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Manga KamiKaze [M]


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[size=1]Most of you have probably noticed my new username as well as several pictures of Kamuro around the forums. Many people know his look, but few actually know who he is. Well, here I am to tell you lol. Kamuro is the main character of a manga called KamiKaze. I've been very interested in this manga for sometime and finally found some useful information on it.

The thread has been rated M because the manga includes excessive violence and sexual situations. I'm providing two sites for everyone to look at. The first is a site containing information about the manga, it's characters, plot, etc. The second is a site where you can access the manga and read 40-50 previously translated pages of the comic. Just click the drop down arrow next to "Navigation" on the left side of the screen and choose where ever you'd like to go, "The Comic" being the actual translated pages.

[url="http://www.ex.org/ex/4.4/36-manga_kamikaze.html"]KamiKaze info[/url]

Hopefully everyone enjoys the manga. Any questions just ask and feel free to post comments on what you thought of it.

[COLOR=#503F86][SIZE=1][b]Link removed. Any links to adult content from OB are strictly against the rules, even when discussing a manga. At no point are they allowed. -Solo[/COLOR][/SIZE][/b][/size]
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Squee for Shiki Satoshi~ *heart*

I totally heart Shiki Satoshi's art work~ I havent' read KamiKaze though T_T I do have Riot of the world (both English and Japanese). It's a shame more of his work isn't released here T_T *cries*

If you haven't already, totally check out Riot~
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