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Sign Up Of Swords and Fallen Angels: A Hellsing Rpg[m-lsv]


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[CENTER][img] http://home.att.net/~hoo17/Law/ys.jpg[/img][/CENTER]
[CENTER][B][I][U][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=4][FONT=Garamond]Of Swords and Fallen Angles[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/U][/I][/B][/CENTER]


[I][b]Tell me a tale.[/b] Whisper it in my ear, sing it from the mountain top. Excite me. Frighten me. Truth is optional.[/I]

[b]Welcome to GHOST, a special organization serving to defend the public from the undead creatures of the night. Founded far more recently than both the Hellsing Orginization of England and The Iscariot Orginization of Vatican City, The GHOST Orginization of Sicily perscribes to a tactical, rather than religious, approach to killing the undead. Athough the standard bullets they use are far less effective than the blessed bullets of Hellsing, GHOST holds an unpresidented level of secracy. While members of Hellsing are recruited under an oath of secracy, GHOST locates AWOL soldiers and those presumed dead to recruit, a task only accomplishable by GHOST's supernatural ally, Icarus, the Devolved Vampire.

The GHOST Orginization has long since been at arms with the Evangelists Society of Northern France, and has in the past been offered aid from Hellsing; aid that was promptly rejected, under the suspicion that Hellsing would seek to control GHOST. Iscariot has long been aiding the Evangelists, and the higher powers of each side suspect a struggle for territory is not far away. This business is hardly GHOST's prime concern, however, as reports have been gathered on the shores of Sicily that undead creatures, unrelated to vampires, have been appearing in noticable numbers. When Hellsing recieved word of these newer creatures, they immediately pressed to send their own troops into Sicily, with or without GHOST's support.

As recently as three weeks ago, brief sightings of Alucard in Sicily have been reported, and GHOST immediately declared that Hellsing would be made an enemy to all of France unless their operatives were pulled back immediately. After many heated confrontations with GHOST, Hellsing has threatened to side with the Evangelists to erradicate GHOST unless their operatives were allowed access to Sicily. GHOST has only accepted two days ago, permitting an unsteady truce between Hellsing and GHOST. [/size][/font][/color][/b]



Organization (only 2-3 Hellsing members. First come, first serve)
Race: (If you choose to be inhuman, be aware that their weaknesses will be included. Even half-vampires can't walk in daylight. so says me. Be aware that Harpies, werewolves, the genetically enhanced, the blessed(Like Alexander) ect. are also available.)
Death: (Only applies to GHOST members. As GHOST only recruits those who are presumed dead, you must explain just when, where, and why you were presumed dead. Here's where you show off your writing ability.)
Reassignment: (Hellsing members only. Hellsing only sent over their best into Sicily; show how you became on of their best. Here's where you show off your writing talent. Be real, though, nobody kills 90 vampires with a slingshot while blinded.)

Here's the signup sheet for my secondary character, Icarus, who I won't use much during the course of the Rpg. This is an example of what yours should be somewhat like, except noone else can be a devolved vampire.

[B]Name: Icarus Chainsummer
Age: unknown; has served with GHOST for 2 years
Gender male
Description: Six feet tall, with white hair and sky-blue eyes. Wears leather armor under a plum cloak. Wears a gold necklace of the Eye of Solomon. huge, leathery wings sprout from his back, which are folded and carried in an immense brown backpack when necessary. claws on left hand that are covered in a glove when necessary. Also wears two heavy steel bracelets, shackles, and a collar.
Organization GHOST
Race: Devolved Vampire--at one time, vampires dropped their wings and claws to better blend in with their pray. Icarus never made that jump.
Death: At one time, Icarus was the leader of a vampiric rebellion in Bosnia, the land of Demons. Greatly opposed by both Hellsing and Iscariot (neither GHOST or Evangelists had been established yet) Icarus led a campaign to make vampires known to the public. Many men who heard his call, agreed that vampires should not be legally exterminated, and joined his cause. When Iscariot decided that he had become too powerful, they and Hellsing launched a joint attack on Icarus. In a long battle mostly consistent of hide and seek (Alucard was far too powerful for Icarus) Alucard shot Icarus three times; once in the shoulder, once in the stomach, and once in the chest, after which Alucard left Icarus for dead. Known only to himself, Alucard had let Icarus live. Since Icarus had been smart for many years and concieled his wings, noone expected him to fly away before anybody came looking.
Biography:when creating your own character, this part is completely up to you. If you want your character to have a mysterious past, that's just dandy. Icarus, has no known biography.[/B]


