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RPG 101 Days to Die [M-LSV]


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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]*Whispering* I hope nobody noticed that this story came out a day late...[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Another day, another demise. The news had long since ceased to surprise people. Mysterious deaths all over town, with not even a single trace of a murder weapon, nor, in fact, any trace of a murderer. After the first few weeks, the weary population of the city of Utoma began to accept this strange problem. The media dropped it, the church fanatics stopped seeing significance in it, even the families of the unfortunate victims weren't taking the losses as harshly as they had been.

But now, something's beginning to change. At first the deaths seemed completely random, the crime scenes not terribly violent. Something new is happening, though. Each night, the scene is becoming more and more grotesque, the method of the kill more and more macabre, more brutal. And there is another thing, too. Near each body, perhaps within fifty or so yards, a sign is being written in the victims' blood: a number. What does the number mean? Nobody knows for certain. It started at one-hundred-twenty. And each night, each death, the number is slowly counting downward, a sadistic timer...but to what? The people were so perplexed they eventually chalked it up to coordinated suicide, people picking up on a death 'trend' as a way to take their own life.

How terribly wrong they were...

A youthful female figure peered out cautiously into the graveyard from the wind-rattled tree, scoping out her prey; a young man, perhaps in his early twenties, coming to pay his respects to some lost relative. And who is going to be mourning for you, I wonder? she thought to herself, her luminous crimson eyes glinting eerily in the glorious moonlight. In the time one might blink, the girl was on the ground, soundlessly closing in on the man as he knelt before a grave.

With a heart-piercing scream, the man looked on in horror as a razor-sharp claw tore clear through his body.

The girl smirked as the man slumped over on the gravestone in front of her. Collecting some of the leaking blood on her hand, she walked over to a burial tomb, and, drawing her fingers quickly across the hard marble of the door, she left her mark. And then she was gone. Just like that, no movement, just gone. But the crimson mark remained on the doorway, glimmering in the moonlight.


[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial]Okay, the story's officially up. Everyone that signed up is in, but I've decided since there are so many people in the story, can we limit it to one or two people posting per day? Someof us don't get to a computer every day, and I've been in past stories with half this many people in them that got all messed up 'cause they had, like, six posts a day to read. So try to take notice in when things are being posted so we don't get swamped. And let's try to give everybody a 'turn' to post. Thanks!

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Arnold hopped off the truck as it pulled to a stop. "Alright lets go! Break open that johny pump!" He tossed a wrench to his team mate. As he helped to hook up the hose he seemed to notice a scream, his first reaction was that it was coming from the burning bulding. "Some one is still inside!" He yelled as he rushed back to the truck and gabbed one of the bright red axes. He pulled down his mask and turned on his oxygen. "I'm goin in!" He knocked on his friends helmet twice to signle that he was headed into the building, and then rushed in. "Hello!?" He yelled as he looked around the first floor, he tryed to wave away some of the smoke, he knew it was no use. "Hello?" A sudden hand grabbed his shoulder, "Fitzgerald." "Broc." The two firefighters quickly began the search. "Brock you heard it right?" Arnold yelled over the sound of the fire, "Yea, I heard it." Arnold nodded.

"Hey I'm going to check upstairs." Broc waved at Arnold as he started up the stairs. "Becarefull up there!" Arnold yelled back. He continued to search. The fire was getting hotter, every thing he looked at was engulfed in flame. "There is no way any body is down here." He toward a door, raised his axe... "Ahhhh!" The scream came from Broc. "Broc! Hold on!" Arnold turned and started for the stairs. He triped over what ussed to be a couch and dropped his axe. Landing hard on his arm he crawled to what was left of a wall and got up. Up the stairs.

When he got to the top he saw Broc trapped under a beam that had fallen ontop of him, "Fitzgerald!" Arnold ran over to his friend. "Alright, lets get this thing off of you." Arnold went to lift the beam, but a harsh pain shot threw his arm, "Damn!" He yelled into his radio, "Firefighter down! Firefighter down! I need some one to help me out up here!" He waited for the response. "We're on the way."

