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Clone Trooper

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Geonosis. The start of the Clone Wars. We have seen this war from many points of view. We have Holocubes from the Jedi, the Old Republic, and the Sith. However, one point of view over-looked is not that of a general, or a politician. It is the point of view of the ground soldier. The Clone Troopers who died in the thousands in the Clone Wars. My name is Delta-Delta-112. My codename is Sergeant. I was the leader of one of the finest teams of Clone Troopers put together. Later, the same team were Storm Troopers, but I won't get into that now. The thing is, we were the Elites.

I am the last remaining member of my team. The others died during the reign of the Emperor at the hands of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. I am on my deathbed. I have no regrets. If you think we were evil, then that's your choice. In my opinion, I was just following orders. No more, no less. I killed so many droids, seperatists, and even Rebels, that all of them are one big blur. They're all a blow on my conscience.

I guess you want to hear the story of my team. I'll take you back to the battle of Geonosis, the start of the Clone Wars. That's where my team first got together, where we were ordered to take a stand to protect the Jedi from the Seperatists by one known as Master Yoda. Funny, but years later we were ordered to kill the same Jedi. I did as ordered. Well it all started with...


All right, people. This is the format I want you to use.

Serial Number: (two letters, three numbers)

Code Name:

What part of Group: (I will need the following: 4 reg. troopers.
1 engineer/explosives
1 assassin trooper)

Weapon of Choice: see available below

Personality: (all the troopers have personalities. make one)


Engineer/Explosives: This guy is the brain. He knows everything about everything. He can improv like no other, and can blow just about anything up.

Assassin Trooper: If you haven't played Revenge of the Sith, then I'll have to explain these guys to you. They are nearly impossible to hit, because they dodge like the matrix, and they have blades on their arms. They are trouble for even a Jedi Master.



Trooper: Blast-Tech E-11
-basic weapon
Rocket Launcher
-you get the idea
Blast-Tech P-4
- hand pistol

Engineer: Same as trooper, + grenades.

Assassin: Blades on arms and Blast-Tech P-4

[b]I'll be taking the best ones, so put some thought into it.[/b]
[b]By the way, I'll be playing the part of Delta-Delta-112, the leader of the team.[/b]
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Guest Sean
[SIZE=1][B]Serial Number:[/B] MI-149

[B]Code Name:[/B] Addict

[B]What part of Group:[/B] Assassin Troop

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] Blades on arms and Blast-Tech P-4

[B]Personality:[/B] MI-149 was cloned in the same regular way as any other clone, using the same cells, the same training, the same armour. But then MI-149 was chosen from most elite to become an Assassin Troop, the best of the best. And with thus, his ego rose, he isn?t a complete ego brain, he would rather save another troopers life than his own, this could be a downfall for the troop, but that is what he is.

MI-149 isn?t the most polite person, but neither was his original host, so that could explain it, but even though he could kill his superiors without anyone noticing he had moved is something scary, even for his superiors to think off. He isn?t as much there secret weapon, but a great asset to the squads, and is prepared to die if ordered into a suicidal mission. Since he is less independent that the original host, he takes orders well, and is probably the most obedient of the Clone Troopers.

MI-149 is the best trooper you can get, he knows it, but isn?t going to kill you unless ordered to. Professional death.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]Serial Number:[/B] RT-629

[B]Code Name:[/B] Flank

[B]What part of Group:[/B] Engineer

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] Rocket launcher, grenades.

[B]Personality:[/B] Flank was made from standard cells, and is the same, dispensable soldier. He was mass produced without a second though, falling in line when told to, conditioned to follow orders blindly, drilled until he was drunk with fatigue, taken grueling tests of skill, endurance, and intelligence.

He was lucky, the result of probability in the selection process. He was sorted into the engineer program, developed with a larger, augmented, more efficient brain, using nearly 15% of it. The addition of extra variables to set him and the rest of the engineers apart weren't always constant, and as a result, killed a few in the process, and exalted others. He was one of the few exemplary soldiers, raised up by genetic chance to be one of the smartest soldiers created.

