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Sign Up Full Metal Alchemist: Blood of the State [PG-VL]

Sir Gawain

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*Content may include mature humor, alcohol use, or suggestive themes. Outright use of any form of nudity is strictly forbidden, except when in use in certain costumes.*

It's been more than ten years since the war in Ishbal. It's people are scattered, forced to live in tight, filthy villages. There's been little help offered to them, other than the Elrick brothers. But they can't protect an entire culture from the State military.
It is a time when the unruly roam across the uninhabitable lands, a time when unlikely heroes of the people are born. A select few have chosen their path, whether that path will lead them against the State or against the Ishbalins, only time will tell.

The man stepped out onto the plateu, gazing over the vast desert. Nothing for miles, not even hidden towns. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. Travelling these days was dangerous, not something he wanted to do alone. But with the State Alchemists tailing him, he only had a few days to reach any sort of haven.
Turning his attention back to the horizon, he waited for the dawn to come, a beautiful sight in the looming darkness around him. In the distance, there was a sign of movement. Somebody was moving quickly, way too quickly for it to be natural, and whoever it was was headed his way.
If it was another alchemist, he was ready. Those puppets of the State wouldn't get him, not after what happened all those years ago. He drew two pistols from his side holsters and took aim.

This is an RP that's set in the Full Metal Alchemist world. There are such things as alchemy, automail, and so on. Anyways, the point is set around the Ishbalins. The military is preparing to kill all of them, and in this RP, you will fight on either the State's side or the Ishablin's side. Either way, this isn't meant to be a gruesome tale, so keep the mature actions to a minimum. It's best if you've seen the show, but if not just ask and somebody will fill you in.

Here's the sign up sheet:

Name: (Anything within reason)
Age: (Also within reason, these people are supposed to be fighters, after all)
Side: (Ishbal or State)
Job: (Things like alchemist, mechanic, soldier, and anything else so long as you carry weapons within reason)
Description/Pic: (Self explanitory, either one will do)
Personality: (How your character thinks and feels)
Weapon(s): (includes guns, swords, and alchemic transmutations)
Bio: (As short or as long as you want. I'm the only other person who has to read it, after all.)

If three people start asking questions about the series, like 'What's a transmutation circle?' I'll put up an Underground thread to put everything in context.
I'll post my sign up after someone else joins. This RP only really needs about six or so people, but more can join.
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Name: Celia Orshima
Age: 18
Side: Ishbalins
Job: alchemist/apothacary
Description/Pic: [URL=http://www.psycko-hentai.de/grafix/gallery/bg10/words_worth_99_292_1.jpg]Celia[/URL]. She also wears [URL=http://www.marchenoir.com/daggers3.jpg]these[/URL] earings . The middle piece is a necklece.
Personality: Celia has had a hard time since her mother's death. She lived with her crazt aunt who hated anything that dealt with alchemy. She is a hard worker and acts cheerful and carefree even though she is very lonely on the inside. Celia tries her best to hear both sides of a story before making a descion.She is very a very caring person because of her job. She had to learn to care for others and doesn't like to see them get hurt. Celia is very easy to talk to and likes to listen to people in hoping that she can solve their problems.
Weapon(s): Two [URL=http://www.medievaltimes.com/giftshop/600/26%20conan%20dagger.jpg]daggers[/URL] that can be used to throw and throwing needles (they're the things in-between the daggers) dipped in a special home-made posion.
Bio: Celia's parents were both State alchmists who feel in love at first site. They married and a few months after the wedding her mother became pergent with her. Because of the pregency her mother had to take a break from alchemy. As the body prepared for the birth of Celia her father started becoming more reserved. Nine months later Celia was born and her mother was sent on a misson. As Celia's mother worked her father fooled around with other women in the village. When her mother heard of this she killed herself from the shock. When her father relized what he had done he left young Celia on his sister's steps and went to away. No one ever heard from him again.
Celia's aunt was kind and gentle at first raising Celia as her own. That is untill she found out that Celia had an intrest in alchmey. Her aunt tried to give the know ten Celia to her mother's brother, Mustang, but he refused. As Celia grew more fasintated by the art of alchemy her aunt went deeper into insanity. She begane to beat her every night she practiced the art untill she finally gave it up. Or so she thought.
Celia pretended to be an ordinary apothacary but during her down time she practiced and read from her father's large library of alchemy books. She studied to become one of the best alchmist and made a vow that she would use her powers to help people. But as they war came closer to her home her secret became harder to hide from her aunt. When her aunt finally relized what Celia had been doing in the dead of the night she cut Celia giving her a large scar across her face. As she left Celia in her blood she had muttered something under her breath that upset Celia very much. She had said, "No good will ever come from the child of saten worshipers." All the years of secret training and hidden hate caused Celia to erupt in an explosion of anger. She had passed out and reawoken with her aunts mangled dead body of the ground beside her. SHe looked in horror and saw that her own hands were stained with blood. Celia began to cry out for what she had done was cruel and distasteful.
In the back of her mind however, a small feeling grew. One of comfert and happiness. She was now free of the chain that had wrapped its rusty links around her throat so thightly in her years of youth. Shortly after the war finally reached her hometown and ravaged it completly. Celia and a few lucky others survived together they worked to rebuild the town smaller though because ofthe lack of people. Celia did most of the work with the aid of alchemy and had saved a few lives in hope of repenting for killing her aunt. Mustang came to the town to see if Celia had survied and after witnessing her skills in alchemy tried to get her to join the State Alchmist. She refused saying, "I rather die than join the orgination that lead to my parents demise."
After her statement she left the village taking with her a promise and an oath.

