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[CENTER][B]The Zeitsande[/B]

[SIZE=1]Welcome to the Underground. So far, only a little of the story has been revealed. Throughout the RPG the origins of the creaturs such as the Guldaba, Golbi's men and any others will come alive and hopefully this'll be good. So, here's some info:

The Guardians[/U]

[B]The Azatians[/B]
These guys have the ability to feel, hear, and even see time. They can feel the breaks and fluctuations in the timelines, sometimes it even hurts them. They can mostly predict time and sense the future in some cases, some can even manipulate time. Manipulating time means, in their case, that they can sense time so much they are able to take action in the past that can devastate the future. So much as taking a step in the wrong direction could destroy the future if they knew exactly what to do and what would happen. The Azatians cannot travel through time without the aid of technology, unfortunately.

They are the only race of Guardians who don?t look like animals. They look perfectly like human beings, no question about it. Though their personality is a lot different from humanity?s. They are a calm, rational people with a non-violent mind, but they will defend themselves if necessary. They like to ponder on the problem for awhile before acting, though there have been ?throwbacks? of the Azatians resulting in almost human Guardians. As for their lifespan, Azatians are Immortal, but they can be killed by diseases or injury.

[B]The Celtriones[/B]
A Celtrione can simple walk through time. All they need is enough energy to through themselves through the timelines and they can just walk right through. Celtriones only need a ship to travel through space, but not through time. They are an impressively intelligent race, with a good knowledge of fighting, having a warrior past. Celtriones can indeed be one of the most powerful Guardians if they use their talents properly, they could escape capture by simply falling back into another time. Keeping a Celtrione locked up is very, very difficult indeed. They are not technology people, though they do have advanced knowledge of Temporal Engineering, Celtriones prefer to learn more without the aid of technology.

They are the cat like race of the Guardians, more like lions than anything else. Their hair is as thick as a lions mane, and even goes around most of their head and neck like a mane. It does depend on what cat qualities a Celtrione has, simply because it varies at birth like most humans. The personality of a Celtrione is extremely complex. They keep their instinctive killing blocked out by acting extremely carefree, in a bold sort of way. They?re a proud race, fighters who like to die fighting, and a race who can lose control of their deepest emotions in an instant. They live for five hundred years maximum.

[B]The Roth[/B]
Translated from ?Il?Kajikatu Basturact-Neb? into ?The Rothilikan Gasigutardtech?, their name was shortened to the Roth. By far the most spiritual race of them all, the Roth are highly logical yet very religious. They believe that their god, Par?Tev, was the creator of time itself and gave the Roth the gift of instinct. Unlike the rest of the Guardians the Roth?s power is a instinct, much more accurate in any case. They can instinctively dodge a bullet because of their time ability, making them very fast creatures. They are mostly scientists, even though they are spiritual. Many Roth will choose the path of leadership or science, it is unlikely they will pick a violent future.

Like many Guardians the appearance of the Roth can vary from birth. They are the bird like of the Guardians, having feathers on most part of their body and tiny feathers that seem like hair. Their eyes glare with a night light, red and the colour of a hunter, even though they do not hunt. They have clawed hands and feet, but their wings vary. A Roth may have separate wings on their back, or they may have feathers growing from their arms to make wings. It depends. The personality of a Roth varies a lot, though most are non-violent and all are religious. Only a few are against the Par?Tev religion. The Roth live for about 1000 years.

[B]The Kiltaken[/B]
The fiercest and the most dangerous. The ability of slowing down time is at their fingertips, and speeding it up. Their bodies naturally protect them from the changes in time, that?s why they?re so powerful. The Kiltaken can slow down or speed up time, making them move extremely slow and seem to move extremely fast. From the Kiltaken point of view they?re moving a same speed, just that nothing else is. The problem is that the Kiltaken cannot sense time in anyway, only control it. The more they?re trying to control, the shorter time they can keep control of it. The most is five minutes at semi-short range, but that?s only because Kiltaken have never been able to unlock their full power. The Kiltaken aren?t so smart, in fact they?re natural born idiots. They make up for this with their power, though, and sometimes their idiotic acts make them seem smart. They cannot travel through time without the aid of a ship.

