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Discuss Revenge of Avalon Underground [M- LSV]


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[i][color=Navy][size=3][font=Times New Roman] Morgaine watched as the mists closed around Avalon, locking her out forever?[/font][/size][/color][/i]


[center]The setting is modern day British Isles. People have been disapearing from the area for the past month. After the last disappearance, a group is being put together to find out what happened to these people and bring them back. [/center]

This obviously is the undground thread for the game I'm working on getting going in the inn. If anyone has questions about making a character etc, post them here or pm me. I've also attached a basic over view of the version Avalon story I based the RPG off of in case anyone has questions along that line.

Hope I get enough sign ups to get it into the square :catgirl: . Enjoy!


[CENTER][B]Ok, I want to get this started. Before I do, I?ll need everyone to post here what their character?s relationship with the situation is (grad student, student, local, etc) and why they?re part of the search party. Then we?ll be moving to the square [/B] ;)[/CENTER]

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[COLOR=Navy]Armes is a student at Cambridge and was Katie's flat mate before she dissapeared, she is part of the expidition because they needed someone who did well with other languages and Armes is now searching with the others for her missing friend. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]OOC: Just because my character is the reincarnation of Lancelot's foster mother does not mean he can call her mother, Anarchy. ;)Although that would be amusing. Or I could just be weird... :animeswea [/COLOR]
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[I]OOC: Hope you don't mind a little of Merlin's powers finally coming out Astdis. I think it would b a good idea if you did a nice long post, so we can get the story moving along. Just a suggestion.[/I]

I know, I need to make them longer :animeswea . But that's why I gave us a fight, too keep it moving . And that's exactly what I want, play the character out the way you see her, use the situations presented to you to expand her, have fun! :catgirl:

[I]OOC: Hope I haven't rushed anything or gotten in the middle of anything important here, Astdis and Reiku[/I]

A little rushed (I didn't get to fight anything, lol) but it's fine. That's what happens in an online rpg, I'll just have to give something else to fight...

[I]OOC: Seriously, I should be fined for how long it takes me before I remember to post.[/I]

Hey, I could seriously use the $ if you're offering Starr :catgirl:

You guys are doing great!
(goes off to find lil kitsune boy and Kairi...)
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