OOC: I'll this ASAP. :animesmil
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DimGray]Name: Tai Cintaro
Age: 20
Side: State
Job: Alchemist
Description: He has jet black hair with a medium build. His eyes are like an icy blue and he wears a military uniform. In other words he kind of looks like Mustang.
Personality: Not only will he take the orders from the state when sent out he doesn?t have a problem dealing with the Ishbalans. He actually doesn?t really care for human life much less his own. This will be further explained in the bio. He obeys and thinks his personal thoughts ever so often and kills a few Ishablens.
Weapons: Usually he uses alchemy to create a sword to his liking or else he pulls out his revolver with an accurate shot.
Bio: Long ago when Tai was just small enough to remember events there was a raid on his town. He didn?t know he lived with the Ishbalens at the time but his mother was partially Ishabalen. His mother was killed by the military in a gruesome way. He managed to get away running from the huge fiery explosion that happened shortly after. His father long ago joined the military and is now unknown to his location. Evidence that was found suggests he had died when an Ishabalen protected his land when hiding behind a door with a musket. Tai just doesn?t believe anything should live.

I hope this is alright. It sounds a bit like the Elrics I know but I feel he needs a bit of anguish.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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I didn't expect anyone to sign up. Usually my RPs don't do too well. :D

Name: Michael Morris
Age: 22
Side: Ishbalins
Job: Gunslinger
Description: Michael has long black hair and green eyes with pale skin. He wears a heavy black coat (like Ed's) with hides his two gun holsters. He wears deep blue pants with silver trimminings. Not too thin, but definitely not husky. Due to a tragic accident, he has no real limbs but instead has automail legs and arms.

Personality: Tries to do what he believes is the right thing. He will do whatever it takes to protect his allies, and detests alchemy, even if he needs it to save his life. He's quiet, but friendly, and makes serious situations seem a lot simpler (like Hayes [poor Hayes]).

Weapons: Two side holstered pistols.

Bio: Michael was involved during the Ishbalin massacre, sneaking in food to injured soldiers. One time, he was caught by patrol officers who thought he was working for the other side. They beat him and ended up cutting off his arms and legs as punishment. A nearby Ishbal automail mechanic found him and gave him new arms and legs. He was taken into hiding and every year after that he returned to find the automail mechanic so that the old man could upgrade and repair him as needed.

Michael took up sharpshooting to help protect the various Ishbal villages. In his youth, he met Scar, and ideled his work. As a gunsliger, Michael is able to accurately shoot from long distances and distract hiss opponnents with flashy moves.

