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Discuss RPG Preview of : "Super Smash Bros. Revolution"


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[COLOR=Gray]Here's how it goes: I'm posting this preview of my RPG to see how good--or popular---it is. The rating will be a number out of ten (i.e. 5/10) and you can tell me whether it's good or bad and its reasons... sort of like a review, I guess. :animeknow

For every 10/10 I get, tell all you friends about it. For every 5/10, you tell HALF of your friends about it. If I get a 0/10 (I [I]will[/I] weep, people! :animedepr ), then tell no one... but I don't really expect a lot of zeroes. Otherwise, I'll cry and flood the whole place.

Anyhoo, if I get AT LEAST 50 10s, I'll start the RPG and you can join. How's THAT for organized? You can write your own RPG preview if you want;I don't mind people copying this idea. It might get their hopes up to know if their RPG'll thrive. I know that Surfboard Boys made it good... until some Admin dude screwed up the RPG. It was so hilarious! (That Shy is a real killjoy.) But nonetheless, I'll be waitingfor your idea about this preview first. I want to know, first of all, if previewing an RPG is even a good idea.

Truly whacko, LashamaruChaos :catgirl: [/COLOR]
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Here's the preview!

[I]In Otaku Manor, Lashamaru was tampering with the Melee Machine...

Machine: Beep boop bop boop beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! [KABOOM!]

Lash: [cough, cough] Dammit all! I knew I shouldn't have messed with it!

MS: [walks in,coughs slightly] What in Kiashko's name happened?!

Lash: Um... [slides in front of the ashes of the machine] Nuthin.

Kilala the Hammer Elf: You really do suck when t comes to lying, right ol' pal MS?

MS: Yuppers. It's true. I can fix that whatchamacallit and summon a Portal Pipe with a lot of complications and blueprints and--

Lash: ...Or we can program it to the pipes in the Main Hall.

MS: --And that works just fine!

Kilala: Know it all.

MS: And proud of it! :animeknow

Kilala: That wasn't a complement, Nerdy McMonkrobes.

MS: :animeswea ...

After a lot of boring hours, every anime known to mankind appears at the Mansion; some are inside, while others are outside.

Lash: [steps outside on a platform] welcome. I am Lash.

All anime: Hi, Lash.

Lash: You are here for a reason.

Vash: Doughnuts?

Lash: No.

Spike: Money?

Lash: :animesigh No.

InuYasha: The Shikon shards?

Shippo: Candy?

Edward: Alchemy lessons?

Lash: :animeangr No, no, and you take those lessons in Soul Calibur Academy.

InuYasha: ****.

Shippo: Aww!

Edward: [snaps fingers]

Lash: Inu, you eat ****; Shippo, there'll be candy when you get back; and Edward Elric, I don't why I'm saying this but, I love you.

Edward: :animeblus

Lash: You will explore my experimental game via Pipe Portals--

Kaiba: But you said you still needed to work out the bugs.

Lash: You want to be tortured to insanity in my Mideval Torture Room?

Kaiba: :shifty: I don't think so...

Lash: :demon: I can be VERY evil if you want me to!

Raditz: :D Okay!

Lash: :nervous: I won't take that chance yet. Now please step into one of these pipes.

A hord of Portal Pipes appear, and each anime character jumps in until no one is left.

Lash/Kilala/MS: Let the fun begin! :devil:

Everyone appears and is greeted by... Master hand?!

Master Hand: Welcome all, new fighters. If you've played Melee, you know the rules. I'll explain the rules anyway...

7 hours of explaining later...

Master Hand: ...And that's it.

Everyone: :sleep:

Lash: :animesigh BO-ring!

Master Hand: Alright then. Let the fights begin!

Everyone is ent down a hole the diameter of Jupiter, and everyone screams with fear... which is pretty loud.

This is our tale of fights and stuff.[/I]

That's it. How'dya like it? Sorry it took so long, though.
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The only real problem i can see is that there isnt much description of the environment the characters are in. For all we know the sending them to the master hand at a dungeon, a field, an empty room. However this IS a minor point that can easily br fixed and the rest of it is good.

8/10 (very good)
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Well, when they met Master Hand, they were where you can only find Master Hand: Final Destination. The holetook them into the Black Hole that ate FD in the orginal SSB. They'll all float when they get to the "bottom." As soon as a battle starts, the hole will morph into a stage like Hyrule Temple or Peach's Castle; it depends on Master Hand's will.

Problem solved. :animeknow And don't tell me I'm a Know It All... because it's true! :animecry:

Also, instead of 50 10s, it must be 5 5/10s or over. When I get that number, SSBR will come alive!
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[size=1][b]This thread is closed because it does not contain a rating in the title. You can post your ideas again and continue to get feedback but you must remember to include this or it will be closed again.

Please check out the Underground sticky for more information. ^_^

- Arcadia[/b][/size]
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