*No GHOST member uses blessed bullets. They are inneffective against the undead, but that just makes it interesting.

*You can use a sword if desired, but you will need to play with the restrictions of a sword. A man with a gun three yards away from a man with a sword will win. So sorry, but I'm not going to endure 80 sequences of "before Rootle could think to pull the trigger, Mcbobby was already at his throat."

*Have you ever been shot in the shoulder/arm/leg/stomach/other non vital area? It hurts like hell. I say this, because it's awfully popular for someone to get shot and then brush it off like a beesting. You're not Alucard, a bullet to the stomach will leave you on your knees puking blood.

*As you can tell by the guidlines, this Rpg should be as realistic as possible, even with the supernatural quirks. Give reality a chance. There are only so many Rambo's and so many James Bond's.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Name: Gryphon Silver
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Description: Standing at a height of about six foot five, he has dark brown eyes and long shaggy brown hair. He wears a black wide brimmed hat and a long black trench coat. The rest of his clothing is also, black. He also always carries his trusty 44 magnum's. Along with this he has an AK-47 assault rifle, and in backup a katana.
Organization: Ghost
Race: Genetically altered human
Death: While Leading a revolt to overthrow the Russian government for past wrongs against him(see bio) but was eventually cornered by the russian infantry. Though he fought well, he was captured. Though listed dead by the russian government, he was subjected to several genetic experiments. His physical and mental abilities were tripled from normal human standards. One of the generators malfunctioned, and the facility was ripped apart by explosions. Due to his altered state, Gryphon barely survived. There he was found, recruited and recooperated by GHOST.
Biography: Gryphon was the son of a wealthy russian oil tycoon. Lesser oil businessmen set up Gryphon's father to be conspiring against the government. The government then arrested and executed his father. Gryphon then found out that his father was framed. His anger took over and he killed the framers, then set to revolt against the government.
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Name: Unknown, but everybody calls him Son of Darkness
Age: 250
Gender: Male
Description: Crow Feather coloured hair That falls to his knees (i'm not familiar with feet so...) he stands 1,90 meters Blood red eyes. Wears a 18th century mask that covers half of his face. Has an Black noble outfit hand has a commanding staff in his hands with a spike on the tip. and he also has a pistol this one from 20th century 15 mm bullets , blessed silver, with a blessed water core. it also has a UV ray flashlight.
Organization: Hellsing
Race: Vampire (Pure not half nor bitten)
Reassignment: While Alucard was doing mission that were considered more important, me, at the time nicknamed "The Aprentice" was patroling in a quiet alley of a quiet peacefull House block observing the young women passing on the way to the Dracula Bar famous for making the best Bloody Marys ever. the neighbourhood was so quiet, that i decided to watch how the humans had fun, besides there was no human in danger were he was looking. has he entered the bar his attencion was drawn by a stripper. a Beautifull lady with big Blonde Hair and an asian skin tone and her eyes when he looked at her eyes he saw, deep blood red eyes. he understood she was a vampire and when he was drawing of he's 15 mm Wulf she snapped her fingers and a group of15 Freak Vampires sorrounded the seats of the audience as quick has a lighting he shot the 7 bullets he had and it right in the heart with a single bullet in each of seven vampires the sound and colour of the bloody bullet has it passes to the opponent's body... you should try it. Anyway, he reloaded and did the same to another seven, but the stripper an a freak still remained. he grabbed his command staff and threw it at the stripper. the other vampire ran out of the bar but sun had allready rose into the sky. i telleported myself into the Hellsing mansion and Sir Integra Reassigned me.
Biography: Right Before Allanis the Impaler became Dracula, The leader of Vampires he had an ilegitim son with a Spanish peasent whore. the son was me. They never named me. when he signed the contract for his soul i was also turned into a PureBlood Vampire. I growed in an abondoned castle. Delighted of the painting of the warrior nobles and with the eternity to live i decide in trying ti fit in human society and trying to socialy ascend to noble wich happened in mid-18th century in france with the name of Fran├žois de Dijon. (to don't go with rage acceses i drinked cattle blood.) That's when a strange force took me to Hellsing Mansion, unwillingly.

