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Sign Up Revenge of the Beasts [rated:LVS]


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The heart beat of a young man gets faster and faster as he runs.....
He is running from an entaty that he help to create...
A beast looking for the people responsible for its creation
In the blink of an eye, all that remains is a lifeless body, blood, and claw marks

People scream as a giant beast makes its way into an alley until its safe....sirens go off in the distance as the shadowy figure dissappears....

[B]Two months earlier[/B]

There is a labritory, about as big as a football feild. It is filled with viles of liquid, all diffrent colors. There are needles everywhee, and giant tubes surrounding the walls.

There are bodies in the tubes. All look dead, but all are alive, just sleeping. Boys, girls, young and old. It looks as though it doesnt matter. Looks as though they picked anyone they saw on the road.

[I]..beep....beep...beep..beep.beep....[/I] It keeps going faster and faster until the person startes to shake violently in his tube prison. Fur starts to grow as he startes to get bigger and stronger. People in white begin to inject something into the water. The fur startes to fade as the boy goes back to his normal composure.

There is an empty tube, but the people in white just put someone in it. They spray a blue liquid into the tube, after a litttle bit it begins to disolve into the persons skin. The person begins to shake, then calms down agian. Fure begins to grow as their body begins to take another shape. Too many people in white coats begin to surround the tube, preventing anyone outside it to see in. The people move away as the person appears to regain their normal appearance. Flashes of light start to appear as everything goes black agian.


Okie dokie. Now if ya'll are still reading, its timefor a little background.

A secret Mafia orginization has begun to see if the can create the perfect Lycanthrope(shape shifter. Like werewolf, lion, bear, etc...) to take down the government. They have yet to create one, yet there has bneen many attempts. A few failed tests have been released back into their normal lives.

To prevent the ones that have been set free, two things have been inserted into their bodies. The first is a tracker. This is to see where, and how their life changes since they have been gone. The second is a detonator. This is just in case the tests dont get too close to the mafia. They make sure by watching the trackers.

A few of the test subjects have tried to retaliate, but only a few have actually killed who they set out to kill. Only to suffer death a few moments later do to the detinators.

Others that have been tested on have begun to figure out whats going on. They have found the trackers and detonators, and have removed them. Now they have banned together to try and stop the enamy that they know nothing of. They must first figure out who the ones that caused this mutaion, then they have the hard task of trying to defeat them.

In this RP, you are a lycanthrope. Even though the most popular is the werewolf, try to go something diffrent. Use your imagination to decide. You cuold be a bear, lion, fox, monkey, or any other animal that hase ever lived. Try to avoid the werewolf, only if you can.

alright. here is the profile to go off of.

Age: 16-35 tops.
Appearance: a good description or pic
Personality: as long as its long enough to describe who you are.
Animal form
Animal appearance: a good description or pic
Bio: basically just describe your life up until you were taken.

alright. thats it. I guess I'll post in a day or two. have fun ya'll
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Name:Kryin Lansin
Personality: calm, unfazed by almost anything, always has a cold stare and a cold demeanor
Animal form:unborn
Animal Appearance:below
Bio: A wealthy doctor, who signed up to watch a surgery performed and was knocked out by men in suits when he entered the facility
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