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  1. Name: Ben Newhouse Gang Name: Maverick Age: 22 Gender: Male Gang: Renegades Personality: Very calculating, he has never been taken by surprise. Not easily angered, but his vengeance is swift and cold-hearted. A great ally though. Appearance: Shaggy should length brown hair and always wears a ball cap backwards. Not a small man he is 6' 6" and 240 pounds. He wears black pants a black shirt and a long black trench coat. Weapons: 2 .45 caliber handguns with attatchable silencers and a katana. Bio: After being orphaned at the age of 12, he led a life of the street. He was acce
  2. Name: Scott Lubianski Age: 26 Race: Human Gender: Male Rank: Seargeant Appearance: Scott stands at about 6' 5" and has short cropped brown hair and brown eyes. He has a long scar along his forearm, where shrapnel struck him in the field. Weapons: The standard issue "Impaler" gauss rifle plus 2 micro uzis. Having experienced ammo shortages, he also carries a katana. Equipment: A kevlar vest and a standard issue survival kit. Biography: He joined the force right out of high school and was involved in combat early. Being a skilled warrior he was accepted in the delta force. His
  3. Name: Gryphon Silver Age: 24 Gender: Male Description: Standing at a height of about six foot five, he has dark brown eyes and long shaggy brown hair. He wears a black wide brimmed hat and a long black trench coat. The rest of his clothing is also, black. He also always carries his trusty 44 magnum's. Along with this he has an AK-47 assault rifle, and in backup a katana. Organization: Ghost Race: Genetically altered human Death: While Leading a revolt to overthrow the Russian government for past wrongs against him(see bio) but was eventually cornered by the russian infantry.
  4. It really is a difficult question...but I'd have to say that my favorite is Spike from Cowboy Bebop. He just has the casual vibe about him, yet his past is all messed up. The ultimate slacker... not that I can pull off his crazy moves, but I connect with the slacker portion of him.
  5. Thats just what I was looking for. Thanks a lot [color=teal][girl][/color]. [color=teal]Mad Hatter is actually female, heh. -Syk3[/color] -Man to me is more of a generic term lol.
  6. Just really want something basic involving Cowboy Bebop with my name in it.
  7. I have played a couple times (got beat bad) but it was pretty fun. The best part about it is being able to do flashy moves and everything.
  8. Gryphon silently readied himself for the role given to him by Knives, the insurance policy on he and the accursed Vash's fight. He was standing on a roof top with a view of a two block area of the fight. Gryphon thinks to himself Knives, no one will interfere with this fight master.
  9. Name:Tyrael Ryokoru Age:20 Gender:Male Description:Long messed up black hair, brown eyes, wearing a Black suit. 6'2" and looks very fordimable Occupation:Bounty Hunter
  10. My first anime was Gundam Wing. It was great but then Toonami canned it. Then i got into DBZ and Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, and all of those great animes. Yup.
  11. First off I would like to state that Trowa modified the heavy arms for Heero in the episode where he battled Zechs. He modified it, as said but ignored before, when he dropped the gun he had a beamsaber. However this was the only time where he had a beamsaber. Like others have said it is a decent gundam, being able to tear apart his enmies with all those guns and missles, and he plays his role well. Overall Heavyarms is a decent gundam.
  12. It is very good for a first banner(better than I could do) Ican't see some of the S(in step into the light) but other than that its kool. Start making anime ones.
  13. My most embarassing moment was the time I was going up for some award at the end of the year school award thing and I fell flat on my face.
  14. Oh, ok that makes sense. Thanks a lot James.
  15. I'm new here and its really cool but I have a question. What does OOC mean????
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