When are you plannig to launch the game in the adventure square, man?
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Description:Pale with raven black hair and cold red eyes. He wears black jeans and muscle shirt with a leatherjacket. He has sunglasses that he wear mostof the time and black boots. He is 6ft and very handsome
Race: pureblooded vampyre
Death: (Only applies to GHOST members. As GHOST only recruits those who are presumed dead, you must explain just when, where, and why you were presumed dead. Here's where you show off your writing ability.)
Reassignment: (Hellsing members only. Hellsing only sent over their best into Sicily; show how you became on of their best. Here's where you show off your writing talent. Be real, though, nobody kills 90 vampires with a slingshot while blinded.)
Biography:He had lived in Sicily for a long time and has grown to love his home. He trys to live peacefully with humans because he ha grown tired of being hunted. He will kill any vampire that kills for no reason. He doesn't like the hellsing orginization mainly because of aluard who he has heard of. He is afraid that they may hunt him even though he peacfull. He gets his blood from a blood bank which has helped him and some other vampire sfor awhile now. Sometimes he misses the feel of drinking warm blood biteing into the neck of his victim. He uses two 9mm semi auto hand guns and also a dagger if anyone get close to him.
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Name: Arius
Age: unknown
Gender: male
description: [URL=http://www.guthwulf.com/images/anime/japanese/vampirehunter-wide-promo2.jpg]click here[/URL] he's the one on the horse
Organization: Hellsing
Race: Pure-blood vampire(hunts other vampires and undead creatures)
Reassignment: He was chosen to go to Sicily for his skills to sense the undead and
other vampires. He was also sent for his terrifyingly cunningmind and his overwhelming power and strength.
Biography: All that's known is that he trained under Glumius,the Vampire of Herexia
and that he's sworn loyalty to Hellsing.
How's my character?
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Name: Gabriel Valentine
Age: 559
Gender: female
description: long blond hair that droops to her knees, has black angel wings that droop to her ankles, her eyes tend to change from grey to red at times. She stands 5'6 tall, wears black dressing shirt with bear back for her wings red bow tie like Alucard's, white goves with her symbol on them that consists of a drogon wrapped around a cross (this symbol is also on her back) black pants and boots that reach up to her knees, the pants are tucked inside the boots. Uses her guns and fangs whe fighting, her guns are as powerful as the Jackal only heavier, she has two of them, also can chose to spread sideblades from her arms, this causes pain the baldes have to rip throught the skin in oder to come out.
Organization: Hellsing (hope I can still be here...)
Race: Dark Angel
Reassangment: The Hellsing Organization had knowledge of a non-human creature roaming the strees of London, this creature was also known not to be a vampire. The Hellsing Organization could not allow an unknown creatures roam free in the streets and normal humans troops would not be risked, so Sir Integra asinged Alucard to search and destroy this creature. Not too long ago it was spotted on the Hellsing Mansion roof top where it killed and fed off two guards, so the mansion was under strict survalince.
Alucard was out looking for me, leaving the mansion without it's strongest defence, so i sat on the roof top looking at the full moon, when I spotted Sir Hellsing walking alone in the night, I finally founf who i was looking for...I flew down to her, but nver expected that Alucard would be around, it seems he never leaves her off his sight, so he quickly arrived when i got close to Integra. I stood in front of Integra and behind her stood Alucard wth a smirk on his face. Integra stepped aside and Alucard slowly a proached me, drew his gun and aimed at me. he pulled the trigger and the bullet passed right by my ear, he clearly wanted a challenge from me. I accepted and drew my sideblades, my blood stained the floor and the pain was unsually weak, I could hardly feel it, maybe it was the eximent of maybe fear either way I knew that I was going ti fight against Alucard and most likely die, but something I swore, I would not die easily. Alucard looked at Integra and she nodded, then Alucard releases the control art rescritction system to level 1, I was in for it...as he transformed my heart began beating faster I began to sweat I could hardly breath, I was scared, but there was no way I would back down now. Hellhouds chased after me all I could do was cut through them with my sideblades and wait for more, I tried to attack him, but he would send a hellhounds to block my attacks. He laughed and urged me try harder, I managed to cut throught him, but the moment that I went right out of his body his gun was on my face, he shot and the blluet layed right on my forehead, I fell to the ground and a river of blood tainted the floor, the pain was terible, but I swore not to die easily, I slowly stood up he laughed, I tried my attack again. The battle went on long and hard, i pushed myself like I have never done before, i was exousted, but he looked as if he had done hardly anything, i had wounds all over me because of the hellhound bites and his shots, my body was covered in blood, my heart beatted as if it was about to explode, the hellhounds and him kept comming so I kept fighting, no matter where I flew there were red eyes everywhere he could see me even if I would try to hide. I drooped to my knees right in fron of him, I looked up and there he was similing telling me to get up, claiming that I could do better than that, I snapped at the sound of his words and laghter, gathered the strenght I had leaft, jumped up and with my right sideblade cutted his head right off his shpulders. the hellhounds desapired all I saw was his beheaded body and Integra, I didn't care anymore, I fell to the ground waiting for him to kill me. Bats regenerated his body, and slowly walk up tome. He placed his foot on my head, ready to crush it, then he claimed that i was a fun challange, he sqezzed my head againt the floor, my pain was so great that I couldn't even scream, he was about to crush my head when Integra stopped him, she had seen the battle and was satisfied she then made me a special force operative of the Hellsing Organization and I was assigned my guns, i was most likely to work with Alucard.
Biography: Gabriel's past is a mystery all that is known is that she has slain her family and drank their blood. after that she went around causing many deaths untill she joined the Hellsing Organization, she then swore never to kill another human unless it was completly necesary, now only drinks transfucion blood and lives under the guidence of Alucard.

