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Long ago, this planet was created by the gods of the [B]elements[/B]. The [COLOR=Green][B]Earth God[/B][/COLOR] created the rock and plants on earth. the[COLOR=Blue][B] Water God [/B][/COLOR]created all forms of water and bodies of water. The[COLOR=DarkOrchid][B] Wind God[/B][/COLOR] created the air and wind forces. the [COLOR=Red][B]Fire God[/B][/COLOR] created heat, and fire. and The [COLOR=Yellow][B]Lightning god[/B][/COLOR] created elctricity and lighting.

When the planet was complete, the five gods sealed their remaing powers inside of large crystals, now known as [B]the elemental crystals[/B]. As time went on, each crystals shattered into hundreds of pieces and the shards were spred across the planet. Anyone who posses a shard of an elemental crystals will also posses a fraction o the gods power, since every shard has power in it, the more shards collected, the more powerful their holder's become. If any one person somehow possed every single shard of a elemental crystal, it would piece back together, giving its user great power, but will they use it for good, or evil?

Now, people everywhere are hunting for crystals shards, some people have good intentions, and some people have bad. you can join the hunt and decide how you will use them, if you can find any. the more crystals you recieve the more powefull you become, will you be a strong crystal hunter or be left in the dust with hardly any crystasl at all? create a character and find out!
This is a fantasy rp, so no weapons like guns or lasers, or bombs, id perfer swords, and magic and stuff. the only race is human, there are no elves or demons here

character sheet-

name: chatacter's name
Age: character's age
crsytal shards: your character can start off with up to three shards, you can choose which elements they have, any combination is fine. the more you have of the same element, the strong that elemental power in you becomes
weapon: you can start off with a weapon, grab one after the adventure has started, or not have one at all nothing too extremley powerfull to start please
appearance: if you dont use a pic, please describe your characters looks, what they wear, their hair color, height, etc.
bio: this is optional, you can include a brief background on your character

my character sheet is coming in a minute
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my character sheet-

[B]Name:[/B] Nick
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]crystal shards:[/B] 2 [COLOR=Blue][B]water[/B][/COLOR] crystals shards, 1 [COLOR=Yellow][B]lighting[/B][/COLOR] crystal shard
[B]weapon:[/B] Nick doesnt really use weapon, he just uses the power his shards have given him. Nickwears his yellow, lighting crystal around his neck on a necklace, and his water crystals are embeded into his gloves. one crystal on the back of each glove.
[B]appearance:[/B] Nick is average height and weight for an 18-year-old. he has short, spikey, dark brown hair and green eyes. he usually wears baggy blue jeans and a blue t-shirt with a blue hooded sweatshirt. Nick is wheraing to large, brown gloves and black and white sneakers.
[B]Bio:[/B] none
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Name: Ember

Age: 17

Crystal Shards: 2 [COLOR=Red]Fire shards[/COLOR], 1 [COLOR=Green]Earth shard[/COLOR]

Weapon: Besides the magic she carries a bow and arrow. Ember holds all her shards by tying them around her neck

Appearance: Red-brown hair, dark brown eyes about 5', 6". Slender, she wears jeans and a blood-red shirt. When traveling she wears a crimson cloak, and black boots.

(Bios are a waste of time!)

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[SIZE=1][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][B]name: Ai
Age: 14
crsytal shards: 2 [COLOR=Red]fire[/COLOR], 1 [COLOR=Yellow]lightning[/COLOR] The 2 fire shards are in her wrist cuffs, and the lightning shard is in the bell that holds her cloak together.
weapon: small sythe

no bio! :p[/B][/FONT][/SIZE]
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Name: Jason Rain
Age: 20
Crystal shards: 2 lighting and 1 wind
Weapon: A large double-sided scythe. He has his wind shard halfway embedded in the back of his neck and has the two lighting shards embedded halfway into his wrist. He mainly uses a long katanna.
Appearance: see below
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Name: Anakira
Age: 17
Crystal Shards: 2 Fire and 1 Wind
Weapons: Twin Katana, a fire shard and the wind shard is embedded in the two weapons and the other fire shard is embedded in the palm of her hand.
Appearance: Tall, shapely. Wears a short purple coat, a black tank-top and black pants with a golden flame design on the bottom. She has long orange hair and emerald green eyes.
Bio: She desires vengence on the group of bandits who killed her family for the shards her family had collected, all she managed to escape with was the three shards she currently has. She knows she will need more shards to defeat her opponents, so she's hunting for more shards.
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Name: Shelia
Age: 18
Crystal Shards: 1 water shard, 1 fire shard, and 1 earth shard
Weapons: Has sharp knives that she throws hidden inside her clothes. Wears her shards on her braclet
Appearance: below
Bio: Jason's girlfriend
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name: Raniki
Age: 19
crsytal shards: 1 [COLOR=Yellow]Lightning[/COLOR]-in the right glove- 1 [COLOR=Red]Fire[/COLOR]-as the jewel in the chocker- and 1 [COLOR=Magenta]Wind[/COLOR]-in the left glove
weapons: translucent whip, ninja stars, and one dagger
appearance: [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/azurasea/Raniki.jpg]Clicky![/url] But she has blond hair with red highlights and has green eyes
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