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Gaming Forgive my . . slowness. . =P


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Ok. . hopped over to the Super Smash Brothers: Melee website, checking once again in an attempt to see if they had finalized the site, and had it up and running:


Unfortunately, they don't. . but thick-headed and slow me noticed for the first time. At the bottom of the screen, they say (and I qoute. . always wanted to say that):

On December 3, over [B]20[/B] of Nintendo's biggest stars will come together for the ultimate battle on the Nintendo GameCube.

For a minute, it didn't register in my mind, then I read it over. . over 20?!?. . . WOAH!! I thought it was going to be like 16 or something. . . ok, here we go now:

[B]Original Characters[/B] (12 characters total) :

Donkey Kong
Captain Falcon
Luigi(which they don't show on the main screen . . why?)

[B]New Characters[/B] (that have been shown) :

Ice Climbers (counting them as two)
Princess Zelda (since she can turn into Shiek, we will count that as two)
Princess Peach
Ganondorf (confirmed by 'sources' from IGN.com)

That is 19 by my count. . so I wonder. . *wonders* Who are the others going to be? . . . Everyone put down your thoughts on this.

Mine -

Sonic? (as rumored in many magazines. . that he COULD make an appearance)
Toad? (Don't know why. . but if Princess is in there, her hand-maid has to be there, right?)

Well. . all I can really think of, so let me know what YOU think! :D

P.S. - Couldn't find an older thread of this. . Soooo. . . had to start a new one.

[EDIT] - Added Ganondorf, making it 19 - [END EDIT]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by NorykoAngelcry [/i] Toad? (Don't know why. . but if Princess is in there, her hand-maid has to be there, right?)[/B][/QUOTE]

Actually, Toad is in the game. (kind of) I have a pic of Peach holding Toad out in front of herself, like a shield. Who knows whether he'll be a playable character or not. (I hope he is though)

Here's the pic. *searches through his 214 screen shots* Okay, I found it.
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ROFL, I totally forgot about that picture. . Had it saved PrincessusesaShield . . so totally overlooked it. . renamed it now. . LOL

It would be pretty sweet to play as Toad. . though. . I can't really relate any attacks with him. . wait. . can't really think of attacks for Princess Toadstool either. . oh well >_<
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by kuja [/i]
[B][SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]anyone remember mario RPG... frying pan... nuff said :)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE] [/B][/QUOTE]

Heh. Yeah, I remember. I have an early screen shot (from E3) of her holding a frying pan, too. I've heard that she'll also be able to throw turnips, like from SMB 2.

btw, Ice Climbers will be one character. They're tethered together with a rope. You control one of them, and the CPU controls the other.

Here's that shot of her with the frying pan:
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