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Sign Up A Spirit Awoken [M-LVS]


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[I][U][CENTER][SIZE=4][COLOR=Red]A Spirit Awoken[/COLOR][/SIZE][/U][/I][/CENTER]

"When the evil spirit wakes, it will spread throughout until it is stopped by the Spirit Masters"

People scream and run as the dark flaming wings of an unknown creature, turn the peaceful town into a giant flaming ball of fire.

"Get those hoses over here! We need to get these fires out before it burns the whole town down!" There was a young man, dressed in a fire fighter's outfit pointing and yelling at the others to get the fires out. Before he could grab a hose, the flaming winged creature stood begore him, in al of its might. Its wings, creating a dark flame in the outline of a burning town. The young man mannages to curse under his breath as the jaws of the creature come down on the helpless man, ending his life before the young man knew what the creature really was.

The creature let out a horrific roar as it turned to the untouched partes of the town. It opened its mouth and shot out a giant stream of fire that didn't seem to end. When the flaming beast finally stopped, it shown a cursed smile that revealed its yellow teeth.

The beast threw its head back and agian, let out a trmendous roar. After it had finished, he began to speak to anyone, or anything that was stupid enough the be close enought to hear it.

"Listen, and listen closely! Me any my Bretherin have finally been awoken. Our time to rule this pathetic world has come agian. Our power grows, and soon, nothing can stop us. Not even a Spirit Master!" When it had finished its speach, it began to laugh. A laugh that would be heard all around the world, through the voices of diffrent creatures, all set on destroying, and taking over the world.


Long ago the world was ruled by hundreds of creatures. All of which are ancestors of the moders animals of today. The creatures from the past were gigantic. Some were bigger than others, and some were stronger than others. The strongest of all the animals were the dragons.

All other beats were terrified of the pure power of the dragons. They soon learned that if they put their strenght together, they could win, and so they did.

The war between the dragons, and the guardian beasts of the planet went on for a thousand years. Just when the guardians were about to loose, a new breed of humans were born. These new humans had the ability to lend their spiritual power to their personal guardian. This in turn, doubled the strenght of the guardian beasts, which let then finally destroy the dragons.

But, somewhere, one dragon had layed eggs. The eggs hatched a few thousand years later, which is now our time.

the only problen, is that because the dragons were gone, the number of 'Spirit masters'(the ones that can lend their power) and the number of guardians have dwindeled. Because of the loss of numbers, the 'Spirit Masters must destroy the dragons before they can cause anymore havoc in our world.

Another proben has come up. With the new breed of 'Spirit Masters', they are now only able to control one guardian beast. Unlike the previous 'Spirit Masters', which were able to control multiple.

Ok, just a lil more info, all spirits can talk, its just that, they can weaither talk in your head,(the one that controls them), or out loud. One or the other.

Another thing is that i really dont want alot of dragons on the good side, soo, i only want two on the good side. If there are more signups for dragons, I will pick the best 2 and pm ya'll to tell you if you get one.

If you dont want a dragon, then try and use your inagination on your beast. It can be any beast that hase ever been alive. Or is alive now. Have fun.

Here is the profile for the Spirit Masters

Apperance: a pic of worded descript, either is fine
Personality: something short telling us a little about yourself
Bio: And finally this. If there are more dragons in this, then this is how i will determin who gets one. You must tell how you got the egg, which is the only way a Spirit Master can have a dragon, is if they raise one from birth. If you dont have a dragon, just explain how you got your guardian beast, how did it find you.

Ok here is the guardian beast profile

type of beast:
what they are guardian of: like guardian of the forrest, of wind or something like that

ok thats it. if there are any questions, just pm me and I'll try to explain them..
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Name: Kalie Dawson
Age: 19
Gender: female
Apperance: Wears black mesh jacket, over a black tank top, black cargo pants, and combat boots, mirrored shades that cover her dark green eyes. Her hair falls to mid back and is black with electirc blue tips. She wears fingerless gloves and has a leather backpack and has a scar running benith her chin to her shoulder.
Personality: She is out going but can retreat sometimes and she likes to keep people guessing. Short tempered and irrational she marches head first into trouble alot.
Bio: She found her guardian beast when she was visiting a local zoo.The two tigers were fighting when she saw them and she was captivated. A vagabond of sorts she stole into the zoo again after it was closed and watched the same two tigers sleeping on a large rock soaking up the last of it's warmth. One of the looked up at her and she leaned out over the railand lost her balence and fell. The tiger watched her amused, "What do you think you're doing?" Quickly jumping to her feet Kalie looks for the person who had said the words, the voice laughes, "My name is Ruesk, call me Rue." She looks at the tiger and shakes her head, doubting her sanity she turned to leave but the voice followed her, "You can't make it back up. You'll have to use the back door." Kalie turns and jumps, the tiger sits two feeet away staring up at her. Scared out of her wits she doesn't notice the other tiger's attention until it attacks Rue defends her until she notices the door to get out. Picking the lock she quickly exits with Rue traling silently behind her. In her confusion and rush back home she never noticed him. The next morning she triped over him and freaked bringing the neighbours to her door.

