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Bloody Roar: Love Ones Pass


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In this world people are different in their own way. Some people excel in some areas while others don?t. But, when you are so different people send you away, or people treat you like dirt? This is how zoanthropes are treated. Zoanthropes are individuals that are born with animal DNA. They have the power to channel their energy to transform into an animal/person. These individuals are starting to rise in numbers, and they are about to get their payback.
Alice woke up in the middle of the night and looked at her clock. The numbers 4:50 flashed on the small screen. She brought her hand up to her head and sighed. She got out of her bed yawning. As she walked out into the hallway she knocked on Uriko?s door ?Wake up or we?ll be late for school!? The 14-year old burst out of her room yawning and walked down the stairs with her sister. They sat in their chairs and their mother turned around with two plates of pancakes, bacon, and eggs. ?Thanks mom!? they both said and dug into their plates.

Later that day?

?Good Night girls, I?ll be back on Friday!? their mother said she exited the door. The two girls went to their bedrooms and went straight to bed.

Alice woke up as usual at 4:50 and knocked on Uriko?s door. No answer. ?Uriko wake up!!!? she yelled. Still there was no answer. Alice opened the door and saw the bed was empty and the curtains swaying in the wind. ?No..? Alice said quietly. She went over to the window and her eyes turned red.

Her skin turned into white fur and her ear grew to big rabbit ears. She brought her paw up and made it into a fist. She pounced out the window and leaped the roofs of houses. Alice lifted her head and let out a bloody roar.

Fox stood there looking at the man she once knew. The man was lying on the floor pale as a ghost and emotionless. A single tear rolled down her cheek and she leaped on top of a tree. ?Tonight?my claws will drink the blood of those who killed my brother!? Fox?s skin turned into bright gold fur. Her nose grew longer to that of a fox, her claws extended. She howled into the cold night of the full moon.
In the desert?

The only colorful thing was the red and white circus tent in the middle of no where. The man named George walked into his wives dressing room. ?20 seconds ?till show time hun!? he walked out to the middle of the circus ?AND HERE IS BAMBA!!!? he announced and thousands of people clapped. No one came out. ?I will be right back folks..?

He went to check the dressing room and no one was there. Only torn things knocked over dressers and broken glass. George yelled and his skin turned into dark black fur. His face became flat and his shoes ripped and popped off his feet. He banged his chest and roared.
He started running across the desert leaving the circus behind. He kept on yelling to the top of his lungs. ?I AM GOING TO GET BACK MY BAMBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Ok I gave you some examples of what these zoanthropes are out to get. A secret organization is kidnapping love ones of these zoanthropes. Of course the zoanthropes are going to retaliate and try and find who did this. Here are the sign-ups.

Beast form:
Human appearance:
Beast appearance:

OOC: If you have any question please Private Message me. Thank-you.
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Well I'm signing up! ^ ^
Name: Luna Lee

Age: 15

Beast form: Cat

Personality: (fill this later)

Human appearance: (fill this later)

Beast appearance: Black Ears and a tail with golden eyes.

Introduction: (fill this in later)

OOC: Sorry. I promise I'll fill this out later.
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