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Sign Up Underground Alliance (M-V,L,S)


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[CENTER][U]Underground Alliance[/U]

[COLOR=DarkGreen]Another alternate universe, another blood-thirsty conqueror. In the
time of Knights and Dragons, Kings always reigned. No question, right?
Sorcerors and magic control this realm. A realm of chaos and
destruction. The blood-thirsty ruler I mentioned before is none other
then the infamous, Merlin.
One day he decided enough was enough, no more enertaining the
king or offering medicine and shouting chants.
He wanted power. So he threw him self into his work. Learning and
storing knowledge of the dark arts, gaining the naive people's respect.
All the while, planning his future.
And then, his plot became reality.
He threw the devotion of the court in the subjects face. He blew up the village,
along with the palace, using his dark magic. Killing men, women and
children alike.
Merlin traveled from town to town in this fashion. He had acquired an
army of villagers and others in the process. Begging for the lives of
their family, he gained the peoples alligence.
It has been four long years since the onslaught began, finally Merlin
holds the known world at his command. Every town and village,
every forest and lake is populated with his soldiers and spies.
But, as with every great story, a resistance has formed. A small
number of townsfolk, a few sorcerors and a number of knights.
Underground Alliances from the few who survived the explosions.
(Hence the Name.)
Now, the hidden have started taking action. Recruiting being the first step,
the following step, take a wild guess... WAR!

This is the nature of the RPG
You can be one of Merlin's soldiers or the UA. (Underground Alliance.)
Your choice![/CENTER]

Sign-ups are as follows:

Race: Knight, Human, or Sorceror (There are very few, I'll be playing one so I would apreciate it if there was only, 2 more.)
Side: UA or Merlin's
Powers: (reserved for sorcerors)
Description: (A good paragraph including clothing is fine.)
Bio: (Yeah, we all have to make sacrifices. But, I have to know how you joined.)

By the way, if you want to play Merlin PM me. If no one is interested, then I'll have to play him.
Also, I would appreciate it if when you sign-up, you stick to the game.

Please Enjoy!

I will be signing up after others do. If anyone does...

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Name: Jack Harlot
Gender: Male
Race: Knight
Side: UA
Weapons: He carries a scythe on his back along with a huge bastard sword. He also has a whip wrapped around him as a belt and two short swords strapped to his thighs.
Description: see below (no armor except that his entire left arm is covered in a strong lightweight metal)
Bio: He grew up as a farmer. (where he learned how to use a scythe and whip) and was one of the only ones to survive the attack on his village. He trained himself with his sword and conditioned his body to where he could run normallly with all of his gear on. He came across the UA's secret base and joined.
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~_~ Merlin IS evil, I knew it!

Name: Maytone Gallote
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Side: UA
Weapons: A lightweight saber hung loosely from a belt and an assortment of knives and daggers hidden on her person
Description: Stands at about six feet with long brown hair pulled into a thick braid which falls out from underneath a small helmet. She wears minamal armor; just enough to protect her vital points.
Bio: Growing up, Maytone had always wanted to be a Knight. But because of her gender it would never be. Now, though, since the Underground Alliance needs all the help it can get, Maytone has finally gotten her chance to be a Knight.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]Thank-you san! Okay, here's my character.

Name: Sorcha

Age: 200 (looks 20)

Gender: Female

Race: Sorceror

Side: UA **founder

Weapons: A sword with ancient language enscribed on the hilt and green vines on the black blade that glow when shes in battle. A walking staff she can use in hand-to-hand combat which also serves magical purpose.

Powers: Green fire, white magic and electric powers.

Description: Tall with long black hair and emerald eyes framed in the Sorceror's trademark, white lashes. Black pants tucked into her black boots and a green shirt that matches her eyes and leather gloves. She wears a white amulate with the markings of her clan on it. A black cloak for cooler weather.

