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RPG Return to Pepperland - [G]

Ozymandius Jones

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[b][CENTER]Once upon a time?
?or maybe twice?
there was an Unearthly paradise called Pepperland.
80,000 leagues beneath the sea it lay?
?or lie?
I?m not too sure?[/CENTER][/B]

Pepperland was a beautiful land, full of vivid colors, music, and happy people?very [I]strange[/I] happy people, but happy people none the less. They got along with their neighboring countries?all but one.

The [b]Land[/b] of [b]Blue[/b]

Pepperland?s neighbors to the North were everything the Peppers were not. They were not happy. They did not like music. And to them, only one color was acceptable: blue.

The Blue Meanies were mean, as their name implies. But not only were they mean ? they were also nasty, cruel, dastardly and all-around jerks.

One day, the Chief Blue Meanie decided enough was enough. Pepperland had been permitted to exist for far too long. He launched the attack against the peaceful land ? and the Peppers were defenseless against them. Pepperland fell in the space of one day.

Pepperland?s last hope lay (or lie) with Young Fred, an old man who had managed to escape the attack. He fled in the Yellow Submarine, part of the fleet that had brought the Pepper?s ancestors to Pepperland. Guided by some unknown force, the Sub made its way to Liverpool, inexplicably drawn almost directly to the Beatles.

The Beatles agreed to help Young Fred and the Peppers, and thus joined Fred in the Submarine. After meeting Jeremy Hilary Boob, Ph. D. (?Fud?), a strange furry creature who speaks mainly in Carrolian nonsense?

And completing various bizarre, random and most likely drug-induced subplots (ooh...bad pun.), The Beatles and Fred arrive in Pepperland to find that the Blue Meanies are completely in control. So, in an attempt to rally the countryside, the Beatles impersonate Pepperland?s Founders ? Sgt. Pepper?s Lonely Hearts Club Band.
This heartened the citizens of Pepperland into an uprising. After hand to ?well?word?sort of? combat between John and the Dreaded Glove, and the re-appearance of the original Sgt. Pepper, the Blue Meanies were defeated. Repenting of their lives of meanness, they joined the citizens of Pepperland in the appreciation of music and happiness. The Beatles returned to Liverpool, and everyone lived happily ever after?
Or so the story goes...


But as so often happens and is so seldom told, the Reformation of the Blue Meanies did not last long. At all. It lasted so short that one can doubt that it ever really even existed. As a matter of fact, it lasted about a day. In a sneak attack that borderd on plain evil, the Meanies quickly regained control of Pepperland.

Now, two months later, Pepperland is again in a state of opression. The valiant Sgt. Pepper?s band is once more trapped inside their blue glass?and this time, they?re not even in Pepperland any more. This time, the Blue Meanies wised up?if only slightly. The Sgt?s Band is imprisoned deep in the land of Blue, far away and through the dreaded Blue Tooth Mountains. Young Fred has again been dispatched to find help?again, the Beatles will come to his aid. But will they be able to stop them this time? Or will music and Pepperland be doomed for all eternity? [/COLOR]


[COLOR=Navy]The Cheif Blue Meanie, known to all as "Boss", leaned back in his throne. From his perch atop the Pyramid of Blue, he could see for miles...and miles...and miles...and miles. Miles of nothing; nothing but flat, blue-tinged gray, even to the South. Even in Pepperland. Blue's normally colorful neighbor blended in with the rest; dull, colorless... He smiled slightly, thick blue lips curling over sharp teeth, yellowed by age and lack of care.

[I][B]NOThing is such a LOVEly thing...[/B][/I]

It had been three months since the day that would live in Meanie infamy. The Beatles, those medling humans, had returned to their far-off Liverpool, leaving Pepperland in the care of that [b]band[/b][I]...that band...[/I]

His smile grew to truely predatory preportions, stretching his face to hideous size. He practically jumped out of his seat to skip to the side of the large, glass sphere perched on a pedestal in the middle of his throne room. Standing inside were four men; frozen in various poses of shock and horror.

[B]"So this is the all powerful Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band..." [/B] He tapped the glass with a long fingernail. It had been ridiculously easy to trap the famous Band. They hadn't expected a thing...

