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Sign Up Law and Order? [M-SVL]


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Instead of a lovely intro story with gorey details on the death of someone, I?m going to give a couple of rules and whatnot to the RPG.

The main thing is, that the RPG is going to based in a large city in the US. It?ll be a mystery RPG that revolves around three main people. A lawyer, a CSI agent, and a detective, all working for the local police department are the only positions that?ll be solid in the entire RPG.

The detective and CSI are both taken by me and Delacroix, so the only other spot would be the lawyer, which I?ll give a signup for later. You, the people, will come in as more of a writer than anything. Your signup will be the mystery case itself.

The team will be focused on Special Victims and so on, so things like rape, murder, and the like will be on the menu. Now, for the basic signup, we?ll need?

[B]Name of Victim[/B]: (What?s the name? Not hard)

[B]Physical Attributes of Victim[/B]: (You need to have
Gender, Age, Height, Weight, Picture or good description here)

[B]Case Type[/B]: (Rape, Death, Rape/Death, Attempted Suicide, what is the on site call?)

[B]Death Blow[/B]: (What are some big things on the body? Knife slash to the neck? Dent in the forehead? Use the imagination!)

[B]The Location[/B]: (Where did he/she/it die? Not too much detail. But enough.)

[B]List of Family and Friends[/B]: (Give as many as you feel you need, kindly list ages)

[B]Happenings of the Last Few Days[/B]: (Just big events that happened, like fights with people, meeting with people, etc..)

[B]Person/People you want to play as[/B]: (Taken from the list you made. No more than 3 people. Please just don?t pick three random people, as we want it to be interesting.)

Now, for the Lawyer

[B]Name[/B]: (Easy one)

[B]Physical Attributes[/B]: (Use the guide line from the victim)

[B]Personality[/B]: (Is this really hard?)

[B]Bomb[/B]: (Everyone in law has something that makes their skin crawl, whether it be in hate or fear, it can cause them to do the most unthinkable things. What?s yous?)

[B]Snipit[/B]: (I want this to be about a case in court you?ve done. Not the whole case, but maybe just a good examination.)

In closing note, I?d love for everyone to send feed back on this, because it is an experimental RPG, and we just want to make it better. That and, when you signup, you?re saying you have the culprit already in mind, and their motives as well. My signup?ll be along in a bit.
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[size=1][color=#C82356][B]Name-[/B] Tori "The Reaper" Parker

[B]Physical Attributes-[/B]
Gender- Female
Age- 32
Height- 5'7
Weight- 110

[B]Appearance-[/B] Tori Parker stands at the height of 5'7" with alabaster skin that glows with a rosy hue, gleaming black hair that falls to her shoulder blades and is pulled back in a ponytail, eyes of emerald that sparkle when she smiles her crest white teeth. Her skin, her face, her body was flawless, without a fault. It was almost as if she was blessed by the goddess Aphrodite for she could have seduced a thousand men with only her body, yet she did nothing of the sort.

Her body was slightly muscular with definitions showing here and there. It was lean and limber like a dancer's, yet strong and toned like a sports woman. Everything balanced in her, nothing was too small nor too big, nor was it wide or thin, just balanced.

Tori's sophisticated style shows the world who she is and how she will be, whether or not they accept her. Her suits, her pants, the shirts, everything was exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it. In her eyes, nothing was ugly nor was it pretty, merely the style that caught her eye would be what she wore.

[B]Personality-[/B] A lawyer with a quick wit and a sharp tongue, as well as a mind filled with knowledge and facts, laws and orders. Tori was a person who was for and against everything, contradicting everything she would hear and see until the known facts would help her lead to the conclusion. She always questioned everything, no matter what the case or person.

Throughout her years as a lawyer, all saw that when Tori walked into the room, she brought a sense of terror yet a fragrant of tranquility with her. She brought with her brains and brawns, along with a mellow yet wild persona. She was the antithesis of everything that people would say. All in all, Tori was a questionable, engimatic character who just so happened to be a stoic that had a lot going for her.

[B]Bomb-[/B] Failure, dishonesty, and abuse. Tori is an enigmatic stoic who happens to be a stickler for perfection. To her, failure was not in her dictionary, it wasn't even a word. Should she fail, it would break her down and make her realize that she needed to work harder than before. Then comes dishonesty, an immoral act in Tori's eyes, something that makes her cringe and explode. Truth is all she wants to hear, no lies, no deceptions, just the truth. After dishonesty comes abuse, the third bombshell that makes Tori want to beat the living daylight out of anyone that happens to show this action. It didn't matter whether or not it her being abused, if she saw abuse, then the person giving it deserved a punishment.

These three things isn't out of fear, but of hatred and just simple thought.

[B]Snippit-[/B] [B]"Mr. McSwain, can you explain to us what this picture is of?"[/B]

In the courtroom of Judge Armen Muldahey was twelve jurors, a defense lawyer, Judge Armen Muldahey, and attorney at law, Tori Parker. The case at hand was Kidnapping 2, Rape, and Attempted Murder. The person being charged was Allen McSwain and the woman that Tori was representing was Heather Yales, a 23-year-old medical student who was kidnapped by Allen McSwain. The picture that Tori was showing to Allen was a picture of Heather in the back seat of a 1995 Honda Civic, where she was tied, gagged, and blindfolded.

[B]"Remember, Mr. McSwain, you swore an oath to tell the truth, so please share us your knowledge of this picture. Is this Heather Yales in the back of your 1995 Honda Civic?"