Sorry I think is a little long but if you took the time to read it, I thank you, and hope you likes it... :catgirl:
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Nmae: Lyuann Rink (Lyu)
Age: unkown
Gender: Female
Discription: Lyu is tall, 5'11 and lean, her features are soft and appealing to others. She has light blonde hair that has brown mixed in here and there. Her eyes are a dark slate Blue, if looked at closely enough one can see her pupils are slited. She has full lips and soft lightly tanned skin. She wears a skin tight black leather shirt that is sleeveless and a blood red shrug jacet over it, hip hugger jeans and boots that go to her knees. her claws are often mistaken for long finer nails. She wears a plate over her teeth to conceal her fangs during the day. She wears a gold chain around her neck with a small heart pendant on it, and a gold ring on her finger that has a Garnet, Topaz, and Saphaire melded into the band on her right hand middle finger, a gold wedding band graces her ohjter hands ring finger. She weqars two thick leather bands, one on each wrist and gold Pentagram earring that dangle just below her ears.
Organization: GHOST
Race: Werewolf
Death: Lyu had a good life in the moutians, but as she went for a walk around her and her husbands estate she was attacked by a viscious wolf. After missing for several hours her husband and their 15 year old son went looking for her, they found her body mangled under a tree, wolf prints twice the size of any wolf they had seen all around her ded body. They buried her only a few hours later. The next morning they went to put flower on her grave and found it upturned and empty. Lyu looked on from the top of a hill as the dawn came quickly. She knew she could never go back to that life, she a\had a taste for blood and fear of hurting her family was greater than the want, She ended up in Rome and there was saught out by GHOST and recruted,she didn't join right away till they told her they could help make her trasnformation more barable and make the blood lust not so strong. Hearing this she joined quite quickly.
Bio: Lyu was born in the US, Tennesee, raised in small towns all arounf eastren North Carolina she became restless and moved to Italy where she met her husband, after amrrying they had a son and lived happily inthe moutains never bothering another person. Her heart yearns to go back to that life, but she cannot risk the lives of her family.
(weapon/s) Lyu uses a long samuri sword and two 45 colts Long. All her weapons are custom made with no silver in them, thjey are made out of reinforced steel and gold.)