Bio: She was the top of her class in her training days, next to Merlin. They were good friends, until one day she started to notice slight changes in Merlin's outlook and attitude. When he first began to conquer she took into hiding. She traveled for the longest time, collecting information and gaining power. Eventually she felt it was enough, she learned all she could and set to work. She began recruiting people by finding hurt or homeless men, (and women), treating their wounds and giving them housage. The warriors came slowly, but rapidly grew when Merlin became more aggresive with his seige on the country. Many of the recruited are merely young people who wish to avenge or those who enjoy shedding blood. (The enemies blood that is.)[/COLOR]

(Sorry if I spelt stuff wrong :/ )
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Name: Maxim

Age: 76

Gender: Male

Race: Sorcerer

Side: Merlin BIATCH!!!

Weapons: two dagger like claws, one on each hamd

Powers: Illusions and trickery, can also induce madness in victim.

Description: Picture coming soon

Bio: A shady man who made his way to the top through lies, deceit, and bribery. At once a pimp who only sold high class whores to nobles and kings, the man grew to become one of the most feared and respected people around, not to mention with his powers he was able to do a few tasks for nobles. Seeing Merlin would win, he sided with him and now is still feared and respected by those around him. He wears the Joker mask and goes under then name of Maxim to conceal his true identity.
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Name: Gergory Corring
Age: 32
Gender: Male

Race: Knight
Side: Merlin

Weapons: A heavy sword in a sheath over his back. Also uses a large flail that he carries on his belt.

Description: Gregory is tall and muscular. He always wears his black armor, but only removes his helmet when out of battle. His armor is full body plate mail, with rounded joints. The armor is pitch black. But Gregory is slightly tan, with short black hair and deep brown eyes.

Bio: Gregory Corring had grown up and served with the ideas that whoever was the ruling power was his master. So, when Merlin overthrew Arthur and the world, he had to choose to side with Merlin, using his intimidating nature a black knight among the populace to keep the peace.

He hopes that the rebellion will be destroyed because he enjoys working for his new master.
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Name: Sir Edrick
Age: 32
Gender: Male

Race: Knight
Side: Unknown

Weapons: Double edge long sword, War axe, Lance, and a Mace with a two foot chain.
Appearance: Sir Edrick is tall and muscular with a shaved beard and a short blonde hair. pics are attached

Bio: Sir Edrick has become the living legend of his time. Though he has yet to take sides in the war he fights only for truth and the return of the old ways. He wishes the king be returned to power, if the king still lives. Edrick is one of the few surviving royal knights, but he has been forced into hiding and has become but a shadow and a myth that Merlin?s soldiers meet when they get unwary. He has become well known to the people who fight against Merlin, but perhaps they think to highly of him? Perhaps not.
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Name: Tyran Tilson
Age: 24
Race: Knight
Side: Merlin
Weapon: A large double edged broadsword enscribed with magic runes and a magical guantlet on his left arm that can demolish anything. His armor is almost unbreakable and protects him from magic.
Appearance: below
Bio: One of Merlin's best knights. He has never lost a match and has already found and helped destroyed several UA outposts. He has a little sister named Tristen. He joined Merlin's side because he was lead to bleive that the UA killed his parents and his sister
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Name: Tristen Tilson
Gender: Female
Race: Assasign(sp ?)
Side: UA
Weapon: Her father's sword that has been inscribed with stelth spells, and two daggers that she uses for quick deaths
Appearance: see below
Bio: Tristen is Tyran's sister. She saw how her brother went to the evil side of the war and vowed to kill him. She found out that a small band of people have risen agianst Merlin, so she happily joined. She quickly rgrew in the ranks and became a great warrior that is used to take out importand people on the other side. She has yet to fight her brother in battle, yet she knows that the day she does, she needst to be ready to make the final strike if need be.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]The sign-ups will be open for a couple more days. But then I'll put the thread up in Adventure Square. So, be patient! MA stands for Merlin's armies.



Rexamillion-Jake Harlot (UA)

Latharix_sama- Maytone Gallote (UA)

Straight Outta' Ensley- Maxim (MA)

Sir Gawain- Gergory Corring (MA)

DragonBlood- Sir Edwick (Undecided)

silverwolf_fang- Tyran Tilson (MA)

Raze_3103- Triston Tilson (UA) [/COLOR]
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