Kiltaken?s are known for their bad tempers and their fierce skills. They fight like the warriors they are, using their power to aid them. Kiltaken?s are the reptiles of the Guardians, having scales on most parts of their body, no hair, and a reptile look. Two large horns are on the side of their heads, the longer the horn the older the Kiltaken. Their teeth are large and pointed, as are their tongues and claws. Being warriors all Kiltaken?s have a large body, most Kiltaken?s are extremely tall and intimidating, a trait of their warrior lifestyle. Unfortunately, these warriors only live until 100. The good thing is that they cannot die before reaching 100 but can be killed by weapons, but not by illness.

[B]The Vaadi[/B]
The only race that cannot sense or control time in anyway. The Vaadi only understand time, therefore they are the inventors of time technology. Being the most intelligent they are also the best fighters in terms of skill, even though they are not land people. The Vaadi fight, create, invent, command and can be in any department. They?re emotional sometimes, and sometimes they?re not, it really depends. Some say that the Vaadi?s instinct of survival will make them the last living Guardians in the Universe.

The Vaadi are water creatures who can breath under the water and above. They have webbed feet and hands for swimming, gills, scales, and fins on some parts of their body. The technology they created allowed them to live on the ground. Because they are so agile they are very good fighters in terms of skills and sometimes not with strength. Vaadi live until the age of 10, 000. They cannot be killed beforehand. Illness has no effect and if they are badly injured that would result in death their body allows them to regenerate into a new life, but this also renews the life span, making them a cursed race. When they are wounded and it isn?t bad their body will regenerate the wound, but this also means that once every 100 years the wounds will open again for a few hours, meaning that the Vaadi might bleed to death, therefore renewing their life span once more. This is why many pity the Vaadi, having to live through it, forever. The chance of a Vaadi dieing for the final time is only a 1 in 1000 chance.

[U]Time and Space Protection Agency Races [Playable][/U]

[B]The Fang[/B]
Translated into English, the Fang are the warriors that make the TSPA what it is today, with their skills in weaponry, armour and tactical skills. The Fang had been planning an invasion of Earth, though they decided to make an alliance with Earth when seeing their power. The Fang respect power, authority, hostility, but do not take kindly to being praised for their work. Many of the Fang are commanders and leaders, yes, but they still don?t like promotions unless they think their work is good. The Fang like to criticize themselves and those under their command.

The Fang seem to be more like hounds than any other animal. They have sharp teeth, along with the claws to match. Their eyes glow like lanterns to see in the dark of space, even, and their body is mostly covered with black fur. Hostile and strong, the Fang mostly roar, shout or growl rather than talk or whisper. It?s one of the reasons why the Fang are never chosen on stealth missions. The Fang live for 150 years.

Intelligent, cool headed, funny and awesomely proud. Centans are highly insulted when any form of the word ?the? is placed in front of their name. Their society sees it as naming them things and not people, so it?s almost a law. Centans aren?t too special, they?re only the fastest creatures in the whole alliance. The Fang was never able to defeat them because of their speed, so when the Fang joined the humans Centans decided to make peace with their former ?bullies?. Indeed, they have many intelligent qualities and cannot fight, but the strangest thing about them is they are indeed little green men. They?re simply small humans, about 150cm, with green skin and hair. Some say they have magic, but that isn?t known. They only live for 50 years.

[B]The Althilmirians[/B]
Welcome the legend. The Althilmirians are the first aliens to make contact with humanity, they even met humans before the first hand shake took place. Althilmirians are the greatest inspiration to humanity in making peace. The legends of red demons with horns in human history were true, they were Althilmirians. The Althilmirians had crashed on Earth during a war and were forced to stay there, out of sight, but they did get involved in legend. They have superior strength, they fight, but not often. Althilmirians are commanders and tactical officers, sometimes scientists, not often though. Due to their aging they are legends.