A few long moments later three other firefighters rushed up the stairs. "Over here!" Suddenly another beam gave out and a protion of the third floor fell in between the three and the two. "Fitzgerald? Broc? Are you guys ok?" One of the others yelled out, "Yea we're-" Arnold stopped, Broc lay motionless, not breathing. Arnolds eyes flashed over the lifeless body. A peace of support had been pushed threw the yellow jacket into the firefighters chest. He was dead. "Broc!! No! Come on!" The other three men began to clear a path to Arnold, "Fitzgerald what happend!?"
"Oh shit." On of the men stopped as he saw Broc. "Oh God," Arnold began to lift the lifeless body up, the other three helped him. "Lets get out of here."

The four men rushed out of the building, when they got out side they layed Broc's body next to the truck...

A few hours later the fire was put out. The scream was found to have come from a recent victem of the killings. Arnold went to the police department to speak to a detective friend of his about sorting this thing out once and for all.
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Xion turned twards the blaze and felt the death of a mortal life. He looked up at the sky and saw a fain spirit heading twards heaven,"Hugo. Do you see that?" He turned to another demon, a little bigger than him in size but all the more powerful. The other demon nodded,"Yes. What is it?" Xion turned back twards the sky,"It is a spirit that has only nade it to heaven because of his good deeds. You can tell because he has a silver rim around him. If it were to be gold, then he would have made it by his beliefs, and if there were none, then it was becaujse of both, his belief and deeds." "I get it. Look, there is another one." Hugo pointed to another spirit that was being pulled down by dark objects. Xion smilled,"And that helpless soul has been tormented with a life in hell. She has neither done any good deeds, nor has she held a good belief in her religon." Xion stood up from the brick ledge he was sitting on and looked at the sun,"Hugo. Why dont you take a night for yourself. I want to see how well you have learned in these past years. Try and see if you can do what I have been doing for te past years." Hugo looked speachless."Are you sure that I am up to it? I mean, i have never tried before." Xion smilled at his body guard,"That is true, yet you have seen me do it a muillion times, as well as you have been revealed the truth behind all of the religions. Go and try." Hugo nodded as he jumped off of the building they were on top of. Xion watched him go.

After about twenty minutes, Xion decided to see if there were any more murders being carried out. He leapped off of the building, langing on his feet, with a few mortals standing around, watching,"It must be a stunt for a movie." One said as the other nodded in agreement. Xion stood up and started walking down the street, twards where the fire used to be, "Time to see if there are any clues."
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Hugo lands on the pavement creatiing a crater. "Opps" He runs through alley ways until he reaches a park. "This looks good" He reaches the center and looks around to make sure no one was around. "All clear" He tenses as an aura glows around him, then disappears. "Damn't. I can do this" He tenses again as sweat begins to run down his face and the aura comes back. His hands and feet begin to grow. Claws shoot out of his nails and hair begins to grow on him. He feels himself losing his mind. "No not after my training" He closes his eyes as he grows taller and hunches over a little. "AHHHH" A light covers his body then disappears leaving him in full fledged werewolf form. He sits down and breathes. "I've done it" He fights the beast inside him wanting to get out. He feels his clothes still on him. "At least I got them the right size" His ears perk up as he hears a scream in the forest. "Uhoh" He prowls through the forest and comes across a young woman covered in blood. "Another one" He sniffs the ground and catches a very, very faint scent. "It went with the wind" He looks up and sees another person standing there watching. "Or maybe I was smelling someone else" The person screams causing Hugo to cover his ears. The beast inside comes closer to breaking out, wanting to kill the person. "Can't gi..." His eyes glow silver as he charges the screaming human and cuts her into pieces then feasts on her blood. He looks back up as he hears more shout and runs into the woods.
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Okay, everybody. Seeing as how the first two people on the list have dropped out, I'm officially opening the next few posts to anybody that wants 'em. Sorry to have kept you all waiting.

The other rule, to limit total posts here two three a day, still applies, though. Have fun!
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Teal]Tetra strut silently through the city of Utoma. The only sound she paid any attention to was her feet slowly making their way across the dim side walks of Utoma. Her head was down and her hands by her side. She started to ponder on the deaths of victims. *There has been little word of another killing. I just hope the angels don?t?.they probably already know.* Tetra thought shaking her head. Her attitude was quite gloomy on this day. People were walking past her with no care for what she was moping about. *If any enemy finds out I?m here then I?m sure as dead. I can?t even transform yet without taking full control of myself. The lust for blood and the thrill of the kill is too much for that form.* She let out a sigh and continued walking. She got to a small bridge that connected a part of east and west Utoma. She headed for the railing and looked over. There her reflection was visible. It showed her beastly like state. ?Is this what I am? Not but a fallen soul that craves for answers. Who am I? What am I really? Am I human or demon. If I?m demon that means I can take control over my state when I?m transformed. But I can?t which makes me a human after a ritual of some sort. Am I really this weak to be pondering this fact?? She said quietly looking back on to the street. ?I should go to the apartment.?

