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[COLOR=Green]"Enough!" Sorcha yelled above the roar of villigers and warriors. "If you don't stop talking nothing will ever get done!" Finally she got the crowd to calm down.

Sitting back down in her chair at the head of their table she managed to sort out her thoughts. "Now, we all know Merlin has been planning something recently. What we don't know is what it is or when it will happen. If you all tell me what you have learned I'll be able to plan our next move." She addressed the crowd.
"I'm sorry miss, we have no new intelligence." A young boy to her right answered. "As I figured..." She said to herself.

It has been about a year since the resistence formed. They have sent numerous spies and have gained a little information of Merlin and his army of ruthless murderers. Sorcha holds the place of leader among the Alliance. She has many faithfull partners she shares desicions and gets advice with. They had about 500 knights, a few sorcerers and one duel fighter. A pathetic group compared to the league of unknown number Merlin holds his standings with. Now, with Merlin at his peak of success the UA are starting to take action.[/COLOR]

Merlin sat in his thrown at the front of the room. His steely eyes fixed on another nights celebration. [I]Mindless animals...[/I] He thought to himself. Merlin never held anyone in special ranks. He controled his kingdom through fear. Whatching the festivities and drunken collection of men his hatred relaxed a little. [I]It is all mine.[/I]
Abruptly he stood up, capturing the audiences attention. "Tonight we rejoice in MY reign! All who have defied me lay motionless six feet under!" He shouted to the ranks. A wicked grin passing his face. They all cheered and raised their cups in health to their ruthless leader.[/COLOR]

OCC: Okay, for the first post all members of the UA are in their hide-out discussing matters at hand. Bring up whatever you want.

Merlin's forces are rejoicing in an outcide courtyard about another recent win. There's nothing more to say.

Have fun!
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Maytone sat in an oak chair seated beside Sorcha. She closed her eyes and imagined what kind of evils Merlin's armies were up to.
She suddenly opened her eyes, stood up, and proclaimed more to herself than to the crowd, "They're out there...aren't they? Celebrating their victory, I bet."
"Maybe we should move to an offensive strategy, instead of fending of Merlin's blows. Send more spies! A sneak attack, perhaps...something! We can't just sit around waiting for what comes next!" her voice lost its anger and became a whisper, "But...that is what you all plan to do...is it not? Just sit here?"
The room was quiet at first, but soon grew into a roaring mob. How impudent this little twig of a girl was!
Maytone slumped back down into the chair and said nothing. Just sat there looking at her hands in her lap.
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Gregory gazed across the crowd, making sure that the celebration didn't get out of hand. Several of his comrades had tried to persuade him to join, but he knew better. There would always be disturbances, and the army needed at least a few good soldiers to watch for any possible spies.

But tonight wasn't like those that had come before. They had taken one of the Alliances major cities, one of their few fortified positions. He chanced a few cups of ale and sang some of the more familiar victory songs, but overall it was a dull party for him.

"I don't know why Merlin puts up with such things. We're still in a war, after all. We should be honing our skills." he sighed. Maybe he was just too stiff. But at least he had taken his helmet off, showing his hardened face. No one had ever seen Gregory the Black out of his supposedly charred armor.

"Couldn't hurt to try to have some fun." he said quietly, leaping from his position on the courtyard steps, ready to lose all interest in protecting the lives of Merlin's defence.

- - - - - - -
OOC: Well, couldn't think of much, but I hope this gives an idea to what kind of party's going on.
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Tyran walks up to Merlin and bows. "Sir our spies have located another band of the resistance. It's not the core of it but still should be wiped out. Permission to take my men and destory it"

Merlin leans back and strokes his beard. "Very well Tyran. I know you won't let me down"

Tyran bows agian. "No sir I won't" He gets up and walks to a group of soliders. "You ready for some training?"

"Yeah, I was starting to get bored" The soldiers bick up their weapons and follow
Tyran out of the gates.

Tyran thinks to himself as they mount their horses and travel across the country. "I'm going to find who killed by parents and my little sister and make they wish they were dead"
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Jack stands up and slams his fist on the table making evryone grow quiet. "I'm tired of always losing. For every victory that we have they have five. If we don't go on the offensvie like Maytone said" He looks around at all of the knights. "I know that it sounds stupid to listen to her, but you know she's right damn't"

A soldier stands up next to him. "What does she know she..."

