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RPG The Dead [M-VL]

Box Hoy

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[CENTER]The Dead[/center]

The dark blood stains on his shirt only personified how much Matt had been through in the past couple hours. His hand was wrapped in some toiler paper which had become very dirty over time.
The glum sky above made it an even more depressing town. Such a lively town before the events that had left it in ruins, Red City had been destroyed be that which was created to keep it from that fate.
Matt looked into the sky. He had no expression on his face and only stared blankly into the sky.
Cars were pilled up everywhere. Damaged buildings and broken windows went along. The feel was very filthy.
His apartment wasn't too far off from his current location and there he could more than likely find the resources he would need to fix up his injured hand and find some more survivors to work with.
Matt turned the corner which his apartment complex has located to see a ragged little boy going through the garbage bins next to the door. The child lifted his head out from the bin holding a half eaten apple, looking at it like it was gold. He was covered in filth and his clothes seemed to be ripped.
Matt made a small motion. The boy's head perked up and he noticed Matt.
"Get away!" he yelled covering the apple. "You can't have it becuase I found it!"
Matt eyed the boy. How sad it was to see a child in this condition.
"Don't worry. I'm not going to take your apple," Matt said putting a smile on his face.
Slowly he took a step forward to see how the child would reacte. What would be his next question. "What's your name?" Matt asked.
The boy was reluctant to give out his name although the man didn't seem to be threatening. "First you tell me your name," he said in his immature high pitched voice.
Matt nodded. "It's Matt," he replied.
"Matt huh. My name is Kyle."
"Why are you scavenging through the trash Kyle?" Matt asked.
This question seemed to hit Kyle hard. "My parents were killed yesterday. I can't get back in my house without them. And I don't want to travel back across the town with all the mechumans around," Kyle said.
Matt smiled. "Come on in. I've got some food in my apartment," he said. Kyle's face seemed to brighten up at these words.
"Really!" he exlaimed.
Matt nodded. He went to the door a took out his key and opened the door. Kyle was quick to rush into the apartment complex's lobby. The lights were out. Matt went to switch on the lights.
They flickered and then came on. A small candy machine stood next to an elevator. Kyle quickly ran over to it and to Matt's surprise he smashed the glass and started taking all the bags and bars of candy he could.
Matt clicked the up button the elevator. "C'mon kid. We gotta keep going," Matt said.
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[font=Comic Sans MS][color=silver]Eathan hung his head a bit lower and his eyes dropped a bit further. Sprawled out on the floor in an apartment building wasn't where he'd wanted to be. Especially not when he'd been that stoned. He pulled his knees up to his chest and fell to his side, laying on the floor, curled up in a ball.[/color][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][color=silver]"Aw, this is bullshit." He muttered, being thankful of the solitude. "Oh, fuck this!" He was always screwed up when he was coming down. Eathan hit his head on the floor then heard the elevator door open. "Shit," he whispered, forcing himself to sit upright against the wall and hide his discomfort and pain. He gave an indifferent glance at the two people walking down the hall.[/color][/font]
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Matt noticed the man squirming around in the elevator. "Are you okay," he asked. Kyle's expression was full of confusion.
Eathan looked at the two. "Yes," he said. He slowly but surely stood upright trying harder than ever to hide his pain.
Matt held out his good hand to Eathan. "You're hurt. Let me help you out," he said. Eathan looked at his hand for a second than took it and helped himself up the rest of the way.
"What's your name," Kyle asked from behind Matt.
Eathan looked at the child. "It's Eathan," he said. He looked to Matt as if he were asking the same question.
"My name's Matt. Nice to meetcha'," Matt said replying to Eathan's expression.
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[font=Comic Sans MS][color=silver]Eathan cracked his neck and sighed, feeling slightly better on his feet. He looked Matt over and was silent. How funny it would be for these two strangers to find out he was as stoned. Eathan straightened his posture and cleared his throat slightly, waiting for one of them to say something.[/color][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][color=silver]"Are you sure you're alright?" Mat inquired. Eathan realized how easy it must have been for him to see how much discomfort he was in. His head was throbbing. Still, he denied it.[/color][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][color=silver]"I'm fine." He said, firmly. "Why don't you come back to my apartment anyway? I'm sure you could use some rest, maybe something to eat." Matt said, motioning his head down the hall. Eathan was silent for a moment then said quietly, "Sure," and followed Matt and Kyle down the hall.[/color][/font]
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OOC: Yeah. I Just PMed you about this...post. Please sign up first. Thanks.