"Well, first of all, that ain't Heather. Second of all, that's not my car. And third, I don't own a camera. So I have no idea in hell what you're talking about."[/B]

Nodding, Tori returned to her desk and grabbed a video, putting the picture down. [B]"Alright then, do you admit to having a video recorder?"

"Yeah. My uncle got it for me for my 18th birthday, said he wanted me to record my memories."

"Now, in my hand I hold Exhibit F, a video recording from the day Ms. Yales was taken until the the police had found her. If it would please the court, I would like to show this video."

"Proceed counselor."[/B]

As soon as the video went into play, Allen McSwain began to move nervously in his seat, Tori could see this from the corner of her eye as she stood near her client. There were gasps and murmurs in the background as the audience watched the video. It had shown Allen molesting Heather as she began to cry, it had shown Allen forcing Heather to have sex with him, it had shown everything that Allen McSwain said he did not do. The video stopped and the lights turned on, while Allen cleared his throat nervously and Tori Parker approached him once more.

[B]"Mr. McSwain, I will ask you again, was Heather Yales in the back seat of a 1995 Honda Civic, gagged, tied, and blindfolded?"

"Yeah. But she said she wanted this."

"Your witness."[/B]

Heather held onto Tori's hand as she sat back down, fiery eyes burned a hole into soul, or what's left of a soul, of Allen McSwain. His dream would soon become his nightmare and to come for his head was Tori, the reaper.[/size][/color]
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[b]OOC: [/b]If I lose the spot to Neuvoxetere or anyone else, I'll probably sign up for a victim.

If you want more from the snippet or want anything changed let me know.

[color=Navy][b]Name[/b]: Rachel Phillips

[b]Physical Attributes[/b]:
[i]Gender[/i] - Female
[i]Age[/i] - 28
[i]Height[/i] - 5'6"
[i]Weight[/i] - 105 lbs

[b]Appearance[/b]:[b] [url="http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg"]Here[/url][/b], except she wears a business suit which is usually black or navy blue, with a tie which changes frequently.

[b]Personality[/b]: Although people see her as a young lawyer who doesn't know what she's doing, Rachel always makes them eat their words as she floors them in cases. With her quick thinking and words she's won many cases, forming herself a strong reputation as being relentless against those opposing.

Rachel is always calm when she walks into the courtroom, showing no fear or emotions, she listens carefully to everything said, taking mental notes that she can use against them. Before a case, Rachel studies everything about it, researching each of the people involved until she's sure. She always thinks before speaking, because rushed words could backfire.

Rachel has an almost photographic memory and her head is packed with the laws from the book and different information from cases which she can use as examples or references.

Everyone looks at her as someone strong and scared of nothing, little do they know what's under the brave facade.

[b]Bomb[/b]: Rachel is a major Aichmophobe and has a wild panic attack when someone threatens her with one or tries to give her one, but she's alright with looking at them. She's slowly trying to overcome the fear but it isn't working.

[b]Snippet[/b]: Rachel watched with her fingers interlaced and resting on the table. The opposing's witness was sitting in the stand and re-accounting his version of what had happened which of course wasn't the same as her client's.

The case they were discussing was about Rape, her client, a young woman at the age of 22 named Katherine said that her ex-boyfriend had raped her, which was the man at the stand, Chris, aged 24, and Chris was claiming that it had been Katherine that wanted it.

Rachel narrowed her eyes as Chris came to the part when Katherine had supposedly come onto him, begging, he said. Katherine made a sound of disgust and Rachel turned to her, resting a gentle hand on her arm and froze. Chris had just said something that could win it for them. Rachel swivelled to face him and waited until he had finished. She was allowed to cross-examine and she took her chance.

[b]"Mr Moore, I heard you say something that didn't seem to fit in with the rest of your story." [/b]Rachel stated, coming closer to the stand. [b]"You said, [i]'Katherine cried out, but I didn't stop, she wanted me to do this, it was all part of the act,'[/i][/b] [b]Now, why do you think it was part of an act, when someone cries out in pain, wouldn't you take it as a signal to stop?" [/b]Rachel asked.

[b]"Hey, the cry was mixed with a moan, and it sounded like a moan of pleasure! How was I supposed to know if she wanted me to stop?" [/b]Chris retorted.

[b]"Well one way could have been to ask her. There is such a thing as communication, you know? Then if she answered that she wanted to continue, then you could have kept going. But did you do that? No, I don't think so. And from what my client told me, from the get go it was rape, that you threw her onto the bed and tied her there. You may not have noticed since you just left her there, but her struggling left some faint chaffe marks. Permission to call my client to show the marks, Your Honour." [/b]Rachel said.

[b]"Granted. Miss James, come forward please." [/b]the judge said.

[b]"Now, may I ask, Miss Phillips, why you didn't use the marking before now?"

"Of course, Your Honour. I didn't want to use it because my client specifically asked me to only use it if I really needed to, ma'am." [/b]Rachel said.

Katherine came from the table and approached the bench, pushing up her sleeves to reveal some red marks that had started to fade away.

[b]"These marks could have come from anywhere. How do we know she was tied down?"

"The rope she was tied with," [/b]she said, picking up an evidence bag. [b]"It has both his and her DNA on it."

"I keep telling you, it was part of the role play she wanted to do, I just obeyed her wishes." [/b]Chris protested.

Rachel looked at him cooly, which un-nerved him.

[b]"You're lies are going to revealed. I will win this." [/b]she whispered to him quietly, making him swallow audibly.[/color]
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