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[CENTER]Incoming Message?



?Thank you for applying the Microsoft Online Schools. We are happy to inform you, the applicant, that you have been accepted. Please make note to take care in purchasing every item that has been indicated on the attached list. We are looking forwards to you attending our school.?

[CENTER]Message End?




?Once the truth is let out there will be nothing stopping you from successfully eliminating?

[CENTER]Message Destroyed?[/CENTER]


None other than the heir to the Microsoft Empire, Lester Gates, developed Microsoft Online School system. With this development of new technology back in the late 2020?s a new way of living was invented. Originally designed to allow the most interactive game play in the world it was amazing the other uses that were developed for it. Interactive gaming wasn?t destroyed, but if you are capable of living inside a video game why not live parts of your life in a virtual world? At first the government grew fearful of this new system and what it could possibly do if let out too loose, but surprisingly Microsoft had somehow managed this interface that became tolerant to most methods of hacking and pirating. The firewalls were difficult to get past, especially with the new plugs that had been developed. You became the PC and your mind became the motherboard. Originally these plugs had to be purchased as a convenience for those who were rich enough to afford such items, but as soon as the first online school programs became popular it grew more and more often to have the plugs installed at a young age. Then it came with birth. The only chance people had of being educated was the online schools. It was the way life had become. If you could not attend school you couldn?t become anything

This is how it works. You go to your jack and you use the plug on the back of your neck to jack into the bio-net (the new form of internet developed specifically for mind integration). Your mind would suddenly be transported to the online society. You would take a physical form mirroring your real body back at your home with the same limits and unique capabilities. Your body does receive a major benefit from the bio-net since what happens inside can be transferred out to your real body. For instance you lift weights inside of the either net. A direct bio-hook would actually tell your body systems that you are lifting the weights and any strengths gained, as well as pains, are transferred over to your body through a complex system designed to make this work.

The Microsoft Online School system is one of the highest and most sought after schools on the bio-net. It only accepts qualified applications and certain characteristics must be met.

If you haven?t guessed by now our characters will be living in this world and they all have just been accepted to the high school level of Microsoft Online Schools. Now it may a prestigious school, but the people attending don?t have to all be perfect a strait A student or scholarship material. We will be starting on our first day. Also we don?t only attend class online. There are more than just the schools on the bio-net.



Age: (15-19)
Appearance: (pics and description are both fine)
Personality: (Interactions with people etc.)
Bio: (A brief history)
Classes: (Be creative, but nothing too outrageous)

Remember because of the bio-net almost everything that is capable of being done in life can be done here.
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Name: Katsumi Aurion

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dirt-red hair that reaches down to shoulders. Has inquisitive violet eyes.
Usually wears a black tank-top, dark blue jeans, and black fingerless gloves.

Personality: Usually likes to question authority, ALWAYS has an out-spoken opinion, which usually gets her into trouble. Also very blunt; she'll never sugar-coat ANYTHING! Is also kind and caring.

Bio: Katsumi was the kind of person who LOVED getting into trouble. The cops usually had to take her home. Usually for grafitti, but hey, her parents taught her to be creative.
Katsumi was home-schooled for the last two grades of gradeschool and all of junior high, so when her parents decided Homeschool wasn't going to cut it, they advised Katsumi to apply for The Microsoft Online School. Katsumi did just that, and surprisingly enough, she was accepted.

Hobbies: Role-Playing, drawing, hanging out with friends, just chilling out.

Classes: Math, science, english, home-ec, art, gym, music.
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[COLOR=DimGray][B]Name: [/B] James Chang

[B]Age:[/B] 18

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://animevisions.net/Pictures/guys/Squall.jpg]Click Here[/URL] No gun, take off jacket and add longer shirt.

[B]Personality:[/B] Fun and happy-goer. Loves to get active and may get calm and mellow. He tends to be some kind of party person and also tends to be a mysterious person. You never know what he's gonna do next...

[B]Bio: [/B] *Later*

[B]Hobbies:[/B] Get outside and have fun. Likes to read a good book. Swim, computer, chat over the computer, and hang around with some friends.

[B]Classes: [/B] Math, Languages, Gym, Art, History, Science[/COLOR]

[B]OOC: Thinking of bio and going to add some classes soon.[/B]
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Name: Leo Donte

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: I'll find one.