[B]"Er...no, your Blueness?" [/B] The Boss sighed, looking down at Max. The little Meanie looked back up at him, cringing away.

[B]"The question was rhetorical, Max." [/B] Max bowed his head.

[B]"No, your blueness."[/B] His mood ruined by his henchman, his Blueness returned to his throne.

[B]"Have the troops captured that old fool Fred yet?"

"No, your bluness."[/B] His Blueness' face broke into a wide grin.

[B]"Why, [i]good[/i] Ma..." [/B] Just as quickly, the smile faded. [B]"You mean that the [i]human[/i] way, don't you, Max?"[/B] Max nodded. His Blueness rubbed his temples.

[B]"Why must I live with such incompetence?"[/B] Max, heartend, perhaps, by his sedate angst, looked as if to speak. HIs Blueness pounded a heavy, clawed fist on the arm of his throne. [B]"I ORDered you to FIND him! He was our downfall once before, I don't want it to happen aGAIN! Now GO!" [/B] Max scurried out, leaving His Blueness rubbing his temples, glaring towards the South. Glaring towards the South, and Pepperland...[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrange]ooc: go [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=46999]under[water][/URL] for your assignments...[evil grin][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Indigo]It was early evening when Ringo finished work. He jumped down the stairs of the courthouse whose windows he had been washing.

[B][i]Wish we were still in Pepperland. No work to do there...It's been a hard nights day...[/i][/B] Ringo hurried down the street, sidestepping an open pothole. As he neared the hill leading up to the house, he noticed a street nearby had smoke pouring out of it. One of his previous jobs having been a proffesional rubbernecker he immediatley headed down it, stopping short when he came to a bunch of firemen.

Ringo walked up to one of the men and lightly tapped him on the shoulder.

[B]"Who lives 'ere mistah?"[/B] The man turned around.

[B]"A little old lady name Betty. Her cat's stuck in there still."[/B] He pointed at the burning building, and went back to calling the cat. [B]"Here, puss, puss, puss..."[/B] Ringo stood for a minute, thinking.

[B]"Can I be of any help mistah?"[/B] He reached into his pocket. [B]"I 'ave got a 'ole in me pocket, if that would 'elp."[/B] The man turned to him to look at him.

[B]"How is having a hole in your apperral going to help us?"[/B] Ringo withdrew his hand from his pocket, pulling a black shape with it.

[B]"I can place it on the wall to help the cat in wandering."[/B] He showed them, placing it on the bricks.

A hole opened and a small silver cat scurried out of the burning building. The surrounding firemen, all except for the one who had left to return the cat to its owner, stared.

Seeing that all the men were going to do was stare, Ringo went back the way he had come returning the hole to his pocket as he did so. One of the firemen looked at another.

[B]"What's wrong with kids these days?"[/B] He shook his head as the other man shrugged.

[B]"I don't know. I've always thought the kids are alright." [/B]


Ringo walked slowly up the hill. He considered going for a swim in the river Mersey but decided against it as it looked like rain.

He quickened his pace as he neared the house, eager to get home to his car. Whatever colour it was.

He sighed as he opened the door.

[B][i]Today, was fun....[/i][/B]

[B]Woke up, fell out of bed,

Dragged a comb across my head

Found my way downstairs and drank a cup,

And looking up I noticed I was late. [/B]

Ringo shook his head. [B][i]better stop that...the neighbors don't like it when I sing for no apperant reason. Especially Mrs. Rigby...[/i][/B] He sighed and closed the door. [B][i]But now its the weekend and I can do whatever I want instead of what my bosses want. [/i][/B] He got in his car and drove down the hall, already relaxing.[/COLOR]
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[color=indigo]Meg sat in her shack, sorting through dustbunnies and words, with Floof tucked into her jacket hood, sleeping soundly. Finally picking a word out, Meg made a ?aha!? noise and jumped up, jostling Floof and waking the poor thing.


Meg turned around, and said, ?[b]Say that again, Floof?[/b]?

