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Anime Best Anime Girl Tournament R1 M4: Merle(Escaflowne) vs. Nabiki(Ranma 1/2)


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Match 4!

I only have one rule. Don't just post the character that you voted for's name. If you're going to say who you voted for, then explain why you voted for who you voted for, even if that explanation is just quoting someone that shares your sentiments. It doesn't need to be complicated, it just needs to be more than a one or two word answer.

Nabiki's gonna win. She's seems to be a pretty well liked character in pretty well known anime. Not near as many people have seen Escaflowne.

Merle (Vision of Escaflowne)



Nabiki Tendou (Ranma 1/2)


I was originally going to vote for Merle, but come to think of it, Nabiki is actually a pretty cool character. In the first season alone (as far as I've seen), she blackmails both Ranma and Kuno. I like those sorts of characters. I can't say much on Merle, other than that she looks like a cute character. Nabiki's still cuter, though.

Edit: I'm pasting this here too:

[b]Listen up! If these things don't start getting some posts soon, I'm going to have to shut this down.(And the mods would if I didn't.) Like I keep saying at the beginning of each thread, it doesn't have to be long or complicated! You don't need to go into plot twists or examples or anything like that. I won't get irritated with you if you just say "I happen to like Katsumi's character more. She's more charismatic than Caska, and cuter." Just so long as it has more substance than "Katsumi" or "Katsumi's better", its fine.

In other words, if you want this show to continue, pipe up and say something when you go to vote![/b]
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[color=#4B0082]Tied once more, as I vote for Nabiki. :p

I haven't (yet) seen Escaflowne, but I doubt anyone's going to top Nabiki any time soon. Throughout all seven anime seasons, the OAV, two movies, and 38 volumes of manga, Nabiki never failed to amuse me. Whether through blackmail, extortion, or simply making fun of people, she's a consistantly funny character. Anything involving Nabiki is sure to be good.[/color]
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That's not the way that it works. Once I post the winner, the poll is just around for the hell of it. Plus, I don't see a "lock/delete poll" option...

I actually considered changing the rules to what you're suggesting a few weeks ago, but that would give people more incentive to continue bumping older matches. That isn't a bad thing when just a few older ones are bumped, but if it became really common, it might lead to flooding. And if that happened, people might start accusing me of flooding the folder with versus matches, and then people would probably start trolling (not that this is a board with a lot of trolls, but easily irritated people are everywhere)- I'm sure that you see the problem.
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No doubt...the problem is, I forgot that you weren't moderator...see, you gave me an idea to run an anime girl contest at another site's forum, and there, I'm moderator, so I can lock the topics as I please...I got a little mixed up and thought that you had the ability to lock topics...sorry :animesmil
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