Jack nails him i the face breaking his nose and knocking him out. "She knows alot. Merlin is not expecting an offensive strike, he thinks that we are going to continue to just sit here and hope that we win"

"What about that knight of his named Tyran. We can't beat him"

Jack smiles. "Not until now. Triston" A girl sitting next to him stands up. "Meet Tyran's sister"

"What good can she do?"

Jack laughs. "Go ahead Triston. Earn your seat at the table" The soldier standing up suddenly falls to the ground with three daggers in him. "See she can beat him"
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]"You're right, we have to attack. But if SOMEONE orders all our knights killed we'll have no warriors! Now, Jack, Triston and everyone else. SIT DOWN AND SHUT-UP!!!" Sorcha yelled, slamming everyone into their seats using her magic. "If you have forgotten your positions allow me to remind you." She continued. "Jack, Maytone and Triston. You come with me. A look-out has just informed me that one of our east building is being comandeered. There are no sorcerers with them so we'll have an advantage."
After they had collected their weopons and about 200 soldiers were formed, they lined up for inspection. "Now, we have been training for a while, Merlin has yet to find the main hide-out so for the moment your homes and families are safe." She began, walking down the long line of warriors they had assembled. "Are we going to fight?" Sorcha asked. "Yeah!" The men and women called back. "Are we going to win?!" Jack yelled. "Yeah!!" The crowd answered. "Then move out!"

Advancing on the battle field with Sorcha in the lead they found Merlin's army. Again...[/COLOR]

OCC: Alright, UA we have about 200 fighters to Merlin's 100. Sorcha is the only sorcerer out so we have a better chance, but their weapons and armor is better.
Merlin's troops have attacked the post, their getting ready to fight, fortunatly Merlin is not with them.
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Sir Edrick rode silently, sleeping. His horse followed the path befor them.

"You there, stop!" A sudden shout brought Edrick around, "You, who are you?"

Edrick sat strait, adjusting the lance in his arms, "I am simply a traveling knight."

"You take me for a fool? There is no such thing as just a traveling knight, are you for Merlin?"


"Then you must die!" Four men rushed at him, followed by two men on horses.

"If you value your lives you will halt." Edrick spoke. The men laughed. "Very well."

Edrick lowered his lance and charged through the first four soldiers, aiming for one of the horsemen. The lance found its mark at the soldiers hart, knocking him off the horse and leaving him bleeding on the ground. Edrick wheeled around quickly to face the other horseman. He charged, but got caught in the chest by a mace.
Falling to the ground he droped his lance and quickly drew out his sword. He faced off with the soldier weilding the mace. He rushed forward, dodging under a swing and forcing his sword through the chain mail of his enemy, peircing through his chest and emerging on the other side.

Edrick pushed the body off of his sword and turned to face another soldier. This one weilding a sword. "Come then!" He yelled. The soldier rushed forward screaming. Edrick spun away, tapping his enemy on the shoulder, Another of the soldiers rushed in. Edrick ducked and spun back around under the new blade, turned and caught the man across the back, spliting open leather and cloth, but his blade didn't cut through the chain mail. He spun back around and slammed the blade of his sword into the mans face, crushing metal and sliceing into the mans face. Now only three remained. Edrick turned his attention toward the horseman, who was charging quickly. Edrick waited, and when the soldier was close he thrust his blade up sliding it across the horse neck, causing the horse to rear back, the blade slippen in under the mans armour and found its way up into his stomach. Edrick turned to face the other two men, but they had fleed.

He whistled, and his horse returned to him. After gathering up his Lance and wipping off his sword he replaced it and remounted his horse. Falling back into sleep he alowed the horse to follow the path as though nothing ever happened.
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Triston rode in silence as a soldier next to her leaned over,"Whats wrong honey? Why do you look so gloomy?" Trtiston glaerd at him,"whats it to you?" The soldier sat back up as another voice came in behind him,"If I were you I would leave her alone." The soldier turned around to see Jack smiling,"Ohh, right sir. I'm sorry." The soldier backed off as Jack got next to her,"Whats wrong? Look like somethins botherin you." Triston sighed,"You should know Jack. We have been traveling together for a while now." He nodded ,"you think your brother will be in this fight? It doesnt really seem like something he would be invovled in, taking down an outpost." She nodded as she remember her last fight with him. Neither of them were able to lay a hand on each other but, neither of them were rtying. They didnt want to kill each other. they cared too much.

