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[color=gray][size=1]I'd like to thank JadeNinja for showing his sprites. This remembered me of my own ;P [/size]
[b]Edit a year later:[/b] And now Kazuko : )
The first sprite that I'd like to show you is



I don't like how the head turned out in this one. It's a dragon I made for someone who was planning to make an MMORPG. It's made completely out of scrap, so it took me quite some time to make.

Here are some pictures of the dragon, in progress:

[url=http://apoco.250free.com/InTheMakingBahamut.png]First Image[/url] - The big peach coloured blob is there for the size of the creature and the other things around it are there for colour usage/examples.

[url=http://apoco.250free.com/BahamutEditorial1arm.png]Second Image[/url] - It now has a torso and an arm.

[url=http://apoco.250free.com/InTheMakingBahamut02.png]Body, woohoo[/url] - Check out the rest of the body, rawr.

[url=http://apoco.250free.com/Bahamendblackpixeladd.png]One of the last (saved) steps[/url] - I thought it was over now, but the boss didn't like the head -__-'

[url=http://apoco.250free.com/ItsAHeadInProgress.png]New head.[/url] - and so I made a new head <_<

I hope making sprite threads, encourages other people to sprite (again).
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[SIZE=1]Actually, I don't have any crit at all. This looks like it'd be SNES or Genesis material, probably better than half of the sprites depicted in those games.

If you have the time, maybe a side-shot for a platformer or something might be interesting. Unfortunately, I'm not about to try to sprite. I don't find it interesting, but I'm glad you do.[/SIZE]
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very very nice, I'm impressed I have trouble with 32 bit sprites and 8bit is for n00bs so, I work with 16bit, and they're ideal for my comic style

I do agree with you about the head though, there might be somthing you could do with it to make it better, but other than that, it is a beautiful sprite A+

p.s. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only spriter, if you'd like you should join the forums at bobandgeorge.com there you can REALLY show off your sprites, and the judges there are very tough, but they just eat up 32bit sprites, I'm sure you could get some great ideas from other sprite artists there too! being the few spriters here I think I'll add you to my buddy list!
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