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RPG Inu-Yasha: Ties That Bind

Inuyasha Fandom

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Heero stood, looking around. He leaneds against the shed that housed the well to the other era. His mother was baking cookies, for some reason.

His father, however, was being a twit. "Heero! Come spar with me!! We havew plenty of time before the others get here!"

"Sorry, Dad, but i'm not in the mood."

Heero sighs, and heads inside the shed to wait, and jumps down. He yawns, and decides to wait there.
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Orikal felt her way down the chains on her legs; she was suspended in the air. Ha, you idiots, don't you realize I have powerful wings? Orikal smirked as she thought. In a matter of seconds she would be free. She beat her wings slowly once, pushing air up to the ceiling with tremendous force. The shackles on the ceiling vibrated silently. She did it again, pushing as much air as possible. The bolts were coming loose. She tried it one more time, and a satisfying [I]clink![/I] echoed quietly through the dungeon. Third time's the charm, she smiled mischievously and she gracefully landed on her feet. She looked down and saw that one of the shackles on her left ankle didn't come off. Oh well, she shrugged mentally, and magiced the door soundlessly open.
Orikal looked down both hallways, checking no guards were nearby. She floated smoothly down the corridors looking this way and that. No one was around, apparently the day had become night. It was always hard to tell in the dungeons.
She was close to the exit when something caught her eyes. A mysterious pendant and earrings. She took one earring and examined it, holding it close to her eyes. Pure gold studs and silver hang offs. She put one on each of her earlobes. She then grabbed the necklace, and placed it over her head. This was golden as well. She flew the rest of the way out of the jailhouse without getting caught.
I'm free! She screamed wildly in her head, she landed safely, twenty-two miles away from the pen. She started to walk carefully so she wouldn't catch too much unwanted attention when she felt the ground slip from under her feet.
"What the?" She cried out as she was being sucked into a wormhole. She tried to flap her wings, but it was as if the had retracted into her body. They wouldn't move! Some force in the ground was pulling her down. Despite her efforts, the wormhole consumed her and blacks and blues and whites covered every inch of her body. She felt a tugging as if she had a rope tied around her waist and some invisible person was pulling her, and she landed hard on her knee in dirt of...something. She beat her wings, they worked as great as ever, and she flew up the shaft. She spread her black wings in the little shed she was in. She looked around below her and saw a shocked quarter demon. She floated down to look closer at him.
"Uh, Hello...where am I?" The boy looked at her surprised that she had no idea where she was. He had even raised his eyebrows at her.
"Are you an...angel?" She almost laughed at him, this boy should at least know how to recognize an angel. Apparently he didn't.
"Yes, I am an angel. A very unique angel." She whispered to him, but he caught every word. She spread out her pale white arms and started to transform herself. Her black feathers molted, leaving white ones behind. Her hair went from gray-silver to shimmering blond. Her stoney eyes transformed into bright green. Her clothes changed into a white, short-sleeved dress that went to her knees. He gasped audibly when he saw her do this.
"Simple, yet effective, no?" He nodded his head, and she walked past him. "I'm going to have a look around. Where that wormhole took me from my precious Gaia, I have no idea, but I'm going to try and find out." The boy went to stop her, but too late. Orikal had already opened the doors to the shed.
OOC: Long I know, but ya...I'm a writer like that ~.^
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