-Tetra?s Apartment

She walked in with her keys dangling in her hand. It was tidy enough for some spells to be concocted. *Awhile ago I rented this apartment to see what has been happening. So far nothing has come to thought. Not even so much as a description on the killer.* ?It means something. I know it. But what is it?? Her head tilted to her window. Outside she could see the sun starting to pass over the point of noon. ?A death a day and one more number closer to zero. Could it be something religious? Or is it a prank? No no, it takes skill to make such grotesque murders and get away unseen. A prank is something you would pull on spontaneous reactions.? She sat down in one of the pieces of furniture. She sighed after about a minute and thought nothing of anything. Her mind was blank. ?I should go out side and take a higher view.?

She headed towards the rooftop of her apartment. Fifteen stories in the air she felt the breeze flow through her. *Human or not I am going to catch this villain.* She crouched down rather low and jumped to the next building. Then the building after that and so on. No one took a notice to the sky anymore. It was old news and the ozone was somehow replaced after getting better at fuel efficiency. No one understood it except for the demons. Angels loved to protect mankind from anything harmful. William T. Redny was the one blessed with the knowledge on to create such a fuel efficient vehicle. Tetra still went on jumping from roof to roof until she came upon something odd. The smell of iron and gunpowder filled her nose. She started to follow it.

-Local Restaurant.

?Stop right there. You don?t want this young lady to get hurt do you?? A man dressed in dark blue and black said holding his hostage close to him. ?Simply amazing. Even with these times there is still crime.? Tetra muttered looking down at the scene. She estimated about seven police cars each with about three men in one. ?Don?t move! Just give me a car and a secure area to get out of here.? He demanded his gun still pointed at the lady?s head. Tetra jumped down for a chance to play the good guy for once. She landed right behind him. ?What the hell? You bi-? He was cut off when he was elbowed in the stomach and fell to the floor. The young women was freed from his grasp and she fled towards the cops. The cops started to thank Tetra without noticing the criminal was starting to gain his consciousness. ?Die.? He muttered. He shot a bullet at Tetra but only shot her in the arm. The police swarmed him after that.

Tetra was unable to get away. The media was all over here with questions like ?How did you land behind him?? or ?Did you feel scared at all?? or in some cases ?How did you surprise him like that?? ?No no I was just-? Her voice was cut from the media swarming over her. Flashes from cameras blinded her and she could barley talk with all the microphones stuck in her face. ?Look look all I did was knock him out. He was a criminal. I couldn?t-? She stopped in mid sentence. The media was silent and waiting for an answer. ?Well couldn?t what?? ?That presence.? She said muttering to herself looking around. She then looked back at the media. ?I?m sorry I have to leave.? She took off and escaped the media by going around an alley corner and jumped up to the roofs again. She looked around. *That presence was an angel. I hope they don?t get the idea we are doing this. I want to investigate this further.* The wind blew her hair to her left as she looked out north. *There are also some demons here. I will have to keep guard of well being.* Tetra thought to herself as she readied to jump to the next building.

-2 hours later

?I?m so bored. I have to wait for sunset. Oh why couldn?t it have been six?? She said while drinking her coffee at the café on the west side. ?All day I?ve plotted out points where there is the least activity of humans.? She moaned as she drank a second sip. A young women came into the café and looked around. She soon went to the counter and asked for a drink. She was given it almost instantly and she sat down at the table across the room from her. She looked at all the mortal human men gawking at her as she held up her paper. Some of their wives? smacked them over the head with a saucer and the others either yelled their name, punched them in the arm, or smacked them in the face. Some of these were done in combination. But whatever they did they still gawked at the I?m-seeming-so-casual-and-drinking-my-coffee-minding-my-own-business or so it seems woman.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]OOC: Neko I know it is not as long of a post as you would make one so please be patient and wait for the events to unrole for me to make my huge posts.[/SIZE]
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