Taking the appearance of huge, red demons with massive horns, pointy ears, they?re almost like Satan. Only they don?t have a tail and hairy legs. Althilmirians are very large, very large. 20 human years is 1 Althilmirian year, meaning they live up to 600 in Althilmirian years, which is 12, 000 human years.


[B][U]The Zeitsande[/U][/B]

I decided to run off a look for a ship, so I came across a Star Trek ship that has some good specifications for the Zeitsande. There is some Star Trekkie stuff in there, so you can ignore that. Just click the link and all shall be explained below:


Basically, all you need the pictures there. The Zeitsande can travel through time, at speeds called Hyper Warp. 10nx (units for the Hyper Warp) is as fast as light, even though time. The Zeitsande has a maximum speed of 200nx in space and time, but can be pushed to dangerous levels. It?s armed with Plasma Cannons and Rapid Fire Energy Bullets (RFEB), which are huge, dangerous, unstable bullets fired from a very, very strong cannon. Because they?re so unstable, the energy inside them can be configured to pierce through almost unbreakable hull or explode on an entire planet. The Cannons can fire up to 100 rounds per second, and it?s pretty easy to renew the RFEB?s. The hull itself is equally as powerful. A metal made by the Althilmirians called Eduraxdium is used, making the hulls lifespan over 700 years, able to withstand the heat of the surface of the sun, and able to keep out most nasty space creatures. Though the hull is strong it?s still venerable to weapons fire.

[U]There are 15 decks on the Zeitsande:[/U]
1. The Bridge, Commanding Crew?s Quarters and Briefing Room.
2. Weapons Room, Training Rooms and Brig?s.
3. Science Labs, Medical Bay, Medical Labs and Medical Storage.
4. Crew Quarters and Canteen.
5. Recreation Rooms/Entertainment.
6. Observation Deck.
7. Museum, Gallery and Library.
8. Back-up Command Centre.
9. Systems Control (life support .ect).
10. Ammo, Weapons Systems and Back-up Weapons
11. Time Centre.
12. Cargo Bays.
13. Fuel Chambers.
14. Emergency Evacuation Deck.
15. Engine Room.

[U]Now, the following positions are available:[/U]
1. Commander [Me]
2. Second in Command [Skye]
3. Chief Tactical Officer
4. Chief Science Officer
5. Chief Engineer
6. Chief Weapons and Security Officer
7. Chief Medical Officer
8. Military Specialist
9. Time Specialist
10. Chief Fighter

That means there are only ten positions in the RPG available. The best sign-up?s will get in, so make the most of it. One more thing to cover, the chapter system.

This RPG will run a chapter system. Each chapter will be like an episode, having a title and a brief summary of what will happen in the chapter. Many things will happen throughout the RPG, the story line will flow on, and if you wish to quit at any time you can, your character will be killed off. But I do wish for everyone to stay in this until it?s hopeful end. It shouldn?t be too hard. More information about the chapter system and the upcoming chapters will be up when I have chosen the players. Now, the final thing: Rules.

1. No god modding. Some of the races are powerful and strong, I know, but don?t make them all powerful, all strong and then all smart. If your character is smart make them slightly weaker, if your character is extremely strong make them slightly dumber.
2. Posts must be over 3 paragraphs at least. Please...?
3. Keep it logical. Keep to the story. Don?t use characters out of place and read everyone post before yours, no matter how irrelevant it may seem.
4. You can use HTML in your posts if you wish, but if you do make sure you keep the same background throughout. I?d prefer it if people didn?t though. I?ve fell out with HTML for now so that?s why I?m not using it, but if you must use it, do so.
5. Half breeds are accepted but you have to notify me first. You?ll have to keep your characters half breed background a secret until later on as the story progresses. I think it?s only fair that others can play half breeds if I can.
6. Have fun, and stick to the rules. Now, why?re you still here? I?d like it very much if you go back and sign-up =)

EDIT: La Technologie!



