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Art Digimon Project [Image Heavy]


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[COLOR=#FF3399][SIZE=1]Well, Unborn Lord Xion was telling me about the Japanese episodes of Digimon and how they were better than the English ones...so I thought, why not? I got a few of the Digimon Adventure 2 episodes on torrent and they're not half bad.

So, here we have a Digimon project. I always thought that series one had the best characters with series two having the best appearances, hence the reason why I used those instead.

I've done Friendship and Courage so far; tonight I'm planning on Knowledge and Reliability. So, without further ado, we have two Digimon graphics...



Comments and crit. are much loved.

[B]Edit:[/B] I've just noticed that the transparent section showed up as white >.< anyone know how to fix that?[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=#9933ff]I have no idea how to fix the transparent problem - sorry about that. ^^;

I love Digimon, so I'm excited to see these banners! ^_^

Friendship - I don't like the image you use of matt/ how you altered the color. I know you had to change the color of the image to fit into the blue motif, but the way it came out makes the picture of matt look very pixelated and just rather icky. Maybe you could either find another picture of him (though I do like that one), or blend him into the picture another way. He's just blecky there. And that's a shame, because I do like him. ^^;

The same pixelated look is going on in the background of Tai's banner. I know what kind of look your going for, but it just didn't come out that way, and it doesn't look all that great.

However, I loved the fonts you used - both for the names of the characters, and the names of the crests they have. Oh yeah, and I love Matt's background. It reminds me of the ice on one of the moons of Jupiter. And since Matt can be very icy - the self-proclaimde "cool one" no less - it fits his personality.

I really like the whole idea of these Digimon banners, a lot. I can't wait to see more. ^_^

BTW, nobody tell her to change any of the colors of the banners - they're thsoe colors for a specific reason. Knowledge will be purple, and reliability will be grey/black/dark blue (I can't even remember Jyou's color. how pathetic of me. ><). The creators assigned different colors with different crests (the traits), okie?

Heh. ^^;[/color]
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[SIZE=1]Pretty good as a whole. Only a few things to change:

[b]Friendship[/b] was pretty good as a whole. I don't like how you applied that layer effect on him, and the background is too ... bland? I'd recommend a smoothing effect (chrome, maybe?) on the background to make it look softer, as opposed to all the hard lines in there. The guy should be more crisp, distinctly separated from the image. If you have alot of time on your hands, you could tweak his colors with Image>Adujustments>Color Balance.

[b]Courage[/b] is the better of the two, as tai is blended better, and the background fits it nearly perfectly. I'm only going to recommend finding a better font for "courage," as it's a wee-bit redundant after using it on "friendship."

[B]In general,[/B] saving the file as a .gif will give you transparency where you set your picture to have it. Now, I see that your files are indeed .gifs, the area on the image itself probably isn't transparent, but white. This could be easily fixed by using the magic eraser, and just clicking on the white area, then resaving the file as a .gif. I'm guessing that will solve the transparency. If you weren't trying for transparency, forgive me. Heh.

[B]Kinda sorry[/B] if I'm pissing you off by doing this, but I decided to just fix the transparency for you.


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[COLOR=#004a6f]These are awesome banners. I like the fonts you used, as well as the effects and the color schemes. I especially like the Freindship background. I has this watercolours look to it.

Like others have said, I don't like the way you blended Matt's picture in. You made it way too "cool". Colorwise that is.

Anyway, keep up the good work. Can't wait to see more![/COLOR]
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my friends call me a digi-freak so yeah i like digimon so these are great but
the on [B]friendship [/B] you could have maybe found a better pic of matt and softened the backround alittle. As for the [B]Courage[/B] you could use a better font instead of repeating. But overall you did very nice
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[COLOR=#FF3399][SIZE=1]Thanks everyone for your comments, I really appreciate it.

Yeah, that Matt picture was a beyotch to work with, it was a lovely shot of him but I messed up when I tried to adjust the colour, I'll have to fix that.

I'm leaving the backgrounds the way they are as the pixel/sharp effect is exactly what I wanted for them.

Also, I'm keeping the font the same. Since it's going to be a big set all of the fonts are going to be the same.

Again, thanks for the comments; I'm having a crack at Kou-chan's banner tonight.

Oh, and Mistress, Jyou?s colour is indeed grey ^_^

Also, thanks Retri for changing those banners. I think I know what I did wrong. I made it so the background was indeed transparent, but then I went and added the border in Paint >.< That could be why so I'll go back and re-save them as .gif files.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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