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Time has always been a fragil thing, and never really has enjoyed being tampered with. In years past scientists have found ways to go back in time and change things. Now we run on water instead of gas, we live on every planet in the solar system, we even have colonies in space that people live on.

But time has a way of catching up to us, and things can come back twice as bad. We're running out of water, and land to build. No wildlife to give us air or food and now power to the colonies is dieing out. People say to go back and fix it, but is there time? And who is capilbe of doing a task as difficult as that?

[Already two space colonies have lost power and crashed down upon the people of mars, this seems to be the end of man kind as we know it. Professor Timberally, do you have any clue as to how we can fix these problems?]

[Well Talie, I believe that if we can go back in time far enough to warn out ancestors not to make these mistakes than we can survive, or if we can go back far enough to just destroy all of this technology, I'm sure that who ever chooses to go will most likely be caught in whatever time they go to, but it would be a risk they would have to be willing to make.]

[How do you know if you could find those people Professor?]

[Well, we just have to look for the best in the trade, the smartest, most capible and moxt athletic, these people would need skills far beyond what any person could achive.]

Lailah sat on her couch listening to the news as her brother walked in from work.
"Two more colonies crashed on Mars today."
"Have they come up with a way to fix it?"
"They think if we can find a way to back and destory the technology, we can fix it."
"Do they have people to do that?"
"They seem to be looking."
He brother handed her a piece of paper.
"It seems, Lailah, they found you..."
"How did they find me?"
"You are the best machanic in the city sis, and as far as I know one of the best fighters..."
"Only cause you suck."

An hour later...

Lailah stood infront of the BAC labrotory with a duffle bad of clothes and a duffle bag of tools. A gaurd escorted her in and showed her where to go.
"So what am I here for?"
A scientist in a lad coat came over and shook her hand.
"You are the best of your feild and well, hopefully if the others except, you'll go back in time and destroy the technology we developed to make this mess."
"And if we can't?"
"The entire human race dies before the next year."
"High stakes..."
"We were willing to take that chance."
"I bet..."

Name:Lailah Okuna
Age(No younger than 18 please.) 20
Weight: 151
Height:6ft 5in
Bloodtype: B+
Gender: Female
She was raised by her father and big brother, her mother died giving birth to her, she was raised as a boy, of corse. She was put into a car shop as soon as she could hold and use a wrench.
As she grew she got better and soon was at the level her father was at. She went with him to every call he got as her brother went to work at his resturant, on a particular call her and her father got there was a loose gas lone near the truck and a spark ignited the gas and killed her father leaving her with a large scar on her arm.
She turned 17 and took over her father's garage and begane to work to become the best, in between she would attend martil arts lessons to keep her body in shape.
Now at the age of 20 she still live s with her brother and his wife next to the garage and works there, she is the best machanic int he entire city, if it has an engine and moves, she can fix it.
How she got picked: She is the best in her trade, she is the best in the city, if it has an engine and moves, she can fix it.

That's what I need everyone, hope you like it, I thought awhile on this one...Whew... :animeswea
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Name: Jason Zion
Age: 21
Weight: 163
Hieght: 6ft 6in
Bloodtype: A+
Gender: Male
Description: Below
Born and raised in a military family. Jason knew war tatics and everything else about war and the military before he was 12. As he grew up he played paintball, lasertag, and anything else that dealed with being in a battle. He constatly trained his body and mind, excelling all of the other students. After graduating he joined the Marines and made his way through the ranks easliy. He has been in many battles over colonies before and land rights. He never lost a man in any gunfight and aims to keep it that way. He is a blackbelt at martial arts and has a scar over his left eye from a knife fight he was in. He has been awarded the best shot in the world, best military tatics, and best demolitionist. His codename is Pyro from all of the buildings he destroyed. He is the best of the best in his line of work and is not all strict like other people in the military but is laid back and is generally a nice guy.
Trade: Military, Demolitionist.
How He Got Picked: He is the best of his trade. (stated in the bio)
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