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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=2][FONT=Book Antiqua]Well now I guess that this under ground thread is open as pre your request. I guess that here we can discuses things pertaining to the role play, Instead of littering the role play with anger Ooc?s ^^. Well I currently have nothing that I need to ask, wait a moment perhaps I do. Would it be such a bad idea to bring some one from a former role play( a pokemon one of course) that , Rorohiko was a part of. I was hoping to bring Carter back, for a little while if possible. However I think that would be a bad idea and most likely wont so I guess I was talking out loud ^^.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][FONT=Verdana]Just wanted to put my imput...

I personally don't like that idea much. It's not quite fair (or fun) for the people who weren't in the other roleplays. Rorohiko (correct me if I'm wrong, please) is different; that's probably the character that he uses for most/all Pokemon-type-things.

Though I guess bringing Kazu back...nevermind :animesmil [/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=blue][size=1]Interacting with a few NPCs that just happen to be your previous characters wouldn't be such a bad thing. They could help out our group, or they could battle with a trainer from our group. But I don't think any of your past characters should become tied in with the story. That would just confuse things.

But yeah. I wouldn't mind Maki making an appearance, if you know what I mean. ^_~[/size][/color]
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[CENTER][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]Erm, I'm putting Katai in for a few posts... There are quite a few reasons... Besides, Rorohiko and I think it might be fun for them to have a battle, no? ^^

Anyway, I'm gonna post a little about Katai below for people who weren't in the last RPG, but you can have her in your posts pretty much however you want 'cause she's not ACTUALLY my character anymore... (I will also be using Katai's signature ORANGE font!)

[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=DarkOrange]Name:
Katai Sakurai


16 ('Cause Rorohiko's 17 and she was only a year or two younger than him.)

Appearence: Very petite, not even 5 feet tall. Wears a TR uniform similar to Jessie's only it doesn't have sleeves and there's pants instead of a skirt. Her hair is a little longer than shoulder length, and it's original color is pink, but she dyed it green and orange.

Personallity: Brilliant but doesn't show it. She's a pokemon nurse and the ring-leader of Team Rocket. She is very VERY clumsy unless she's climbing trees or up in the air or something. Now acts even more ditzy and girly than before, if that's possible.

Scizor (nicknamed Emerald...Don't ask.) Clefairy, Venonat, Beedrill, Espeon, Golduck[/COLOR][/FONT]

I think that's good enough. She's only gonna be in for a little while. Hey, do you people think I should bring Satoshi back, too, since he's just a Katai duplicate, or no?[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=3][FONT=Book Antiqua]OK since the infamous Katai has re appeared I kinda thought that I could have some people come back as well.

Name: Carter
Age: 16
Gender: male
· Dragonair
· Pichu
· Gyarados
· Pikachu (pichu?s father)
· Spheal
· Flygon

He has other pokemon but these are his main ones.

Personality: He makes friends with everyone and hates no one. Dose not like to battle to the death but enjoys a nice little badge battle every now and then. He is nice and very observant of his surroundings, and smarter than most but not a nerdy person.

Reason for being in Kenato: He is trying to catch the legendary birds.

Bio: He is currently the pokemon contest champion in every category. He use to battle for the right to be a pokemon master but found his true calling when he first got to Hoen. In his first pokemon league match he barely defeated Katai and went on to be beaten by Josh in the next round. He did not compete in the orange island tournament. In Johto league match he again defeated Katai but when she was brought back in as a replacement for some one else she beat him with one pokemon. In hoen he did not compete. He is now after the legendary pokemon in hopes of being the first to catch them all, and unofficial side kick to Josh.

Name; Josh
Age: 17
Gender: male
· Eevee
· Charizard
· Skarmory
· Camerupt
· Lunatone
· Butterfree

Here are his others from which he often switches.
· Fearow
· Cloyster
· Mankey
· Doduo
· Houndoom
· Kingdra
· Manectric
· Ditto

Personality: In this part of the role-play he plays the ?hard core cop?. He is not alwas compassionate but always truthful. He is quite a good trainer but has yet to win a league match. Some times he can get a little cocky but can usally be fixed with a powerful verbal discharge. When he is determined he can not fail. He care for all pokemon, though he battles very aggressively.

Reason for being in Kenato: Trying to catch Katai

Bio: He us to be a person ?like Gary only 10 times worse. He was also joined Team Rocket for a long while before he found what was truly important for him, his friends and pokemon. To atone for his crimes he has become a police officer, and has promised to catch the new ring leader of team rocket, Katai. Memories of his past often haunt him and he has, like times when he is mildly insane if one tries to find out to much about his past or already knows to much and exposes it.