Matt opened the door to the apartment. He looked around. Papers were scattered all over the ground and his bed was a mess. "Heh. Sorry. I'm not one you would call clean," he said. [I]Seems like I'll never find a place that's no screwed over and messy now.[/I]
He let Kyle and Eathan in and shut the door and locked it. "Are you guys hungry," he asked. Kyle nodded almost violently. Eathan shrugged.
Matt went into the next room over and began looking for something high in energy content. He slowly opened the door to the fridge. A couple cockroaches scurried away as the fridge light flicked on.
There was two day old spaggetti. He kept looking.
"Do sandwhiches sound okay," Matt called.
There was no response.
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The street lights blinked on as Chris walked down the empty street.[I]Damn what happened to make those freaky cye's go off on us like that.[/I]Chris continued down the street toward a an apartment complex and seen a light on, and thougt to himself, [I]hey maybe there's someone alive in there. with [U]food[/U][/I]
and he began to make his way to the entrance.
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Alex was sitting right outside of the Apartment where Chris was headed, his right arm was bleeding and his laptop was out and attached to a deactivated droid, [i] damn, these things are complicated. 5 minutes of hacking and all I get is a stupid number...useless. I cant believe that thing went off, and here I was hoping to find out some reason why they turned on all of us[/i] His eyes started to go fuzzy as he slowly slipped into unconsciousness.
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As Chris got closer to the apartment complex he noticed a boy not much younger than him hunched over on the stope.
"Hey are you ok."Chris yelled down the street and when there was no answer he began to run towards the boy. And then when he got a few feet away he seen the droid on the ground near the boy."Holy shit! Just my luck. Hey kid you ok?"Chris asked again as he looked at the droid.
Still no answer he looked up to the light that was on and counted to see what floor it was coming from."God I hope that thing dont wake up. Come on up ya go." Chris said as he hosted the youth up onto his shoulder and the boy mumble"[I]Dont forget my laptop. Please[/I]."
"Ok but save your breath your bleeding pretty bad."Chris said as he scouped up the laptop and went into the lobby of the apartment. In the lobby he found nothing but a smashed vending machine. he went to the elevator and press the up button."God let there be someone up there." Chris thought as the elevator came down.
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Matt called again.
"Hey Eathan. Kyle. Are you guys there," he yelled. Again there was no response. Matt slowly slipped away from the fridge and stepped foot by foot into the main room.
Kyle and Eathan sat in front of the television. There eyes wide and filled with horror. Matt walked closer. He saw the screen.
On the screen scenes of death at the hands of the mechumans kept replaying. A boy's throat was slit and his body was pushed into a fire. A women's face was pounded with bullets and blood splattered everywhere.
Who had gotten these shots? Matt stood up and without reluctancy he switched off the tv. "C'mon guys. Let's eat," he said. His voice seemed to be stunned.
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Derreck wandered the streets, a state of shock his only companion. His school uniform was tattered, and dirty. When the mechs had attacked, his school had been one of the first targets. He had been one of only a few to escape the darkness and bloodshed. His home had been second, he had lived across the street.

[I]BRZZT![/I] Derrek turns, and screams. One of the mechhumans was bounding in on him. "No!!! NO!!!!"

Derreck flees, running away from a barrage of bullets. One clips his leg, and he falls. He can hear the clank of the machine.

"HELP ME!!!" He screams, as the robot bears down. With a click, it points a gun between the center of Derrek's eyes. They fill with tears. He stares at this monster.

[I]I'm going to die.....I'm really going to die.....[/I] he thinks.... His life flashes by in a split second.

KABOOM! [/I] The robot's head explodes, from a random pole falling on it.. Derreck scrambles to get away from the now dead machine.

"Why did this have to happen to me??" He cries. His leg feeling like it's on fire, he limps away, into a cumbling apartment building. "Oh man..... i have the devil's luck...." He looked down at his leg, and sighed. "Damn. once again, just barely tapped....." Hre sighs, and starts to grow cold, emotionally. "Why didn't i just die?? Don't i deserve it, after all i've done?"
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[font=Comic Sans MS][color=silver]Eathan cracked his neck again and got up. His mouth was dry, but he felt better. Little bit of reality, he thought, helped him come down a bit better. Could you blame him, though? Even someone like him needed to escape this if they could. [/color][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][color=#c0c0c0]Eathan took a deep breath and looked around the room for no reason, really. He liked to have a sense of his surroundings, though. He went into the kitchen after Matt, leaving the younger boy. He never did well with kids.[/color][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][color=#c0c0c0]"Quite a place you got here," Eathan almost sneered. "I know, it's a dump, but it's better then nothing," Matt said, taking one last futile look around the kitchen for something else.[/color][/font]
[font=Comic Sans MS][color=#c0c0c0]"So, what's your story?" Matt asked, looking at Eathan now. "Story?" Eathan asked, "I don't have one." His tone was rather blunt. Matt shrugged and took a plate out into the main room. Eathan followed behind him and took a place ont he couch. After moving some clutter out of he way first.[/color][/font]
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Alex slowly had regained consciousness during the elevator ride. [i]"you okay over there?"[/i] said chris, He had gotten to alex just in time. [i]"yeah, i'm okay over here. I'm going to try to find out why those things attacked us, I only got about five minutes before my bleeding moved me unconscious"[/i] Alex opened his laptop and inserted a chip into the side of his lap top and started furiously typing. [i] Curious...In five minutes I got through about 2 blocks in the system and found only one number...(7) maybe if I try more I can get more..maybe they are a deactivation code or something for a main computer."[/i] Chris looked a little confused [i]Yeah, If we can even get past one[/i] The elevator stopped at the floor that chris had thought had the lights on and the door slowly slipped open.
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"ok you wait here I'm gonna take a look around" Chris said"by the way my name is Chris."
"Im Alex. And thanks for helping me."Alex said.
Chris nodded and slowly began to make his way down the hall putting his ear to every door to hear any voices. As he passed one door he found a sign that said in case of emergency and there was a fire axe."I think this might come in handy." Chris said to himself and quitly removed the axe from its glass case and continued down the hall.
"This one. Finally." Chris said softly and listened to the voices behind the door. He slowly turned the knob and poked his head in and said in a strong and slightly loud voice" Hello is anyone here that can help us. Hello?"
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Matt's head jerked up. His hand seemed to have a mind of it's own as it immeadiatly grabbed a lamp off of the table next to him. He slowly made his way to the door. Eathan followed him slowly.
The voice wasn't very clear.
Chris stepped into the room and shut the door behind him. Matt drew close to the door that entered the main hallway. Chris reached for the handle. Eathan pointed. "Look."
The handle was slowly turning. Matt held the lamp up above his head.

