached

Personality: Jonathan is very serious about his work (stopping Auroboros), but when he is not fighting, he is laid-back and jokes around a lot. He is very loyal, and will not betray his friends.

Powers: Jonathan has extremely enhanced senses. He can see for a hundred leagues day or night, and can hear the grass growing. Also, being the avatar of the Norse god of Light, Heimdall the watchman, he can create powerful blasts of light energy, which he can use as concussion blasts or as a powerful laser when he compresses the light energy.

Arms: Jonathan has a longsword blessed by Odin himself.

Past Containment of Auroboros: Someone had stolen the goddess Freya's precious necklace, Brinsingamen, and no-one could find it. Some way from where the gods searched for this necklace, there were two seals sitting on a rock. They stared at a shiny object at their feet. They greeted each other and went back to staring at the necklace.

One of the seals was Loki, a servant of Auroboros. He had stolen the necklace, believing it to be a key to unlocking Auroboros from his prison, and was now hiding, disguised as a seal. The other seal sat there, and after several hours, it got up, brushed itself down and punched Loki in the face, knocking him out cold.

The other seal turned out to be Heimdall, come to rescue the necklace. He'd disguised himself as a seal, sat on the rock first and lured Loki into a false sense of security. The Brisingamen was later returned by Heimdall to Asgard, where it was kept safe from Auroboros' men.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Hope that's okay.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Times New Roman]I'll accept that, Anarchy, but everyone else, remember that the past containments of Auroboros are pulled from history, not mythology.

Also, the Norse didn't have the [i]only[/i] polytheistic belief system out there. There's the Egyptians and the Greek/Roman, too. And remember, I am accepting Oriental and African gods, even though they have a different concept of it.

If you need inspiration, try reading American Gods by Niel Gaiman. It might not help, but it's a good book anyway.[/FONT]
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Name: Paul O'Bile

Avatar: Belenus (The god of Fire and the Sun)

Culture: Celtic

-Casual- Whiskery beard and mustache. Always wears a suit, gloves, and sunglasses. He is tall, but not noticably so. He isn't a very kind or outgoing person, but is very generous and highly opposed to Auroboros. Short hair, and loafer shoes.
-Avatar- A being of light and flame. His hair is long, as is his beard. His eyes are pure light. He is shirtless (sporting many painted designs and tatoos), and has long pants.

Personality: Has a very giving, but reclusive attitude. He is powerful, but silent. He prefers to help others, and then keep to himself.

Power: The ability to heat anything he holds to incredible temperatures. (The objects retain their basic shape, and glow white-hot)

Armaments: A zan-batou (A long, two handed, thin-bladed sword). He also throws Playing Cards should necessity require.

Previous Auroboros Encounters: 323 BC - The reign of Alexander the Great...

Auroboros had tried to escape by simple means around 356 BC. He influenced a certain Grecian ruler to attempt world conquest. Alexander the Great was his name. Alexander became successful in the endeavors of his lord Auroboros, that is, until he tried to conquer Persia, the one place where Auroboros was to be revived. The Gods grew dire.
Many of the Gods were too mighty then to have been able to stop him unnoticed. They distressed over the many ways to stop Auroboros' champion from attaining his goal of World Domination.
"What are we to do?" Zeus puzzled "We could kill them...". Hades looked over Zeus' shoulder.
"He is far too influential just to snuff out, brother. We're going to need some help. How can we just wipe an entire army off of the planet? They are so very important to the future... this is a puzzle..." Hades offered.

Belenus stood. "I will kill him... With the sun."

Surely enough, as history holds, Alexander the Great died of a disease caused by heat exhaustion. He never made it to his goal.
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