OOC: These were both my people from the Pokemon Dragonair?s orb Rp although they have changed a lot. They (when they arrive) will be treated as NPC, not my characters, if you don?t mind.
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I'm also going to bring in an old character soon. This guy's always been an NPC, never my character. He basically has to show up sometime, seeing as how I'm using Rorohiko as my character. His name is Victor Trolmont. I don't have the sign-up thing for him (he's always been an NPC, and normally uses others to do the dirty work, so I don't have a lot about him), but I do have some information. Here it is:

Trolmont is one of the highest members of the cult (yes, the one that's after Rorohiko). He's a very dangerous man, because he's smart. Smart, devious, and a religous fanatic. Not a man you want to cross. He has a couple roles for the cult. He frequently leads major missions, the purpose being, in their words, to either 'Spread the faith' (translation: forcefully convert people) or 'Counter the Devil's attempt to corrupt and destroy our world' (everyone else calls these missions 'acts of terrorism').

Trolmont's other job is what the cult calls a 'Savior'. saviors are in charge of finding people who are 'unknowingly doing the Devil's work' and 'show them the truth', meaning convert them. Rorohiko's research on Absol, which the cult considers a Satanic pokemon, qualified as the Devil's work. Trolmont came to convert him. As soon as he realized what was happening, he proceeded to beat every scrap of information he could out of Trolmont. This marked as an 'active and willing ally of Satan', and the cult is now trying to kill him.

Rorohiko and Trolmont have had a few run-ins, but Trolmont wasn't assigned to 'Elimination of the Satanic', meaning he didn't go out to kill those considered active and willing allies of Satan. However, Rorohiko has become a greater threat in the eyes of the cult, and his elimination is a high priority. And Trolmont has a personal grudge against him.

Well, that's the basics. Hope it wasn't too confusing. I don't know when I'll bring Trolmont in, but it'll probably be sometime soon.
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[CENTER][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]Trolmont, Josh, and Carter, oh my!

Heh... It seems I've started a trend ^^ Nah, joking aside, I think Josh being a cop is super cool! (And really ironic, since it was kind of his fault Katai JOINED TR, anyway... Former member now attempts to foil current leader... Neato!) Carter hasn't changed much... 'Cept that he's always hanging aroung Josh... Carter used to be the head guy with Kazu and Katai at his heels, was he not? Eh, whatever.

Okay, my real reason for posting... I want to know who all is trying to obtain the badges, for that will help me decide whether or not that should be Karia's goal. Yes, she wants to be the ultimate strategist, but I don't think it's really her dream to enter the league... Especially if she'll just be a scapegoat to lose to Tsuka or Scott or Kite... Those are our only newbies, right? (Other than Karia)

So if not, I need to find another motive for Karia. Also, Brookline, I hope you don't mind me starting the Josh-Katai intro... If I find time tonight. I'll leave it just like we talked about 'cept the Aura part... 'Kay? Cause I won't be able to get on for a few more days... Maybe a week... I have too much business ec. and essay homework!

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I have decided to quit this RP. It has become too confusing, even for my intelect. However, I would like to insert my opinions about what I think went wrong with it before I quit.

First of all, this RP is supposed to be a "Full Revolution" of Pokemon. It is confusing to add characters from other RPs if you are trying to do one that is supposed to be fresh. Having an entire group of people get introduced at once (ones that were once played by actual people) is too much to take. The complications of it are staggering.

Second, having seen that some characters are new or created for this RP, I noticed that they are revealing too much about themselves without the story actually developing to the point where the information would actually be surprising or interesting. Already confronting a high member of Team Rocket? Getting new trainer characters involved in something over their heads? I am seeing no development in this story, because it seems that all of the fore-mentioned players are rushing the story.

I thought that the older characters (agewise) were going to create a story that centralizes around the trainers that had just started their journey. That is why I joined and I am seeing that the original concept of this RP was one that I apparently missinterpreted. I am walking away from this and I hope that somehow this RP (and the players) will get its act together.

I am posting one more time to allow my character to leave.
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I will be joining this rp. Oh! Brookline Oked it.

Name: Ryan Abitt
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Starter Pokemon: Eevee
Pokemon: Eevee, Onyx, Oddish, Abra, and Ghastly.
Bio: Ryan began his journey when he was ten. Back then, he wanted so much to become a pokemon master, but now he wants to be the greatest pokemon wacther. He doesn't have that much pokemon (5) but he doesn't care. He cares for his pokemon and they care for him. He is in search for one pokemon however. Dratini. After that he just wants to... well watch pokemon.
Personality: Ryan is just your normal pokemon watcher. He does however have a short temper and doesn't like people who force their pokemon to fight or abuse their pokemon.
Description: Ryan is 6' tall and is undernurished. He always wears a hoody and pants, and he also has a necklace with a symbol on it. (will attach later.) He has green eyes and shoulder length brown hair.

EDIT: It may be a while before I come in. I want to make an entrance. Sort of. I just dont want to come in now. I waiting for a good time to join.
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