Floof crawled onto Meg?s shoulder, gasping for air. Then he said in a very high-pitched, annoyed tone, ?[b]Oi said, missus, prrffgah![/b]?

Meg looked down at the animal on her shoulder. ?[b]Oh. Sorry, Floof.[/b]? As the dust-bunny jumped off her shoulder, she began to hum, albeit off key, and held up a word. ?[b]Floof, what word is this? I don?t remember sticking this one in with the rest.[/b]?

Floof looked up from the floor, and made a cheeping sound before snorting and replying, ?[b]Interregnum, missus.[/b]?

The red head wrinkled her nose. ?[b]Interr-what-num?[/b]? Floof just shook her head. Meg shrugged, and then froze as she heard the tromping of blue feet near the shack. Pressing against a wall as Floof scrambled into her jacket again, she hissed, ?[b]What does it mean?[/b]?

Floof said back, ?[b]It means a period of toime without government or control.[/b]? Meg brightened. Slowly she went to the back door, where there were no noises, and slipped out. ?[b]This is just what we need, Floof![/b]? She waved the word, and then sprinted off with Floof clinging to her jacket. ?[b]Let?s go find Phsycadella and Sweetness![/b]?[/color]

OOC: I have to get into this. >.<
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[SIZE=1]Sweetness was crouched in her garden with those tall, beautiful orange and pink flowers towering above her head. She hummed softly as she shifted soil and plucked out weeds, throwing them into the wheelbarrow behind her.

Knocking some of the dirt form her hands the young girl stood up and looked over her garden, smiling proudly as she did so. It was still early, the dew was still sparkling brightly on petals and leaves and it was beautiful. Just how Sweetness liked her flowers.

She wheeled her barrow over to the next patch of plants, these were green bushes with purple and blue flowers scattered over them. The smell was amazing, Sweetness thought as she leaned in close, noticing a butterfly take flight from one of the branches.

She was happy that the Blue Meanies hadn't taken this nursery from her, though they had threatened to shut her down if she didn't stop trying to make them wear flowers behind their ears. That made her sad.... and angry.

Yes, Sweetness knew that something had to be done. These days no one ever came to visit her nursery and buy flowers, they were all scared of the Blue Meanies and didn't want to take the chance of looking just a tad too happy.

Sweetness sighed and tucked some white hair behind her ears, floofing out her pants when she'd done so. In the distance she heard the squeak of what could only be Floof, Meg's slightly deranged pet with the odd accent. Again, Sweetness sighed, readying herself for the tackle hug Meg's arrival would surely condemn her to.

[B]OOC Sorry I took so long, been sick, ergo brain hasn't been working well enough to write.[/B][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen]George leaned back on the couch in the living room, watching as the ceiling changed color.

[B][i]That can't be normal...[/i][/B] He thought idly while it shifted from grey to day-glo orange to purple to white before spinning back to grey to start all over again. [B][i]I'll 'ave to ask John what 'e's done to the...[/i][/B] His eyes drifted across the ceiling to a small stream that ran down the wall, across the carpet and straight to where his finger were brushing the carpet. [B][i]...oh. Alright, then.[/i][/B] He sat up, drawing the stream of color back into his hand. Once the ceiling had returned to its normal, starry color he rose to his feet, brushing specks of imaginary dust off his pants.

[B][i]Everythin's so borin' 'round 'ere since we got back...[/i][/B] He walked toward the door, hands in his pockets. [B][i]Almost...normal, even.[/i] [/B] He threw the door open, and walked out into the hall, locking the door behind him. They didn't want the flying pirahnas to be able to get into that living room...the balcony was kept open at all times, so it would've allowed the carnivorus fish to fly out into unsuspecting Liverpool. Never a good thing.

Slowly walking down the hall, he looked around. Everything looked grey compared to Pepperland. [B][i]Meh. Bored. 'ungry, too...[/i][/B] With nothing better to do, he headedd for the kitchen, muttering directions to himself.

[B]"Ok, 's Friday, that means the kitchen's west by east-west...except it's the fourth Friday which means it's north..."[/B] He jumped from one green floor tile to the next, ignoring the fact that as he landed each tile turned yellow. He was halfway to the kitchen when Ringo drove by; his car blue with orange wheels. George shook his head. He hadn't had a chance to change its color today...