Name:Ruesk "Rue"
type of beast: White tiger
what they are guardian of: guardian or ice

Hope it works and sorry it's a bit long.
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Name: Zach
Gender: Male
Appearance: below
Personality: Never gives up at anything and can sometimes rush into predicaments
Bio: Zach was 16 when his father told him about the Spirit Masters and that he was one too. His father then showed him an egg that his ancestor's had taken form a dragon's nest. When Zach told his father to stop meesing with him, his father just laughed and told him to look behind him. Zach turned around and saw a falcon perched on a old chair that said hi to him. Zach turned around and after a minute he asked his dad if the egg was for him. At that very moment the egg hatched and a black dragon with a silver underside came out. Zach reached out and picked up the dragon who just stared at him. Years later after the dragon had grown and their bond had strengthed. The dragon told him the entire history and everything that had passed before he was born. His dragon can also us darkness to change his isze so that he isn't huge all the time.

Name: Drakkan
Gender: Male
Appearance: below
Type: Dragon
Guardian: Lord of Darkness, Master of Night
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Name:Aestaha Toho
Appearance:Long silver hair and pericing blue eyes.She wears a blue tee-shirt and wears a white dress.On her right arm,she has many braclets and on the other one, she has a tatto circling her arm.It is in the shape of a dragon.
Personality:She is head-strong and loves topick fights with people.even though she can be mean at times,she is always nice to those she trusts enough.She is very calm in situations and never backs down from a challenege.
Bio:Aestaha was just a young girl when she stumbled on her egg.It was while she was looking for her brother and she fell down a steep hill.She landed in a thicket of trees and began to wander around.She stumbled on a nest of eggs that glintered in the sun.Not knowing what it was,she grabed one and began her trek home,forgetting about her brother.She got home and set the egg on a shelf and waited for it to hatch.About two days later,it hatched.A small blue dragon had hatched and grown attached to her.It followed her around the small clearing and as it grew,so did the trust it had gained with her.Now,the Dragon loves her so much it would sacrifice it's life for Aestaha.

Appearance:Light blue body and white wings.Black underneath and bright blue eyes.
Guardian:Master of Water;Tyrant of Sea
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cool, good to see people joining it...heres mine..

Name: Kyoske Date


Gender: Male

Appearance: see below

Personality: He likes to be liked. In the midst of a fight, he can be either your best friend, or your worst enamy.

Bio: As a young boy, Kyoske grew up around guardian spirits. His father was the one that had taught him about them, mainly because his father was a vet, so he knew one when he saw one.

When he got about 12, his father began bringing them home, trying to find the one for Kyoske, but he wasnt able to find one.

One day, while Kyoske was walking through the woods, he was ambushed by a couger. Right before the couger was about the kill him, a giant black wolf stepped out of the brush and grabbed the couger by the neck, snapping it in one bie. After it had killed the couger, he turned to Kyosje and asked if he were ok. Kyoske knew right then that he was his guardian spirit.

Now the two are inseperable. But recently, Reo-oke(Reo for short,'the wolf') has begiun acting strange. He has begun to go off into the woods by himself, and come back wounded and bloody.

One night Kyosje fallowed him and saw him kill a young dragon. when Kyosjke walked out of the bushes, Reo explained why he did it. now, Kyoske goes with im on his hunts.

Name: Reo-oke, Reo for short

Gender: Male

Apperance: see below

Type: Black wolf

guardian: Guardian of the wind

A friend asked me to try and get prople to join his RPs. so i am askin if anyone wants to, please sign up for any RP by silverwolf_fang........thank you....
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I saw the other guy quit so now I can use the picture

Name: Lily

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Below

Personality: Quiet and keeps to herself unless she gets to know you. Usally doesn't talk unless spoken to.

Bio: Lily got her spirit form her mother when she was twelve. Over the last five years the two have trained together constantly.

Name: Asla

Gender: Female

Type: Phoenix

Appearnce: Large orange bird, with wings that are on fire.

Guardian: Spirit of Fire
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Name: Rayne
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: 6' 3" with red eyes and red hair to her butt. She has a snake tatoo running down her arm. She has a wristband of I smell death on you on her right wrist. She is a total punk and wears an AFI T-shirt and black shorts to her knees. She has her ears pierced and they have huge fake skulls in them. Her eyebrow is pierced and she has black dcs and red laces.She wears an irish ring on her middle finger on the left hand. She has black fingernails and they are long.

Bio: One day she was walking in the woods and was all of the sudden knocked over by something huge. Waking up an hour later she found a boa constricter staring at her." You know it would've been better if someone had been watching where they were going!" it said. She got up cursing and asked what was going on and it told her.
The things a real smart a**! She really loves it though and it always with her. When she goes to class it hides in her super baggy clothes. He is 8 feet long.

Name: Torregir
Gender: Male
Type: Boa Constricter
Guardian of: Guardian of Forest/ Guardian of The Plants
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Name: he is only known as Anubis
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Apperance: [URL=http://www.angelfire.com/hi3/RnWrAnubis/images/anubis10.jpg]Here's a pic[/URL]
Bio: Anubis was walking through an open plains with no city or town in sight he was distracted by a shining object and walks into something. Anubis then lands on his butt and looks at the creature he realized it was a behemoth. The Behemoth looks at him, "Sorry, I am just taking a look around." The Behemoth said. Anubis is shocked by the Behemoth's speaking. "my name is Anubis." Anubis says to the behemoth.
"My name is Masaed but you can call me Masa." Masa replies. After the introductions were complete Anubis gets up and Masa tells Anubis what was going on. When they are around a watery area Near a town Masa stays in the water barely visable so Anubis can see him. Otherwise he acts like a statue.

Name: Masaed "Masa"
Gender: Male
type of beast: behemoth
what they are guardian of: guardian of the Desert, Guardian of Earth
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