I hope to see more people sign up! Oh, and we will be able to meet the characters of the show, it's just that we're not going to be involved in finding the Philosopher's Stone. Could one or two people sign up to fight alongside the Ishbalins too? It's a little pointless to be the only person on a side.
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Name: Isis
Age: 17
Side: Mercenary (will work for side that pays more)
Job: alchemist
Description: Isis has short dark blue hair and brown eyes has tan skin wears a black shirt and dark blue pants and black shoes and a black cloak
Personality: is a serious person who sticks to business he does anything to get the job done execpt hurting his partner Itsu
Weapon(s): two orbs that can he transmulates so they have blades sticking out of them shoot lasers and many other things
Bio: a former state alchemist who left to find someone who understands him when he found an Ishbalin girl Itsu now they are mercenarys that work for either the state or the the Ishbalins

Name: Itsu
Age: 17
Side: Mercenary (will work for side that pays more)
Job: Warrior
Description: has long black hair tan skin and red eyes wears a purple jumpssuit with white markings and black boots and a white cloak and sugflasses
Personality: Tries to show her emotion to Isis but he is rigid she has feelings for Isis but he is rigid and she is shy
Weapon(s): Two large swords that are powered with Isis's alchemy
Bio: an Ishbalin that ran away from home her past is a mystery because she is slient
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Teal]If your rp?s fall through don?t be discouraged. Someone made 11 rp?s in there time on the boards and only one made it. I even have a story trying to be made. I don?t think people will be joining it though. Well anyway the best way to get people to join a story is make a good original one.

Original ones usually attract more people. The ones that aren?t original (Such as series based) are not looked at from people?s likes and dislikes. You are just lucky I?m a huge FMA fan. I will create a deep meaning for this story if I need to. But I will leave that up to you. Finally I would like to add for anyone joining this story and others to make the text interesting. Not that it is a needed but I like to make long posts but I don?t make it black and in size 2. For this story I will make it a color of blue and size one for space concerns. I would also like to know when this rp will go up in the adventrue square. And BTW Edward has the most amazing cloak.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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This story will go up pretty soon. I said that the RP only needed six people, and it already has five. We just need one more person to sign up, and if not, it'll still go up this Saturday. Guaranteed.

There'll also be an Underground thread in case anyone has questions. Oh, and digix, both of your characters will have to choose permanent sides soon. They can stay mercs for awhile, but something's gotta give.

I'm also happy to announce that depending on the desicions everyone makes, this RP can go either way. I reallize that it's The Blood of the State, but that was more of a reference to the revenge the Ishabllins are going to take on them.

If someone signs up today, then the thread'll go up today. It all depends.
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...ha now i finally have sometime to sign up lol....

Name: Kyoske


gender: Male

Side: Ishbalins

Job: Alchemist

Description: see below

Personality: Kyoske is dark. He doesnt like to be talked to, well to hold a conversation with anyone really. He normally gives short answers to any questions, but will give a lengthy one if need be.

Weapons: He normally uses a sword his father made for him and a single .9 mm pistol that was made by his mother right before she died.

Bio: Kyoske was born into a military family. When he was old enough, his father took him to the place of the Ishbalin massacre. His father kept telling him how wrong it was, yet there was nothing he could do about it. From that point, Kyoske swore that he would never be able to help anyone that was involved with it and left his parrents.

Before he left, they each gave him a present, his father gave him a sword that was said to never be able to be broken. His mother,while on her death bed from an illness that Kyoske didn't know about, created a gun that had strong alchemic power.

He now travels with the Ishbalins to help them in any way he can.
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Sorry, I know it's not Saturday, but this RP is going up now. Before you post there, good luck soldiers. May god be with you in this fight.


Oh, also, sign ups will remain open for anyone who wants to join for exactly two weeks from today. That means they'll close on, let's see, June 12.
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Name: Damon


Gender: Male

Side: Ishbalins

Job: Warrior

Description: Below expect a black trench coat

Personality: Free spirited and loves to flrit with the ladies. If he has somthing to say he will say it even though it might hurt someone, he does get serious when neeeded.

Weapons: Asword like in the pic but also has a katanna hiden inside his trench coat and has two of the semi auto guns. His left hand is also made out of metal and has two claws that come out. He uses it as a last resort.

Bio: Kyoske's best friend. His hand got cut off during a raid on a Ishbalin camp when he tried to kill the person who killed his entire family. H met Kyoske shortly afterward who fixed his hand. He can't really remember his past
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