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Life ends, but the body and soul can be returned. Resurrection, Death transcended. Life ends, but vengeance can span for all eternity. Resurrection...revival.... rebirth?whatever you wish to call it. The soul of the dearly departed coming back to life.... or unlife.

All of us, we were once alive. Not all of us were human, however. Some were angels, some were devils, and then some were mortals. We were all resurrected... by power hungry monsters that thought they could make us serve them. They were wrong. We wage our war against them.

But, our war is a secret. Almost no living beings know of our plight. Each of us possesses the abilities we were most inate with in life, and we have increased our powers in death. We must fight against this force of evil, of darkness, and the powers that violate the dead. Regardless of our past life, that has ended. We are now fighting to end the making of existences like ours. To end the suffering for eternity. Our fight will last for eternity if we do not end the war. Life ends, but we have returned. We are here to fight.

All of us met with untimely deaths. We feel that we were robbed of our lives, or wrongly brought back. We have not the heart to return to the grave, or the courage to die again. We are not among the merciful, or at least, not often. We sometimes are only wanders, stopping evil as it stands, or causing it, if only to amuse ourselves. We do of course; have the rest of eternity to wander. But, the evil that tried to make us serve it is back, and trying to take us once more.

But, some of us try not to participate, some of us try to ignore this fight, and continue on with some semblance of a normal life. But, friends grow old, and die. Everyone always constantly has to run away from a life they start, in order to hide their truths. We are among the ever living, the ever walking dead.

Okay, here's what I want:

Date of birth:
Date of Death:
Date of Resurrection:
Details of life:
Details of death:
Details of Resurrection:

Okay, there are several types of walking dead. Here they are:

Reinhabited Corpse: The corpse is rein habited by the soul that once was housed in it. The body regenerates to look as it did in life, and is seems to be in perfect health. The blood takes on a syrupy countenance, and the body remains cold, pulse less. Sometimes this reinhabitation is willing, sometimes it is forced. The body is unable to be killed, and regenerates all wounds acquired. People who are revived in this manner experience super strength and agility, super charged senses and an innate sixth sense.

Resurrection- A body of clay and graveside soil: The body is revived, from the cremated remains of a person and graveside soil. The person is revived completely as long as the soul has not yet been reincarnated. Otherwise, the body is a useless shell. This kind of revived person is indistinguishable from other people except to those with supernatural powers. There is a faint scent of death that accompanies the body as well. The people who experience this kind of resurrection usually experience some kind of indestructibility, and must absorb the souls of the dead to maintain their existence. Usually, they have their own kind of soul collectors. All people who are like this has keen sixth senses form, and can use their soul collectors to attack and defend themselves. Also, this kind of resurection has variations.

Spectral materialization: These spirits are able to manipulate the plasma that is on the spectral realm, of the land of the dead, and are able to make themselves physical beings, though being touched by one of these people often makes one feel like they?ve been plunged into ice water. These people are also able to manipulate the plasma into offensive and defensive capabilities and can usually use their emotions as power as well.

Name: Vahn (no last name)
Age: Died at 24, is now around 400 to 500 years old
Date of birth:some time in the feudal era of Japan, perhaps as early as 1500
Date of Death: Early in the century
Date of Resurrection: Estimated to be around 1530
Details of life: In life he was a powerful priest, with sacred powers, but very feminen tendancies. He was often alone, as well.
Details of death: He died a tragic death, he had sucombed to a trick, and was slaughtered, trying to protect a freind.
Details of Resurrection: His body's ashes were collected by a sorcerer a hundred years after his death, so that he may live, and be a kind of weapon in the war that raged. He was
Powers: All the powers of a traditional Priestess plus the abilities to control the soul collectors at his bidding.
Weapons: He usually sticks to a bow and arrow, though he uses his soul collectors as well.
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