Flank still acts like a standard soldier in the respect that he does not know how much smarter he is than everyone. The result is a witty, obedient, analytical man. He absorbs information like a sponge, never forgets, and acts quickly. As a side effect, his reaction time is shortened, due to his heightened brain activity. [/SIZE]
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Serial Number: XI-666

Code Name: Demon

What Part Of Group: Trooper

Weapon Of Choice: Blast-Tech E-11 and Rocket Launcher

Demon was made the say way as evryone else, did what they did, followed orders all the way through, did the same drills, even fell asleep at the same time as all of the other clones.

Demon is not the most obediant soldier but only disobeys orders when he knows there is a eaiser way. He is always the first one out on the battlefield and loves it when the odds are agianst him. He was not chosen to be a team leader because of is rash nature but instead wa but on the most elite team because of it and his skill in combat. Demon gets along great with the other members of his team but changes into a totally different person during combat.
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1][B]Serial Number:[/B] BR-007

[B]Code Name:[/B] Tank

[B]What part of Group:[/B] Reg. Trooper

[B]Weapon of Choice:[/B] E-11 Multi-Role Blaster Rifle, and P-4 Blaster Pistol

[B]Personality:[/B] BR-007 was bred from the same clone tanks as the rest of the Clones, he was raised the same, trained the same, looked the same, talked the same and even smelled the same. He was bred for combat and thats what he did best. Fought. BR-007 didn't disobey orders and he always carried them out to his fullest abilities. His training Sargeant always called them low-lives and scoundrels but he treated them right and his batch always came through with flying colors. On one training exercise BR-007, a squad leader at the time, was leading his team through an intense training module when the fireworks started, he commanded without question but a stray bolt seared his throat and he had to go through many bacta sessions to cure it, his voice was never the same. It was alot deeper, and his Sargeant even said it sounded more powerful. That wasn't the only wound BR-007 has suffered, he has taken many hits and come through fine which is why his got the nickname; Tank. BR-007 thinks without question and is a shoot first and ask questions later kind of Clone. He will carry out the orders of his commanding officer and put other Clones in check if they disobey those orders, he doesn't tolerate insubordination.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Serial #: DD-112

Code Name: Sergeant

What part of Group: Commander

Weapon of Choice: Blast-Tech E-11, x2 Blast-Tech P-4,

Personality: DD-112 was created like all the other clones. He ate the same food, learned the same information, even used the same combat simulation. However, there was something in him above the average clone: Independent Thinking. It was a rare occurence, only about one in a thousand, but this minority was chosen to be the Team-Commanders of the Special Ops units. Nick-Named Sergeant, this clone is recoursful, doesn't put up with bull-crap, and he is very blunt. He asks questions [b]while[/b] he's shooting. Overall, is equally cautious and aggressive.

I will wait untill Sunday to fill the remaining slots. If they are not filled, then the RP will start anyways. I am not expecting perfect posts, just that you try to continue the story in each post. Please no one-word posts: try for at least a paragraph or two. I am a pretty lenient guy, so don't think you have to post an entire page worth of stuff.
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[font=System]Well, I didn't fill my quota, but thanks to those who did sign up. The following people are in:[/font]

Zabuza[color=blue][size=1][b]Serial Number:[/b] BR-007

[b]Code Name:[/b] Tank[/size][/color]

silverwolf_fangSerial Number: XI-666

Code Name: Demon

Retribution[size=1][b]Serial Number:[/b] RT-629

[b]Code Name:[/b] Flank[/size]

Sean[size=1][b]Serial Number:[/b] MI-149

[b]Code Name:[/b] Addict[/size]

Clone TrooperSerial #: DD-112

Code Name: Sergeant

[size=2]My expectations:[/size]
[size=2]1) Please don't post non-sense. Every post should contribute to the story in some way.[/size]
[size=2]2) Nothing too gruesome. It shouldn't get that way because we are, after all, mainly fighting droids.[/size]
[size=2]3) If you want to quit, then find some cool way for your character to go out. Please don't just stop posting.[/size]
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