A yell from Sorcha brought her out of her flashback."Its going to start already?" Triston looked around the battlefield and saw something familiar,"I cant be. Why would he be here?" She looked straight into the eyes of her brother Tyron as he nodded at her,"Looks like I was right agian Triston. In any case, dont let him kill you," Jack said as he rode off twards the closest of Merlins army,"Jack! Dammit!"" Triston slowly made her way up tp where Sorcha was,"Looks like your brother is leading this fight. What do you plan to do?" Sorcha asked as tristen sighed,"I dont know. For now I'm gonna stay back here and help you out." Sorcha nodded as they both looked over the enamy army.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]Sorcha sat on her horse, sizing up the small army Merlin had sent. "If your going to stay back here and help me you better have a long distance weapon. I'll be using magic, so don't get in my way." She addressed Triston. "Of course." Triston answered, still looking at her brother. "I'm sorry this war has split so many families up. Merlin... is very selfish." Sorcha offered, looking at the ground. "Yeah, I know."
"Jack! Maytone!" Sorcha yelled for her two top commanders. "Jack, go get the advancing soldiers ready. Maytone, assemble the archers." She ordered after the two had ridden up. [I]This better not destroy the troop.[/I] She thought to herself, regretting the soldiers thet already were slaughtered. Climbing down from her mount, she readied her power.[/COLOR]

Merlin sat in his chamber, whatching the battle from a pool of water he used for scrying. [I]Once again she has hope for the empty-minded assholes she calls soldiers.[/I] He sat with cool satisfaction. "Simon!" He barked, refering to his personal servant. "Yes my lord." Came the weak reply. "Bring me refreshments, this should be interesting."
"Right away."

OCC: The battle is starting. nuff' said
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Maxim looked out upon the battlefield, he had 20 soldiers with him, all deathly loyal to him. They walked down to the very edge of the battle and awaited Maxim's orders.

"Kill all the men. Capture the women and children." he said, not studdering once.

His men ran down into the battle and Maxim sat back and watched. He didn't appreciate the subtle pleasentries of battle, nor did he like getting his hands dirty. Boredom eventually took him and he walked bravely serenely to the battle below. A band of UA warriors saw him and made to surround him. Maxim smiled behind his mask as they drew their weapons.

"Surrender or Die!" one yelled, Maxim held his hands up.

The UA began moving in, but as soon as they were close enough, Maxim took his claw and stabbed one of them squarely through the head, he slumped and died. The others attacked Maxim but he was too quick for them, in an instant he wasn't there anymore. Suddenly, one of them fell dead, the others jumped with surprise and took guard. Another looked towards his comrade and suddenly saw the clown appear behind him and lop his head off. Three more fell in similar fashion until there was only one left. Maxim appeared in front of him and he fell over, letting his helmet tumble off. Maxim looked into his face and saw that he was but a child, perhaps no older than 12 years old. Maxim picked him up and held him by the collar.

"Little boy, this could be one of two things. Either the best day of your life, or the worst, which do you want it to be?" Maxim asked him, the boy spat in his mask, "I see, I'm sorry."

The boy suddenly went catatonic and Maxim through him back to the ground. The boy laid motionless as Maxim saw his troops come back with many women and children bound together and marching in near unison. Maxim felt pleased as he saw his orders had been carried out flawlessly. One of the little girls however tried to break the line and run to the boy who Maxim had just sent into catatonia. She looked almost exactly like the boy and Maxim realized they were twins.

"Guard!" Maxim yelled to one of his subordinates, "Make sure they are taken care of. And these two, the twins, bound them in my personal chambers."