[B]"Give us a ride, sailor?"[/B] Ringo rolled his eyes, but slowed the car, allowing George to jump into the back.

[B]"Where to?"

"The kitchen, if you so please."

"Indeed."[/B] Ringo turned the car down the next hall, sighing as he did so. George leaned halfway into the front seat.

[B]"What's the matter, Rings? Feeling a bit...blue?"[/B] As if to accentuate his statement the entire car's upholstrey went blindingly blue. Ringo narrowed his eyes.

[B]"Let's not start that again, please." [/B] George sucked the color back into his fingers.

[B]"Well, then, if that's the way y'want to be..."[/B] Ringo was silent as he drove. George continued to lean over the seat. He broke the silence.

[B]"Y'wanna go back to Pepperland, don't you?"

'That obvious?"

"Yes. Me too."

"Think it means anythin'?"[/B] George shrugged, leaning back.

[B]"We'll just 'ave to ask John, then...'ope 'e's in the kitchen..."[/B][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrange]OOC: I? Officially despise finals. As in I hate them. So if any of you wonder where Grammer Panzer and Muse have got to...yeah. :grumble: [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy]Paul stood idly in the kitchen of the Beatle household, thoughts enrapt in a trivial matter. He absentmindedly leaned against the counter-top when it started to move. Paul immediately jolted up from his subconscious slumber.

[B] "What the-!"[/B]

Paul righted himself and started looking around for his friend.

[B]"John! Jooohn!" [/B] He called. Had the appliances taken him away again?

[B]"Oi mate, I'm right 'ere, you know." [/B]
Paul spun around to see his friend, John, sitting backwards in a chair. More importantly, he was sitting in the said chair, while it was floating around the kitchen.

Paul sighed of relief. [B]"So that's all that 'appened to you. I thought that the microwave might've-"[/B]

John waved him off as his chair started to spin in place. [B]"No lad, tha's only on the [I]second[/I] Friday in the month. Besides-"[/B]

As Paul noticed John was starting to spin a little fast, John called out, [B]"'Ey, man! Gimme a **fag!"[/B]

Rushing to comply, Paul started to dance about the kitchen, looking for John's pack. Paul figured dancing was the way to go, it beats getting all sweaty and tired from running. A frantic-type of music began to play around Paul, and he danced around, searching, not wanted John to spin out of the kitchen. As Paul was dancing, the pack he was looking for zoomed across his face.

[B]"'Ere you are, you lit'l devil!" [/B]

Paul chased after John's pack with Jazz Hands until he finally jumped and caught them.

[B]"Lit'l buggers." [/B] He said, tossing a cigarette and a lighter John's way. John caught both astoundingly, and immediately lit up. Exhaling a cloud of smoke and sighing, John's chair began to stop spinning.

[B]"Tha's more like it."[/B] John said as he landed on the floor, and unsaddled the chair. He pocketed his pack and lighter into his jacket pocket with one hand, while inserting his cigarette back into his mouth to take a puff.

[B]"Anyway..."[/B] He continued from before, [B]"Tha' microwave is crazy, ya know. And ya know it was only an accident, I mean, [I]be fair[/I]!"[/B] John jumped onto one of the slower-moving counters, and noticed Paul's "aura" of music faded away to a pianissamo.

Paul nodded and felt a twang in his stomach region. That needn't tell him that he was hungry, the loud rumble was enough of a sign.

[B]"Oi, 'as lit'l Pauly run outta gas?" [/B] John remarked with a smirk. As Paul turned to find the right food-holding appliance, he called out,[B] "Oh shut your face, you." [/B]

"Wha'll you do? Eat at me?" John laughed. Paul spun around and summoned music music to "pester" his friend. Fortissimos, pianos, and metso-fortes floated around John, who protested by flailing his arms.

[B] "Call 'em off! Call 'em off! Call 'em off already will ya!"[/B] John yelled. [B]"They're making me drop my **fag!"[/B] He continued flailing about.