[B]Plasma Rifle[/B]
It seems those involved in the Zeitsande project liked plasma based machines. The Plasma Rifle is exactly as if sounds, a large rifle that fires ten shots per second. It?s the size of your average Earth shotgun, mostly grey and blue, with green and red lights indicating the power levels (red = bad, green = good). These weapons are rarely carried unless the mission is dangerous, but they?re great for putting your mark on an ugly alien. They also come in pistol size, normally carried by the main crew on missions.

[B]Falcon Darts[/B]
The term for these weapons are ?Sniper Rifles?, an unchanged Earth name, though many foreign alien influences changed the weapon?s design and nowadays even Admirals use the term Falcon Darts. The Falcon Dart is a sniper rifle, a lot like the old Earth ones. But inside is the technology of a time ship. The Falcon Dart doesn?t need reloading, it fires as many darts as you want and has a setting of stun, injury (just like normal arrows in this case) or kill (make sure the enemy is dead).

[B]Rapid Fire Guns[/B]
A lot like the weapons on the Zeitsande, these are simply a smaller and less deadlier version of the RFEB. Another rifle shaped weapon, although this is a very heavy gun. The Zeitsande only carries ten of these guns. Only the high ranked security officers and main crew can use these weapons. Rapid Fire Guns need a lot of ammo, hence the size. They resemble a Plasma Rifle more than anything, only a little chunkier wherever the ammo is stored. The Rapid Fire Gun is placed on the shoulder for aim and support so the user doesn?t fall forward holding it with just too arms. Though the Rapid Fire Gun is modified to be like a RFED against alien creatures, therefore making it less powerful, it has been known to cause holes through the strongest hull.

[B]Stun Grenades[/B]
Small, blue grenades used by most of the peaceful time sensitive on missions. They do nothing but stun the opponent for a few minutes, a half hour at the least. They were invented years ago by Centans. Strangely enough Centans can?t use the grenades when within ten feet of a Fang officer, because Centans have been using the stun grenades to annoy the Fang since they tried to kill them off (Fang cannot be stunned by the grenades, being hit by them so many times by Centans they developed their own immunity to the stun, but it still gives them one hell of an itch up their nose).

[U]Communication Technology[/U]

[B]Universal Communicators[/B]
Each officer is given a small silver box, which is flipped open to communicate. Depending on your position and rank depends on what number a person will use to contact you, so you just flip it up and reply to someone?s call. They have a range of 10, 000 kilometres, and work almost anywhere.

[B]Internal Communications System[/B]
When you get a ringing from your computer through the night, it?s someone playing a prank on you through the ICS. The ICS is the Communications system that runs through the ship, sending messages to all the computers. Every room has an ICS consol, and every deck has at least two on the corridors. The ICS can also be used to send messages into space or onto planets, because its range is almost limitless, provided there is enough power.

EDIT: As promised...

[URL=http://img248.echo.cx/img248/5909/zeitsande5bg.jpg]CLICK HERE[/URL]
1. Commander
2. Second in Command
3. Chief Medical Officer
4. Chief Weapons and Security Officer
5. Chief Tactical Officer
6. Military Specialist
7. Time Specialist
8. Chief Engineer
9. Chief Science Officer
10. Chief Fighter
11. Helm

On a normal day, duty hours are as follows for Senior Officers:

07:00 ? 21:00

Between the hours of 12:00 and 13:50 the Senior Officers can go on a lunch break, there?s also a short break in the mornings which the Senior Officers decide to themselves for ten minutes only. On Sundays it?s 09:00 ? 21:00 or 07:00 ? 19:00, the officers pick when they?re first assigned and can?t change it until they speak to their Commander.

As for the non-senior staff you, the senior staff, make up their time tables. They have to work for the same amount of time as you, though you don?t have to specify which people work when and whatnot. You can specify a few. That doesn't really matter much, though.

Four days a month you get the day off. All you have to do is drop a message off by your Commander asking if it?s okay then you?re set to go.



