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Sign Up Demon Hunters [M-VL and possible S]

Albel the Wicked

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"DAMN IT! The thing is too fast! STAND STILL!" said a cloaked figure, trying to kill a demon. Gun shots could be heard throughout the entire park the figure was in. The demon just kept bouncing around, dodging each gun shot, without getting hurt. The figure was wasting his bullets and time for the figure had too quick of reflexes for him. The demon waited for the figure to reload, which was when is struck with its claws. The figure soon had blood flowing from him, as the demon pierced the figure's heart. The figure fell, and the demon lunged over, to feast on its new meal. Five seconds after the demon's feast, a gunshot went and the demon's head had been blown off. Yellow blood flew over the battle ground when a mysterious man in a trenchcoat walked up to both the dead bodies. He had a shotgun laid over his shoulder. He looked at the man that had just died.
"There goes another one." he picked up the body and carried it to a large building. Many people bussled around this place, most of them wearing the same uniform. A boy walked up to the man and saw that one of thier own had been killed.
"General Kitowka! What happened?"
"Tell the family of Officer Minari, that he was killed by a demon. I was lucky to recover the body from the demon."
"Yes sir. I will inform the family."
"Good" The boy ran off and past a wing and General Kitowka walked up to the front desk.
"I have a body that needs to be prepared for a funeral. He was killed in the line of duty." The clerk was a tall, skinny, brown haired teenage girl.
"You always seem to bring the bad news General."
"Yes, I know. For some reason, I always arrive late."
"I'll make sure he's ready for his date."
"I think that it's pretty sad that we've had so many people die in this job, that we start to make jokes, when a person dies."
"That's what happens when you're a Demon Hunter"
"You know, I've been working for 10 years at this job and I've killed over 500 demons at least and I've noticed that the bastards never seem to die or lessen in numbers. It seems that humans always fight demons, starting back to the futile age and we've haven't come close to winning yet."

~[I]Futile Japan[/I]~

A samurai stood facing a small sword demon. Its claws were long enough to be swords. The two faced each other and waited for one to make a move. Finally, the demon with both its claws attacked the samurai. The Samurai dodged and blocked the attacks as best as he could, but the demon still landed fatal blows to him. The samurai slice at the opportunity when the demon came close, which cut open the demon's chest. It fell back, holding onto its wound, as the samurai came for the final blow. As the samurai was about to slice, the demon disappeared into thin air.
"DAMN IT! That's the fifth one that's gotten away from me today." The samurai returned to his dojo, filled with many other Demon Hunters, like he. All of them were training and not stopping. "The demons just don't want to die" the samurai said to himself.

This is demon hunters. The RPG that takes place in Modern Japan and Futile Japan. That is what is unique about this. Your character either fights in the Futile Era or the Modern Era. The plot of this, is that the humans are trying to kill all demons. I MAY at one point, put in a time rift or something, connecting the two time eras, but I'm not sure. But, by the end of the RPG, all the demons will be dead......hopefully.


Gender: (18-38)
Time: (What era your character is in)
Weapons: (Remember to keep in your time era)
Rank in the Demon Hunters:

I hope that this turns out. I'll post mine later.
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I think you spell it Feudal or something like that instead of Futile. Just suggesting thats all. I'm not quite sure. Here's my sign up.

[B]Name:[/B] David

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Time:[/B] Modern

[B]Weapons:[/B] Two hand guns. A sword on his side.

[B]Rank in the Demon Hunters:[/B] Luetenant (can't spell :animeswea )

[B]Bio:[/B] *Later*
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Name: Rao

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Time: Modern

Weapon: A handgun, knife, and rifle she carries on her back

Rank: General

Bio: She was raised in a family of demon-slayers and trained since she could hold a gun straight. Her parents were killed by demons after she had turned 18. Their deaths only caused her to fight harder. She trained for several years after that gaining power and hatred. Her life is lived by vengence and she feels no real emotion towards anyone.
Until she meets a stranger, he shows her new forms of fighting and she starts to feel an emotion for him she hadn't felt in a long time, love. He was lost 2 years ago. He might be dead or he might not, she has no idea. Not only on a quest to revenge her parents death she now has a new cause, him. She follows small clues that lead her to the present town where she meets up with the other hunters and tries to forget her past.

I hope your happy. It has to be at least a little better, right?
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Name: Dante

Gender: Male


Time: Modern

Weapon: A shotgun strapped across the bottom part of his back, two pistols(Dante's signiture weapons) hidden inside his trench coat. and 2 katannas strapped to his back.

Rank: Sergant

Bio: Born and raised in a military family and is an excellent shot with any type of gun. He loved the ways of war and has study the tactics of evry general there has ever been. He trained and mastered several different fields of martial arts.Him and his brother served in the army under their dad. They both became some of the most decorated soliders for their brilliant stratigies and quick thinking in tough sitiuations. He and his brother never fought with each other or their parents.

Dante first became interested in demons and demon slaying when he was walking down an road at night towards his house when he heard something scream from inside the old abaonded church in his neighborhood and decided to check it out. He peeked around the corner and saw a man fighting a small horned creature with a sword and won. Dante returned to his house and began researching on it. He didn't become involved until his parents disappeared and he found a demon eating his brother and split it in half with one of his swords from his collection. He then vowed to kill all the demons and find his parents. He joined the Demon Hunters and worked his way up the ranks. He only obays his own orders

(is this better?)
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Name: Kriel

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Time: Feudal

Weapon: two long katannas strapped to his sides

Rank: Officer

Bio: He killed his first demon at age 12 and since then it has become a hobby.He clooects the blood of the demons he's killed and keeps them on a shelf in his house He loves to kill them so much he refused the posistion of general at first so he would be on the front lines. Not one demon has escaped him yet. But now he has taken the posistion so he can make everbodys life miserable

He is cocky and stuck up. He thinks he is better then everybody else cause he gets asked to go on every mission. He thinks he can get any girl he wants and rubs his success in everyone's face. He has no friends and his parents disowned him because of his attitude. Even the head of the demon hunters hates but asks him to go on missions just because he is good and one of the best fighters they have
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Name: Sarah

Gender: Female


Time: Feudal

Weapon: Bow and arrow and a staff with blades on each end

Rank: Emperess

Bio: She is the empress of one of the strongest cities and is married to the leader of the Demon Slayers. Her husband gave her a bodyguard who refuses to listen to her and only obeys her husband. Her husband trained her in several fighting techinques and helped her kill her first demon. She believes that demons have possed her court officals because they are now trying to take her power away, but no one believes her.

She always is at the head of her army when ever they fight the demon army, but is not doing so well because the lack of morale in her army. She is always stressed out and never has had time to relax.
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Name: Draco

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Time: Feudal

Weapons: A katana that has been engraved with powerful dragon emblems, and two small silver daggers, for close combat.

Rank: Captian

Bio: He serves under his Empress Sarah, yet he takes orders from the demon hunters leader. He was sent to protect sarah with his life, yet he doesnt want to. He feels that she has no right to fight on the battle frield.
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I don't MEAN to be offensive about this, but I know that I'm going to be. I just have to say that your guys bios are pathetic. Those are barley even one paragraph. I've noticed that everyone that signed up for this RPG is a new member, so I relize that you are new to the whole RPG thing, but if you plan on making it in this RPG, then you'll have to make a better bio. Try to look at other sign up threads to see what I'm talking about.
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