OCC: Question to the leader of this RPG, did you not try this one before? Because I remeber sighning up for it then too...just curious.
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Name: Clous

Age: 28, or so thought before he died.

Gender: Male

Description: In human form, he stands at 5' 10". He has jet black hair, that are set off by solid black eyes. He has a scar running along his right cheek. From his hair line, all the way to the jaw-line. He wears a tight black shirt. It looks as if his skin is burnt from his mid arm up. He has tan skin, like he goes tanning alot. He wears very baggy black pants that have orange streaks in them. That are covering black shoes.

When he changes, his shirt melts into his skin. He grows a black beak, red eyes, and solid black wings on his back. Feathers grow all over his body. His shoes come off revealing clawed talons, and his arms become very muscular. He grows claws on his hands and his height grows. He grows to 6' 8" in a matter of seconds.

Organization: Ghost

Race: A shape shifter. He can change into a werecrow of sorts. A little stronger though.
Death: While he was traveling in a caravan on its way to the capital of Germany, Berlin, it was attacked by an unknown enamy. It seemes that the people that were attacking the van, could see perfectly in the dark, and knew what they were going after.

All the while, men all over the van were trying to stop the people, but all Clous could tell is that a warm, thick liquid was spraying all over the van. Clous though that the men were winning, actually, he was hoping that they were, but knew otherwise.

Clous could tell that the people had no weapons, but were useing their own fists. Something Clous had never seen before.

In a final attempt, Clous stood up and hit the leading person. The man smiled and turned to him and grabbed him by the collar. He dragged Clous out of the van, Kicking and screamin, twards the woods.

After a short distance, the man seemed to change. He seemed to change into something that Cloud had never seen before. Clous thought about screaming, but then loked around him. He knew that it was pointless.

The man started to laugh, then bowed on the ground in front of Clous. Soon after, the rest of the men that were there, nearly twenty, started to kneel in front of Clous.

Clous asked what was going on, then was cut off as he felt a claw jab into his back. All he remembers, is the last thing the guy said before walking off.

"Now, the king of the crows will be me. We shall never have to deal with royal blood anymore." After that, Clous passed out, then awoke the fallowing week in the woods, where they had left him. He slowly made his way to the nearest city and looked at the paper. All it said was that a man went missing into the woods when thugs came and robbed the caravan he was on. Noone had seen him afterwards. He was thought to be dead.

Biography: Born and raised in Germany, he was killed, or so everyone thought. He survived his attack, only to come out with the power that his family had hidden from him. After his attacking, he went back to his family and saw that they too, and been killed.

He saw a letter from an orginization that seemed to want to helo him, Ghost. He went to them and was accepted. AS he lived there, he was trained on how to use his anger to trigger his transformation, and he was trained on how to use the new strenght he gained.

