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Sign Up Gundam: Side Events (rated M: VLS)


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This is something that I havent seen. I dont know if its jus not popular, or if noones thought about it. In any case. Here is my attemt.

After Colony 231 Earth Federation Stronghold on Mars

"Sir, the first wave of Gms have been launced. The enamy ships have just launched their mobile suites as well. What should we do next?"
"Deploy Hammerhead misiles to protect our troops. Get ready to seen out the next wave of Gms." The heavyset captian brushed his hand through his fadding hair."Why is it now of all time that Zeon decided to attack? Whats the status on our troops?"
"Sir., it seems that they have matched our Gms with their Zakus, even though we out number their ships." The captian nodded as asingle red eye appeared in front of their main window."Oh ****! Get ouit! get the hell...AHHH!" The signal was suddenly cut off by an explosion.

After Colony 233. Two years after the prior transmition. Earth Federation Stronghold on Mars

"Is that all that was on the black box?" An elderly officer took his round glasses off and fubbed his eyes.
"Yes, Sir. It was cut off by an enamy Zaku when it destroyed the reactor cores." The young officer known as Leon Tros stood before his co and prepared to leave.
"Its really sad isnt it? Four years after the biggest in history, and we are still finding the black boxes. Tell me, how long did we estimate the treaty to last?" The young officer shrugged.""A year at the most, sir."
"Yet it has been nearly a year and a half. I think that Zeon is trying to pull off something." the elderly man put his glasses on on and stood up. He streched the walked over to a screen and put his password in as images of new, highly classified mobile suites shoowed up."Do you know what theses are Petty Officer?"
The young officer looked at the screen, stunned"No sir."
"I shall explain. These are our new Gundam prototypes. They are all powered by nuclear power, as well as solar power. They all have continuous phase shift aurmor thart never shuts off. Our military scientists started constructing them since a few months before the treaty." The elderly officer turned to the Petty Officer."You have been given a new job. You are now the new Captian of the ship that holds these Gundams. Your mission right now its to surch through everyone in this file until you findsomeone qualified to pilot one of your robots."The old officer gaved him a foulder about three inches thick." I understand that it will be hard, but you must finish this.If you do not then Zeon could win this war when it continues." They young officer saluted as he turned to leave the room."Gods speet to you, son. Gods speed."


Alright. Now that thats out of tha way I can hit a lil background.

The war started in AC 229 with a suprise attack on the Lunar base by Zeon. The war raged on until AC231, when Zeon offered a temporary seace fire with the Earth Federation. They signed it as an oppertunity to finish their new mobile suites.

The treaty has been in place for almost a year and a half, yet there has been no conflicts between the two superpowers. The Earth Federation has decided to move their new Gundams from the Lunar base on the Moon, to the Earth Federation Stronghold on Mars for further testing. While on route, Zeon attacked the transport ans stole a few mobile suits.

This attack to capture the Gundams caused the war to continue in full force. It has even began to be worse than before. A few of the Gundams actually made uit the the base on mars, while some didn't.

It was thought that since before the war Zeon was trying to finish a new h9igh velocity Railgun, that could take out half the Moon. It is still unknmown wether they really have built the weapon, but one thing is known. The Earth Federation wants to destroy it if it is real, or stop if from being built.

Ok. Here is the description of both sides.

Earth Federation: A military orginazation that feels that the colonies are just another step in finding another Earth. Their weapons arent as advanced as Zeons, but they outnumber them four to one.

Principality of Zeon: Feels that a humal should only fight if they give a hundred and ten percant by tapping inot their DNA. They don't have as many troops, but all of them are better skilled as well as stronger weapons under their fingertips.

Alright. Finally here is the profile layout.

