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Story: [SIZE=1]"'Are ye telling me that the blades are magical?" The Large warrior asked the Armourer, A bit skeptical that any magical weapons could be sold in this particular Armoury. "Yes, that they are" The other man awnsered proudly, not sure about how the warrior was glancing around. What he didn't know was that the big man was using one of his magical items. The man turned in anger towards the warrior, sensing he was about to be cheated out of a sale when all of a the warrior grabbed him by the throat and lifted him right off the ground. "These blades are not the ones that you say they are, You would try to cheat the lord of storms?" With that, The Knight lifted the smaller man off of the ground and hurled him through the stone wall, causing him to land with a sickening thud.[/SIZE]

Moments earlier the man in the house next to the armoury woke up with a jump, He wondered if he had dreamed the whole incident and decided to open up the windows to let some air in. He would regret that for a while because when he was opening the window the armourer was sent flying through his wall on the third floor to land on the ground. They guy look out towards the armoury and saw a massive and darkly clad man standing over the gap. The man-mountain turned and in a flash dissapeared from sight. The lone man looked down and saw the corpse of the armourer. What he hadn't counted on was the people across the road that had been woken by the crashing and the thudding. They all looked down at the corpse and since there was not a visible person one the top floor of the armourers, they looked to the buildings next to it and saw the youth. It took a moment for the to start to yell but by then he had gotten dressed in his armour, buckled on his blade and fled the city. He didn't know why the armourer was killed but since the man was a friend he would avenge his death. Over the months he met with others that were driven from their homes by incidents caused by the Storm Lord. They all wanted revenge on him no matter what happened.
Thats abouit all there is to the story, They don't know that he is a fallen god who is searching to find the blades weilded by the White Goddess and the Blood Lord. If he can gather both of them he will have another power to become a god again and bring his followers into the realm. He will still be as powerful as anu god just that he isn't immortal. Because of this noone can be him.

Human- These are your basic beings, They are most widespread and possess no major powers or weaknesses.

Elf- Tall and slender, These are found the least because of their smaller numbers. They possess great vision and hearing but are poor when it comes to strength and constitution.

Dwarf- Shot,Stocky and Bad-Tempered. These are uncommon because they prefer to keep to their caves. They are incredibly resistant when it comes to magic and poison but are incredibly thick.

Shontar- These are small beings, smaller than dwarves and less strong. They are also widespread because they are liked by nearly all. They are curious and have a habit of accidently stealing stuff.

Kaverick- These creatures which are half-dog and half-human are least liked by all and are stronger than their cat counter-parts. They are not incredibly intelligent though

Kalik- These Half-Cat, Half-Humans are faster and more intelligent then their dog counterparts. They are not as strong however but are accepted all thorugh the realms.

Half Breed- This can consist of any two races and will usually have the two races strengths. They are rarely welcomed because of their mixed blood.

Character Creation

Name: Straightfoward
Race: See above and pick
Class: Go Wild for this
Magic: This is what type of magic you use if you're class is a magic using type.
Weapon: Nothing too magically powerful but other than that you can go wild.
Bio: Nothing major, Just about how your character became involved in this.
Appearence: Written Description or Pic.
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