Personality: Can be a very charming character with a huge twist to him. He can also be devious at times if benifiting something that he keeps secret. He loves to interact with other students and is almost always around girls.

Bio: In school he hadn't ever tried too hard to get anything done, that was until something that changed his life occured. He never shared with anyone what it was but it caused him to turn himself around and go on to get accepted into the Microsoft Online High School. Sometimes it also causes him to do unpleasant things that he doesn't want to do but says needs to be done.
Hobbies: Well besides flirting he is wrapped up in many intellectual games such as Stratigo, Chess, Go, and Klondike. He does enjoy most physical and any other sort of game. He has always been open accept for what happend to him that changed him.

Classes: Pre-calc, Adv. Physics, Weights, Personal Fitness, Microsoft CPU work, free hour.
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Age: 16
Appearance: [url]http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/PrettyGirl.jpg[/url]
Personality: Smart, Funny and outgoing
Bio: Tres is a student at the online school system who has the same science class as Katsumi Aurion and the same art class as James Chang Although pretty and popular, Tres seems to be drawn to the people who are the most distant. She always tries to befriend almost anyone. A very feminine girl,Tres loves all things cute, and chooses to be a vegetarian out of deference to animal rights.
Hobbies:Writeing and hanging out with friends
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[B]Name:[/B] [I]Andrew John Campbell[/I]

[B]Age:[/B] [I]17[/I]

[B]Gender:[/B] [I]Male[/I]

[B]Appearance:[/B] [I]Andrew stands at just above 5’9”, weighs around 168 lbs and has a broad build. His light brown hair is always spiked vertically upwards and his piercing hazel eyes look around with purpose. He has handsome good looks despite always having a look of discomfort on his face. Andrew always wears dark blue jeans, normally a T-shirt of some kind with either a logo or writing of some description on it and white trainers. Normally wears a silver chain around his neck.[/I]

[B]Personality:[/B] [I]Andrew is fundamentally labelled as the mysterious and smouldering stranger. Very few people know anything about him, except trusted friends. He is generally introverted amongst strangers and when he does speak his comments are normally blunt and very insightful. This is a result of his calculating and intelligent mind mixed with a complete lack of self-confidence, although he doesn’t show it. Andrew covers up for his lack of confidence by being constantly sarcastic and humorous where he can be. Andrew is in general a caring person, despite not showing that either, and is very passionate about what he believes and feels.[/I]

[B]Bio:[/B] [I]With his high IQ and general aptitude for work and most other activities, getting onto the bio-net was not at all difficult. Andrew’s record is spotless of crime or any form of corruption and is seen by many that know of his achievements as a role model. Andrew has lived with his Family his entire life and has been mostly taught in regular school, but through his own choice he decided he wanted to get away from that life and moved into his own apartment and joined the bio-net to meet new people and so on. It also seemed like a good idea at the time.[/I]

[B]Hobbies:[/B] [I]Andrew regularly plays drums and a little guitar, draws on a regular basis, is a rabid games fan, and enjoys reading occasionally when there’s nothing else to do.[/I]

[B]Classes:[/B] [I]Maths, English, Science, Gym/Weight training, Art and ICT.[/I]
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hope it's not to late to sign up.

name: "dante"

age: 17

gender: male

appearance: "Dante", when standing up straight at 6'11", but often hunches, appearing no more than 5'4". "Dante" has a slim build, with shoulder length silvery-gray hair. dantwe is often seen wearing a black and red coat, studded with metal. along with full black jeans and shirt.

personality: "Dante" is a quiet individual, rarely talking to anybody. many know him only by rumor. he is a mysterious character who seems to avoid contact with people outside class as possible. on the rare occasion that "Dante" speaks to someone that he doesn't know, his comments hint at wisdom well beyond his years.

bio: Dante has an extremely high IQ, but often tries to hide this fact. dante joined the bionet to escape the pressures of the real world, and continue with his activities in peace. before joining the bionet, dante had no schooling in academic subjects, only swordplay.

hobbies: none, apart from swordsmanship.

classes: advanced swordsmanship, astrophysics, ancient history, music, advanced computing.

(OOC: i hope this is ok and that i'm not too late)
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