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[COLOR=DarkGreen]Hello people of OB, I have money to waste and I noticed that I'm lacking in music DVDs, so I figured why not get more and be..uh...not...lacking in them.

I know some good concert DVDs and such, but not many. I didnt know which ones to pick so I figured that the people at OB could help.

I already have:
Clash: West Way to the World
AC/DC: Live At Donningtons

My music tastes are: mostly everything rock, from the old to the new. I DON'T like emo and the 80s hair/glam metal (poison, twisted sister etc.) and I probably will get All That Could Have Been(Nine Inch Nails) and one by Queen, though I can't remember what it was called.

Well anyways, thanks in advance, and I'm out like a fat kid in dodgeball![/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]You have a Clash DVD? Let me see it! :animeswea

Anyway, you know that the [B]Slipknot[/B] live DVD kicks so much a**. I liked [B]Korn[/B]'s DVD. Not the live one but the other one. I have both, the live one is just... meh. But the other one has a ton of funny clips and whatever, plus a bunch of music vids. [B]Rage[/B] live from their last concert kicked all forms of a**. Dont waste your money on [B]Mudvayne[/B] though. I wasnt pleased with their DVD. Not the one i have anyway. Well those are all DVDs i have, so that probably wont help you.

My dad has the [B]Zepplin[/B] DVD (i'm not talking about [I]The Song Remains the Same[/I], but the other one), and you know how much it rocks! It doesnt matter if i have it or not, you NEED to buy it! I also hear that there's this one Manson DVD that's really good.

Holy crap, i just realized that i got a [B]Pearl Jam[/B] DVD last Christmas, and i haven't even watched it yet! Whats wrong with me?! Gee i feel hyper right now, i wanna go home... :animestun

Well just look around, and see what good band DVD's there are. [B]NIN[/B] perhaps? That'd be cool. Whatever, see you fifth hour, haha.[/COLOR]
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If you like Linkin Park then get Linkin Park Live in Texas. Static X also has one that comes with their [B]Shadowzone[/B] album. It's a pretty sweet DVD. I also have a Manson DVD called Guns Gods and Government Tour.

I've been wanting to get a few Adema DVDs and possibly the Mudvayne one(apparently taken at the same concert as Linkin Park Live in Texas)
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