Commander: Red
Second in Command: Red
Chief Medical Officer: Dark Blue
Chief Science Officer: Dark Blue
Chief Weapons and Security Officer: Dark Yellow (a sort of gold-ie colour)
Chief Tactical Officer: Dark Yellow
Military Specialist: Dark Green
Time Specialist: Dark Green
Chief Engineer: Light Blue
Chief Fighter: White
Pilots: Grey

Anyone under a department will have the same colour as their Chief (for example, science officers would have dark blue uniforms). The colour is just basically the top shirt, the yellow line also changes to the colour of your top. Women wear the second uniform, unfortunately that was the best picture I could find...
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  • 4 weeks later...
[size=1]Okay, I am having a lot of trouble putting two and two together on this. I understand most of it, but there's so much in one place that it's getting to my head. So the time tables are the days we pilot? That's the best I could get from that, and if I'm wrong, tell me, because I need to know. >.<[/size]
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[SIZE=1]Basically, but I wouldn't worry about that right now. I've been doing some thinking about the information I put in there, and I noticed there might be a problem with the times. Some posts will be in different times and stuff like that, there's also a problem with the days. I was going to say we could go by the days in real life, but that also brings up another problem. If someone posts that the ship has just been attacked and someone posts the next day then we'll miss out a whole lot of hours.

I think I might just sack the whole pilot thing and stick some NPCA's in there. Since I'm in the middle of posting the first post now it'll be decided after the adventure thread is done. Once a picture of the Uniforms are added that's it for the whole information thing.[/SIZE]
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Hey, Vicky, umm... I am a bit confused. For the last hour I've been trying to post, but I can't figure out where you want this beginning to go... Could you just point me in the right direction, wouldn't want to first reply to suck...
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[SIZE=1]It doesn't have to go anywhere right now. The first set of posts can be anything really, it's sort of an introduction to how your character goes about things. I for one can't understand a character fully from a written personality (that's why the first set of post are normally sort of introduction posts), so you could just simply write about your character interracting with someone, how they go about things in the morning .ect, just a sort of... introduction. You can really write it about what you want.

If it's still not clear then just say it again and I'll help some more ^_^ (though I can't say I'm an expert on first posts... I won't even go into that... XD)[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=teal][SIZE=1][FONT=arial]I have been trying to figure out how to post also. Glad to have that cleared up, so basically anything we want....

Oh by the way, Vicky could you maybe send me some more information on what the security of the ship is and maybe some more about the weapons...thanks.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[size=1]I was thinking about the other positions that never got filled. Maybe we can create NPCs for those roles so that there will be a character there that we can all use to some extent. If we decide on a couple specific things for each one of those (like their names and their race and maybe a defining personality trait or silly quirk to give them some flair), we could post that information here so that we can all come back to it if need be. And at least then all the number positions on the map can be filled with a name, if not a major character. ^_^;;

I know that I have the tendency to create NPCs anyway (eheh heh), and while I maybe have a certain perception of them and their purpose in my head, that may escape other people. I just think it would be helpful if we did keep information about them ready. Anyway, that's my two cents for the day. [/size]
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[SIZE=1]Gah, curse school, curse cats, and curse my stupidity...

Tasrai, I'll send you the information through PM, or I can post it here if anyone else wants to know the Security aboard the ship.

As for NPC's, I was thinking of that myself. If anyone has any ideas for some NPC's then feel free to post them here, right now we're looking for more kinds of races. Just post some ideas you have for the three remaining positions, and I'll hopefully have a new post in by Friday. We'll just have to wait until I type it all out (can only use one hand at the moment... broke a few bones in the other one...).[/SIZE]
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[size=1]I apologize for not posting yet, but I'm having a lot of trouble staying awake these days. I'm sleeping till noon and taking a nap during the day, and when I am up I have chores to do and stories I'm obligated to write for people. I have at least four stories I'm writing right now, so my time is kind of squeezed together.

I will try to post some time soon vicky, though I haven't gotten any farther in the post I showed you. ^_^;[/size]
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