Codename-what name do you go by? only if you want one
Age-160-25 no above or below
Apperance-a pic or good paragraph
Side on war-either Zeon, or Earth Federation
Rank-wether you are an officer or a citizen
Personality-just long enough to tell us who you are
Gundam-whats the name of your tin can
Gundam Weapons-what are the main weapons. it can have a max of 4
Gundam Special Weapons-a max of two that is attached to the body. canhave a max of one on it at a time
Bio-yeah I hate em too, but we need to know how you got your it. Wether you stole it in the attack or did yopu get in to protect the convoy. Or was it given to you on Mars

Alright. Thats it. Yeah I know. Its longer than I thought it was gonna be but I hope ya'll like it. Later gater.
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Name - Terse Namian
Codename - Orange
Age - 28
Gender - Male
Eyes: Steel Blue
Hair: Light Brown
Skin: Lightly Tanned
Outfit: He wears a pair of Khakis, A green jacket with orange stripes down each arm. On the jacket, there is a badge bearing the Zeon crest.
Side on war - Bounty Hunter, affiliated with Zeon (by means of employment)
Rank - Captain (The standard entry rank for a Bounty Hunter)
Personality - A humble, but confident person. He is a skilled pilot, and always enjoys a game of chess.
Gundam - Seiza Gundam
Gundam Weapons - A long katana (heats up like quatre's twin... uh... thingies. You know.) and a pair of powerful machine guns. He has a beam knife for close combat.
Gundam Special Weapon - Special hands that emit high-frequency sound waves, which are very effective for destroying radar systems (Permanently. You'd be suprised.)
Bio - Terse, or Orange as he prefers to be called, has grown up hating confinement. He doesn't like to stay on one side of a conflict, as he believes justice can only be served after knowing both sides' stories. He has inclined recently towards the Zeon corporation for work because he needed repairs. He now owes the Zeon a lot of money, and intends to pay it back by fighting for them. He wants to meet his equal in combat, as the traditional mobile suits are hardly a challenge for him.

Yeah... I really hope I didn't super-mod my character. PM me with any changes you wish to make.
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naw man its pretty good. alright. heres mine

Name: Sai "Brent" Simone
Codename: Raze
Age: 19
Appearance: see below
Side on war: Earht federation
Rank: Ensign
Personality: Sai is a cocky guy. He isnt that much of anasshole though. He is very dependent on his skills as a pilot, which are very good.
Gundam: F-91 Flair
Gundam appearance: see below
Weapons: Two beam rifles that swinf around from his back, a beam saber and two gatling guns mounted on his head
Special weapons: He has a sword known as the 'incinerator' Its a blade as long as he is and when it is turned on , flames ingulf the blade underneath.
"Sir, we have Zeon troops on our radar. Whats your plan?" Sai ran to the front of the transport."How many?" the pilot indicated five known."Alright. Leave them to me. Make sure they dont get on this ship!" Sai ran through the transport ship and opened the door to the cargo bay that held four Gundams,"I know that I am gonna get Court Marshled for this!" He jumped into the nearest one and flipped the switch, turning it on. a screen popped up with its name and asked for his,"SAi. No wait. Its Raze." The screen popped a green ok and it started to light up. switches started to comeone and then his safety straps came over his chest ans secured themselves.

The gundam opened the cargobay door and shot out like a rocket twards the nearest Zaku. The gundam pulled out its beam saber as it cut through the firast Zaku. Sai noticed that Zeon had already made off with some gundams as he charged the remaining. His two beamrifles positioned themselves on his shoulders and shot down two more Zakus. One of the Zakus came up behind Sai and tried to strike with its battle ax but it didnt work. It bounced off as the gundam turned around and stabbed the Zaku with his."Dammit. Why the hell are they breaking the treaty?!" Sai charged the last one and shot it down with his gatling guns before it could fire a shot off at the transport ship."Alright. Thats it. Now back to the end of my career." Sai turned the gundam around and headed back to the ship. As he pulled into the hanger, he saw men in space suits cheering.
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Name: Tyron Maxwell
Codename: Plague
Appearance: see below
Side on War: Earth Federation
Rank: Mercenary
Personality: an easy, good natured guy with a bad temper problem when provoked
Gundam: XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom. see below
Weapons: Twin beam scythe, a bladed buster shield with a built in hyper jammer and active cloak,tow bat fangs(similiar to Altron's dragon fang but in the shape of a bat head and they drain the enemy'e power) and a beam rifle with an alternate sniper setting.
Special Weapons: a pack that contains hundreds of bat shaped fin funnels that create an impenetrable shield around him but can only be dispensed in groups of twenty. And System Nano which slowly repairs any damage done to the gundam.
Bio: Duo Maxwell?s son who ran of to become a soldier for hire and helped with the smuggling of weapons until he found out that his grandpa?s gundam was being moved and had gotten upgrades, then snuck on the transport vessel.