[B] "Tha'll learn ya straight. You're just lucky I didn't use time signatures and trebles."[/B] Paul grinned, withdrawing his dynamics. John grumbled something about, "I'll give [I]you[/I] treble..." Which Paul ignored. John was always cranky after a cigarette.

Paul's stomuch rumbled again, but louder this time. He longed to see a refridgerator in sight, but no such appealing sight came. Then-


-Paul got knocked over by a heavy object. He got up to see it was, indeed, an appliance that stores food and drinks, and the certain appliance he was looking for. Without more ado, Paul began chasing after such the swiftly moving-food-appliance with a dance in his step. With such a strong vigor to reach the refridgerator, and because of how strong that mood was, Paul's music "aura" began to crescendo again. This time, in a whimsical and bouncy fashion, yet still frantic.

[B] "'ELP! ME LUNCH IS RUNNIN' AWAY FROM ME!"[/B] Paul yelled. John laughed at Paul's ridiculous state, with the music and said,

[B]"'Ey Paul! When you tie it down, toss me cold one will ya?"[/B] Paul responded with a,

[B] "'Old your 'orses, mate!"[/B] Still chasing the food-holding object, which began to turn different colours when moving. Paul yelled to the refridgerator a, [B]"'Ey mate! D'ya know you're speedin'?"[/B] and leaped upon it. He wrenched open the door, and fished for a beverage. Finding a cold soda, he tossed it to John, who responded with a, [B]"Danke."[/B]

As John caught the oncoming soda, he started to put out his burning cigarette in an ashtray that was conveniently floating by.

[B]"'Ey, you know you're a real jukebox?" [/B] John commented, refering to Paul's music, which began to decrescendo slightly, but still had the whimsical elements remaining.

As Paul took out a pre-made sandwich, and his own soda, he responded with, [B]"Oh, you're a cut-up."[/B] Which made John grin cheekily.

Feeling cocky, John added, [B]"Hey, play us The Who, would ya? Or do I need to pay ya?" [/B] Then burst out in a fit of outragous laughter. Paul joined him for a few brief moments until they heard an oncoming noise.

[B] "Eh? Wha's all this then?"[/B] Both Paul and John said at the same time. They both heard the sound of a car, making its way towards them.

[B]"I hope it's the gang. It's been awful borin' 'round these parts with only [I]you[/I] to talk to."[/B] Paul remarked, smirking. John jumped down off of the moving counter and waited besides Paul.

[I][B]"Shh!"[/B][/I] Paul whispered, shoving his hand in John's face. [B]"I hear them."[/B] Both John and Paul waited with anticipation the arrival of their friends. [/COLOR]


I've been gone because of Finals, as Ozy has mentioned. I believe Muse has too, so I kind of RPed for her, permission of Ozy.

** The term "fag", is slang for "cigarette" in Britain. I didn't mean it as the derogatory of "Homosexual", if that wasn't blatantly clear in my RP.
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[COLOR=Blue][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1]Phsycadella sat in her brightly colored room playing her flute. It was a wonderful day , indeed it was. But came to a stop when the wonderful day, it really was a wonderful day let me tell you, was turned GRAY. Yes now let me tell you the story starting from the beginning, but I still don?t think you understand it was a wonderful day?.

Phsycadella opened her eyes gleely [that?s not a word] while she played her happy ballad. But the sight she saw made her tune stop abruptly with an F sharp. Phsycadella dropped her flute, because what she saw outside was such a disgusting sight she could not bear to look at more than once. She ran outside and on to the lawn, she looked around in despair but everyone was just?.GRAY. Ewww?

She looked around in despair. ?What to do, what to do, what to do!?? Phsycadella walked down the streets, everyone was walking slowly and mumbling to themselves. ?What is going on?it?s probably that blue palooka!? She stomped down the street and into a near by store that was still in color.

The shop owner was hiding behind the counter. Phsycadella sighed and walked out the store not even trying to talk to him. But as she walked out that store turned gray too,?What in the world is going on.? She placed her hands on her hips trying to figure out what was going on. Then she saw a couple of odd looking figures. "Hey...who are you guys!?"[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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