Chris slowly opened the door. He saw the lamp and a guy with an angry face. Matt swung. Chirs saw the lamp and ducked. "Whoa!! Hold on there dude," he yelled.

Eathan grabbed Matt. "He's not one of them. Hold on," he yelled.
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[font=Comic Sans MS][color=seagreen]Eathan grabbed the lamp from Matt as quick as he could and pointed it at Matt. "Bad," he said, like you'd say to a dog that just pissed on the carpet. Eathan grinned and set the lamp down. "Then again, breaking and entering isn't very honerable, young man." He said, turning towrds Chris, still halfway hiding behind the door.[/color][/font]
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Matt held out his hand to Chris to help him up. "So. Why'd you break into my house fella," Matt asked. Chris looked to Matt and remembered Alex.
"Oh shit. I totally forgot about Alex," he said. "Please. You've gotta help me. My friend is in the elevator and he needs help badly," he said.
Matt nodded. "Kyle. Come on," he yelled. Kyle came running into the room.
"What," he questioned. Matt just motioned for him to follow.

The four left the apartment and walked into the hallway. Chris hurried down the hall in the lead. He turned to the elevator and clicked the button for it to open.

The door slid open.
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The door opened and there was alex, his right arm was pretty torn up but he was typing furiously with his left hand. [i]"hey guys, I think I..."[/i] while alex had started talking, A little blood dripped from his mouth and he started to fall unconscious again [i]"Shit!"[/i] said chris ran to alex to stop his fall. [i]"Is he okay?"[/i] said matt. Chris hoisted alex over his shoulder he looked at ethan and said [i]"Get his laptop, whill ya?[/i] Ethan ran over and picked up the small computer [i]"Damn this thing is light, How'd he get such a nice computer? and how'd his arm get all torn up?"[/i] [i]"I donno," Said Chris "but I sure as hell want to know why he's torn up and how that cy outside got deactivated"[/i] And they all walked back to the room with alex leaving a small trail of blood on the floor.
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"Ok where should I put this guy?" Chris asked as he made his way into the apartment with Alex over his shoulder.

"Put him on the couch, and I'll go get some bandages from the bathroom." Matt replied.

"ok. By the way my name is Chris. and sorry about 'breaking in' like that." Chris said as he placed Alex on the couch and sat in the floor with Alex's lap top.

" No problem and my names Matt." said Matt as he returned and began working on Alex's arm.

"Damit! Retarded password protected piece of shit!" Chris cursed as he began tring random passwords.

" You know thats invasion of privacy? You do know that right? You could get in a lot of trouble." Eathan said looking at Chris with glassy eyes.

"So could you last I check smoking weed was a crime to." Chris said as he looked up at Eathan and inhale deeply through his nose." How do I know you smoked, you reek of it."

" Ok you two quit acting like little kids remember we do have to set an example for Kyle." Matt said as he finished putting gauze on Alex's arm.
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Derrek Stood up, and wandereed up the stairs. Thje building was probably unstable, but it's not like he cared.

He trips, and he looks up to find somone stareing at him.


"you're human, right?"

"No, i'm a robot. Yeah i'm human." Derrek glares at this boy. "Who are you?"

"I'm matt. I'm hiding here."

"Not much of a place to hide."

"Yeah, well, at least i'm not alone....."

"True enough." Derrek stands, and his leg oozes. "Damn..... It's going to be awhile before that is fixed..."


"Nothing....." Derrek looks up at the ceiling. [I]Why did i have to be so smart...... why did i help create this technology......??? Why did i not hink of this situation......[/I]

Silently, Derrek beats himself up for this plight. His body was organic, but no longer human, so to speak. He was completely synthetic, and had a few robotic functions, like being able to connect directly to computers theough a cord he connected to the com and the back of his neck. He himself had developed this technology, and then met with didaster, and over 95 percent of his body had been damaged. His brain had been copied, all of it's memories, and a complex A.I. had been installed into this body he now had, making him who he was today. He ran on an independent, meaning he had no affiliations with the mech humans....... exept one.

his own mother was one of them........

if this post is unsatisfactory, then just have him have artificial body parts... but other wise, i think this is an interesting plot twist...
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