Tyron kicks open the crate at the sound of guns being fired. ?It?s about time? he peers around the crate as a guy that looked only to be a year older than himself, with red hair and muslces built the same as his, runs by and down the corridor. "guess that's the way" Tyron sneaks down the same hall dodging into shadows to keep from being seen by crewmembers running back and forth until he comes to the hangar. "alright which one is it?" he grabs the nearest mechanic by the shoulder. "where is the gundam called Deathscythe?"

"why should I tell you?" the mechanic brushes his hand of and stares back at Tryon.

"because I'm the pilot and I was told to go out there and help fight the Zeon" He clenches his as he feels his anger starting to rise. "Now do you want to die or live"

The mechanic's eyes grow big. "right this way" walks over to the thrid stall.

Tyron turns his head at the sound of a gundam launching. "gonna have to sneak by him" he turns at looks up at the gundam in the stall. "finally. I can make my grandpa proud" he climbs up into the cockpit and flips the power switch and tells gundam his name and feels a prick on his finger. Tyron watches as "blood sample stored" scrolls arcoss the screen and the saftey belts come around his chest. "it's all mine" The cockpit hatch closes as he moves toward the hangar doors then blasts off into space away from the battle and engages the active cloak.
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Name: Damon Risne
Codename: Split
Age: 24
Appearance: green eyes, short green streaked hair, medium tanned skin, and a solid frame
Side on War: Zeon
Rank: Sergeant
Personality: quiet, smart and extremely skilled in war tactics. treats everyone under him with the same respect he treats his commanders.
Gundam: OZ-13MS Gundam Epyon (destroyed)
Weapons: two dark hand (like master gundam's), whip, dual heat sabers, beam gattling gun.
Special Weapons: System Screech: lets out ultrasonic waves that cripple anything electronic around it. Hyper whip: fires multiple beam whips from his buster shield.
Bio: one of several spies sent on the transport to steal a mobile suit
Damon looks up at his labtop as a signal starts flashing in the center. he closes it and puts it in his bag as he heads out the door. He walks down sevearal corridors until he comes to the cargo bay. He watches the mechanics scurry back and forth over the gundams it the stalls. "don't even have a clue" He walks past the stalls. "which one should I take? Deathscythe Hell, F-91 Flair..." Damon stops and stares at the purplish gundam. "Epyon. That will be mine" His watch goes off> "three...two...one..." An alarm goes of as poeple scramble everywhere. Damon looks over at several more standing by other ones then climbs into the cockpit. "Damon Rinse, codename 'Split'" His name appears on the screen as the hatch closes and the saftey restraints come over his chest. He moves the gundam by the doors and pulls them open and takes off towards the Zeon ship along with two others.