The guard nodded and grabbed the boy up and forced the girl to keep walking. Maxim took one last look out onto the battlefield and decided his work was done.
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"Hold your ground!" Tyron shouted at the head of the army. The UA was rushing them, not a very wise desicion on any acounts. Greg readied his sword, preparing to swing at the first rebels who got anywhere near him.

As the charge reaached Merlin's army, many of the UA were cast down, fighting with their feelings and without skill, but still managing to kill off just enough of Merlin's troops.

For Greg, it was almost an instant transition into battle. A single soldier had tried to stab him, but he had slid out of the way put his sword through the man's stomach. It was a fatal wound, but didn't kill instantly. It was something he did often.

After the first one, five more fell with similar wounds, and only two of them dying when they hit the ground. Such was the ruthlessness of Gregory the Black that he became careless, and got too close to the main body of the UA's army. Sorcha fired a blast at him, sending him flying back into his own ranks.

"Are you done playing with the magician? Or do you need five more minutes to sleep?" Tyron asked, stepping over the form of the fallen knight. "I'll be going back to the front, join me if you think you can handle it."
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Sir Edrick had continued rideing, untill he came across a battle field, one side had an obvious advantage, or so it seemed, for they fought with skill and disipline. Of course this was the side of Merlin.

Edrick sat and watched for a moment, "So the strong must defend the weak, even against one far stronger then they." He muttered, "And so I must fight with the weak, for the stronger has no right to prey on thoughs lesser than him."

Edrick tighten'd his armor and readied his lance. Then with perfect calm he urged his horse forward. He charged in silence, and Merlins soldiers did not hear untill he was upon them. He left his lance in the chest of a soldier and pulled out his sword, dealing many mortal wounds as he rode in the sea of people. Soon his horse could go no further for the men had gathered around him. Edrick was steady as he pushed back man after man, his horse reared back, knocking over a few soldiers. Edrick worked in perfict unison with his horse, ussing both the animals natural instinct to wheel around in a tight circle, and its flawless training, to cut a path out of the battle. He rode a little away and dismounted.

retreaving his axe and mace he directed the horse away and smacked its flank so it would run off a short way. He then turned toward the battle again. Slipping the axe into a sheath on his lower back, and placing his sword in its sheath, he began to swing the mace on its chain, slowly moving forward.

Merlins soldiers we causious, backing away slowly. Edrick lashed out, catching one man across the face, blood splattered across the men next to him. Edrick continued his swing with masterfull pressision, and brought the mace down on another soldier, smashing his shoulder, the man fell to the ground, screaming in pain, his arm nearly fallen off. Edrick continued on.
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Tyran watched from his post on the wall as the battle raged on. It was a stalemate right now, the UA getting help from an unexpected soldier. "This needs to end fast" He jumped down and landed right in front of the newcomer's horse causing it to rear up. He choose at that moment to charge and knocked the horse and its rider over, pinning the rider under the horse. He turned to Greg. "Take our second amry and go around the back. Stay out of their sight. Destroy their base completely. I'll keep them busy" He turned and cut his way through the ranks of rebels, blockiing stry shots with his magic gauntlet from Merlin. "Merlin grant me the strength to destroy them" He clenched his fist praying for power to come to help him achieve Merlin's goals.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]Sorcha stood surrounded by Merlin's army. She planted her feet and raised her hands over her head. She yelled an ancient word that caused a ring of fire to enclose the entire ambush site. "Wow." Triston said. "Damn!" Shouted Tyran, whos plan to suprise the UA army had just been ruined. She pulled out her sword and killed all the soldiers that were around her in one swift move. Jumping on a stray horse she surveyed the fight.

The stranger that had been helping them was pinned on the ground. She took a flying leap and landed in frount of the horse. "Garro." She said, lifting the horse with unseen force. "You alright?" She asked the unknown knight. "Uh, thank-you." He said, a little stunned. "Hm, good thing you were wearing that armor." She said before running to a group of her soldiers that were losing.

