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hey, for a while now i have been working on this manga, unfortuantly, i dont have an artist so i havent really gotten any real work done. (so if the stroy elightens any artist, u could pm me if u want) any way. i want some serious oppiniuons. here it goes, this is the simple layout.

Saga of Strife (working title):
Setting: a wierd some wierd funky cosmic corupt nast dirty world of tomarrow, but with demons and magic and all that good stuff (real original right?, but hey, wat setting other hasent been used already? huh?HUh? punk.)
in this funky world, the main character Striferave (hence the title) recieved special powers . which are curently bing called "Blue Light" (dont say anything) anyway. he was born during some kind of alignement, making him a fullfiler of a prophacy, (again, eral original.) anyway. a bunch'a mean demaons didnt want him to completely fulfill the prohpacy, cause they would probably die if it did. so they went, and they like so totaly stolel his soul (no i am not gay.) afet that, to further his pain. they split it into several peieces. striferaven then became pretty much a body that did what ever peolple with his soul, told him to do. he went on like this being the ultimate evil warrior. and because of his "Blue light" powers, and the loss of his soul, he was able to live (this isnt in concrete) 200 years in servatuide without ageing a day. so he basically is like 19 or somthing. anyway. by mere fluke he regains part of his soul, and regains his consiuos, but after doing so he went into shock, and was ther fore, still pretty much just a body under others control. when the demon guys found out, they started a ritual that would take the small part of his souls he had reagained, back from him. (man that suks) but befoer it could be finished he reawoke completely, and unleashed major woopazz. but part of the ritual happend, so he kindo lost his memory, and all of his knowledge about his powers. and became half dead. he was found later that day by a sqaud of humans that were part of an evil fighting government, SPAWN (i forget wat it stands 4, but it does stand for somthing.) any way. they nursed him back to health, and he became one of thier special agents. he did this for 2 years, and was the best agent SPAWN ever had, because Striveraven still had knowledge of how to fight, and shoot people and that good stuff.

the reall story opens, with Strife trying to leave SPAWN, so he can seek out to find about his past. (he doesnt remember anything.) but this is denied. the leaders of SPAWN do however agree to let him become a mercenary, with legal attchments to SPAWN. he is orderd to then assemble a team out of people chosen by SPAWN. he choses and the team becomes this

Striferaven-leader, main guy. clumsey (u always have 2 have slumsy people in mangas) because of loss of soul. and not entirely secure about himself.

Dialen- Strife's best friend, an ex demon slayer that had his mind transfered to that of a cats as a form of punishment, pervert of group. (have 2 have 1 of those 2,)

Fellis- werewolf, out to repay the evil he had caused wiht good.

Jenai- a young sorceress that must fullfill a promise made. usually underestimated, but has powerful amount of untapped energy. ( does she seek after the heart of Strife?)

Engi-ninga girl, also has oath to fulfill. (or does she seek after Strife?)

Katani-a sort of side character that serves as a major comic relief. super smart mechanic. wsa saved by Strife in ihs 2 years of servive, she now is willing to follow Strife to the ends of the earth and really really anoy him! (Based off of one of my friends.)

anyway, the group goes along and does random mercenary things, ocasionally finding information about what Strife's past is realy about.

this thing is really seriuous at times, and really stupid and silly at times. has lots of "temsion" and "accidental" things. anyway. im not sure about what the other writers have in store. but thats all i can really put in this type of enviroment, i mean come on, wat all can u put in these dinky little squares?

hey, if u want 2 see more, just post so. i got a lot more thats a lot better.
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Guest thelozt
sounds cool, but, um, you really need a spellcheck or something. other than that, awesome concept. hope you find an artist soon.
seriosly though, put this in a script and get back to me, that sounds good!
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Guest DarkAngel Blaze
umm I got the story and the main character sounds sorta like vash the stampede, it's really interesting. maybe if you used more description of characters and email me i coul draw u a rough draft. ( struggling young artist ,heh , go figure) any way good luck on your story!!!! :catgirl:
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Personality: Suffering from the loss of most of his soul, Striferaven, at times, doesn?t seem to be all there. He has an occasional tendency to forget fairly important things. Also, Strife is a tad bit clumsy from his loss, which of course, gets him into several awkward and tension causing situations. Not only with the opposite sex, but with many people that it?s not good to get on the wrong side with. Though in the heated situations and battles he gets in, he is usually able to pull himself together in time.
Also, Striferaven is kind of what most people would call a goodie good. Ever since reawakening, he has set his self strong morals, rules and limits. No smokes, booze, sex, porn, all that stuff. This kinda sets him apart from some of the members of his team on certain levels. This serves as several points of comedy in the story, as Strife continuously tries to get the rest of the team to do so as well at times.
Oh, and another fairly important part of Strife, is that, once again because of his lack of soul, his mood will occasionally swing, and he kinda acts like some chick PMSing

Short history of Striferaven: (since his reawakening)
Two years before the start of the main part of the story, Striferaven was found, in a demonic ceremonial chamber in a demon temple, by a group a commandos looking for demon activities. He was completely naked with nothing but a pendant around his neck and an odd knife in his hands. Strife was next to dead, and barely conscious. When he was taken back to their headquarters by the commandos, he was nursed back to full life. It was found that Strife had no recollection of his past whatsoever with the exception of his name. However, oddly, he could function and normally, and it was later found that he knew certain things, like combat skills, knowledge about demons, and such the like. (I HAD THIS STUFF IN MY HEAD BEFORE I EVER SAW THE BOURNE IDENTY!!!)
Soon after recovering fully, Strife discovered that the people he had been rescued by were SPAWN, a secret underground government that fought against forces of evil. Striferaven made a deal with the Spawn leaders. He would use his known skills to work as an agent of SPAWN, in return they would help him discover his past, his true self.
Two years later, at the beginning of the story. Strife appeals to the leaders of SPAWN, to try and leave, so that he may search out to find his past himself, since SPAWN had had no luck. His request is denied, but he is given the opportunity to become a mercenary, leased out by SPAWN. Realizing that this is as much freedom to search as he will get, he accepts, and receives his first order as a mercenary; find and recruit a team
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