Gundam: RX-78GP02A GUNDAM Physalis
Weapons: two beam gattling guns, two beam sabers,two atomic bazooka with three nukes each, large sheild.
Special weapons: Internal cooling tank able to handle both bazookas.
Hydrogen shot: changes from nukes to hydrogen missles.
Bio: He changed to Physalis after Epyon was destroyed by Sai and Tyron
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yo dudes, ya'll know that I havent movved the RP over yet. Its not really a good idea to post until i move it to the square. I'll prolly move it in a little bit. till then, no more posts. An when I move it, ya'll could either remake um or move these over.
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Name: Gynth Ronk
Codename: Blitz
Gender: Female
Appearance:see below
Side on War: Earth Federation
Rank: Ensign
Personality: stuck up at times, but is overall a nice girl
Gundam: ZGMF-X09A Gundam Justice
Weapons: dual 90mm machine guns, dual beam sabers, and a rocket launcher under the shield
Special Weapons: Two huge energy rail guns on the back that act as extra boosters and can emit a mist that scrambles sensors leaving everyone else but her blind.
Bio: is Brent's rival and pilot of Justice. She is the adimiarl's daughter. She secretly likes a pilot on the Zeon side.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name-[/B] Luna

[B]Codename-[/B] doesn't have one

[B]Age-[/B] 24

[B]Apperance-[/B] [URL=http://animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/MetalWings.jpg]Click Here[/URL] No Wings.

[B]Side on war-[/B] Zeon

[B]Rank-[/B] Commander

[B]Personality-[/B] Very polite person. May act childish but when at war she can get serious. Fun, caring type. She can get quiet at times.

[B]Gundam- [/B] Glory Gundam

[B]Gundam Weapons-[/B] Laser swords with a shield and a pair of guns.

[B]Gundam Special Weapons-[/B] (an ability) to gain speed and move quickly. Like boosters.

[B]Bio-[/B] Luna and the rest of her team stole gundams and kept it as their own. The Eath Ferderation got angry and planted an attack and now the Earth and Zeon forces are in battle.[/COLOR]

OOC: Get done later

Edit: Done!
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I've always liked gundam. :animesmil

Name: Niro Shigaru
Codenames: Reaper
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Appearance: 6'4" 200 lbs, See attached
Side of War: His own at the moment
Rank: Mercenary

Personality: Cool headed, smart, kind in his own way, jokes around when he feels like it, likes a good laugh, likes fighting, tries his best to do what's right, brave but foolish at times, doesn't get mad easily, likes the company of other people but can stand being alone and sometimes prefers it. He's headstrong and doesn't obey orders, likes to do things his way. Has a way of making people follow him.

Gundam: See attached

Gundam weapons: Two laser swords and two guns

Gundam Special Weapons: On top of his built in things(burning finger/hand, etc.), he has a energy shield and self repair unit.

Bio: Niro was traveling in his single pilot cargo ship when he spotted a drifting object about ten miles away. He quickly zoomed over to it and saw that it was a slightly damaged gundam. He was unfamiliar with its model, however, but picked it up anyway. It proved to be his best catch ever. He became a mercenery at the age of 14 when he discovered the gundam and has been a gundam pilot ever since.

Do I need to change anything? :animeswea
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..hey this one loks like fun....

Name: Shiro
Sex: Male
Apperance: see below(its him with his dogs :p )
Side on war: Zeon
Rank: Captian
Personaility: Shiro is a sweet guy. He cares deeply for everyoine on his team as well as all of the innocent lives that have been sacrificed
Gundam: : MSZ-010 ZZ
Gundam Apperance: see below
Gundam weapons: Double vulcan gun x2, hyper mega cannon, beam saber x 2, misle pod x4, and mega beam rifle
Special weapon: a barrier that surrounds him and can damage anything it touches, and self regeneration, to an extent
Bio: Raze willingly serves under his comander, Luna. He wants to do everything in his power to help her as well as the Zeon cause.

"Zeik, can you hear me? Its me Shiro. I have made it inside the Earth federation ship. I have just now located the new mobile suits." A fain fuzzy sound was heard as another voice came onto the screen,"Good. Now get in on and get the hell outa there." Shiro nodded as the comunication fadded.

Shiro walked down the hall and came across a weird looking gundam,"I think thats the one!" He jumped into the cockpit and started it up,"Gundam ZZ booting up. Please stqate your name" "Shiro. Shiro Amada." After he said that everything went dark, then lit back uo as the hanger doors opened. He slowly moved the gundam to thwe exit and flew bnack to his Zeon ship.
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