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(This story is set 350 years after the events involving the Omega Shenron and Goku. The story involves DBZ and GT)
Story: After 150 years after the battle between the Omega Shenron and Goku, peace finally began to reign. The power levels finally began to drop back to normal human power levels and the World Tournaments finally began to not become one sided. 199 years late, There is one problem that occurs however. A powerful warrior appeared claiming that in 3 years an evil creature while destroy the earth because of incidents that happened in the past. The majority of the people thought that this was foolishness but a few thought that this was truth and so they went about creating a series of devices that would help them go back in time and stop these events from happening.

Character Creation:
Name: (You can use nearly any name that you want for this)
Age: (The characters probarbly won't be very old at all)
Race: (I won't take many saiyans but the races are Human, Sayain, Namekian or any other race that you want to use that appears through the shows)
Abilities: ( Use moves that are regualr moves that you use regularly. Such as Kamahamaha Wave, Masenko, Destruction Wave yadda yadda yadda)
Ultimate Technique: (This is your characters powerful move that is used to finish opponents off. Moves count as the Spirit Bomb, Dragon Punch, Death Ball yadda yadda yadaa)
Power Level: (Keep it really low at first, Your power Level will increase but it will increase like how the power levels in the show do)
Bio: (Why this character is involved int this)
Thats about it from me. I'll post my character when people join.
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