He was givin a giant slab of steel, also known as a bastard sword, that he normally does not use. Even while on his back, it is nearly eight feet long. He loves the weight of the sword for training, but while in battle, he tries not to use it. When he is needed he will grab a couple of 10 guage shotguns and walk in first. He hates being the last on in on a good fight.

Wow thats long, but I think I am done. LEt me know if I need to change anything.
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Wow. I must say, seeing new posts in this signup caught me completely off guard. Thank you all for signing up, I found no problems in anybody's signup (though I found many things I liked). I shall begin this either Tomorrow, or on Tuesday of next week. To answer your question, Lyuann, I don't think I ever tried this Rpg before. And I apologize to those who signed up earlier (Ellimist, Darker Alucard, Israfel, Tyler) That I did not put this up earlier.

As for now, I've decided that Alucard should be an NPC(non-player-character) since there are a few characters with ties to him.

Here is my primary character:

Name: Dazerik Maxwell (aka Max)
Age 33
Gender male
Description Black hair, cut short except for the bangs, wich hang around his Green eye. His left eye is covered by a black eyepatch(see death). Dazerik usually wears brown slacks, a black shirt, and a black and red jacket when on or off duty. One sleeve of his jacket bears the logo "Survival on the Streets of Incinserity" in brown stitches.
Organization: GHOST
Race: Vampire, bitten
Death: Once a member of the French Special Forces, Max was sent by chopper on an anti-terrorist operation into a forest on the outskirts of Southern France. Max flexed his sweaty hands as he nervously awaited his chance to descend to the ground from his Heliocopter. The team leader patted his shoulder as he began a short descent to the ground.

Through the thick trees below, he watched as his uniformed commrades took on a hundered unorganized terrorists, who had been caniballizing woman and children near the forest. Everywhere they left their mark: The Right Chaotic Hand of Lord Cthulu

It was easy to tell that the terrorists were outnumbered, outgunned, and outtrained. But if that was the case,

why were Max's commerades getting slaughtered?

Max touched ground in a large clearing, and ran into the thick of the trees. He signaled for a few others to join him, and together they ran through the trees, avoiding the main sounds of battle in hopes of flanking the enemy and breaking their lines with the explosives one of them had brought along.

But they misjudged how many terrorists there were lurking about. Fifty steps into the forest, they were ambushed by a party of twenty terrorists. In seconds, the five men Max had come with were dead. He himself had only survived because of a tree he had used for cover.

Max turned out to open fire on the terrorists, and was repaid with a shower of bullets. He felt them rip into his legs and arms. Then suddenly...

time stopped.

Max found himself unable to move a muscle in his body, as he stared directly into a bullet that froze directly in front of his face, close enough for Max to read its calibur.

A white form floated through the trees, whom he later learned to be Icarus. Whether Icarus had been searching for Max, or whether he had just been lucky, Max will never know. Icarus looked at him, and whispered to words: Dead man. The ghostly vampire floated to Max, very close, and put his fingeres around the bullet that would have killed him. Then he turned the bullet, ever so slightly, so it faced Max's left eye. "I give you this, and bind you to me forever." Icarus put his wrist to his own mouth and made a cut with his teeth. He let a few drops of his blood drain into Max's mouth, and instantly dissapeared.

Time resumed, and an excruciating pain filled Max's head, as the bullet tore through his right eye. The next thing Max knew, one of the terrorists had straddled him, and pinned him to the ground. Even through the bloody vision of his watering left eye, Max could make out the features of a vampire as it bit into his neck.

When Max regained conciousness, he was laying in a GHOST medical facility. And changed forever.

Biography: Dazerik Maxwell grew up in London, and moved to France when an "Incident" involving Hellsing forced him to move. Twenty years old without a home, Dazerik joined the military, excelling in both marksmanship and hand to hand combat. He rose to Special Forces in seven years, and had been serving there until his "death."
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