Merlin's army were slowly being pushed back. Tyran's plan hadn't worked and both sides were exhausted. [I]This battle will soon be over.[/I] [/COLOR]

OCC: This battle will be won by the UA. But seriously, it's a small victory.
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Maytone ran to the front line of archers and held up her saber, signaling them to ready themselves. She spoke in the old dragon tongue, shouting, "Merithlan!"
Arrows instantly showered upon Merlin's army. And then round after round was shot into the air.
As an arrow whized past her ear Maytone felt the exhileration of battle. She jumped down from her post and hacked at her enemies. She once more shouted, "Merithlan! Give it all you've got!" and arrows shot forth with such ferocity that the enemy troups were wiped back several yards.
This[I] is why I joined the UA. No matter of discrimination against my gender can take away this thrill that fills me when I fight![/I]
The supply of arrows began to deminish, but it didn't matter, they had won this battle. It was soon to be over and done with.
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Edrick didn't know who she was, and he didn't realy care. He desided he was no longer needed, and so he checked his horse quickly, and remounted it. He begain rideing away when a soldier stoped him.

"Sir, why do you leave us? We could use your help-"

"I have no need to join you."

"But, I must insist that you see our leader she did-"

Edrick pulled out his sword and pointed it at the man,
"If she is the one who saved me then I am in debt to her, but joining her does not fall under payment of such a debt. Now, stand aside."

The man stept aside as Edrick kicked his horse. The animal reared slightly befor setting off. Some other UA soldiers noticed that he had left, but Edrick did not turn around, he knew the woman who had helped him, and he was greatfull, and new her face, thats all he needed to know.
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Triston agian looked at her brother as she stabbed an enamies chest in front of her,"Tyron! I know that you know I am here! Why dont you come and fight me!" She shook her head as she saw her brother stop and look at her,"You want a fight? Then you shall have one!" He began to charge her as she drew her sword. When they reached each other sparks started to fly as their blades collided,"Tyron, why are you doing this? Why do you insist to fight along with Merlin? Agianst me?" Her eyes began to fill with emotion as she shook her head agian, trying to repress any emothions that could get her killed. "If you want to know, I only did because Merlin can give me a power that no other person can. It is you that is fighting on the wrong side." He seemed to be letting up on his attacks, along with Triston,"Please, Tyron, stop fighting. Thats all I ask of you." He shook his head as he tried to land another weakening blow on her.
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"They killed our family. Why do you fight for the killers?" He dodged her attack and caught her sword with his. "Merlin wanted to help me avenge their deaths, so he gave me this power" He brought his sword for the kill but then stopped and instead backed away. "We will meet another time" His horse came charging through as he jumped on and rode away. "Fall back, retreat back to the castle"

A soldier turned to him. "We will be punished"

Tyran kept his eyes in front of him on the hills. "He may be harsh, but he even knows when you can't win. Make sure you get the sorcerers next time"
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Gregory was reluctant to retreat, but an order was priorty, as were the lives of his men. Of course, he hand't been able to round up much of a secondary invading force anyways, so this was just as much of a relief as it was a pain.

Greg mounted a nearby horse and took off with Tyran. He seemed troubled by something, and who wouldn't be in these times of war? Still, there was something that had held him back during the battle, some unkown force. That force would have to be dealt with another day, and by Tyran the commander, not by Gregory the knight.

"Sir, where to? There are a number of outposts near here that we could recuperate at." Greg asked Tyran. The experienced soldier gazed coldly at him, but with some sense of approval. Somebody knew when to take orders and when to ask for verification on them.

"We go now back to Merlin's castle. No outpost will do for my army." Tyran replied.

"His wrath may be swift."

"Then so be it." Greg stopped his horse for a second, staring blankly at his superior. No man couldn't fear Merlin, and perhaps he didn't, but still no one had ever gone willingly to Merlin with dissapointing news. Except for those who didn't wish to live.

"He will know of our defeat. But he will also know the reasons for it. When the men are rested, we will prepare for battle again, and ready for anything. Come Hell or high water, we shall not lose again."
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]Sorcha dropped her sword as she watched Merlin's army retreat. [I]Praise God. It's been years since our last victory.[/I] She thought, sitting down on a nearby boulder.
"The report?" She asked of a soldier who had run up to her side. "Seventy- four dead. 98 wounded." He said. "Bring the wounded back to the main building. Set out 10 posts to make sure no one comes back. Pick whoever can manage to bury the dead." She replied standing up. "Yes mam."

