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Sign Up The Unknown War [M-SLV]


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A black Corvette parked outside a graveyard durning the dead of night then the dirver side door opened. A man in a black trench coat, black jeans, black shirt, and a pair of black boots. He kissed the blood red moon hanging from his necklace. "Time to get to work" He went around to the back of his car and lifted open the trunk. He then took out and strapped to his side two pistols with silencers, slung a long katanna around his back, and cocked a shotgun that he layed by a tree. He then slung around his shoulder a belt with wooden stakes. He then looked at the moon before the clouds hid it which caused his eyes to flash yellow, and walked into the graveyard. He walked into the middle and looked around him. "Where are you?" Suddenly shadows started moving getting closer and closer. "About time" He brought out his two pistols and fired at the shapes followed by screams. "Sucks that they are wooden deosn't it" One of the shapeslanded next to him before he shot it in the heart. "Come one show yourselves and not your shadow" The clouds moved causing the moonlight to flood the area revealing vampires all over the place. The man took a quick look around. "Gonna need a bigger gun" He stared firing at the vampires as they rushed him. He holstered his pistols when they ran out and took a stake in each hand and threw them at the first one he saw, hitting each one in the heart. He then drew his sword and charge. "You should of stayed dead" He flipped and landed on a old crypt and started slashing at the vampires on it and the ones climbing. The flood sudden;y stopped. "Oh great" A vampire the same size as him landed behind him and drew a short sword. He turned and started attacking and defending. After a little bit he slipped on a losse tile and dropped his sword. "****"

The Vampire stood over him and switch his blade to where it was pointing down. "Now you will die, Dante". Better yet you will join us" He picked him up and bit into Dante's neck.

Dante smiled as he looked at the moon. "You,ve forgotten something" The vampire let go as Dante's wound heal. "I'm one of the one's that you missed" He laughed as the vampire's eyes widened as Dante changed into a huge werewolf. "Now why don't you just drop your sword and come over here so I can kill you"

"Never" The vampire charged him only to be cut into pieces.

"Hard way" He turned as all the other vampires began shrivling up. "Makes things easier" He changed back and picked up his sword the headed towards his car. He got his shotgun and put it in the back before speeding off down the road. After several hours he turned down a dirt drive and went along it until he came to a huge castle. "Moon castle. Dad's old home" Another car pulled up next ot him and a girl got out. "Your back early aren't you Shina"

Shina walked over to him and gave him a kiss. "Kill all of them"

Dante nodded "Yeah, you?"

Shina nodded as they walked in the castle together.
Dracula's castle
Dracula paced up and down as another vampire came in. "Well what happened?"

"Five graveyards whee raided and there are now no more vampires"

Dracula slammed the table breaking it in half. "I want that fixed" He turned and looked out the window. "You miss some, they come back and are now a pain in your side"
As you can tell there is a war going on between the shapeshifters and the vampires with the humans in the middle. It is a draw right now but the vampires are slowly growing.There was a huge massacre of shapeshifters that almost killed all of them except the ones at the castle. The shapeshifters are all at Moon Castle right now and are lead by Dante. Shina is his girlfriend. I will play Dante and Dracula. You can choose which side you are on and if you are a shapeshifter then what you turn into. You change on your own will.I also need someone to play Shina.

Character Profile:
Age: (what you appear to be)
Side: Dante's or Dracula's
Type: (Shapeshifter's only)
Weapon: (maximum of three. Pair counts as one but you can only have two pairs and they have to be small things like two swords or pistols and everyone carries stakes so they don't count)
Appearance: Pic or good description
What you drive: (maximum of two)
don't worry about bios on this one

Remeber I need someone to play Shina who is a wereleopard. Have fun
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