Back at the hide-out the sick room was filled with the cries of hurt men and women.
"It's going to be a long night." Sorcha exclaimed, shaking her head. [/COLOR]

Merlin sat in his castle at the end of a long table. [I]Hurry up you lazy asses.[/I] He glared at the opposite wall. [I]How could they not beat them?! It was that damn sorcerer. My old comrade Sorcha.[/I]

Presently he heard hoofbeats outside. [I]Finally!!![/I] He angerily thought. Standing up he threw his chair against the wall. [I]It was one win. They will not last.[/I]
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Tyran paced up and down his room. "Damn't this sucks" He slammed his fist into the wall leaving a hole. "I finally lost a battle, after years and years of winning I finally lost" he looked at the hole and put a painting over it. "I'm gonna be in big trouble" He sat down and held his head in his hands as he thought of his sister. "Why do you have to help the ones that killed our family. Why?" He thought of his father and his mother. "If only I had of been there" He got up and looked around. "Time to face the music" He walked out of his room and down the hall, then into Merlin's chambers and bowed. "My Lord. I have failed you"

Merlin stroked his beard. "I already know"

Tyran bowed even lower. "I await your judgement"
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"Are you happy?" Merlin sat looking at Tyran, his cold, grey eyes fixed directly at the man. "No sir." Tyran replied, sweat forming on his brow. "What did you do wrong?" Merlin leaned back and took a sip of wine. "We underestimated the sorceress." He said quietly. "Yes, you did. She is powerful, I would know. But her soul is weak. Don't mess up again." Merlin rose and walked over to the soldier, standing a good 2 heads taller then him. "I suppose you expect your punishment." He said, sending cold chills down Tyran's spine. "As you wish my lord."
"The dungeon, three days, no food or drink. Then I will let you go, if you mess up again I will have your head." Merlin chuckled slightly at the last phrase. "Yes my lord."
"Guards! You heard me."

[COLOR=DarkGreen]Sorcha tended to the sick. While look-outs and guards rushed to fufill orders. The five best sorcerers helped heal when they could. Time was running out, they were closer to making a move on Merlin's teritory. She stood in a dark corner, staring blankly out at the dark wood. [I]It has begun.[/I] [/COLOR]
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Triston walked up next to Sorcha and handed her a cup of coffee,"You ok? You seem really out of it after that battle."

Sorcha turned to her and smiled,"Yeah, I'm fine. I should be asking if you are ok, I mean you did go up agianst your brother. Thgat must have been hard. Family and all." Triston looked away,"Its not as hard as it would seem. Even if he is my brother, he is the enamy." Sorcha nodded and looked down herself,"in any case, i hope the two of you are able to forget your diferences." Triston nodded and walked off into aseperate room from all of the injured soldiers to think.
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Tyran looked around at the cell he was stuck in. "Oh well, I can train while I'm in here" He took of his armor and set it in a corner then went up into a handstand and began doing pushups.
4 hours later
Tyran laid back against the wall with sweat dripping from his body. "Upper body done" He stood up and put on his guantlet and quietly as he could put a hole in the wall then put back on his armor and began doing sprints back and forth.
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Edrick rode into a small village, not more than a few small houses and a shop or two. Edrick held his helm under one arm as he guided his horse into the town. A sudden scream broke the silence as some men backed out of a tavern door, followed by some soldiers of Merlin.

"You trash! How dare you speak to me that way!? I am a soldier of Merlin!" One of the soldiers pulled out his sword. "I think you need a lesson in manners!" He lifted his sword to attack the men, who were scrambling to get away.

"Stop." Edrick yelled, "Put your sword away fool, or you might get hurt."

The soldier turned and looked at Edrick, "You! I remember you! You should have killed me when you had the chance old fool!" The soldier charged at Edrick, who pulled his horse to the right. As the man stumbled by Edrick pulled out his sword and cut him across the back, slicing open the skin, and severing the spinal cord.

The other soldier began to run, but one of the men grabbed his leg and he fell. The other men were on top of him quickly; tearing off his armor and punching his face and neck. Edrick got off his horse and tied the reigns to a post, and went into the tavern, slipping past the fight.
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